Runaway Monkey

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Skilled seducer forced to accept a strange wager.

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If a young man had done exactly the same thing as Melissa did in her younger days, he had been envied, admired and regarded as a popular jolly good fellow among his many friends. Everybody had regarded him as doing exactly the right thing when he collected his large number of experiences before he met "Miss Right" so he could remain faithful to her because he had learnt that "grass wasn't greener" behind the fence.

But Melissa wasn't a young man. She was a young woman and when she had done almost the same things, which had given many advantages to a young man, her lifestyle had gotten a quite different opinion from the people around her; they simply regarded her as a "shameless slut."

Though nobody could deny that she did a good job at the local manufacturing company's office and never made any attempts to get on at any of her male fellow workers, most of them avoided her because of her reputation. Melissa was a clever young woman and dared to say everything she wanted to say to whoever it might be and she didn't care who was listening. Of course, several of the pussy hounds at the office had made their clumsy attempts to get what they thought was an easy fuck. A few of them had problems with understanding that her polite "no, thanks" really meant "NO" and got rude in their further attempts. When she had recorded and collected three such attempts on tape she had taken it to her union, which had immediately taken action. One man got fired and two got serious warnings.

Of course, I didn't know anything about Melissa, her reputation or experiences at the office when I settled down in that Scandinavian town after I had gotten a job at the same company's marketing department.

During the lunchtime of my first day at the new job I was delayed for a few minutes with a phone call and got to the restaurant later than my fellow workers. Once inside, I noted that there were not any free seats left at the table where they were sitting.

Instead I saw a rather handsome girl sitting alone at a table for four, went there, asked if the seat opposite her was free and sat down when she said yes.

After a while I told her that it was my first day at the job and I didn't know if her friends used to have the other seats. To my surprise she replied, "I don't have any friends here."

"Neither have I, so we are in the same boat then. You too new here?"


I understood that it wasn't right time for further personal questions so I said some words about the food instead and offered to get a cup of coffee for her when I got one for me. She accepted. After some pleasant small talk we parted.

Back at work, some of my fellow workers gave me funny smiles until one of them told me, "Not bad, your first day here and you've already found the worst slut in the office. Be careful and watch your mouth so you don't get fired for harassing her."

"Thank for the tips."

Nothing more was said on that subject.

The next day I found her alone again and sat down at her table again and said, "Hi again."

She replied, "Hi."

After a long silence I said, "My name is Jerry Strandell and I'm working with marketing. I'm new in this town too."

"I'm Melissa Ericsson and working with salaries. I suppose you already know my reputation and all the rumors about me."

"No, not much and why should I care? I enjoyed our small talk yesterday and would like to continue it if you don't mind."

She didn't and I began to look forward to our lunch times with her.

After a few days I told her my reason for having left my hometown for this job. I had a good marketing job at a local company, which was bought by a multinational company. Their only interest was the patents and parts of the production. The main office took over all other matters and, together with many others, I got fired.

Then I asked her if she wanted to go with me to a soccer match in the evening and to my great pleasure she accepted.

After the match she told me that she would invite me for coffee at her place if I accepted that there would be no expectations of sex. I accepted and went with her to her nice two-room apartment, where we got involved in pleasant small talk.

Melissa asked me if I had a girlfriend or wife back in my hometown. I told her the cruel truth that I used live together with a pretty girl for two years and had serious plans for a family when she won two flight tickets and two holiday weeks at a five star hotel at Mauritius and, when I wasn't included in her plans for that great holiday, I dumped her.

Melissa got a very strange expression in her face and asked, "Dumped her for that?"

I understood that it sounded weird and continued, "Yes, because she had no intentions about saying anything to me about it. A sport club in our county capital held the travel lottery and she had bought her ticket while she was shopping there. An old friend of mine who was a board member of the club rang me and asked me if I knew the woman from our town that had won the Mauritius trip. I got a pleasant surprise when he told her name because my girlfriend was the only one with that unusual name in our town. I thought her silence was because she wanted to give me the good news as a birthday gift. But guess how wrong I was."

Melissa had no comments so I continued, "My friend called me again and told me that now my girlfriend had been to the travel agency with her lottery ticket and booked her travel tickets to Mauritius. One for herself and one for a woman who's name I recognized as her divorced sister, living in a town 600 kilometers from us. There went my romantic holiday."

"Sounds weird." Melissa said.

I continued, "I continued planning for my birthday without involving my girlfriend in any of my plans. Then the shit hit the fan one week before the birthday when she asked 'What do you want for a birthday gift?' and I replied to her, 'A nice vacation in the southern sun would be great'. She got purple red in her face and replied, 'Do you really think I can afford that? If you been kinder to my sister, you could maybe have been invited to spend two weeks with her at Mauritius because she has won two tickets. If she asks me, do you mind that I'm going with her?'"

Melissa's simple comment was, "What a lie! What did you say?"

I said, "To be honest, I would never spend any vacation trip either with your sloppy sister or you or care a shit about who is going with you to Mauritius. The only gift I want from you is that you'll pack your things and get your lying ass out of my apartment as soon as possible. I know everything about what you have won at your damn lottery and who is going with you to Mauritius. One thing is for sure; I'm not included in your plans and you're not in my plans for the future."

"What did she say?"

"Not much. There was a lot of crying, the usual crap about how sorry she was and that it was her sister who demanded to go with her to Mauritius instead of me and she would go to the travel agent the next morning and get the ticket changed to me instead of her sister. I told her that I would never go anywhere with her and didn't give a shit who she took with her to Mauritius. It was her lottery ticket and she had all rights to do whatever she wanted to do with it."

"You don't like her sister, do you?"

"No, she has been to Africa before, a charter trip to Gambia together with a fellow worker. They came back with memorable souvenirs for their husbands; a penicillin resistant gonorrhea, which cost the marriage for both of them. That was the main reason why her sister left town after her divorce."

Melissa looked at me for a while before she asked, "I know that there are a lot of rumors about me. Do you want to hear the true story direct from me?"


"I had no regular boyfriend during my late teenage and the following years mostly because I usually got all the boys I wanted. Many of them already had girlfriends. It turned to some kind of game where the challenge to get whom I wanted got more important than the sex with the boys. Of course I knew that I began to be regarded as a shameless slut and had a desire to get rid of that reputation."

I had no comments so she continued, "Therefore I was both proud and happy when one of the most wanted young handsome single men began to romantically court me with a lot of roses, romantic dinners, expensive gifts and everything like that. Within no time I was in real love with him and moved in with him in his nice house."

Melissa continued, "Everything was perfect in the beginning, the sex was good and we had good times together. Then he began to talk about his erection problems with decreasing interest in sex and that a therapist of some kind had advised him to try swinging a few times, which would give the necessary spark. Of course, I refused at first but after some serious talk and much begging he persuaded me to give it a try. The main reason for me was that I didn't want to give up my good life."

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