Tricked for the Treat

by Not my Story

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, BDSM, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Three friends lure their friend away for a shot at his wife on Halloween. The use her as the treat she had promised to be for her husband.

Ray rushed up the stairs to his bedroom anxious to get there and angry at his two idiotic friends for keeping him from his night of freaky sex with his wife. His mind angrily wondering what they could have been thinking, stopping by at this time of the night, they knew he had plans. He had met them for lunch and while waiting for the pizza he couldn't help but brag about how he had finally come up with a foolproof plan on how to have his way with his wife Debra. He was so excited he couldn't keep it to himself and had shared his plan with both of them. He and Debra had made similar plans the previous Halloween, but after dragging the kids around the neighborhood they had dropped them off at his parents' house and returned home to relieve his father who had been answering the door for them while they took the kids trick or treating. His father had given out all the candy they had, and after finding a bag of foil wrapped condoms in the cabinet handed those out believing them to be foil wrapped chocolate coins. The fiasco that followed had been enough to kill Debra's mood and after an evening of watching her run around dressed as a flight attendant Ray had to relieve himself with a cold shower.

This year he had talked her into wearing a sexy nurse outfit complete with the cute little cap. To ensure she couldn't change her mind he struck a deal with her and had done a laundry list of choirs including the laundry. In exchange she had agreed to be his helpless victim a nurse captured by the evil Dr. Hyde, Ray's Halloween costume. He had a written contract with the Misses guaranteeing him he would be allowed to cuff and ravage her while in costume as long as he wanted in exchange for the lengthy list of choirs he had spent the last week finishing. He couldn't help but brag about how from 11:00 PM till he finished she would be his insisting he had thought of everything. He had forgone having his father answer the door for them this year and convinced Debra it would be better for everyone if they just turned the light off this year after the previous year's fiasco. He had stopped by the local novelty store and bought a pair of furry handcuffs, blindfold, ball gag and sensual body oils. He had stopped at the liquor store and bought her favorite wine, Vodka and orange juice. He then told them of his plans to grab dinner on his way home and fill her glass full of wine. He would see to it that she finished the bottle of wine and try and coax her to have a screw driver or two, her favorite hard drink. He bragged how he was throwing the cuffs and gag on her at 11:00 o'clock sharp and wouldn't stop until he couldn't move. He told them he would use the blindfold if she gave him her usual angry look even pulling the items from the bag under the table to show his friends.

Then at 7 minutes past eleven the door bell hand rung. Ray was pissed he had the house lights off and the trick-or-treaters should have all been home by now, the night had gone exactly as Ray had planned up to that point. Debra had just walked out of the bathroom minutes earlier and began seductively leaning against the door-frame as sexily as she could. He took in the sight of his young wife her dark red hair pinned neatly under the nurses cap the white cloth of the uniform clinging to her body accentuating her full breast, tight stomach, round hips and stopping several inches above her knee showing off her sexy legs. At only 5' 2" tall she was tiny but standing in the doorway in the stiletto heels her hundred and two pound body was smoking hot. She had started running her leg against the door frame and to Ray she looked like a runway model. Ray had just moved over to her as menacingly as possible playing the part of the evil Dr. Hyde and pulled her arms behind her back he held them there with one hand and moved the other over her firm chest. Squeezing them gently thru the fabric and causing her to struggle weakly. He pulled his hand back and fished the furry handcuffs from his costumes pocket he slipped them around her wrist causing her to struggle even more and causing her to playfully cry out "Oh no now I'm helpless at the hands of a mad man!" he couldn't have been happier to have her play along.

Keeping in character he twirled her around and then cupping her ass he lifted her off her feet and slung her gently over his shoulder. Debra playfully cried out as Ray groped her ass as he slowly carried her to the bed. He had just began the process of repositioning her on his shoulder in order to toss her on the bed when the first ring of the doorbell happened. He decided to ignore it and continued his playful roll playing as he tossed her on the bed while doing his best evil laugh when the second ring echoed thru the room. Then five more rings in quick succession.

