Girly Scout

by T.S.Severe

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, TransGender, Humiliation, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It's an old cliche, but that's why...It works! When Timmy ends up with the wrong suitcase at Scout Camp, he has no choice but to wear his sister's clothes. As you can imagine, the other boys want to give her a "hard time"...I mean, give him a hard time. Silly boys.

"Where's my bag, Mr. Cartwright?" I looked at our Scout Master and he looked at me. The other eight boys all had their stuff, but I was still waiting.

"Isn't that it?" He pointed at a big blue suitcase, the only thing left in the back of the van.

"A suitcase?" I shook my head.

"Who would bring a suitcase on a camping trip?" Hugo laughed and he a was a big, pudgy boy who gave everybody Charlie horses all the time.

"It says Thompson on it." Mr. Cartwright was hauling it out. "I'm pretty sure this is the one your mom gave me, Timmy."

"It says R. Thompson," I said kinda dumbly. "That's Rita's suitcase!"

"Your sister?" Goofy looking Todd grinned at the other guys and they all grinned back. "She's hot!"

"Shut-up," I frowned.

"Settle down," Mr. Cartwright frowned at the bunch of us cause the other guys were making a lot of noise. "Well, Timmy, just grab it. You guys gotta get your tents up before it gets dark. Let's go!"

"I can't believe you brought a suitcase! What a dope!" Billy was laughing at me and he was the oldest Boy Scout in our little troop, almost eighteen and an Eagle Scout to boot.

"I didn't bring it!" I protested, trying to help put up the tent, but I wasn't ever much good with that kind of stuff anyway.

"Then how did it get here?" Larry grinned at me. He was sixteen, a year older than me, and one of the guys who loved my sister. They all did really, because Rita was pretty hot. I loved her too, but we're twins, so it's okay, sorta.

"You think your sister got your stuff?" Billy wondered and I hadn't thought of that.

"I don't know." I swallowed hard, because mostly I figured my stuff would be in the suitcase, but Rita was a Girl Scout and her Jamboree was this week, and so she'd been leaving this morning in Mrs. Evenston's van and it was a white one too, just like Mr. Cartwright's and if...

"Your sister would be so hot in a Boy Scout uniform!" Larry giggled and Billy punched him in the arm.

"Don't be a fag!" Billy said.

"Ow!" Larry frowned. "What? She would be hot."

I ignored them mostly, and they were doing a good job with our tent anyway. I opened the suitcase after crossing my fingers four times, you know, all of them. I said a prayer and made vague promises to God about being good, the way people do. And I opened that suitcase.

"Oh." I stared at my sister's stuff. Like all her stuff, it looked like.

"Are those your sister's panties?" Larry asked, his eyes wide and his mouth open.

"Shut-up." I closed the suitcase quickly and then it started to rain.

=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=

"Sorry, Timmy," Mr. Cartwright shrugged. "I tried, but we're two hundred miles from anywhere. None of the other boys have clothes you can wear, not for all week."

"But there's eight of them!" I stared at the man, wrapped in my sister's big pink towel cause my boy clothes were seriously soaked.

I was pretty sure that he coulda got some clothes for me if Mr. Cartwright had really tried. I mean a shirt here, some pants there ... How hard could it be? It was a conspiracy, I figured. All those other guys picking on me again, just because I wasn't good at football and I didn't know how to put up a tent real good. Some of them thought I was a fag anyway, I knew that, just because I was smaller and thinner than most boys my age. That and my hair was long, but lots of guys had long hair. So what?

Probably Mr. Cartwright hadn't tried at all, because I knew he didn't really want me in his Boy Scout troop anyway. Oh, he was nice to my face and he treated me okay, but I knew he thought I was kinda hopeless so far as being a Boy Scout went. Now he was telling me I had to wear my sister's clothes cause...

"Everybody has to be in uniform anyway, Timmy," he smiled. "You know that. You're just lucky you and your sister are about the same size."

"I can't wear her uniform!" I blinked at him, but Mr. Cartwright was serious.

"You have to," he shrugged. "It's the rules! You can't go on an Expedition without a uniform and ... Well, that's the only uniform you have."

