Weekend Plans

by DaddysSickSecret

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Torture, First, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Menstrual Play, Caution, .

Desc: Sex Story: Last week, Bryce ruined Patrice's weekend. This week she has a new plan.

"Thank you for meeting me, Bryce."

"What do you want, Patrice?"

He was always sharp with me. Always mean and nasty. It was because I was ugly, I know. My hair was short and wiry and steel gray since I was 23. I had no figure. I was tall but pear-shaped. My butt was too wide, my chest too flat. My teeth were my only good point — white, straight, perfect thanks to years of braces. But my nose was crooked and my eyes were set too close together and noticeably uneven.

Still, I was intelligent and having people I worked with sneer at me because I wasn't a beauty queen hurt.

Especially Bryce. Bryce was the kind of boy I'd always dreamed would one day look past my witch-like exterior and see my inner beauty. Bryce was handsome and charming when he wanted to be. A modern Clark Gable complete with thin mustache. I would have given anything for him to notice me. I would have given anything for anyone to notice me.

Last Friday, however, Bryce went too far. He turned on the charm and talked me into coming in over the weekend — under the pretense that he would be there as well — but left me to do all the work on my own. I prize my weekends; I don't have to deal with anyone else's disapproval once I close my front door.

Bryce had to pay. And I knew how.

"Can I buy you a drink?" I asked him.

"Sure." He shrugged, finished the one in his hand and tapped the glass. He looked at his watch. "I'm meeting friends in 30, so don't drag this out."

The bartender brought two glasses over and I picked them both up. "Let's sit over there. Drag what out?"

"I'm guessing you're still pissed about last week."

"A little." I admitted.

"Yeah, well, sorry. Something came up."

I nodded. "Yes, I thought that's what it was." I handed him his drink.

"I didn't mean to leave you stuck." He said insincerely.

"I didn't think you'd be that mean to me."

His smile got a little warmer but his eyes were colder. "No, no, of course not. You're actually a pretty good Joe, all things considered."

I pretended that was a compliment. "Really? Thank you. I didn't think anyone noticed my work."

"Oh your work is great! In fact," He swallowed half the drink and leaned in closer, "I lost out not coming in last weekend."


"Oh yeah. Marco was very impressed. In fact, I'm thinking that next weekend we ought to try it again — only with me there."


"Yeah." He finished the drink. "What do you think?"

I think I can't believe he thinks I'd fall for such a weak deception. "I think that would be super! I mean, if you don't mind working with me."

"Why would I mind that?"

"Well," I looked away, "I'm not very pretty."

"Aw come on! You've got a lovely, uh, uh..." He picked up his glass again and frowned to see it empty. "Is it hot in here or is it just me?"

"No, it's pretty hot. You want another round?"

"Yeah, sure."

I flagged a waitress — a pretty blond on whom Bryce's eyes lingered — and ordered two more drinks. Bryce and I discussed the office while we waited for the drinks.

When they arrived, he stared down her low cut top and I took the glasses from her. When she finally left the table, I handed Bryce his glass.

"Oh hey thanks, Trice." He took a sip and then shook his head. "Oh man, I am wasted this week! Hey, how come nobody calls you Trice?"

"My friends do call me that." I simply have no friends.

"Well, I'm callin' you Trice from now on. Trice." He giggled foolishly.

"I think it's time for you to go home."

"Can't. I'm meetin' Amel-Amer-Amanda at Eighth Heaven fer uh quickie." He slurred. "You ever have a quickie?"

"I think you should get a cab." I paid for the drinks and helped Bryce outside. "You know, I did drive to the office today, I could just run you home."

"Nononononononono." He pushed away from me and nearly fell over. "I don know whass wrong wi' me."

"You're just tired from work and had a little too much. Come on, handsome, let's go take a ride."

It took a little while, but Bryce and I made it to my car. Along the way, Bryce informed me that my problem was that my legs and arms were too skinny for any man to find them attractive. And that my hips were comically wide. And that I should invest in every cosmetic surgery known to man. In fact, they should invent a few for me.


I struggled to get him into the passanger seat and belted him in.

He sniffed loudly. "Geez-zus! What is that?"

I didn't answer, just closed the door and went around to the driver's side. "Where do you live?"

"Wess Bay." He slurred and sniffed again. "That's f-ed up perfume!" He leaned over and sniffed my shoulder. "Oh yeah, that reeks!" He continued to my neck and shoulders the whole drive, complaining the whole time about how bad they smelled.

Finally, we arrived and I got out and wrestled him out of the car as well. He groaned and fell heavily around me.

"Give me your keys." I said with the last of my patience.


