This Bear Is Gentle

by aloneagain

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Delightful, tender, and incredibly erotic tale of a young woman on the brink of learning that an older man, who genuinely likes women, can show her pleasures she never imagined.


"Oh damn," Lauren sat up in bed, pushing her hair out of her eyes, suddenly remembering the air conditioning man was supposed to arrive at 8:00 o'clock. She stayed up late, chatting online with some college classmates while watching an old movie and forgot to set her alarm. Grabbing her red silk robe from the foot of the bed, she pulled it over her dad's old undershirt and little boy boxer shorts as she ran for the stairs. Barely getting both arms inside the sleeves of her robe, she opened the front door, while trying to hold her hair out of her eyes.

"Good morning darlin', I'm Fletcher Tedson and you must be your Daddy's Baby Girl," the big man said, smiling at the tiny young woman in the doorway. "Is your Daddy home?"

"I'm sorry, ah, Mister, ah, Mister Tedson?"

"That's alright darlin'," he chuckled at her blushing embarrassment. "Is your Daddy home?"

"No. No, Mom and Dad went to ah, ah, reunion. No, they went to a funeral. They ... they will be back sometime tomorrow. Sorry, I'm not quite awake yet. I stayed up too late last night."

Lauren held the door open wider and stepped back, still trying to push her hair out of her eyes. She looked up at the man, seeing a sewn on label above one pocket, showing he worked for Tedson Air Conditioning. Her father said a man was going to come by to calibrate the air conditioning vents. The whole family was tired of going from one cold room to a hot one. Lauren shivered every morning, after going to sleep in a comfortable room and waking up, feeling like ice had formed on the inside of the windows.

Lauren's father said the man's name was Bear. Lauren didn't know if it was because of his size, or because of his closely cropped beard and body hair, obvious on his arms below the folded back cuffs of his long sleeve shirt. Not only did he have dense hair on his arms, she could see more dark curls inside the top two undone buttons of his shirt. He had a full head of dark brown hair, lightly threaded with a few strands of gray or white, making his hair look like it glistened. There were also some lighter hairs in his whiskers, giving him a distinguished look.

Fletcher stepped inside, looking at a paper he took from his shirt pocket. "I'm supposed to calibrate the vents to even out the temperature throughout the house." He laughed, "Your Daddy said you use an electric blanket in the summer."

Trying to hold her robe closed with one hand and attempting to collect her wayward hair with the other, she finally let go of the robe and pulled her hair on top of her head. She searched through the mass of curls for the hair band, which was probably somewhere under the covers of her bed. Allowing the robe to fall open she did not see Fletcher take an appreciate glance at Lauren's obvious physical charms.

He loved the riot of her hair. The long thick curls were probably twice the size it usually appeared after a good brushing. Oh wow, how he would love to have his hands in all that mass of glorious hair. He saw her breasts pushing against the thin material of the loose man's undershirt. The darkness of her areolas showed, as did the prominent nipples centered on each breast. He also caught a glimpse of her dark pubic hair in the slightly spread gap at the front of the low slung boy's boxer shorts, which many young girls had adopted as casual pajama bottoms.

"Yes, Dad said you could do something about the hot and cold rooms."

"That's right, Baby Girl."

Lauren grinned at his use of the nickname her father had used for twenty years. He was trying hard to remember to call her Lauren, but she still heard the nickname when he spoke about her.

"Show me where the thermostat is," Bear requested, adding, "then you can go do whatever you need to do and I'll do my work. Alright?"

"Yes, okay. It's ah, one thermostat is upstairs and the other is in the den. Do you, can you, will both units work together? I'm sorry I don't understand some things like this."

"That's what I'm here to find out, darlin'."

"Oh, okay. Ah, you want to come with me? I mean to find the upstairs one."

"Lead the way", Fletcher said, watching the young woman walking to the stairs, enjoying the rear view of her, as much as he did the one from the front. Feeling his erection bump against the front of his jeans, he mentally told himself to slow down. This was his friend's daughter. She probably wasn't even 20 years old yet.

Fletcher climbed the stairs at a slower rate than Lauren, as her light silk robe floated in the wake of her steps. He caught one glimpse of the back of her thighs and wondered how such a tiny thing could have such long slender legs. Feeling another bump against the front fly of his jeans, he mentally cautioned, "Down boy."