"But it's a girl's uniform!" I protested. "It's got a skirt and blouse and one of those things that goes over the shoulders and a funny hat! It's stupid!"

"Now, now." He gave me a stern look. "Don't be talking bad about the Girl Scouts! They work just as hard as we do and they look pretty darn good doing it!"

"What?" I shook my head cause he wasn't making any sense.

"So when you wear that uniform, I expect you to look good too! I'm sure your sister is very proud to wear your uniform, even though the other girls will be teasing her a little."

"But..." Nobody ever teased my sister about anything.

"So if she can do it, you can do it," Mr. Cartwright decided. "This is your chance to show the troop what your made of, Timmy! So here's what we're going to do..."

That afternoon, while the rest of the boys finished setting up the camp and prepared some dinner, and generally kept busy having fun in the middle of the woods in the middle of nowhere, Mr. Cartwright was teaching me the finer points of looking like a Girl Scout and I wondered how he happened to know so much about it.

I cried, a little. I complained and whined and pouted and got mad, sad, and bad ... But in the end, Mr. Cartwright won out, as he had to, being the Scout Master and the only adult for a hundred miles in any direction you'd care to look.

"There we go, okay ... Let me see..." Mr. Cartwright was smiling and happy when we were finished.

"Did you have to shave me all over?" I frowned, cause it was weird having the man shave the little bit of peach fuzz I had growing around my dick, you know?

"Oh yes!" Mr. Cartwright nodded. "That's the most important part!"

"I thought you said making my nipples puffy was the most important part!" I blinked at him, thinking maybe Mr. Cartwright didn't know what he was talking about after all. He'd pinched my nipples hard too!

"It is," he chuckled. "You have to realize, Timmy ... Errr, you know, we can't really call you Timmy anymore, can we?"

"What?" I stared at him.

I was standing there in my sister's pink panties, knee high white socks, kind of an olive skirt with pleats that didn't even come halfway down to my knees, and a blouse that was tucked into the skirt and kind of loose, since my sister had breasts and I didn't. My blonde hair was brushed and loose around my collar, my lips painted red, thanks to all the make-up my sister had packed. I even had a little eye shadow, because Mr. Cartwright said it made the blue in my eyes 'pop' ... Whatever that means.

I was wearing black heels too! Why would my sister bring her high heel shoes camping? I mean, they weren't really high heels, only like one inch or something, but still ... She was so retarded sometimes! I wanted to wear my old shoes, but they were soaked and full of mud and Mr. Cartwright said no Girl Scout in her right mind would wear my ugly shoes.

"Well, you sure don't look like a Timmy anymore. Do you?" Mr. Cartwright said gently.

In fact his whole attitude had changed, kinda. Like the more of my sister's clothes I put on, the more Mr. Cartwright was nice to me. I kinda didn't mind that so much. I just wasn't sure why exactly, except probably he was feeling sorry for me, now that he saw me looking like a girl. And I did too, so far as I could tell in my sister's little hand mirror. I looked like her, actually. I mean, I looked a lot like Rita, except her hair was a bit longer and she had real tits.

"I guess not," I frowned some more.

"How about Tammy?" Mr. Cartwright smiled at me and he was standing in front of me, kinda close and squeezing my shoulders.

"Tammy?" I looked up at him.

"Uh-huh," he licked his lips. "That's a nice name, don't you think? It sounds just like your old name."

"Why can't I just be Timmy?" I asked and I was shaking, because I was scared about doing this. Nervous too and those feelings kind of came and went. Now they were back.

"Well, I just think it would be easier, you know." Mr. Cartwright stroked my hair, cause a little bit had gotten in my eyes. "So we'll call you Tammy, alright?"

"I guess," I made a face and looked down.

"You're very pretty, Tammy," Mr. Cartwright said softly and I looked up at him sharply because I'd been called pretty before and it was always like an insult.

"No, I'm not," I told him.

"Yes, you are." He smiled at me, a real one, not a teasing one. "I think you're the prettiest Girl Scout I ever saw, Tammy."

