Helen: Sometimes, Dreams Do Come True

by Dapper Dan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Helen not only pursues her long fantasy of sex with her brother, she also pimps for him sometimes with their mother's three close firiends. Mom makes it a family threesome when outsiders are temporarily excluded.

[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies and perhaps some female fantasies as well. It is a fantasy and as such, the story may or may not conform entirely with reality. But isn't that the whole point of fantasies? With historical exceptions, all other locations, events, and characters are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

I do not practice nor do I condone any of the sexual acts about which I write, other than straight, heterosexual relationships. Other than the fact that most other forms of sexual behavior are illegal, I still don't judge others for their sexual preferences except where such behavior is hurtful/harmful to others, such as pedophilia.

None-the-less, many people have FANTASIES of such taboo laden behavior to achieve sexual gratification or whatever, but have no intentions whatsoever of carrying out such behavior in actual practice. That said, if I have struck a particular fantasy of yours, read and enjoy.


Helen Cobbler 20 ... main female character, caretaker for mother
Jacob Cobbler 25 ... older brother of Helen
Sara Cobbler 49 ... mother of Helen & Jacob
Jesse Cope 33 ... good friend of Sara Cobbler, widowed
Jan Colmer 35 ... good friend of Sara Cobbler, divorced
Sue Springer 38 ... good friend of Sara Cobbler, divorced
Carmen Swisher 21 ... best friend of Helen Cobbler

The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and the early morning air was crisp and invigorating. And I was sweating like a pig. Yeah, I know, pigs don't sweat, but I do. I was climbing steadily in shadowy pursuit of my older brother. Jacob, Jake to me, was twenty-five and home for a two week visit.

Me? I'm "lil Sis," to my brother. My name's Helen and I just had my twentieth birthday a month ago. I live at home with my widowed mother, Sara, aged forty-nine. I worked during the day as an executive secretary and attended college part time at night.

The sun barely got above the horizon that Saturday morning before Jake was out in a tee, shorts, and sturdy shoes. He likes his morning runs through the light woods behind our property and up the twisting trail of a large hill beyond that.

Why am I furtively following Jake?

Good question. Deserves a good answer.

The short of it is that I've had a crush on brother Jake for over six years now. It all started shortly before my fourteenth birthday when I saw him, not quite nineteen yet, naked as he slowly strolled down the hall from the upstairs bathroom to his room at the other end. He was sporting one, damned, God-awful, big hardon. Looked big, anyway, to my (almost) fourteen year old eyes.

I'd just stepped out into the hall way to head for the same bathroom Jake'd just left. He didn't change his pace, he didn't try to cover up. He just grinned, wolfishly. When he got right next to me, he also spoke--quietly.

"Take a good look, Lil Sis, some day you may get much more than a peek at this rod after you grow up a little more."

He kept on walking and disappeared into his room. I liked the way his butt wiggled!

God, I nearly fainted. I did falter in my step but managed not to fall as I stepped into the bathroom. Checking the seat position first, I dropped like a stone on the pot and peed a good one. My hormones had jumped from high straight to super-high at the sight of that gorgeous and very rigid dick and ass my brother sported.

Christ, seeing a real, live, dick--other than the young ones I baby sat for--had been uppermost in my mind for the past six months. I'd entered puberty a year earlier with my first period and had since developed a fixation on cocks. As I said, my hormones had tripped directly to super high from the get go.

Along with my first period came other bodily changes. My boobs developed fairly quickly. Oh, I'll never have centerfold boobs, but they are a size no boy could resist. My flaming red hair was an attention getter, though I shaved smooth on the pubes. The rest of my body was in pleasing proportion to my five foot ten inch frame.

So, by now you know what I was doing, shadowing my brother on his morning, uphill run. I was perving on him as a voyeur. I was sorely hoping to get a good look at his now mature and maybe even bigger cock. Maybe he'd have to pee somewhere on the trail before we got back. I couldn't help myself. I could only fantasize about anything else happening.

I couldn't follow Jake too closely or he'd spot me. So, when he turned off the main trail, I almost missed the fact. If he'd not caught his Tee on a thorn and left a little piece just after he took the side path, I would've missed him. Naturally, I turned to follow.