"Your keys. I need your keys."

"Yeah, yeah." He fished in his pocket for a moment then handed me the ring.

At the front door he buried his face under my hair as if trying to inhale me. I fought him and the door for a moment but got it open and him inside.

"There." I closed the front door and locked it properly. "Now let's get settled in and I'll go home."

"Hey babe, what's the hurry? Stay awhile." He was swaying but more or less on his own feet. "Night coul'be fun."

"Now I know you're drunk."

"Shit! I am fucked up 'cause you ugly and I still wanna do you."

"Excuse me?"

"Fuck it!" He lunged forward. "Com'ere, bitch!"

I took one step to the left and let him crash headlong into the breakfront.

"What the hell?" He mumbled as he slipped to the floor.

I knelt beside him and looked into his eyes. "It's definately time to get you settled in."

"Wha?" Was all he said coherently.

I took a moment to check that none of my collectables broke when Bryce hit my breakfront and then moved my sofa out of the way. I thought it would be easier to drag him into the back room than carry him. I did have to struggle a bit to get him on the bed but he didn't begin to come round until I'd finished tying his wrists and was working on his ankles. I thought the scarfs add a pretty touch. And even though Bryce was a jerk, I had to admit he looked good naked.

"Wha?" He moaned groggily.

"Hey Bryce." I tightened his last knot and then sat next to him on the bed. "How are you feeling?"

"P-p-patrice?" He tried to move and looked vaguely confused when he couldn't. "Wh-wh-where am am I?" I leaned forward and he took yet another whiff of my perfume. "Oh God!" He moaned.

"Bryce, you were right, I was very angry about last weekend. But this weekend, you're going to make it up to me."

"I I I, uh, h-h-how?"

"By spending the weekend with me, Bryce. And when you are done, I'm going to feel loved and special and you are going to feel worn out and used. Then we'll be even."


I reached behind me and caressed his johnson. I'd never touched one before I undress him earlier and still felt an ecstatic thrill travel up my arm. He had been semi-hard then but now it was fully inflated and felt like a lead pipe wrapped in satin. "You are going to use this on me for as long as it lasts."

"Oh God, baby!" His head fell back against the bed and his body shook. "Don't stop. Knock the easy one out, it will last all night."

"Oh there's no easy one tonight." I took my hand away and he groaned. "Besides, you're not quite ready."

"Oh I'm ready, babe, I'm ready." He looked at me still not quite lucid. "Patrice? Jesus, what a face! I'll bet you suck cock like a vacumn."

I couldn't believe his nerve. "You are a real jerk, you know that?"

"You're the jerk; teasing me with pussy and then not letting me have any,"

"I never teased you with pussy." Halucinations weren't one of the common side affects but then, these drugs weren't commonly used together.

"Hey, even trashed I know pussy when I smell it. Didn't have you pegged fer uh carpet muncher." He babbled on. "Can't stand the shit. Stick it, don't lick it." He giggled.

I filed that bit of trivia mentally. "It's not ... pussy. At least not directly. It's a pheromone mix designed to attach itself to the dopamine section of the brain. That's the section that controls sex. Well, in part. At any rate, I'm telling you this now because I can see your pupils dilating slowly. You see, you're drunk."

He giggled. "No shit."

"But not on the alcohol you drank at the bar. That was just a conveyance."

"A huh?"

"A way to slip you a very specific micky. Two of them, in fact. One of them is an intoxicant. It reacts very quickly in the blood stream but cleans out of the body very, very slowly. It will keep you essentually drunk until at least Monday morning. And the hangover! Whew! Well, you'll learn about that." I leaned forward again just so I could watch him struggle to reach me. "The other thing coursing through your bloodstream right now is a, well, you know about those little blue pills?" I reached over and stroked him again. He moaned and twitched. "This is sort of its deformed brother. It does all the same things the pill they sell does but it has a rather evil side effect in that it creates flashbacks like LSD does."

"You slipped me wha?"

I had to laugh. "You poor confused thing. I gave you a little insurance to make sure you can play all weekend and that you'll remember it for a long long time."

I left him in the back room and put the living room back in order. Occasionally I checked on Bryce; generally, he was moaning and twitching. That may have been because I dropped a pair of used panties with a good dose of the pheromone on them on his face before I left the room. I gave him a couple hours to absorb everything.

Then I stripped. I wasn't foolish. Nothing that was about to happen was a product of love. Bryce was going to eat me -- whether he wanted to or not -- then he was going to fuck me and he was going to do those two things until I was too tired and sore to make him do it again.

