Little Man and Stupid Bitch

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He was short and she wasn't. It made for interesting times.

I guess the first thing you need to know in order to understand what happened is background. My name is Robert Daltry; I'm twenty-seven years old and I work as an aircraft mechanic for a major airline. I'm five foot six, about a hundred and sixty-five pounds and I'm in great shape thanks to daily runs and work outs at the gym.

I've always been small — at least in relation to my peers — and it goes back to my parents. My father was five foot six and my mother was four foot ten. Always being smaller than those of the same age was not a good thing to be. Bigger kids, especially at younger ages tend to take advantage of those smaller and that happened to me a lot. From the second grade on I averaged two fights a month and I usually lost. They might have been bigger, but I never backed down and I usually got whipped.

By the time I hit the seventh grade I wised up some. I woke up to the fact that fighting back gained me nothing so I changed and started walking away. I know that the prevailing wisdom was fight back and eventually you will be avoided as being more trouble than you are worth, but that never seemed to hold in my case. It seemed like the more I fought back the more fun it was to pound on me. Walking away got me labeled a coward, a sissy and a wimp, but so what? I knew that I wasn't any of those things; I was just tired of getting a bloody nose two or three times a month.

All through junior high and high school I just walked away. I avoided the places where the bullies might be and if I saw one I would turn and go the other way. Of course my avoidance of trouble caused me some problems. Some of the people who thought of me as a coward, wimp or sissy were the girls that I wanted to date. I had a hell of a crush on Beverly Abbeg in eighth and ninth grade, but I could never get her to go out with me. One day she flat out told me to leave her alone.

"All my friends would laugh at me if I was seen dating a sissy."

Although they were too nice to say it to my face like Beverly did I got the same vibes from other girls I tried to date. I did have a social life because there were girls who said yes when I asked them out, but they weren't the ones I really wanted to be out with.

All in all it didn't break my heart when I graduated and left my classmates behind as I got on with my life.

My dad was an aircraft mechanic and I decided early on that I also wanted to be an A & P mechanic. I enrolled at the Spartan School of Aeronautics and began the course of instruction that would get me my Federal Aviation Agency Airman's Certificate as an Airframe and Power Plant mechanic. I finished the course, took the exam and got my license and then my dad used his influence (he was a shop steward for the union) to get me on at the same airline where he worked.

Because I was the new guy I had zip for seniority so I ended up on the grave shift where I could count on staying until I had six or seven years of seniority. That might get me afternoons, but I was at least fifteen years away from reaching days. Low seniority also meant that I had piss poor days off. I had Tuesday and Wednesday and the only way I would ever get a weekend day off was to day trade with another mechanic who had a Friday, Saturday or Sunday for days off and who needed a Tuesday or Wednesday off for some reason.

Working the midnight shift — from eleven-thirty at night until eight the next morning — was awkward in other ways also. You got off at eight and you had to make a choice. Go home and go to bed, sleep during the day and then get up and have the evening free until it was time to go to work or stay up during the day, go to bed around four and sleep until the alarm woke you up to go to work. Or maybe go home, do stuff during the morning, go to bed around noon and sleep till eight and have a couple of hours during the evening before going to work.

For the first six months I did a mixture of all three before settling on a schedule that worked for me. There was a golf course a mile from the hanger and I had to drive by it every morning on the way to my apartment. I stopped every morning and played nine holes, alternating between the front and back nine, and then I went home and went to bed. I got up around four and on Monday and Thursdays I bowled in a men's early house league. I kept Tuesday and Wednesday open for dates if I could come up with one or for hitting the bars if I couldn't and then maybe every six weeks or so I would take advantage of my pass privileges and go somewhere.

