Déjà Vu

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Oral Sex, Squirting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: The strangest things keeps happening over and over again.

I ran and owned a small little convenience store/gas station at the mouth of Mystery canyon. In addition to that, I also ran a tow truck service, which had proved to be even more lucrative than the store. I don't know how many times I pulled four-wheel drive vehicles out of places their owners had no business even being in. Once again, expensive for them, lucrative for me.

One of the nice perks of living and working where I did was in having a small, but nice looking cabin about two and a half miles further up the canyon. It was secluded, tucked well back within the tall pine and fir trees. There was an abundance of wild-life all about, which for me was my favorite brand of TV as I'd very often sit outside on my deck, in the nude, and just relax watching deer, elk, and even a few moose wander onto my property.

As was usually the case I had left the store in the very capable hands of two of my employee's married to one another, though they lived in the city. They didn't mind the nearly hour long commute coming into work either as they appreciated the beauty of the surrounding wilderness almost as much as I did. Especially on the weekends as they would usually just spend the nights there rather than driving back into the city. I had a small added on bedroom which was spaciously furnished built just behind the office and had on some few occasions, especially during really bad weather, stayed there myself rather than making the short drive up to my cabin.

It was a Sunday evening just nearing sunset when I headed out intending to go home. The skies had been darkening most of the afternoon with the threat of what eventually would turn out to be a fairly serious thunderstorm. As I began the short drive up the canyon I was hoping that either Tom or Becky wouldn't call me on the radio informing me that we had some idiot stuck somewhere up on the mountain. The last thing I wanted to do was get stuck out in the pouring rain myself trying to pull him out, though I had done so before. Normally it was well worth the money to do it, but I wasn't in the mood to be doing anything like that this evening. The truth was, I was damn fucking horny and simply wanted to get back to my own place, throw in an X-rated movie, sit back and enjoy myself.

And it wasn't like I was wanting for female companionship either, though at the moment in the mood I was in, I wouldn't have minded that. I was reasonably attractive, or at least I thought so anyway, and had never had much of a problem finding women to sleep with. Unfortunately at the moment, I had just come out of a nearly two yearlong relationship with an attractive woman, which had ended badly. As good-looking as she was, she was still more of a city girl and had recently been pressuring me to sell my cabin and move into the city with her. Something I wasn't about to do. Needless to say, that ended that.

At just thirty-five years of age, I had dark colored hair, which I wore long, usually kept in a ponytail. Part Native American, I had very little hair anywhere else, and preferred it that way. Though I had somewhat of a crooked nose, which had long ago been broken and never set correctly, I'd been told that it actually added character to my face, giving me a somewhat rugged, though still handsome appearance. Because of that, I'd never gone in to have it fixed. It had become part of who I now was. On Friday, it had been because of that perhaps that I had met a fairly young, attractive woman who'd come into the store for a restroom stop and a cup of coffee. As we quite naturally got to chatting, she informed me she was driving up to spend the weekend with friends at their summer lodge as they were spending the week there themselves. Since I pretty much knew everyone who had a cabin up Mystery Canyon, the only really large place was Wolf Lodge which was situated a good hour's drive up nearer the summit. She informed me then that's where she was headed, to spend the weekend partying with friends. The way she was dressed, I could only begin to imagine the kind or type of party she might be going to. Angela, as she told me her name was, introducing myself to her as Ricky Two Streams, was a sexy voluptuous redhead with amazing green eyes, full lips and a figure to go along with them. As we stood their chatting briefly, I found myself having to tear my eyes away from her chest as her boobs were all but pouring out of the halter-top she had on. Not to mention the firm, well-rounded slopes of her ass cheeks that were barely contained within the almost too short pair of shorts she currently was wearing too.

I'd had a hard on the rest of the day, not to mention nearly the entire weekend just thinking about her. Normally, I might not have, but she'd definitely flirted with me, and had even hinted at the possibility of inviting me up to the lodge, joining their party. Unfortunately, I wasn't in my teens or even early twenties, and had a business to run. So I couldn't afford to go gallivanting off, even with Tom and Becky minding the store.

