Pop and Me

by BrotherJohn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Reed Grover finds out his wife is cheating and sues for divorce. Then he gets a chance to do a little cheating himself. Does this make him a hypocrite to continue? Will it all balance out? Life evolves.

This is a story where there is a whole lot of cheating going on. It evolves into a different lifestyle among the players they all can live with. If you don't approve of this sort of story, you don't have to read it. Otherwise, enjoy.

I came out the front door of the office building where I was employed. Glancing across the street to the little park, I saw Pop sitting on a bench nearest the sidewalk. He waved so I knew he had been waiting for me. I cut across, dodging three cars that held workers in a hurry to get home for the day.

"Hi Reed, I thought you might be coming out about now. I wanted to talk to you before I left."

"What do you mean? You leaving for the weekend?"

"No son, I'm leaving for good. I've had a week to get things together and I'm leaving next Wednesday. I just wanted you to know. In fact you are the only one that will know."

"Let's go get a beer and you can tell me all about it." Anyone would think I would be surprised at what my father had just said, but I wasn't really. You see my mother had divorced Pop seven years ago when she thought he had been fooling around on her. He hadn't, but being stubborn, he wouldn't deny what she thought was true. He figured that she would wake up and drop the suit before it became final. I had to plead Pop's case for him with Mom, but she was just as stubborn and the suit went forward. I think they both were shocked when they woke up and found that they were not husband and wife anymore.

Mom bought Pop's half of the house with a trust that her mother had left her. Pop lived in two rooms and Mom had the rest of the house. She kept house and did everything for him that she did when they were married, but he had to pay for the service. Needless to say Pop was bitter about the whole arrangement, but stuck around hoping Mom would relent. Neither one ever dated, Pop wanting to show that he had always been true to her, while Mom felt that Pop should woo and court her like he did when they were first attracted to each other.

I led Pop to a little bar down the block and told the waitress to keep the beer coming until I said quit. We made our way to a secluded booth in the back. The first round on the table I said, "Okay what's changed? You've put up with Mom's stubbornness for a lot of years, why now?"

"Reed, I still love your mother as much as I ever did, but I don't see anything changing in the future. In fact I think she likes the way things are now. I gotta tell you I feel less and less a man as time goes on." Pop ran his fingers through his hair. "I ran into an old sweetheart of mine who was in town the other day. She brought her husband's ashes back to be buried with his family. She was asking if I knew of a person to help drive her home to Montana. She said it was a much more tiring trip than she expected driving here alone."

"Do I know her?"

"No I don't think so and Sybil doesn't know her either for Merriam was gone before I met your mother. After I met her again a week ago, I started thinking, why don't I drive her. I've nothing really to hold me here except you and Emmy."

"What about Mom?"

"I guess I better tell you how Sybil treats me and it isn't just one time, it's every time I pay my housekeeping tab to her. You know the reason she and I got divorced was because she thought I paid a whore for sex. Well since then every month when I give her the money she says, "Here's my little whore monger come to get laid again. Lay the money on the dresser and come here."

Tears were falling from Pop's eyes. "I keep telling her I don't want a whore, I want a wife. Someone to sleep and cuddle with. Sybil just won't give it up. The last three times I could only get it up once. I told her that any good whore would give me head to get me hard again, thinking if she was going to act the part she might as well be treated like one. No way would she go for that. I've decided now that your mother is crazy."

This was a lot more information about my parents then I wanted to know, but I could understand why Pop was ready to leave. I shocked him with, "Can I go with you? I guess it is time to tell you that my marriage is shit, just like yours. Mom may be acting like a whore, but she at least is your faithful whore. I'm in a different situation, as Gracie really is whoring herself out. I found out two years ago by accident. She has been keeping three other guys happy for I don't know how long. Maybe our whole married life. I just don't know."

"How did you find out?"

