Woolly Wilds

by starfiend

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: What do you do when the Confederation comes to town for a pick up and you have no idea what that means? Llewelyn Carter found himself in that position and took the rest of his family along for company. Oops!

Authors note.

This story takes place in Thinking Horndogs Swarm Cycle universe. You should at least read his Average Joes and possibly Pick Up 18 stories first. It's also probably worth reading Duke Of Ramus' Civil Service before reading this story.

Thanks to Thinking Horndog for letting me play in his universe. Thanks also to Felina Purrsbane, DeGaffer, Duke Of Ramus and probably others for pointing out errors. Any remaining are mine and I claim copyright on them :)

To my left sat my naked mother. Her right hand was on my semi-erect cock where it stuck out of my trousers, while my left was lightly stroking her soaking, furry, crotch. On my right was my younger sister, fifteen-year-old Siân, equally naked. Her left hand was with Mum's on my cock, while the middle and forefingers on my right hand were sawing slowly in and out of her juicy pussy as she writhed her hips in delight at my ministrations. Across the table from me was my eighteen-year-old sister Branwyn, older than me by just twelve minutes. Buried in her crotch were the hands of my father and my sixteen-year-old brother Huw, while she had one hand on each of their erections and was slowly stroking them off. All of us were excited, in fifteen minutes Dad was going to go and be changed, and in just over ten hours we'd all look very different.

Less than forty-eight hours earlier we had all been picked up from a fish and chip restaurant in the centre of Newport in South Wales.

"In from the woolly wilds," Dad laughed as we all slid into the seats and waited for the waitress to come around and take our order. We all smiled but said little as it was his standard 'joke' each time we came into town. Living in the middle of the Black Mountains, the small mountain range that runs along the southern edge of Wales, part of which is famous as the Brecon Beacons, did occasionally feel like being out in the middle of nowhere. Even though it was only three miles away, we couldn't see our nearest neighbour, nor indeed any other signs of human habitation. The nearest village was only eight miles away, we rarely went there more than once or twice in a month, and then only for fleeting visits when absolutely necessary.

The last time we'd been down from the hills we'd been in Cardiff, eleven miles away, and had walked past a Confederacy CAP testing centre that had been opened in an empty shop on St.Mary's street. Standing outside was the hugest woman we'd ever seen. Easily taller than Dad or me, and we were both tall at six foot one. She was also possibly the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. And when I say that I have to be careful as both my sisters are very pretty.

"Do you have CAP cards?" she asked us politely, but with an accent that none of us recognised.

"CAP card?" asked Dad pausing. "What's one of them?"

"You don't know?" the woman asked, obviously very surprised.

"No. Should I?"

"There's been CAP testing for well over a year now. Mostly in Western and Central Europe and North America, couple of places in South America, but also in Australia and New Zealand and a few other places like Japan and South Africa. Generally the more stable parts of the world." She gave a slight smile and I saw Huw's mouth drop open as he stared at her. She really was that beautiful.

Ignoring Huw's look of hero worship, she continued. "It's been mandatory for everybody to get tested on or soon after their fourteenth birthday for almost as long."

"Siân turned fourteen over a year, er, over eighteen months ago." Dad explained. "She's the youngest."

"How come you've not heard of it?" asked the woman puzzled. "It's been all over the TV, the internet, newspapers. The kids should have heard about it at school."

"We were all home schooled once we turned eleven," I said, only marginally less affected than Huw, and wanting to get her to look at me. "And we don't have a telly, and we're too busy to use the internet for much."

Now she stared at me. "You don't have a telly."

"There's never anything on worth watching," Mum said.

There was a minor pause and then all six of us parrotted, "Only the usual crap, soap operas and adverts." Mum looked at us in surprise as we all repeated her frequent words back at her. She burst into laughter and we all joined her.

"So what do you do with your free time?"

"What free time! We farm five hundred head of sheep. We have no farm hands so we do everything ourselves Not much time for anything else. We literally live in the middle of nowhere."

"The Woolly Wilds of Wales," Huw and I said together.

"Llewelyn, Huw, behave," Mum hissed sharply.

