Better as a Memory

by woodmanone

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Romantic Story: A former girlfriend and lover threatens a couples' life together.

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"You should go. It will clear up a lot of problems that we have," Jessie (Jessica) told me.

"I don't want to go, don't need to go, don't plan to go," I responded. "And you're the one with the problem."

The ongoing debate continues. The action being debated was the 10 year reunion of my high school class. We had been discussing, more like a spirited debate really, for the last six weeks about whether I would go to the reunion. Jessie was adamant that she wanted me to go and I was just as insistent that I wasn't going.

We have Jessica Bailey on one side of the question and me, James (not Jim please) Leitch with the opposing position. Jessie was my girl friend of two years and now my fiancée for one. There is no way I can tell you how I feel about her. I won't go into soul mate, love of my life etc. etc. but put all of them on steroids and you'll have an idea of how much I love her. I believe she reciprocates my feelings.

I met Jessie in college when I was working on an advanced degree. She was in her senior year carrying an education major and I was working on a Masters in Education. Just two wanna be teachers. Well I had been teaching for 3 years and returned for my Masters so I could teach at the college level. Later I would go for a Phd.

I must admit that it wasn't her brain that attracted me to her in the beginning. Jessie isn't tall at 5' 5" and has a surprisingly voluptuous body without being overweight or chubby. She has a very muscular frame, which I didn't find out until later. Jessie has auburn hair and the bluest eyes ever, at least in my experience.

We match up very well as I am 5' 9". So Jessie can wear 4" high heels if she wants to and I am still taller than her. (She does wear them in the privacy of our home, but I'm getting ahead of my story) If I were shorter I would be called broad or husky but a better description would be solid and stocky. Just a normal guy and certainly no movie star.

I knew one of her professors very well as he was my faculty advisor. So I sometimes sat in on his class. As I was leaving his class room after a lecture, I bumped into Jessie and knocked her arm load of books to the floor. She began to berate me for not watching where I was going, calling me a clumsy jerk and other compliments. One look at Jessie and I was cold cocked, smitten, and any other term that means "love at first sight".

Not being a romantic type of guy, I have never believed in the "love at first sight" cliché. Until I met Jessie that is. I stood there and listened to her berate me as a fool because I was mesmerized by her. Finally I came back to life and helped her pick up her books. "I'm sorry; I should have watched where I was going."

For the first time Jessie actually looked at the idiot that had bumped into her. The insults stopped in mid rant. It was Jessie's turn to stare at me. Later Jessie told me that she felt the same reaction to me that I had to her. "I should have watched when I was walking, not your fault," Jessie said trying to make up for her insults.

I walked her to her next class, carrying her books for her. Now isn't that sweet, just like in high school. Never mind. When Jessie came out of her class I was still there, waiting for her. I wasn't stalking her but I wasn't going to let her get away without taking a shot.

"The least I can do after tackling you like a line backer is take you to dinner," I told her. I know not the best way to get her interested. What can I say, I don't have game. "My name is James Leitch, by the way."

Jessie introduced herself and accepted my invitation. That was the beginning and the end, the beginning of our life together and the end of our being alone. I was considered by many, so I have been told, a very eligible bachelor and meeting Jessie took me off the market. After that first dinner we were almost inseparable. I guess we had both found what we wanted. It took a whole three months of dating before Jessie moved into my apartment. It was sort of silly to maintain two apartments because we were always with each other.

Two years to the day, actually on the anniversary of our "running" into each other I proposed to Jessie. Almost before I could get the ring out of the box she was shouting "yes". We set a wedding date for the first week after she finished her preliminary work on her masters. That would take about eighteen months because she was going to school and working at the same time. I offered to support her during that period but she wanted to earn her own way.

Jessie had a couple of months before she reached her goal when I received the invitation to my high school reunion. It was the second of these invitations I had received but this one was hand written and signed. I was sitting in our living room going through the mail, read the invitation, studied the signature, and chuck it into file 13, you know the trash can. Jessie apparently had perused the mail before handing it to me. When I threw the invitation away, she dug it out of the trash, read it, including the signature and handed it back to me.

"Aren't you going to your reunion?" And with that question, Jessie started our month long argument.

"No, I don't want to go," I answered with conviction.

"I think you should go. Bobbie certainly wants you to go because she sent a hand written invite. You won't be satisfied until you bury that past relationship," she said with a little heat. "And put an end to it."

"No, you're the one not satisfied because I have put an end to it ... That relationship is dead! I'm not going and that's final. Please don't mention it again." I put my foot down. Yeah we all know how much good that does, don't we men?

Why all this debate about a high school reunion you ask. I will have to go back into my history and life to explain. Please bear with me.

I have had two serious romantic relationships in my life. My first relationship, my first love, is the one that was causing all the turmoil. The girl or women in question was Barbara Ann Johnson, known as Bobbie. I met Bobbie in high school and she was a blond blue eyed beauty, and she wanted to be a party girl. I was a party guy and was just the one to teach Bobbie.

We dated a few times and started going "steady" in our senior year. Again, I was in love and it wasn't "puppy love" but the real thing. I was 18 and knew everything about everything at least in my mind. Our relationship quickly went past the making out in the back seat of a car or the couch at her house while her parents were upstairs asleep. I had learned a few things as most boys do and was happy to teach Bobbie everything I knew She was an avid student and a quick learner.

Bobbie was a green eyed, very well built blond cheerleader type. She wasn't a cheerleader, that took too much physical effort on her part, but she looked like the stereotypical cheerleader. She had this quirky little smile and full lips that could wind me up at any time. She was almost 5' 7" and had these long legs that went from the ground all the way to heaven.

I took or she gave me her virginity on prom night. Whichever way you care to look at it, the deed was accomplished in my car. The car was an old 65 Chevy Impala with a huge play area known as the back seat. It wasn't the last time that my car was our play pen. I loved that car and really missed it when it finally died.

I went to a small local college that was dedicated to the educational field as I had wanted to be a teacher for a couple of years. For whatever reason, Bobbie went to the same school. I have no idea why. Maybe she wanted to party with the college crowd.

Bobbie and I talked about getting married the week after our college graduation and I gave her an engagement ring. We made it to our sophomore year before trouble raised its ugly head. I should have realized something was amiss one Friday evening at her house.

We were both still living with our parents and had set up a routine for our weekends. On Friday nights we would spend the evening watching T.V. or movies either at her house or mine. Saturday was our date night and we would go somewhere like dinner or a movie or a dance and adjourn to my car most of the time. Sometimes we skipped the actual date part and went right to the sexy part.

On this particular Friday evening, Bobbie seemed a little standoffish as she had been for about a week. I put it down to a female thing and didn't really think too much about it. Until the phone call, that is. When the phone rang, Bobbie jumped up like a shot to answer it. As I listened Bobbie's side of that conversation alarm bells should have been going off in my mind. They didn't because I was young, in love, and trusted my fiancée.

Bobbie was on the phone for over thirty minutes. It was very discourteous, something you wouldn't do to a stranger, much less your boyfriend slash fiancée. I could hear Bobbie's side of the call and if I didn't know better I would say she was flirting with whoever she was talking to.

I sat there getting madder and madder; I even went out on the front porch and thought about leaving. In hindsight, I should have. Finally I heard Bobbie say that she would see whoever she was talking to very soon and she hung up.

"Who was that?" I asked with anger.

"Oh, it was Julie my girlfriend from high school," Bobbie answered. "We going to get together soon and go shopping or something."

"You certainly ignored me for a long time. That wasn't a very polite thing to do Bobbie."

"Well you shouldn't be so possessive James."

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