Back in her bedroom, Lauren muttered to herself about her irresponsibility for not being up and dressed to take care of something her father asked her to do. The movie wasn't that good and one of her online conversations was an argument with a fellow student who had been pursuing her. She knew the main reason he wanted her to go out with him was so he can get in her panties. He told her that last night and she told him she wasn't interested. He claimed to know one other student who sampled her charms and he claimed he could give her more satisfaction. Lauren told him to get in line, like at the back of the line, and expect a few others to cut in line ahead of him.

"Get a grip girl", she mumbled to herself, using an expression her father often said. Instead Lauren just sat thinking about the man who followed her upstairs.

"Oh wow, now that's a man." A chill went across her shoulders, thinking about the hard muscles she had seen flexing under his shirt.

"Why doesn't a man like that chase me, instead of the wimps I meet at school?"

Lauren threw the bed covers to the foot of the bed, running her hand down to the bottom, searching for the elastic band to tie her hair up so she could take a quick shower. Not finding the elastic band, she pulled her shirt off, pushed her shorts down, and stepped out of them. She picked up both pieces of clothing and took them to the hamper in her bathroom where she rummaged through a basket on the counter top until she found another elastic band. Naked, she walked back into her bedroom to get clean underwear as she raised both hands to her head, trying to capture all of her hair on top of her head so it wouldn't get wet in the shower.

As Lauren stood in the center of her bedroom, the door opened. Fletcher stood in the open door looking at Lauren. Naked and frozen in place, she watched the changing expressions on the man's face.

"Be still", Fletcher said, a twinkle in his eyes as he looked her up and down, pausing for a moment on the perky breasts jutting out. His eyes went down a little further and he smiled at the curly bush at the top of her mound. He never had liked the current fashion of young women who shaved their pubic hair. They had removed part of what made them look like a woman.

When she started to lower her arms, he said, "No, you stay just like that. I'm not done looking yet." He walked into the room, never taking his eyes off the young woman, as he held a thermometer up in front of the air conditioning vent. He took his eyes off her for only a moment, to look at the temperature, and then returned his eyes to the young woman.

Fletcher walked across the room to stand in front of Lauren. He lifted one hand, placed the backs of his fingers on her collar bone and ran his cold fingers slowly down her chest, spreading his middle and ring fingers when he reached the point of her breast. Capturing the dark areola between his fingers, he squeezed, causing the nipple to point out toward him. He placed his cold dry thumb on her nipple, applied pressure, and rubbed his thumb in a circle moving the nipple, held between his fingers. The grin never left his face.

"Do you like that, Baby Doll?" he asked, his eyebrows raised in inquiry.

Despite her embarrassment, Lauren nodded. Bear had taken her nickname and altered it to something entirely different. Each time he said 'Baby Doll' it sent a chill down her backbone.

Not ceasing the movement of his thumb, Fletcher lowered his other hand and ruffled his fingers through the curls over her mound. A chill passed across Lauren's shoulders, which had nothing to do with the air conditioner blowing cold air into the room. His hand moved from side to side, moving only the hair, without enough pressure to touch her skin.

"Are you wet, Baby Doll?" he asked, his grin changing to a soft smile, with just a faint separation of his lips showing glistening white teeth behind them.

This time, Lauren nodded easier. She knew his stimulation had caused her pussy juice to flow. One small trickle was going down the inside of her thigh. And she could smell the musk of her own arousal.

"Lift your knee for me Baby Doll. I want to feel how wet you are."

Doing as he asked, Lauren lifted her leg to the side, bringing it up above her waist, thinking of the hours she had spent in a Modern Dance class. Such a stance was a muscle building exercise. With one hand still stimulating her nipple, Fletcher pushed his other hand between Lauren's legs, gently moving the hair around Lauren's pussy. He tapped his middle finger against the crease between the lips a few times. He pulled his hand out from between her legs. When Lauren started to lower her leg, Fletcher shook his head. He wiped the finger across Lauren's lips, watching as her tongue involuntarily came out to lick her lips. Fletcher's smile grew as he put his finger in his mouth, sucking her juice off.

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