Happy Ending

by TheMoose63

Copyright© 2009 by TheMoose63

Erotica Sex Story: Sarah is 38 and her father is 62. Mom died several years ago and somehow Sarah knows what her father needs, a good cum! Deciding that she can help she lures her father into letting her massage him and it does turn out to be a Happy Ending!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   .

I was sitting in a lounge chair in my back yard, soaking up the sun and chatting with my daughter Sarah. Sarah is my only child and is 38, divorced and working as an assistant administrator at our local hospital. Her mother, my wife, has been gone for almost eight years now ... we lost her to breast cancer in 2002 at the prime of her life. I've never re-married or even dated that much, it's just not my thing I guess. I recently retired at 62, sold my small business and with the money from that and the small, early retirement, social security check I get I'll have around $7,000 a month to live on. Not a fortune but then a whole lot of people don't make that kind of money much less have it when they retire. Anyway here Sarah and I are out by the pool on a lazy Saturday afternoon, sunning and having a couple of beers and talking about life.

I watched my father's face as we talked and admired everything he had done in life but I felt sorry for him too because I knew that he was so damned lonely. He and mom had been so close and so much in love and I knew that he missed her terribly. I wondered how long it had been since daddy had been with a woman, probably since mom passed away I thought. "Daddy?"

"Yes honey."

"I know it's none of my business but how come you've never re-married? I mean you're a good looking man and there are a ton of eligible women out there who would be happy to have an eligible bachelor like you."

Shocked that my daughter would ask me something like that I looked over at her and frowned. The sly reference to sex hit too close to home, hell I hadn't been with a woman since ... well in a long time. "Sarah honey I'm just not into the dating scene. I mean I don't bar-hopping, that's for sure and beside the women in those bars are your age or younger, they're not looking for an old fart. Hell most eligible women my age are in nursing homes and besides I'm doing just fine like it is."

He had to be horny, I just knew it. He and mom had been very active in the bedroom, if you know what I mean, and there had been many a night I had laid in my bed listening to them making love ... and to go without for so long was ... well it was just cruel. "So what you really mean is that no one measures up to mom so you just quit looking — right?"

I though about that and knew that she was probably right. "Yea, I guess that what it all comes down to."

I looked at him and admired his love for my mother ... still there was 'that thing' missing in his life and I knew exactly what it was and how to cure it. Daddy was good looking with salt and pepper grey hair and at six-two he still had nice long legs and a great ass but he did have a little paunch around the middle but not too much and besides, he was 62 after all! I decided to just go for it. "Daddy, how about I give you a massage, it'll make you fell like a new man, I guarantee!"

I turned my head and stared at my daughter. "A massage, me? What ever brought that on?"

"Well I was thinking that you're just a little up tight and need to relax. Now remember that I worked my way through college working as a massage therapist so I'm an expert, albeit I'm a little out of practice. Come on dad it'll be fun."

I shook my head but against my better judgment I agreed. "Okay, I'll rollover and you can do your massage thing."

Good, I thought, I had him at least agreeing to take the first baby step now for the next one. "Well I was thinking that we should go into the house, it's a little better on a table or a bed and besides it a little bright out here."

I laughed. "Well if you think you're going to give me a massage on the kitchen table you have another think coming young lady."

I smiled, hooked. "No your bed will do nicely daddy." I followed him into the house and when we walked through the kitchen I grabbed a bottle of massage lotion and followed him down to his bedroom. Inside the master bedroom I gestured, "Pull the covers down daddy; we don't want oil all over the comforter." He pulled the covers back and I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and tossed it to him. "I'll turn my back and you can strip out of those wet trunks ... okay."

"Out of my trunks ... uh honey, I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"Oh daddy, don't be such a prude, I'm your daughter and I'm 38 ... now strip them off or I'll take them off myself."

"Okay, okay ... geeze Sarah, well, go on, turn your back."

I did as he asked and when he was finished he yelled and I turned back to the bed and there was my father butt naked, except for the towel covering his rear — he was lying on his stomach, his head in his arms. "Okay, that's good daddy." I said as I crawled up on the bed and straddled his butt and squeezed some lotion into my hands. I rubbed my hands together and began with his shoulders. Boy was he ever tight! I wasn't sure if it was all muscle tightness or if it was because it was his daughter on the bed with him. I kneaded the lotion in his shoulders then worked my way down his back just to the top of his butt. I skipped that treasure trove thinking that I would come back to it later, and I moved to his right side and started on his right leg. When I lifted it up and bent it forward I could just see the tip of his cock laying flat against the sheets. I looked for a second and admired him. I didn't know how big he was but I was guessing at five or six inches. Not bad considering that he was 62 - and still soft. I moved across his body and started on his left leg.