"Really?" I blinked at that and wondered if that wasn't pretty insulting too, even if he meant it like a compliment, which I think he did.

"A beautiful girl, yes you are," Mr. Cartwright swallowed hard and cleared his throat. "Okay, um, well ... Let's go meet the boys, huh?"

"Heh!" I laughed. "I already know the boys, Mr. Cartwright."

"Yeah, but they don't know you, Tammy." Mr. Cartwright's hand slid off my shoulder and down my back, all the way down to my butt and he gave me a little push, except it felt like a squeeze mostly and I frowned over my shoulder at him.

"They're gonna laugh," I decided. "I can't!"

"Yes you can." Mr. Cartwright rubbed my butt like that would make me feel better or something. "Just keep your voice like that too."

"Like what?" I asked and I talked normal, but I had a high voice anyway. I was in the choir at school, you know.

"Like that," Mr. Cartwright sighed. "You're perfect."

"Hmph." I swallowed hard as we stepped out of the tent and at least it had stopped raining, like it had only rained long enough to get me good and wet. Even God didn't like me, it seemed like.

"Troop 69! Gather round boys!" Mr. Cartwright was clapping his hands and I was already blushing hard.

My tummy was doing cartwheels and my heart was going like a racecar, I was so nervous. I figured they'd laugh and then beat me up. They'd call me names, like 'sissy' and 'fag' and probably 'Rita' too, since that was my sister's name and I did look like her now, as I said. This was the most embarrassing thing ever in my whole life and I was ready to run. I was running, practically, except Mr. Cartwright put his hands on my shoulders again, standing behind me as the other eight boys came close, staring at me with wide eyes and open mouths.

They didn't say a word. They didn't even breathe hardly and I could hear some birds singing, that's how quiet it was. I licked my lips, tasting lipstick, which was weird. I'd never kissed a girl, except my mom, and I don't recall tasting that stuff before, but maybe I did. My knees were starting to shake too, just because having eight boys, all fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen years old staring at me wasn't very much fun.

They were all bigger than me too and dressed in their Boy Scout uniforms, which looked kinda nice, actually. I always did like those uniforms and I'd kinda look at some of the guys, like Billy who was really big and strong and handsome too. I mean, that didn't make me a fag, because he was. I just mean he looked good in a Boy Scout uniform, you know and, uh ... I frowned and I looked down at my hands cause my fingernails were red now, like my toenails. Mr. Cartwright had said that was important too, but I didn't know what difference nail polish made.

I was kinda confused.

"Boys, this is Tammy," Mr. Cartwright said. "She's going to be taking Timmy's place for the week. So you guys be nice and mind your manners, understand me?"

Mr. Cartwright must have been giving them one of his hard looks cause the boys all nodded slowly.

"Tammy isn't your mother or your maid either. She didn't come all the way out here to babysit a bunch of little boys, she came so she could be with real men," Mr. Cartwright said seriously and I blinked hard, wondering what all that meant. "Any questions? Yes, Larry?"

"Is, uh, she still gonna be sleeping in the tent with me and Billy, or..." Larry smiled at me.

"That's no fair!" Hugo said, even before Mr. Cartwright could answer. "How come she can't sleep in our tent?"

"Yeah!" Tony, a tall skinny kid nodded. "What about our tent too, Mr. Cartwright?"

"Hold on ... Hold it down now!" Mr. Cartwright was holding up his right hand and keeping his left on my shoulder, giving me a reassuring squeeze.

"She's supposed to sleep with us," Billy said, just to get the last word in.

"Enough!" Mr. Cartwright frowned. "Tammy will sleep with all of you, I promise. I'll keep her things in my tent and she'll sleep with me tonight..."

Larry groaned at that news and Billy frowned, because they figured I was supposed to be staying in their tent anyway, except they hadn't been nearly so happy about that before. In fact, those two boys had complained long and loud about being stuck with Timmy, but now that I was Tammy they were pretty eager to share their tent. I didn't know if I was supposed to be happy or mad about that, so I just stood there, kind of looking at them, but kind of not too, because those boys were all staring at me. I felt kinda naked and it was weird.