The rain had just started to come down when I left the store heading for home. Thunderstorms, especially as promising as this one had appeared to be, could be very often quite spectacular, as well as dangerous. The reverberations of the echoing thunder up the canyon could be quite deafening, not to mention the dangerous lightning itself. But it was the downpour of rain that could make the roads themselves quite treacherous, and even in the four-wheel truck I was driving, I drove slowly up the canyon keeping an eye out for any wildlife scurrying about in order to find cover. Too many cars had gone off the road in a wet rain, unable to brake in time when deer had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Call it fate, destiny perhaps, or whatever. I was just about a mile away from my cabin, just slowly coming around the bend where I'd now begin a slow gradual climb up the mountain through a series of twisting steep turns on a fairly narrow stretch of paved highway. As I made the bend, my headlights caught what was obviously a car up ahead which had partially left the road, crashing into a nearby tree. Even in the rain it didn't appear to be too serious, thankfully the driver hadn't been going all that fast coming down. But it was obvious they were now stuck, and some damage had been done to the front end of the vehicle though it appeared to have occurred mostly to the front bumper as it was hanging down. What immediately drew my attention however, was that it was the same red little sports car I'd seen Angela pull away from my store in the previous Friday. Now worried, I immediately pulled up in front of her car. I was relieved to see her suddenly step out the moment she saw my headlights, waving frantically towards me. In the pouring rain, she was immediately soaked, only wearing what appeared to be a lightweight windbreaker that wasn't meant to protect her in conditions like this.

"Angela? Are you ok?" I half had to scream out at her because of the howling winds and pouring rain, not to mention the now very frequent peels of thunder and lightning that were also occurring. "Are you hurt?" I then added just reaching her as she all but fell into my arms, a look of relief clearly etched within her face.

"I'm fine, thank you. It's just such a relief to see anyone on the road tonight," she then added. "And my cell phone doesn't work, I can't get any reception in here."

That wasn't a surprise, but finding her had been. I quickly ushered her into the front seat of my truck, wishing now I had actually driven the tow truck, though it was currently parked at my cabin. I did a quick cursory review of her car, realized she would indeed need to be towed out of where she'd gone in, and then have to change what appeared to be a blown out front tire now as well. Not to mention taking off the front bumper temporarily just so she could even drive the car once we'd changed the flat. Cold and shivering though I tossed her a spare blanket I kept in the back, there were but two options. I could either take her back to the store, or take her up to my cabin, which we were actually closer to, not to mention the fact that that's where my tow truck was currently parked. It was a no-brainer, though I found myself suddenly not relishing spending most, if not all the night getting her out and back on her way again. When I told her what my plans were and why, she surprised me.

"If you don't mind ... I'd rather just spend the night if that's ok with you. I don't really feel like trying to drive back down the mountain tonight, even if you do manage to get my car fixed up well enough to be able to do so. I'm cold, tired ... and emotionally exhausted," she informed me. "I'm not sure it would even be safe for me to drive, even if I could," she then added.

Needless to say, I was extremely pleased to hear her say that. Not because she was an attractive looking woman either, even with her hair plastered to her head and face, but because quite frankly, I wasn't looking forward to spending half the night trying to get her out and on her way again.

"No problem, my cabin's just a little further away," I informed her. "We'll get a nice warm fire going, and you can dry out your clothing, get you something to eat and drink if you're hungry."

I didn't mention anything about having only one bed up in a comfy little loft overlooking the main living quarters. I'd already figured I'd be camping out on one of the couches below, later on anyway. Any thoughts I might have entertained of anything else actually happening had been washed away almost the way the road had been. Angela was a frightful sight, and continued to sit there shivering even with the blanket now wrapped warmly about her.

When I said, "We'll get you out of those clothes as soon as we get there," she had thrown me a curious look, and not one that I took as being too thrilled or anxious upon hearing that. I had immediately amended my comment too. "So they can dry, and so that you don't catch a cold or something. I'm sure we'll find you something to wear and to sleep in," I then assured her. Having said that, she suddenly did smile and thank me.

"So much for my evening," I thought to myself. X-rated videos and a nice slow stroke off would have to wait.

I had told her that once we'd reached the cabin, we could then radio back down to the store and have either Tom or Becky forward on any message from her to anyone that might be waiting, or worried in hearing from her. She then told me that no one would be. She lived alone, except for her cat, who another friend was keeping an eye on for her while she was away for the weekend. Attending a local university, though she also worked a part time job, Angela also informed me she had taken a week off for vacation, which had partially included this weekend. She also would not be going back to school again until the fall semester, so for the moment at least, she had no one she really needed to call or inform them of anything.

Minutes later we had reached my cabin, racing inside with the rain still pouring down in what seemed like buckets. Handing Angela a flashlight as well as grabbing one for myself, both of which I kept in a small handy box just outside the front door, I led her inside.

"Wait here, I'll be right back," I assured her. I then dashed back outside towards the side of the house beneath a dry secured overhang where I kept the generator. I hardly ever used it myself, usually getting by with a couple of lanterns and a nice open pit fire in my living room. A natural flu I'd made drawing whatever smoke there might be up through the ceiling, giving the room plenty of light to see by as well as keeping it considerably warm, especially during the winter. In seconds it was running, and we had more than enough light to see by as the interior lights now came on.