I laid there enjoying her massage but I really wasn't sold on having my daughter giving me a massage and certainly not in the nude but she insisted and I thought, what's the big deal, she's my daughter for Gods sake? She started on my shoulders and I have to admit her hands felt nice. She got to my butt and I tensed up hoping that she wouldn't go any farther, God would that be embarrassing! I relaxed some when she didn't go below the towel and she started on my right leg. Everything was fine until she lifted my leg up into the air. I felt the cool air on my cock and knew that she had to be able to see me, oh please homey put my leg back down, I thought.

I didn't want to go to fast so I mover to his left side worked on that leg and when I lifted it up in the air I was positive that his cock had grown - just a bit. Oh he wasn't hard by any means but I was sure he was close to getting there ... well good for him. I smiled, "How's that feel daddy?"

I grunted with the pleasure of hands kneading my body. "Uh, it's good Sarah. Magic hands, that's what you have honey, magic hands."

I finished with his backside and told him to roll over. He did, grabbing the towel and holding on to it for dear life. When he finally lay still long enough I could see the bulge under his towel and was positive it was still growing. "Okay daddy, time for me to do your chest and abdomen. Look, I have a hand towel to cover your eyes so I'm going to fold it and just lay it across your eyes."

I wondered why I needed a towel to cover my eyes. "Why do I need my eyes covered?"

"Well because the light from the room will cause you to tense up, that's why therapists give massages in darkened rooms, the recipient is much more relaxed when the room is darker." I thought that sounded good and he didn't ask any questions.

"Well, okay if you say so honey."

I folded the hand towel in half and cover my fathers' eyes from just above his nose to his forehead. When I was finished I straddled his waist and then reached behind me and untied my bikini top and took it off. I rubbed my breasts and it felt good to have them free of their confinement. Again I squirted some lotion into my hands, rubbed them together, and started on his shoulders. I slowly worked my way down his chest easing myself backwards with each movement. Soon I was astride his knees and his groin was in front of my face and I smiled as I looked at the tented towel. All of the grinding with my butt had really paid off.

I felt Sarah sitting on my groin as she started massaging my shoulders and with each stroke her butt would wriggle around on my cock and now it was as hard as it had been in a long, long time. God she had to know I was hard, Jesus how fucking embarrassing! I decided that the only thing I could do was ignore her ... and it.


"Un huh?"

"Would you like a happy ending?"

I tensed up and my eyes flew open even thought I couldn't see anything but the towel over my eyes. I knew what a 'happy ending' meant in the massage business, a hand job. Was she really offering me a hand job? My own daughter? "Uh ... well I don't know exactly what you mean sweetie." Maybe that would give her a way out I thought. The next thing I felt were fingers lightly grasping my cock through the towel and they weren't mine! I reached up and ripped off the towel and looked at my daughter. Holy fuck, she was topless! "Jesus, Joseph and Mary," I said.

I pouted my lips, "What's a matter daddy, don't you like my breasts?"

Like them? Christ they were the first real breasts I had seen since ... well in a long time. "Well ... uh, I like them a lot honey, I mean they're beautiful but I don't think that this is appropriate ... I mean you know ... I'm your father."

"Daddy, I love you ... please let me make you happy just this once. I mean I'll bet you haven't had an orgasm since mother died ... have you?"

This was going way too far. "Sarah I love you too but that's really none of your business."

Looks like I'm going to have to take things into my own hands I thought then laughed at my own pun. I reached down and grabbed daddy's towel and pulled it off. His cock popped up into the air and I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and started to slowly stroke him. "Go on daddy; tell me that this doesn't feel good."

Oh Jesus Christ, she had me there. "Sarah it feels wonderful but what would your mother say if she was here? Huh?"

"Daddy she's gone and I think she would appreciate the fact that I'm trying to take care of my father." I kept stroking his cock and could see his will crumbling.

"I ... I ... oh honey that feels so nice but..."

"I know daddy and this is going to feel a whole lot better." I scooted back a bit more then bent over and took him into my mouth. God his cock felt so good inside my mouth. I licked and swirled my tongue around, under and on top of his big cock. His cock twitched and his butt lifted up to meet my lips as I ran my tongue around the crown. He shuddered and I licked my way down his shaft and then back up again. I bit gently on the tip and smiled at him. My breasts were rubbing on his thighs and I knew how excited he was.

"Honey ... I'm ... I'm not going to last very long, it's been a long time since..."

He erupted in my mouth. His hot cum squirted to the back of my throat and I swallowed for all I was worth. When he was done I sank my lips all the way down to his pubic hair and sucked anything that was left out of him.

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