Patient Revenge

by dangerouslydead

Tags: Ma/Fa, Cheating, Cuckold,

Desc: Flash Story: I wonder if I could have been forgiving... Nah!

"I will be stopping at John's place on my way back from the office. We are planning something for your birthday." Angela, my wife, was talking about John Garfield, my best friend. "What do you want for for your birthday?" Angela asked me as she was getting ready to go to her office. My birthday was just two days away.

"I would like nothing better than a divorce." I spoke as I adjusted my tie, "As per prenuptial you will have to walk away with what you brought into this marriage - nothing."

She looked at my reflection in the mirror and found no smile floating on my lips. "You are serious, aren't you?"

"Damn right, I am. I was going to wait till Monday before asking for the divorce, however, since you wanted to gift me something, why not this." I walked up to the closet and got my coat from the hanger.

"Why would you want something like divorce? Are you unhappy in this marriage?" She was calm. I guess she knew that this day would come. Her long term affair with John was no secret from me. I was just waiting for the right time. This was the right time. John lost his job just a week back and without the use of his legs for another 3 months he would not be able to look for a job anytime soon. Oh, there is nothing wrong with John's legs, yet!

"You guessed it right. I am not happy with marriage anymore. I want more. I want respect and love. Something that you are in no position to offer." I opened the drawer and picked out a handkerchief for myself.

"What do you mean?" She adjusted her skirt and started to walk out with me.

"Why would you want to hear it all from me? You know what I am talking about. Your affair with John has been driving me crazy." I spoke as we walked down the stairs.

"Oh! I had no idea you knew." She was genuinely surprised, "If it bothered you so, you could have told me. I would have ended the affair in a heartbeat."

"And make you lose out on such great fucking? I am not selfish. I know I am not the most fun guy to be with- in bed or out of it. I would have respected you if you would have walked up to me and talked about divorce. Instead, you went behind my back and slept with John. I am not sure how you could have disrespected me so." I said as I locked the house behind us.

"Should we talk when we get back home? I know that you are late for a board meeting otherwise, I would have insisted on a talk right now." She spoke as she got in her car.

"All right. And do me a favor, don't let John know that I know and had a talk with you. I would like to deal with him without your interference. If he comes to know that I had a talk with you today, I will make sure that I ruin the two of you even if it translates to my ruin. Be a good woman and spare every one the pain." I said as I backed out of the driveway.

Most of you would find the conversation that went one between Angela and me to be superficial. Trust me, this is what we have been all our lives. Neither of us have the tendency for melodrama. In fact we may appear cold to those who do not know us.

Evening arrived and so did she. She drove the car into the garage and stepped into the living room from the side door. It took her fifteen minutes to get changed and join me in the living room.

"You're home early." She said as she flopped on the chair.

"I left the office right after the meeting. I went to see John after the meeting. he will be joining us shortly." I said.

"So, is there any chance of s getting back together? I will drop John like a hot potato. I don't want him at the cost of my marriage." She said.

"But you do want him, just not at this cost. So, tomorrow if someone comes along, for whom the price will be right, you will end this marriage." I twisted her words.

"No, this marriage is too precious for me to let go for any reason." she spoke calmly

"Why then, would you risk something so precious? Would you wear a precious dress to a mud slinging competition?" I asked

"I was not thinking straight. if I would have stopped to think about it, I would have never done it in the first place. I did it in part because you were no fun and he was. I am young and I do need some fun in my life. I also know that tomorrow when I am older and not so much in need for fun than love and understanding there can be no better choice than you. I will never give you up anything." She was still speaking convenient truth

"And yet, you did. You did give me up for a strange cock. How does it feel now? Was it worth it? Wouldn't a straight divorce be much to your benefit? You are going to walk away from this marriage with next to nothing. The good thing is, John is ready to marry you as soon as the divorce is final." I said.

"But, I don't want to marry him. I want to be married to you." She pleaded.

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