I sprayed myself with another dose of the pheromone. This time, I sprayed it everywhere not just my neck and shoulders. Bryce had responded better than expected to the scent and I fully intended to keep his libedo overriding his intellect for as long as possible.

I stopped at the back room door, suddenly nervous. No one had ever seen me naked. In fact, I was a virgin. But not for much longer. I felt a slight trickle on my leg and realized that if I stood there any longer, my flow would stain the carpet. I shrugged. Odds were that I was going to have to have the whole room cleaned next week.

It would be worth it.

The first part was easy. I climbed onto the bed and straddled Bryce.

"Oh my God! Baby, please! Please let me do you!" He actually pleaded. "I wanna fuck you so bad it hurts. I need you, baby, please!"

I confess, I couldn't wait. I held his johnson up, positioned the tip until it was just inside my opening, and let my weight push him in me. We both screamed.

He pulled at the bonds, trying desperately to free his hands. "JESUS CHRIST! Fuckin' virgin!"

I fell forward, trying to catch my breath and my balance. It wasn't at all like the dildo I'd tried. He was bigger for a start. And warm. I felt him flex inside me and realized that he was having some kind of spasm. At first, I thought it was a reaction to the drugs. Then I realized that he was having an orgasm.

It was a powerful thing. Not just the orgasm, although that shook his whole body. But the idea. The idea that someone felt that good just from being inside me. My whole body tingled and I was suddenly shaking too. I wouldn't have described the feeling as pleasant but I wanted to feel it again. And soon.

While I had never done the act, the principal was easy enough and I quickly got the hang of lifting and lowering myself on his johnson. I also discovered that if I leaned forward in just the right way, I could rub my clit against his pelvic bone. He complained that it didn't give him much stimulation but I found it wonderful. I was able to make myself cum again, stronger than the first time.

Bryce yelped. "Wha' the hell are you doin'!" His hips thrust against me despite his protest. "So tight! Geez! Like fuckin' a lava pit through a drinkin' straw."

I let him pump for a few minutes. I could hear him grunting and felt him trying to frantically go faster, deeper.

"Does it feel good, Bryce?"

"Oh yeah, baby! Yeah! Lemme do it babe; I knock them boots."

I didn't really understand the reference but I got the idea. "No Bryce. I'm in control here. You are going to lie there and please me. And when you cum again, you are going to lick me clean."

"No, no! Sick bitch!" He moaned. I moved up and down on him again, slowly this time. "Geez-zus fuckin' God! So hot!" He arched against me. "Please, God, just let me fuck you!"

"So fuck. But I'm not untying you."

He whimpered. "Aw come on! I promise! I'll bring down the mount." He babbled, I didn't follow most of it but it was accompanied by attempts to thrust into me as deeply as possible.

The deeper entries did feel good and I began thinking about how to allow him more movement without letting him lose.

"I'm not letting you lose." I said.

"Just my god damn hands." He snarled with frustration.

"What are you going to do?" I asked, mostly out of curosity.

"Just let get ta them tits." He was panting and licked his lips. "They kinda hot ina fucked up way."

I leaned forward and brushed my nipple against his lip. My breasts were small; small enough, in fact, that to me it appeared that they were 90% nipple. And if that wasn't bad enough, the nipples were unusually long. More than an inch long, in fact. But Bryce clamped on to it as soon as he could reach it and his tongue and lips sent a thrill through my entire body.

After a couple minutes, I pulled back. Bryce whimpered until I leaned forward again with the other nipple. It was a moment before I realized we were both groaning.

I pulled away again. "If I untie your hands, what are you going to do?"

He looked me in the face almost snarled. It was an intense, animal look. "Geez you're ugly! I'm gonna to fuck one ugly bitch. I'm gonna grab that big ass and I'm gonna suck them tiny freaky tits and I'm gonna knock the bomb!"

I didn't understand the reference at all. I wasn't sure if I'd just been insulted again or if it was some sexual thing. Bryce was muttering something I couldn't even pretend to understand.

I thought about it another minute and then decided to do it. His first hand grabbed my tit.

"Freak nipple." He groaned as he rubbed his palm back and forth over it.

When both of his hands were free, he grabbed my hips and in a shocking feat of strength, slammed my full weight down his johnson. Then he lifted me and did it again. "Yeah, baby!" He shouted.

I confess. After a few strokes, I was lost in the sensation. Feeling his hardness pushing deeply in my softness. Over and over. Something inside me was building. I began to crave speed as much as Bryce did.

"Imgonnadoit!" He suddenly yelled. "Imgonnadoit! Imgonnadoit! Arrrggggghhhhh!" He sat up and pulled my hips as if he could shove through them. Then he leaned his head down and sucked my nipples desperately. He mewed a little and then he fell back of the bed, pulling me down with him.