She was still waiting for me when I came in, though I noticed she had already removed her wet clothing in the short period of time I'd been outside.

"Where can I hang this?" she asked now wrapped only in the blanket I had given her earlier.

I took them from her and draped them over the small little stone wall that ran half way around the open fire pit separating the main living sitting room from the small little dining room next to it. I soon after got a nice warm fire going as she cozied herself up next to that, attempting to dry her hair though I had immediately given her a couple of fresh towels to do so with.

"Can I fix you something to eat? To drink?" I asked now wanting to get out of my own wet clothing as well.

"Something to drink perhaps," she told me now smiling appreciatively as she sat there. Even though her hair was still wet and mussed, if anything she looked far sexier than the first time I had seen her.

"Juice? Coffee? Water?"

"Actually, do you have anything stronger than that? I could really use a drink."

I had wine, some Port, along with some Brandy, and even some Scotch which I then offered her. She chose the Port, which would have been my choice as well. Pouring us both a glass, I handed her hers, and then slipped upstairs into the loft to remove my own wet clothing, as well as in finding her something to slip into, or at least have to sleep in for later.

It just so happened my ex had left behind a short though comfortably soft warm bathrobe though very little else. I returned with that, wearing a robe myself and carrying what I hoped was one of my cleaner hole free tee shirts that she could perhaps use to sleep in.

I then pointed out the loft to her, told her she could go upstairs to change. She even thought about it for a moment, considering it, and then laughed.

"That seems rather silly under the circumstances," she said a second after that, and then once again surprised me by slipping out of her blanket. Though it was only for the briefest of moments, I saw her entirely naked as she did that before slipping back into the bathrobe I had given her, still leaving the tee-shirt sitting next to her on the couch.

Though she didn't have overly large breasts, they were certainly beautiful. They had what I would call a tear-drop shape look to them, obvious tan lines appearing upon each where the briefest of bikini's had obviously covered her areolas and nipples, though just barely. It was strange to stand there wondering what that might look like as I actually caught myself staring at her bare boobs entirely for a moment as she changed. In addition to that, I had also noticed she was completely bare, clean shaven between the legs, a preference I preferred for myself as well though I had very little hair there anyway.

Only when she had cinched the sash of the robe around her waist did she look up again towards me, catching me off guard, knowing that I'd been standing there staring at her with my mouth open.

"Oh, sorry ... it's just not very often that I find myself fin the company of a beautiful half naked woman," I told her feeling my face reddening.

"Oh? I'd have thought otherwise," she then added once again glancing down at her robe. "Unless of course, there's something you're not telling me."

That caused me to chuckle, and I felt immediately relieved, giving her a brief thumbnail reasoning behind the robe she was wearing.

"Sorry," she said simply at hearing of my recent break up.

"No worries," I said smiling back. "I'm good."

Once again she smiled at that, her eyes rose in question as she again flirted with me, just as she'd done the previous Friday. "Oh really?" she said, and then watched as my face turned an even a darker red than it already was.

"So they say," I teased back flirting with her, though not expecting or really anticipating anything more than that. Once again we both settled down in the fire pit in front of the warm fire sipping our drinks. Outside we could hear the patter of the rain pouring against the roof of the cabin along with the continued thunder and lightning as it actually intensified. About that time I heard the hesitation and stutter of the generator, seconds later the lights dimming briefly throughout the cabin. I saw the worried look in her eyes as it did that. "Not to worry. I actually have the generator on a timer," I told her. "It's currently set to shut itself off after an hour. Generally I don't run it all the time, just when I need additional electrical power for whatever reason. If you'd prefer, I can run out and reset it again."

She looked immediately relieved, but then told me. "No actually, this is fine. Perfect in fact," as the lights just then went out, leaving only the light in the entire cabin now coming from the warm fire we were sitting in front of.

I noticed as she said that, she had reached down untying the sash holding her robe closed. "It's amazing how warm the fire makes it in here isn't it?" she asked. "It's almost too warm in here now."

I didn't have a response to that one. My eyes once again drawn back to her chest as she allowed the robe to fall partially open, once again revealing a goodly portion of both of her magnificent breasts. And once again, she caught me staring at her too.

"I hope this doesn't make you uncomfortable," she said smiling at me, reaching over for her drink, which she'd sat down on the table, and in doing so, clearly revealing one of her breasts as it literally poured out through the opening of her robe. She sat back, her breast still clearly in evidence and made no motion to conceal it again either.