It seemed like forever, but in reality, less than half an hour later, I topped a small rise and stopped dead in my tracks. Spread out below me was a small meadow with a sizable, creek fed pond, short, waterfall and all. Out in the middle of the pond was Jake, swimming with lazy strokes. A sudden dive gave a flash of his bare, white ass as he went under.

Oh my God! He's naked. Now I'll maybe get my chance.

I stepped into the underbrush for better concealment and continued to watch Jake play in the water. Then, damn, the urge to pee hit me hard. I dropped my shorts and panties to squat. I quickly found I had to more than just pee. Doing my duty took more time than I had wanted and I had to scrounge for dry leaves to clean up myself. That wasn't fun, either.

By the time I could look back to the pond, Jake his back to me, was already in his Tee and was just stepping into his shorts. I got a good look at--his bare ass, but nothing else. Shit! He sat and had shoes and socks on in a jiffy. He took off on his return run, passing by my hiding place by just feet. I waited ten minutes before I started back.

Jake was at the kitchen table, drinking coffee when I got back.

"God, Lil Sis, you're sweaty and rumpled. Where you been?"

"I went for a jog of my own this morning and I desperately need a shower. See you in a bit. Save some coffee for me."

I dashed upstairs. I laid out clean clothes: shorts and panties, sandals, and a halter top. Brazenly, I omitted laying out a bra. I was going to let my twins bob free and see if that got Jake's attention. Then, into the shower I stepped after peeling off my sweat stained clothes and tossing them into the hamper.

Damn, my nipples are hard. They sure are tingling. Hotter. I need hotter water. God, but that pelting hot water feels almost orgasmic all by its self.

What a fiasco! A little bare ass is all I got for all that walking and sweating. Oh--fingering my nipples really shot of sparks there. Damn. Let's see what adding a little action between my legs does for me. Ok, finger down the slit, ah yes, like that. Here clitty, clitty. Oh God, rub it just like that girl. God, but I wish it were Jake's cock instead of my finger! Now, one finger in the coosy--ah, all the way in. Yesss!

Oh Shit, Oh Shit. Unh.

My orgasm snuck up on me damned quick. God, but I was still horny and psyched up. My knees went rubbery but I was able to remain standing. I soaped and rinsed again before climbing out of the shower to towel off.

Jake was still at the kitchen table when I got back there.

"I heard you coming down the stairs, Lil Sis, so I poured a hot cup of coffee and added one Splenda."

"Oh, Jake, you remembered. Just the way I like it."

"Oh, I remember a lot about you, Lil Sis: how you've grown up, how you've become a gorgeous young woman, lots of things."

Yes, I blushed. And when I blush, I go fire engine red to my boobs.

"Well, Lil Sis, whose not really so little anymore, I've got to be off."

"Where you going today, Jake.'

"Got to take my car in to the garage for routine service and a little other tweaking and checking. See you later."

"Bye, Jake."

I had some errands to run, so shortly, I took off as well, but in my own car. I had to get back in time to fix lunch for the three of us.

Mom entered the kitchen five minutes after I got back. She was stunning, to say the least.

"Jeeze, Mom, you trying to set fire to the neighborhood?"

"What makes you think that, Helen?"

"Well, just look at yourself, Mom."

"What's wrong with me?"

At forty-nine, not much was wrong with her. She could pass for late twenties, well maybe mid thirties, without even blinking.

"For one, that skimpy tube top is way too small, too tight for you. Your boobs put Dolly Parton's to shame."

"And yours don't in their current, braless state?"

"Come on Mom, mine aren't anywhere near that huge. Just a good hand full."


"And those way too tight short shorts. My God, Mom, you've got a cameltoe to end all camel-toes."

"But it sure gets the attention of any male wandering near, doesn't it."

"God, Mother, that's what I mean, you trying to set the neighborhood ablaze?"

"Could be, Helen, could be. I'm looking for a man again."


"Oh, don't worry, I not interested in getting married again right off--but damn, I get horny too and need some relief sometimes that only a cock can give. If you don't know what I mean, you will before long."

'Oh, I know what you mean, I lost my virginity quite some time ago, BUT, I don't flaunt myself quite so brazenly."


Jake drove in about then. He found us in the kitchen,

"What's all the yel..."

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