I found myself panting but not 'there'. It did feel good but there was more and I wanted it.

I leaned forward and re-tied his wrists. He moaned and sniffed my armpits. He licked them which tickled.

Then I move forward and carefully -- nervously -- place my knees on either side of Bryce's head.

"Nonononono!" He tried to turn his head away but I held it still and lowered myself on his mouth. He gave a muffled cry. Then, tentatively, his tongue touched my slit.

Suddenly, he was thrashing and moaning again. With my position, he wasn't doing anything that would force me to lose my balance but I seemed clear to me that he wasn't happy about something. I took a glance back; his johnson was still hard as a rock so whatever his personal preference, his body was still mine.

I stayed still and let Bryce suffer. The pheromone was now mixed with our sweat and other fluids, making an even stronger concoction. After a few minutes, I felt his tongue again, licking near my clit. Then swirling around it.

"Lick it!" I hissed. He began flicking it and after only a moment or two, I came.

I came hard. I leaned against the wall trying to find so relief from the amazing sensation exploding within me. I grabbed Bryce's hair and fairly ground my slit against his face.

Much to my shock, he responded enthusiastically. His tongue raced up and down and darted in and out. He began groaning and I felt that building sensation again. I stayed in that position until he made me cum again.

Then I turned around so that I could lie on top of him.

"Oh, baby, nasty, dirty, fuckin' cunt, slut." He sucked my clit as soon as it was within his reach again.

I was positioned so that his johnson was directly in front of my face. It was bloody and messy. At first I thought it was all from our earlier intercourse but when I saw fresh come spill forth, I realized that eating my bloody, cum-covered slit was making Bryce even hornier than he was. The thought made me moan.

I stayed on top of him like that until I had cum twice more. Then I pulled away from him. I went to the bathroom and got a wet cloth.

As I started to clean his face, he whimpered. "You goona lemme go?"

"You'll be at work Monday morning." I promised.

"No more pussy, k?" He muttered. "Shit's nasty."

I didn't reply to that. I gave his face a quick wipe and seated myself on his johnson again.

"Geez-zus! I can't. Please, don't. Don't make me fuck you again."

"Oh but you can." I cooed. He was just as hard now as the first time. "And you will."

It was 1am when I woke up suddenly, Bryce's hard johnson still inside my slit. I shifted slightly and felt a wet gush. I wasn't sure if it was menstruation or cum or both but it was as slick as grease. Bryce moaned softly as I got up.

I left him there as I went and showered and put in a tampon while I made a light dinner. I got one of these meal shakes for Bryce and mixed half a dose of the intoxicant and most of a dose of the stimulant into it. I sprayed my whole body again with the pheromone applying extra to my butt and slit. This time, when I presented them to Bryce, I didn't want any hesitations.

I blindfolded him before I woke him. "Bryce." I cooed in my sweetest voice. "Wakey-wakey."


"Drink this." I put the straw in his mouth before he could try to focus. "That's it. Swallow all of it."

When he finished it, I started to take the glass and leave the room. "Hey, Hey? I gotta take a leak. How do I go?" I froze and stared at him. Of all the stupid things not factor in! "Just untie me. I'll go dropaload an' come back." He giggled.

He had a lot of chemestry at work. He could also be faking and already have his escape planned.

"You'll come back? Hmm. Where are you?"

"I'm - I'm, uh, shit. Where am I? I know I had a few." He began babbling, mixing what really happened Friday night with what his plans for the evening were. I began untying his feet but he didn't seem to notice. I untied his hands and retied them together at the wrists. "Hey you can't do that!" He yelled. "Imsuppos'd ta be this way!" I watched him try to figure out how to return to his earlier eagle spread position. He finally concluded that the room was too dark. "Hey you got uh john here 'cause I got uh piss on like you wouldn't believe."

I helped him sit up which was harder than either of us expected but funnier too. "I think you are drunk." I chuckled as we tried to stand him up.

"Shit, I'm shit-faced. I'm so fuckin' shit-faced. Doyouknow - do you know just shit-faced I am?"

I couldn't resist. "No, how shit-faced are you?"

"Very." He said simply. "Hey are the lights out er somethin'?"

"You're wearing a blindfold, remember? That's why I'm leading the way." Or at least I was trying to lead him.

"Oh yeah. Did you know that all girls look ugly if you fuck 'em blindfolded?"

"Why do you say that?"

"'Cause I'm wearin' a blindfold and I just fucked an ugly girl."

"Did you."

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