"Uncomfortable? No!" I said hinting at another problem without saying it in so many words. "As long as you're not ... I'm," I almost said it again, though then she did.

"Yes I know ... you told me earlier ... good," she laughed and then looked about the cabin taking it all in. "And I can see why you might be too," she continued. "As beautiful as this place is, I'm sure you've had a bevy of women up here to share it with you."

I saw no point in reminding her that I'd really only had the one girlfriend up until recently. And I didn't consider that as being a "bevy" of women. But I did find myself with an entirely new problem now, and one I hadn't really considered worrying about until now. I'd been horny all day long. I'd also been looking forward to throwing in a movie, getting myself off, and now with Angela's tits all but hanging out in front of me the way that they now were, my cock had risen to full staff even before I had realized it. I'd finally had to re-cross my legs in order to resituate myself, not to mention tugging on, and then pulling over the opening of my own robe to ensure that nothing accidentally poked out. The next problem was, I wasn't about to go anywhere anytime soon either because of it. And then she finished her Port.

"You have any more of this left?" She now asked.

Like an idiot, I'd left the bottle sitting over on the kitchen counter. I thought about telling her to help herself, until she lifted her hand with her empty glass in it towards me. I had no other choice but to stand, though I tried doing so quickly and in such a way that the obvious might not become too readily apparent. Things never do go the way that you plan them however. When I had resituated my own position moments ago, I had managed to scoot over on the L-shaped side of the couch sitting across from her, and in doing so, had sat down on one end of my own sash squishing the end of it between the seats. As I stood, it held just long enough to pull on it. In doing so, my robe opened, not fully, but just enough, freeing my hard exposed cock.

As I stood reaching out for her empty glass with one hand, my cock reached out for something else entirely. And of course, she noticed that immediately too. Even before I knew what was happening, she leaned forward, the warmth of her silky soft mouth suddenly engulfing me as I stood there only inches now away from her.

"Fuck!" I moaned softly, not even realizing I'd spoken. Her giggle only then alerting me to what I'd just said.

"Yeah, that sounds nice too," she said still licking the tip of my prick with her tongue. "Which is one of the reasons I actually left early," she now told me. "No one there I really cared to hook up with," she now added. "Even as horny as I was."

All I could do was stand there and moan, once again groaning pleasurably as she tickled me with her lips, nibbling at the supersensitive flesh on my prick head. Though she once again laughed, forcing me to open my eyes looking down at her.

"Don't laugh," she said looking back up at me. "But ... I've been horny ever since I saw you on Friday, all the way up to the lodge I was actually thinking about you, and wishing that it was you I might actually hook up with, and not someone else."

"God? You two? I said looking down at her, fascinated as she continued to erotically lavish my cock with tickling little flicks of her tongue. "I've been hard as a rock ever since you came into the store," I freely admitted to her. "And in fact ... to be perfectly honest about it, it was my intention to come back here tonight, and jerk off while thinking about you," I actually said seeing the look of amused surprise on her face at my candid admission.

"Glad you didn't," she told me. "That would have been a really sad waste of hard cock," she said as she now stood up, her own robe tumbling away from her body as she did that.

Almost immediately I gathered up both of her beautiful bare breasts within my hands, now standing there thumbing her hard pointed firm nipples as she continued fondling and squeezing my very, very erect cock.

Just as she had done, I did. I let my robe fall away, now standing in front of her just as naked as she was. I slowly lowered myself after that until I was kneeling there in front of her. As I did that, I kissed my way down her voluptuous nude body, pausing briefly to kiss, lick and suckle each one of her breasts. Continuing on, I allowed my tongue to tickle her bare exposed skin, teasing her naval as she now realized where I was now heading. Lifting one leg back up onto the couch, she openly spread herself, me now kneeling fully below her. Before me the beautiful folds of her pink glistening pussy, her lips so swollen and puffy looking as I first took one and then the other into my mouth gently sucking them. Angela's hands now resting on the top of my head, though I almost laughed as with one hand she had grabbed my ponytail, holding onto that almost like reins on a horse as she stood there balancing herself. Her moaning sighs of pleasure told me that whatever I was doing felt good. Her pussy was even wetter now than it had been, small little droplets of her clear lubrication leaking out of her cunt, running down the inside of both legs. I found myself chasing them with my tongue and lips making her quiver with additional arousal.

"Finger me, stick a finger in my pussy too!" She moaned urgently.

Now licking her clit, gently sucking it, I included my index and middle finger, easily sliding in and out of that hot wet passage. If she had been quivering and shuddering before, it was nothing in comparison to the way she was doing now. I could even feel the way she trembled as she continued holding onto my head with one hand, still holding onto my ponytail with the other.