"Ray you better uncuff me and see who it is." Debra said breaking character and acting annoyed by the interruption. Ray grew annoyed as well as he saw the beginning of the end of his perfect night. "No they'll go away Deb just ignore it." He said and began to climb on the bed on top of her as the next furry of rings began echoing throughout the house.

"Ray it could be your parents. Maybe something is wrong with the kids!" Debra said now more annoyed

"Deb they would have called and Dad has a key. Whoever it is will go away." He said reaching for her chest as the doorbell began ringing insistently followed by a loud knocking on the door.

"Ray!" Debra said in an almost angry voice.

"I'll be right back! I am going to get rid of them." Ray said jumping off the bed and bounding for the door.

"Ray uncuff me first." Debra called out.

"I'll be right back!" he said not willing to let her go, afraid if he did he would lose this opportunity. He flew down the steps determined to get rid of the interruption before it ruined his night.

He made it to the door and after undoing the deadbolt yanked it open angrily only to find Andy and Gianni standing at the door looking annoyed. They started in with him immediately wanting to know what took him so long and bitching about how they had been ringing the doorbell forever.

Ray tried to shut them up but they went on and on. He knew immediately they had been drinking, smelling the booze the moment he opened the door. He then learned they had come by because they couldn't get their car started and needed a jump. He told them they would have to go ask his dad. They wanted to know why he seemed so annoyed and he had to remind them he had plans. The timing could not have been better as Debra called out for Ray asking him if everything was okay. He screamed up telling her yes everything was fine and he would be up in just a minute.

Gianni then told him they had stopped by his father's house first and they "really" couldn't go back there now. Besides he said Ray's father told them Ray had his cables anyway. Ray wasn't in the mood to argue and grabbed his keys. He told them to get in the car. Gianni then went on to explain they already had someone there willing to give them the jump. Ray thought he heard the first good news of the night and rushed to the garage to get the cables hoping to get rid of them quickly. Grabbing the cables Ray returned to find Andy laid out on the couch with Gianni in the recliner. "Here you go!" he said dropping the cables in Gianni's lap before opening the door to show them out. Then the other shoe dropped as Gianni explained they would need Ray to drive the car back to his place for them to park it for the night each man admitting they were too drunk to drive themselves.

Ray begged them to leave it for the night and offered to call them a cab only to learn they had somehow parked it illegally and if they didn't move it quickly it would get towed to the impound. Seeing no other choice and foolishly believing them when Gianni said it was only a couple blocks away Ray reluctantly agreed to help out his two old friends telling them "Let's go and get this over with!" Just as they started out the door Gianni hunched over and almost vomited in Ray's bushes. He then straightened and announced he had to go to the bathroom and that they should go on without him claiming he could be a while before rushing back in the house and darting into the downstairs bathroom.

While waiting for him to return Andy suggested Ray take off the costume concerned it might get dirty. Ray was now so angry he couldn't think straight and took of the coat and gloves tossing them next to his hat and scarf that he had discarded earlier. Finally Andy convinced Ray they should just go claiming they would be back before Gianni got out.

So the journey began Ray followed his stumbling friend eight blocks up then two blocks over, one block down to more blocks over before finally Andy admitted he was lost. They walked on as Andy insisted he could find it. Then, just when Ray had reached his wits end and demanded they return to his house to have Gianni show them the way, Andy remembered he had the address to the party written down on a paper in his pocket. Ray checked the address and determined they had made a wrong turn and went the wrong way. Sadly he knew it was still closer to the car than it was to go back home so on they went in the direction of the car. A block from the address Andy remembered he didn't have the keys, Gianni did. Even if they made it to the car they would still not be able to retrieve the vehicle.

Andy couldn't stop apologizing on the way back to Ray's as he complained about how tired he was. Ray, already mad as hell at his friends, grew even more annoyed by how slow his friend was walking. The drunken man moved at a snail's pace back to Ray's house. The pair finally made it back over an hour after they had left.

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