" ... Tomorrow night she'll be in Billy's tent, yes, with you too, Larry. The next night with me again, then with Hugo, Ray, and Sam..."

"Then with you again?" Ray asked and he pushed his big black glasses up his nose. Everybody called him four eyes.

"Right, then with me and the next night with Todd, Mike, and Steve," Mr. Cartwright agreed. "The last night she'll sleep with me again. Okay? So everybody's gonna get a turn to sleep with Tammy."

"But you get to sleep with her three times!" Steve pointed out and everybody figured he was gonna be a lawyer when he grew up. "That's not fair!"

"It is fair, because if I wanted, Tammy could sleep with me every night," Mr. Cartwright told the boy and that shut him up quick! "I want you guys to become men though and this is may be the only chance some of you will ever get."

"Become men!" Todd giggled and he was the one Mr. Cartwright was looking at because Todd was sorta funny looking, pimply and buck toothed and he had an awful haircut. I thought he cut his own hair, probably.

"Any other questions?" Mr. Cartwright looked around. "Just remember, if there's any trouble, any nonsense whatsoever..."

The boys all nodded seriously and our little meeting was done.

If I thought it was strange looking like a girl, that wasn't anything compared to be treated like a girl, let me tell you. None of the boys gave me a hard time, not like they usually did. Most of them were really nice to me, especially the older boys. Billy and Sam, who were both seventeen, they started talking to me right away.

"You look really nice, Tammy," Billy told me and we were sitting on a log, sitting on a dry piece of canvas that Sam had found.

"Thank you," I smiled at him and mostly I was just glad they weren't beating me up or anything.

"I had no idea you were so beautiful," Sam said and I was sitting between them, so I turned my head and smiled at him too.

"I'm not!" I laughed and I didn't know why I was acting like that, being beautiful should have been even worse than being pretty.

"Yeah you are," Billy sighed and I felt his hand on my back, just moving up and down slowly.

He was smiling too and like the most handsome boy I ever saw. I pretty much used to wish I looked like him, sort of rugged handsome instead of being a pretty boy like I was. Nobody teased a handsome boy. I'd kinda forgotten about the wishing to be him part though, just because looking at his soft brown eyes made me forget a lot of stuff all of a sudden.

"I'm sorry about all the mean stuff I said to you before," Sam said softly and his hand was on my leg, like my bare leg because my skirt went a little high when I sat down.

I swallowed hard, looking at his fingers as they just stroked my thigh, which was really soft now, like creamy and white because I'd used some of my sister's lotion. Mr. Cartwright thought that might be a good idea, like it would keep the mosquitoes from biting me or something. I didn't know about that, but it sure made my skin soft, that was for sure.

"Hey Tammy!" Mike was there all of a sudden with a plate full of food for me. "I brought you some dinner."

"Oh!" I blinked at him and he was smiling and a little pink in the face, holding it out for me.

"I brought her some dinner!" Hugo was there with another plate and he frowned at Mike and Mike frowned at him and suddenly I had two plates in front of me.

"I brought you a soda, Tammy," Ray said. "Um, I didn't know what kind you like so..."

I giggled because the boy was holding like four different cans of pop in his hands, offering me all of them and almost dropping a root beer.

"She probably wants a diet soda, stupid." Steve was there too, holding a diet Pepsi in his hand, because that was the only kind Ray hadn't brought.

"Who you calling stupid, stupid?" Ray frowned and then all the boys were arguing, even Billy and Sam because Billy was sorta holding my shoulder now, with his arm around me and trying to pull me close to him, but Sam kinda had a hold of me around the waist, and he wanted me to sit closer to him and...

"The hell's going on here?" Mr. Cartwright yelled and that shut everybody up.

"He started it," Ray looked at Steve.

"Shut-up," Steve muttered and Mr. Cartwright was giving all of the boys a dirty look and they were kinda in trouble, I thought.

"Maybe I oughta put you boys to work moving holes," Mr. Cartwright growled. "Work some of that steam out of your blood! You act like you never saw a pretty girl before! Come on, let's get some shovels and..."