"Oh Rick! Ricky!" She amended hotly, "Fuck me ... please fuck me, feed me your streams!" She said laughing at her own joke, though she was nearly delirious with desire now as she all but collapsed there in front of me. Though tempted to do just that, stand up and spear her with my prick, I was bound and determined to get her off now, like this ... and then later on, fuck her into oblivion.

When she realized I had absolutely no intention of stopping now in order to do that, she seemed to simply melt, giving herself over to the almost too intense stimulation that my fingers were giving her as they teased and caressed her "g" spot, all the while my lips gently sucking on, and flicking her hard swollen clit simultaneously. Seconds later, she was crying out at nearly the top of her lungs when she came.

And boy did she. Not something I was particularly expecting when she did, pleasantly surprised, nearly triggering my own climax when she did.

She'd been juicy enough as it was, perhaps more so than any woman I had ever known or been with. I had never seen little rivers of free-flowing pussy juice the way I had seen leaking out of Angela's pussy, so perhaps I should have had some sort of inkling or warning because of it. But I didn't. For one, I had never been with or known a woman who could squirt before, at least not the way she did. Suddenly, as she cried out, almost screaming, I felt a warm gush of sweet fluid suddenly filling my mouth, and then seconds later bathing my face. I wanted to drown in it, in her. Gulping down as much as I could, as fast as I could, but even then in no way able to stay up with her either as she continued squirting. Finally, forced to come up for air, I did so, my face drenched, her now looking down at me, wild-eyed and lustful, shaking and still bucking against my fingers uncontrollably. At last as she calmed, though her pussy still continued to pump out tiny little spurtings of her pleasure, she collapsed, once again sitting down on the couch as I now stood up joining her.

"God I'm sorry!" She sat blushing embarrassedly. "I soaked you didn't I? I had no idea I would cum quite like that, I really am..."

"No need to be," I said interrupting her. "I loved it! Trust me, I really did. I've never been with or known a woman who could do that, and it was fascinating to me when you did. Your pussy juice is so sweet, so tasty ... and so fucking much of it too!" I then added actually licking my lips, my face still glistening with her moisture. She then leaned over kissing me, pushing me back onto the couch, sliding up and over me almost before I realized that she had.

I worried briefly about protection, but she calmed my fears as though having read my mind simply saying. "I'm safe!" With that, I felt her pussy suddenly wrap itself around my cock, and then with one sudden quick plunge, I was buried to the hilt deeply inside her.

At first we hardly even moved. The sensation of my hard stiff cock so wonderfully enveloped was nearly overwhelming all by itself. Perhaps it was because she had just barely finished even climaxing that I could feel her pussy still pulsating around me, still contracting, squeezing my dick as only then did I begin to ease in and out of her, as she now met me with an equal trust, the two of us slowly increasing the tempo of our coupling.

Not yet having reached warp speed, she looked down at me questioningly and said. "Your couch?"

"Fuck the couch, I'll turn the cushions!"

Seconds later we were traveling through the stars.

At some point I had filled her pussy to overflowing, all of which she moments later emptied back upon me, along with the couch, the cushions and even the floor with the cascade of her own flowing juices. I could have cared less. I was delirious myself with pleasure, feeling her as she again came, squirting even more the second time if that was possible than she had the first, drenching us both in what felt like a warm summer shower beneath the rain. After a time, after we'd recovered, we soon after stumbled upstairs to my loft where we again fucked, where she again soaked the sheets on my bed, and where the two of us soon after fell comfortably asleep in one another's arms anyway.

In the morning as she fixed us both a breakfast of bacon and eggs along with fresh coffee, I radioed down to the store and let Tom and Becky know I'd be in late, and that I had a customer I was in the process of taking care of. Angela looked back over her shoulder, wearing nothing but an old apron I for some reason had had lying about. One of my exes's perhaps, though I didn't recall ever see her wearing it. It looked great on Angela however, and had already given me rise as I looked over scoping out her exposed ass as she stood at the stove. She winked, licking her lips and then gave her own thumb a blowjob as she stood turning the bacon. I then added that it might not be until well into the afternoon before I finally showed up.

I heard Becky laugh in the background, telling me it was about damn fucking time that I had gotten laid again, and that she'd been seriously considering doing it herself just so I'd get back into being in a better mood than I'd been in lately.

I even laughed at Tom as he relayed my message back to her, warning her that Tom or no Tom, if she didn't watch what she was saying, I'd take her up on it.

They then told me to enjoy myself, and not even bother coming in. I didn't. But I had a pretty good idea, that until they heard the bell on the front door, most likely the two of them would be in the back fucking one another's brains out anyway.

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