My favorite watering hole was Chester's Bar and Grille and it was mostly because it was the hangout for a lot of the guys I worked with and as an added attraction Chester's had a sexy as hell barmaid and a couple of foxy waitresses. I didn't waste my time trying to come on to them as they were constantly being hit on and I didn't want them looking on me as just another drunken clod, but they were sure nice to look at and fantasize about. I found out that it sometimes pays to be nice and polite. Since I never went after the girls after a while they started flirting with me and I eventually did date both Ann and Gail and I did score with both, but it was obvious that other than having some occasional fun there was no long term attraction there.

Chester's had a dance floor, but unless you could get off on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday when there was a live band you had to settle for the juke box. There were seldom any girls in Chester's on a Tuesday or Wednesday night so it was mostly shooting the bull with your buddies or shooting pool.

It was a Tuesday night and I had arrived at Chester's to find that none of my friends were there so I took a seat at the bar and made small talk with Kelly the barmaid. There were maybe a dozen people who had put four tables together in the back corner and it sounded like they were celebrating someone's birthday. Kelly had just served me my second beer and had gone off to take care of a customer at the other end of the bar when someone sat down on the stool next to me and a voice said:

"Howdy stranger."

I turned and saw Mellanie Butler. "Where have you been Robbie? I haven't seen you in over three years."

"Off to school for two of them, but I've been back almost a year now" is what I said, but what I was thinking was "You haven't seen me in three years? You've never talked to me before in your life."

Mellanie had been a classmate of mine since seventh grade, but we travelled in different social circles. Mellanie was the 'Golden Girl'. She was the girl that all the other girls wished they were like and she was the girl that all the boys wanted. She was beautiful, smart and talented. Homecoming Queen, cheerleader, class valedictorian; you name it and Mellanie was it. The face of an angel and a body that inspired lust in males of all ages. I was no different from all the other boys who wished that Mellanie was theirs, but I was also one who knew that it would never happen. Mellanie was always on the arm of one of the jocks. The star forward during basketball season; the quarterback or starting running back during football season and whoever was the star on the baseball team during baseball season. Us mere mortals never had a chance. In addition to all of her other qualities Mellanie had one that put her totally out of my reach — height! Mellanie towered over me at five foot ten. She was the unattainable dream girl and there she was sitting next to me and trying to engage me in conversation.

"We are celebrating Marsha Crowley's twenty-first birthday. Why don't you come over and join us?"

"I don't think so. I wouldn't want to intrude."

"Nonsense! You know everyone there. Consider it a mini class reunion."

"I'd really rather not" I said.

She shrugged, took my hand and pulled me off my bar stool and led me over to the tables.

"Hey everybody, look who I found."

I knew everyone at the tables, some better than others, and after the hellos were exchanged we began playing 'catch up.' A few were in college, three were married stay at home moms and the rest were all working. Someone put money in the juke box and a few got up to dance. A couple of girls looked at me with "come on, ask me to dance" looks on their faces, but I hesitated because every one of them was taller than me. I've danced with taller girls and I've always found it to be awkward as all get out. After a minute or so Mellanie took matters in hand and grabbed me and pulled me out onto the floor. Luckily a fast tune was playing so I didn't have to take Mellanie in my arms. We did two fast songs and then sat down to sip our drinks. Mellanie had shown the way so when the next girl wanted to dance she just got up, took me by the hand and pulled me out onto the floor. I danced with four girls that way and three of the dances were slow, but they weren't too awkward because the girls, even though taller than me, were not that much taller. Marsha, Betty and Sally were about five foot seven and Mary was just a shade over eight. I danced a couple more fast numbers with Mellanie and then the party started breaking up. I was just getting ready to leave when "Nights in White Satin" started playing and Mellanie said:

"That's my song. Come on Rob; you have to dance this one with me."

I didn't want to because I knew we would look ridiculous out there on the floor, but how could I say no to the girl I would have killed for in high school. It probably looked funny as hell to those who were watching — the top of my head at Mellanie's nose, but as silly as it might have looked I was in Heaven. The heat of her body, her scent and the way she held me close to her all combined to give me a hard on and Melanie couldn't help but feel it as her leg hit it from time to time.

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