The boys groaned collectively and started apologizing, but we all knew that when Mr. Cartwright got in a mood for moving holes, there was some digging to be done. He'd been in the Marine Corps and he loved dirt, or so he said.

"Mr. Cartwright..." I swallowed hard and stood up slowly, " ... It was um, my fault."

"Your fault?" The man looked at me and then he grinned.

"Yes sir." I looked down and I was turning pretty red about then. "I was sitting with Billy and Sam and..."

"And flirting, huh?" Mr. Cartwright suggested and I didn't think I was, I mean, no, of course I wasn't, but I didn't want to see the boys in trouble just for trying to be nice to me either so...

"Uh, yeah ... Yes sir," I nodded slowly. "I was, um ... Flirting."

"Heh!" Mr. Cartwright chuckled and I guess that was what he wanted to hear, so I could take a little humiliation, I supposed.

"I'm really sorry," I looked up at him, sort of blinking hard.

"Well, I suppose a pretty girl like you just can't help it," Mr. Cartwright nodded and he looked around at all the boys. "From now on, Tammy will pick who she wants to bring her food, or drinks, or sit with. No more of this running around like a bunch of chickens!"

"Yes sir..." the boys all agreed slowly.

"I can get my own..." I started protesting, but that fell on deaf ears.

"Can I get you some dinner, Tammy?" Mike asked and I nodded with a giggle, since he already had a plate and he had been first anyway, sorta.

"Can I get you a soda, Tammy?" Ray asked and I nodded.

"A Coke is good," I smiled and he gave it to me.

"Can I get you breakfast tomorrow, Tammy?" Ray asked.

"Can I get your lunch tomorrow?" Larry wondered and this was even worse than before!

I couldn't keep track of who was bringing me what when and I'm sure some of the boys got left out, some of the shy ones who were mostly watching. It was kind of crazy and I wondered if all girls everywhere had to put up with this stuff or it was just me cause I was alone in the woods with eight Boy Scouts bent on spoiling me. Either way, I was seriously liking the attention and I was even kind of forgetting I wasn't supposed to like being a girl.

It was a lot better being Tammy than it had been being Timmy! Nobody said a single bad word to me all that afternoon or evening. Not one! Nobody pushed me or called me names or told me how dumb I was cause I didn't know how to pitch a tent or start a fire or open a can of beans with a stick or something. They were all just really, really nice!

This was turning out to be the most fun I ever had, especially when it was like every boy I talked to just wanted to know about me! Like what music I listened to, what books I liked to read. They asked me about my pet hamster, Kablooey, and if I had to go to the bathroom, a couple boys always went with me into the bushes to watch for bears they said, but not like looking at me, they always turned around and whistled and hummed, and I wasn't ever alone or lonely at all.

We roasted some marshmallows later, and made s'mores, and I ate a bunch! Too much, cause every boy there had to make me one and they had to make them perfect too, like I was supposed to pick who made the best s'more of all. I was giggling and laughing and smiling and I said Todd made the best one, even though he hadn't. I picked him just because he was so shy and sweet, even if he was funny looking. He looked at me like I was a goddess after I picked him and I felt really hot all over.

=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=

"You're smiling," Mr. Cartwright grinned at me and we were in his tent, which was kind of a big one just for him by himself, but I was there too, so...

"God! This is so much fun!" I laughed and I almost said that this was how I always figured the Boy Scouts should be, but it hadn't been until now. Maybe he wouldn't like hearing that though.

"The boys are having fun too," he nodded and we could hear their muffled voices and laughter, although I couldn't really tell what they were talking about. Probably me, I figured, and that was okay.

"Yeah," I agreed. "They were really nice tonight. Um ... Where's my sleeping bag?"

"Oh, I have a big one," Mr. Cartwright smiled. "It's made for two people, see? Why don't you change your clothes and get in."

"We're gonna sleep ... Together?" I blinked at him and he was sitting on the floor of the tent, wearing some flannel pajama bottoms it looked like, but that was all.

"Well, sure," he nodded. "Share some body heat, it'll be nice."

"Oh." I licked my lips and felt my tummy roll a little, you know, get tight and turn over.

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