Home Improvement

by Zixa

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A short trip to a home improvement store turns into something more.

Making a short trip to Lowe's proved more than a bit exciting for Richard. Stepping into the store he loved, he was greeted by an older gentleman sporting a red jacket. Richard asked the employee where he could find one inch screws. The man smiled, looked down sheepishly, and then responded "Isle 8". Richard looked puzzled and then went into that direction. On his way to Isle 8 Richard passed two scantily clad teenage girls, college aged, who were looking at area rugs. The rugs were probably going to be used in their college dorm. Richard thougt the rugs would get lots of use ... smiled at the girls and kept walking. He thought about the girls getting rugburn and then he laughed heartily out loud. Reaching isle 8 Richard saw an attractive female bending down placing screws on racks and in buckets. Obviously they were returns she was restocking. Richard's eyes glanced at her more than ample breast as she stood up and greeted him. Richard seeing her cleavage and thinking of the isle he was standing in wanted to do nothing more than find screws. He smiled to himself. he irony.

Looking at her name tag and seeing that her name was shiela

He told the employee named Sheila by her nametag that he needed one inch screws. Sheila pointed him in their direction. She smiled. He found the scews and she said, "Is that going to be all?" Richard responded, " I think so.". Sheila asked what the scews were going into and Richard told her his intentions. Sheila having nothing better to do told Richard that if he needed help this weekend she could come over and help him out with the screws and hanging the items that he needed to hang. Richard gladly accepted. They exchanged numbers and off went Richard holding his bag of screws toward the front counter. At the front counter Richard was greeted by another attractive female employee. Her name was Vivian. She smiled at him and he smiled back. She asked him if he had found everything he needed and he said yes. Richard was beginning to enjoy his visit to Lowe's...

Driving home Richard thought of Vivian and Sheila. He thought of Sheila's big everpresent uplifted bosom. He thought of touching her and rubbing her and seeing her nipples harden as she became more and more turned on by him. He thought of his tools, other than the one in his pants, and using them on Sheila. Richard became so turned on that he could hardly make it home comfortably. He couldn't wait to call Sheila.

Picking up the phone after he overcame his tremendous hard-on Richard called Sheila. They spoke and she agreed that he could pick her up at her place. He was there fifteen minutes early. She was dressed in blue jeans that hugged her ever-present succulent bottom, a green shirt that had an elusive center showing more than Richard thought he should be seeing. He blushed. She got into the car and Richard smelled her sweet scent. He was definitely glad he picked Lowe's instead of Home Depot for his shopping trip.

Arriving at his home Richard showed Sheila the large paintings that needed to be hung and the adapters that he was using to hang them. He showed her which ones were for his living room and which were for his bedroom. She liked Richard's taste. She even had one of the very same prints in her apartment.Sheila smiled. Quickly a conversation arose between Sheila and Richard. They joked, laughed, and shared stories. Sheila made Richard laugh so hard he could not stop as she told him of some of the people she had encountered while working at Lowe's. Richard shared some of his own anectdotal stories as well. As time passed they shared a bottle of wine, Shiraz by Goldenwood 1975. Richard had been keeping it for just this sort of occasion. Being new to town and not knowing that many people Sheila felt comfortable with Richard.

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