"Don't call me Llewelyn, call me Lew," I hissed back equally sharply. It was odd, sometimes I was proud of my Welsh name, at other times I hated it. All of us kids had traditional Welsh names, but Mum and Dad, both born in Cornwall, and therefore born in England, didn't. They'd moved to Wales to buy the farm in the mid 'naughtys' very shortly after they married, and with Mum already three months pregnant. And when we were born they decided to give us all good traditional Welsh names. We had fun as none of our cousins could properly pronounce my name, and for some reason they all tried to pronounce Siân's name as 'cyan' instead of 'sharn'. Huw and Branwyn usually had their names pronounced correctly, though we were told that Branwyn had been pronounced as Branwine a couple of times early on. At the time we'd been too young to know, so it had never been a problem.

The woman gave herself a little shake. "I'm Corporal Susan Van Der Meer of the Confederacy Marines."

"Dutch?" Dad interrupted.

She shook her head slightly. "South African. By blood I'd be an Afrikaner or Boer, but by political inclination and upbringing I was a liberal, at least for an Afrikaner, and was more than happy for the end of Apartheid."

"But that was thirty five years ago." Dad exclaimed. "How can you remember that?"

"I'm fifty one." She grinned at our shocked looks. "The Confederacy did this for me. The only bit externally that is still the original me is the colour of my eyes. I was five foot four, with mousy brown hair, and a good fifty pounds overweight after having two children, both of whom are now in their early twenties, and now I'm younger than they are. What's even better," she continued with a grin, "is that because I was picked up before my menopause kicked in, that part of me's been rejuvenated as well, and I can have kids for many more years yet."

"But," started Mum.

"The Confederacy took me, and changed me. You cannot be taken if you don't have a CAP card."

"Who are The Confederacy and why did they take you?" asked Mum.

"You've heard of the Sa'arm?"

I've never seen anybody goggle before, even though I'd often read the phrase in books and novels. I now knew what it meant. Susan goggled at us, as all six of us shook our heads.

"Holy fuck," she whispered. She looked up for a few moments, then seemed to nod slightly and looked back at us. "Okay. Come on. Let's get you all tested and I'll explain."

"How long does it take?" Siân asked. "We're going to the theatre. The show starts in about an hour and a quarter."

"We've got four testing pods here, and individually it takes about half to three quarters of an hour. We should get you all in and out in good time."

Three of the pods, looking a lot like over size telephone boxes, were free, the fourth in use. Dad suggested the three men went first, but Susan suggested the three eldest. Mum Dad and Branwyn went into the pods, a technician going in with each of them for a few minutes, then coming out and closing the doors.

I looked at Susan. "What's the Swarm?" I asked her.

"The Sa'arm? Imagine them as the little green aliens coming to eat the planet from all that sci-fi on TV and film. Except that they're not small, and they're not green. They are, however, very dangerous."

"And they're coming here?" asked Huw.

She nodded. "The Confederacy is a, well, a group, a large group, of alien races. And they need our help to protect them from the Sa'arm."

"And presumably help ourselves at the same time?" I asked.

Susan managed to look embarrassed. "It's not quite that straightforwards," she broke off and looked relieved as there was a loud ding from the fourth pod. "Ah. That one's finished. Come on," she indicated me.

A moment later a young woman came out of the pod looking a bit disoriented. Another man, equally as tall as Susan, gently led her away and sat her down. Susan led me into the pod just as I heard the girl burst into tears. I started to look around, but Susan ushered me firmly forwards.

There was a comfortable chair, and what appeared to be a computer screen of some sort in front of me. There was no keyboard, however Susan lifted a helmet off the floor and gently fitted it over my head.

"Comfortable?" she asked.

"Yeah," I nodded, then wished I hadn't as the weight of the helmet was uncomfortable when I moved my head.

"Good. Lie back and relax, and just be yourself."

I wasn't quite sure what she meant by 'be yourself', and it worried me a little. She closed the door and a few moments later I heard a voice saying "Welcome to the Confederacy CAP testing process. The first few questions are just to identify yourself and to get a level of brain activity."

"What?" I asked almost automatically, then silently chided myself. This was a machine I was talking to. It wouldn't understand me.

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