"I had to go out of town for a two-day meeting. Gracie was changing the sheets on the bed in the morning as I was getting dressed. When I reached my destination, the main speaker was sick and had the meeting called off. I sat around and bullshitted the rest of the panel, but then decided I would come home that same night. Gracie was just going out when I came in and said she had a house to show, but she wouldn't be late. Would I be kind enough to start the washer and run the sheets through?"

I choked up when I thought back. "The thing of it was the sheets she wanted washed were the same ones that she had been putting on the bed that morning. When I inspected them I found that they had several spots of semen on them. There was enough cum juice on them so she must have had one lover two or three times or two or three lovers--maybe more than once."

Pop looked at me with compassion in his eyes. "You didn't confront her?"

"No, I wanted proof and I wanted to know who. The next day I hired a private detective to bug the house with both audio and video. That was two years ago and those little devices are still piling up proof for me. Every time I go out of town for more than two days, I arrange for the detective to come in afterwards and get what is on the camera. He then takes it and adds it to a tape. He has filled more than two ninety-minute tapes with her fucking three of our town's elite. Every segment is preceded by the detective saying when and where he retrieved that particular portion and then dated and time stamped it.

"Emmy is going to be eighteen next week and will be of age on Tuesday. She has seen excerpts of what her mother has been doing. I sat down with her last week and told her that I was divorcing her mother and why. You are aware that Emmy and Gracie have never got along and I have been the parent that has provided the love and support that has been denied Emmy by Gracie. She never would even change Emmy's diapers and always let me know when they needed changing by saying, 'The Brat is all shit again. Clean her up or get someone to do it for you.' That was from the first day she came home. Gracie has no mother's love for Emmy at all."

"Early on I knew that if Emmy was going to amount to anything it was going to be me that did it. When I first started talking about a college fund for Emmy, Gracie said if I wanted the 'Brat' to go to college I could start a fund for her but she wouldn't contribute. I was pissed--so much so that I made Gracie sign a notarized statement that she never would touch the fund for any reason. Right now that fund is in my name as guardian of Emmy and we own it jointly."

Pop could see where I was going with this. "So how much money is in the fund?"

"Five hundred ninety-seven thousand, forty-eight dollars and twenty-two cents. Emmy has done her part to contribute, too. She has always put in a portion of her birthday money, Christmas money and at least a tenth of any money she has earned. Next week my name is coming off the fund and Emmy is going to own it. My lawyer says this is perfectly legal and Gracie can't touch any of it."

"I bet you don't have much money left in your name do you?"

"Not much Pop, but then I don't need much. I do own my car and half the house. As far as liquid assets, I have about fifteen thousand and I have about forty thousand in my 401K account. I've always paid sixty percent of the household expenses so Gracie can't say I've been cheap." I started smiling. "There is another asset if I want to go after it. Gracie has a clause in her firm that there is to be no fraternizing between employees. She's been fucking one of the brokers in the firm. Also the mayor could be sued for alienation of affection and the same with the middle school principal. I just don't know how much of a shit-head I want to be."

"How much have you discussed this with Emmy? She may not want to see her mother humiliated like that if you sue her for adultery, and the others for alienation of affection and fraternization."

"Don't bet on it Pop. She has told me how the principal keeps smirking at her when she runs into him. I have a feeling he is going to get his if Emmy has her way. You know your granddaughter wants to be a lawyer and has been working part-time in Ralph Simmons' law office. She wants to get her feet wet, so-to-speak, before she goes to college to earn her own law degree. If I start the lawsuits and bug out with you, I just might give Emmy my power of attorney and let her run with it."

"How close are you to divorcing Gracie?"

"She gets the papers next week on the day Emmy turns eighteen." I was going to pry into Pop's affairs just a little more. "When are you going to tell me who your lost sweetheart is?"

"I guess it won't do any harm. Her name is Merriam Comstock. She was Merriam Simmons when I knew her. She is Ralph Simmons' sister. She lost her husband to cancer last fall and waited until this spring to bring his ashes home here to the east. I haven't seen her since the ninth grade in school and I haven't told her much about myself. She does know that I am divorced, though.

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