Conrad's Folly

by Allan Joyal

Caution: This Science Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Science Fiction, .

Desc: Science Fiction Story: New Recruit to the Confederacy keeps a journal documenting his own downfall.

Message to all Personnel Borneo Military District:

The following is the personal log of Lieutenant Conrad Feldman. This man has been court-martialed for failure to obey a lawful order, cowardice in the face of the enemy, and conduct unbecoming an officer of the Confederacy. Our review of this log shows that many of his faults and failures are highlighted in his own words and this log is being distributed to all personnel so they might review his actions and then improve their own behavior in the future. Consider this a lesson in how not to behave as an officer.

Conrad's Log - One Month after pickup. - Recorded at lunchtime

Finally this stupid transport is arriving at my new home. I've tried wandering the halls a few times, but everyone hides in their pods and I'm getting a bit tired of having only Lilith and Martha to play with. At least they put out without complaint. But where is the fun in having a girl who just lies there half the time. They could at least show the same gratitude they did when I first selected them back at that basketball game. Now they just sit silently all the time.

Hopefully I can find some new pussy on the planet. I don't think I'm going to trade the girls in, but perhaps bringing in a new girl and showing that they aren't the only two women I can fuck might get a bit more energy out of them.

It's strange though. I thought they would be dropping the pod down to the planet, after all that's what this bloody thing did at some earlier stop, but instead they just announced that the transport is going to dock at a station and that we would need to walk to a teleport center. And I finally got this place just right! The bed is perfect with the ties I use to secure Martha before I fuck her tight ass. She hates that and I love to hear her complain as her body orgasms. Lilith likes it too much though, so I need to find a new trick to use on her. Maybe I'll go with a larger cock, I had mine made nine inches long with a decent girth, but I could go for twelve inches, it would serve Lilith right since the tiny little girl already complains that I hit her cervix. She hates the fact that I made her only five foot one, but it did take her down a peg after that first night in the pod when she was so happy to have a sponsor who was shorter than she was.

Well, the AI reported that it's time for us to walk to this teleport room. Martha and Lilith are standing by the door with their eyes on the floor like good concubines, so I should get going.

Conrad's Log - One Month after pickup - recorded at dinnertime

What shit was that? Following the instructions of the announcement, I led my sluts out to the location we were told would be a teleport pad. But when we got to the location, there stood a line of citizens. Most at least appeared to understand that concubines have no place in a line of citizens and had them standing against the wall, but the man in front of me had his arms around the waists of his two concubines and was actually kissing them. Disgusting to show them any affection, that's not why we have them.

It was worse once the line passed through the door and I could see what was going on. Some man in a uniform I'd never seen before waited for the last citizen to file in and then nodded and spoke.

"Thank you, I am Tribune Octavian Walesca. I'm in charge of Civil Service on Borneo. I know most of you have never heard of the Civil Service, so I'll make the explanation simple. I handle all the civilian and concubine affairs on the planet. If you die, I'm the one who has to explain to your concubines that they have no home, unless you prearrange to transfer them upon your death, something I very much recommend. However, today, I'm here because Admiral Himmel and General Montgomery want a human deciding where you are going to live on Borneo."

I heard some idiot shout a question. "I thought we all lived in one location."

The Tribune just looked in the voice's direction for a moment and then scowled. "You obviously didn't read up on your new home. Borneo has multiple townships. Many have no special rules or features, but some are irregular. Your commanders feel that giving everyone a place that can be a community helps increase morale. But that means I have to decide where your pod goes. The AI is perfect if I just want you dropped into a random empty location, but it doesn't check to see if it's dropping a square peg in one of our round holes."

There was muttering, and I looked back at Lilith and Martha who had followed my orders to kneel with their backs against the rear wall of the room. They hadn't reacted to the news, so I looked around at the troubled faces of my fellow citizens. The muttering lasted for a minute and then the Tribune held up a hand.

"I'll make it simple, I'm going to call you one by one, and when I do you can stand up. For most of you, I'll then send you towards the teleporter and the Phosphor will drop your pod. In a few cases I'll have some additional questions before your pod can be dropped."

This was a joke and I spent my time looking around as the Tribune called out several names. It seemed that his story of needing to ask questions meant little since he never did more than look at someone and then waved them towards the teleporter when I heard him call out. "Feldman, Conrad!"

I stood up without a word and saluted, although the Tribune merely waved off my salute. "Sorry, I can see you are marked for the Pebble Beach. Head to the door to my right and bring your concubines." He then said something quietly to the AI.

I turned to glare at Lilith and Martha, and the two ladies jumped to their feet. I smiled for a moment. They had been in their mid-thirties back on Earth. Unmarried secretaries who just happened to be at the game when the pickup started. I'd given them younger toned bodies and both were still adjusting to their new looks. I was thinking of how I might punish them for whatever they must have done when the AI spoke, apparently answering a question from Octavian. "Mary is on her way. Do you want anyone else to come?"

I was walking to the location when the tribune spoke again. "Can I get someone from Theresa's household? There likely will be a few women who can be placed in the Bewu Township and the ladies know the general atmosphere there."

I had reached the door that the Tribune had ordered me to walk through as the AI answered. "I have contacted the household. David is not available, but Monica is willing to show up and see if she can help."

Lilith's giggle caused me to turn away and I missed the answer from the Tribune. Instead I looked into the room to discover that it contained a number of chairs. My concubines were waiting for my order and I waved towards the left wall. "Find a chair and get behind it," I growled.

I turned back to the room, but the Tribune had resumed calling out names so I followed my girls and claimed the chair in front of them. I sat silently with my thoughts as occasional men and women entered the room to claim chairs, eventually there were sixteen of us waiting for the Tribune to enter.

It must have been about three hours before The Tribune finally entered the room. Two women who had not been with him when I left the first meeting chamber followed him. I stared at the women in surprise as neither was wearing a uniform.

The one on his left was short and blond, but still surprisingly pretty. She was wearing a blue mini-skirt and halter-top and looked around the room, nodding to a few of the concubines. The one on his right was wearing a vest that appeared to be made out of the material used in football jerseys. The top was black and had a pink sixty-nine on it. I felt a bit surprised to see that she was only wearing black thong panties below the top. Her long red hair almost reached the floor and swung widely as she looked around the room, paying close attention to the three females in uniform.

I was about to say something, but Tribune Walesca raised his hand. "Let's not make this last longer with questions. I know you want to find your new homes and get settled in. I'll start with the ladies since there are three of you." He turned to the redhead. "Monica, any suggestions?"

To my surprise the redhead giggled. "You're asking me? Theresa or Sophie might be a better advocate for our township." She pulled a piece of her hair and chewed on it for a moment as if thinking and then shrugged. "Oh hell! I guess I've watched David enough. Ladies, the question for you is simple. The powers that be have set up a small township with only female-led households and there are a few vacancies. Most of the ladies are lesbian or at least prefer women when it comes to sex, so right now of the ninety occupied pods in the township; there are only fifty-six men. I guess boss Tribune here wants to fill some of the ten empty homesteads."

One of the three women wearing a ship suit raised a hand. "Are the inhabitants helpful? And will my Marcie and Lola be safe?"

Monica actually giggled. "I'm safe, at least I think I am right now. Most of the citizens living there are in the navy, I think right now only five citizens are at home, the rest are with their ships."

I could hear murmuring flow through the room. I was just sitting in shock. Who was this woman? It sounded like she wasn't a citizen. I wanted to say something, but one of the women in the room beat me to the question.

"Wait! What are you?" I heard someone cry.

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