A Peek Into Someone's Diary

by Tabooteller

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Wife writes about what she did that was so bad and what she does about it.

This story was inspired by one titled The Brass Key by Jake60. I thought that was well written and had a couple of good ideas. A couple of us writers were discussing it and even though the ending wasn't the type we usually liked we thought Jake60 did a good job on it and didn't go overboard with it. My story has a completely different ending and is considerably shorter. Which if you have read any of my other stories you will know that the length of The Brass Key is not something I am complaining about.

I have a new editor Celest81. This story is short for me, it has only one chapter.

Dear Diary

It's been a few weeks since I wrote anything in you but I had to tell you that I did something horrible. I still can't say why I did it. It was so bad; it's the worse thing I have ever done in my life.

It started a couple of months ago, well maybe a year ago but that would have been the very beginning. I started spending more time at work with Tony. I have mentioned him before in my entries. I think I said I was overjoyed when he said he wanted to spend time with me outside of work. I liked spending time with him. He is handsome and he liked me. God, I should have taken that as a warning, not rejoiced about it. Anyway; he gave me a flower, a very good back massage, and some of my favorite candy. I felt so good that he knew what my favorite candy is; Harry probably has forgotten. When we first got married, he knew all kinds of things about me. But now he can't even remember my birthday. When I mentioned that he forgot, he gave me the impression that he didn't think it was important anymore, or that his work was more important. I hate to think what will happen when our next anniversary gets here.

Back to Tony, he was always complimenting me-telling me how pretty I look, how well a certain dress fit in with my colors. I started dressing for him. He smiled when I wore that slinky outfit three weeks ago; I think that was my last entry as short as it was. I hadn't had a guy smile like that for me for over a year.

Maybe we were having an emotional affair, even though until Friday night, I wouldn't have said so. I never lied to Harry about it, not counting last Friday; I never snuck off to see Tony or anything like that. Harry just didn't seem to notice or care that I was spending more time with another man than I should have been.

But Friday night was the worst, God; I still can't believe I actually did it. As soon as I got home I cried for an hour. This was one time I'm glad Harry was at work on a Sunday night.

First thing I did wrong was to lie to Harry about where I was going. I told him I had to go out of town for a work sponsored get away. There really was one this weekend so if by chance he asked somebody about it they would tell him there was one. Only a few people go to them so most people he might talk to about it wouldn't know if I went or not.

What gets me now is that I didn't feel guilty when I packed my suitcase, putting in a couple sexy nightgowns. Nor did I feel guilty when Tony drove up to the house as I said bye to my husband. After all, Harry hasn't been taking care of my sexual needs lately and a woman needs something at times.

We drove to a nice spa hotel that had just opened about three hours from town. He checked us in, which wasn't so bad since a lot of unmarried couples go to hotels these days. We went to our room and changed then went out to dinner. The hotel has a very nice restaurant with a sea motif. That includes videos of sea life playing on the walls, as well as a number of different shaped aquariums. I wouldn't mind going there with Harry some time except that my memories of what I did there would ruin my feelings for the place.

We went back to our room and relaxed with a glass of wine, and then we danced to one of my favorite songs. We kissed before the song was over. It didn't even hit me then. We hadn't kissed before, not even when he suggested that we go out of town to this new hotel he had heard of. Of course I had hinted that I could use a break from my husband for a weekend. (I did need one but not one like that).

The short kiss led to longer ones then to passionate open mouth tonsil swapping kisses. I couldn't believe how I wanted his mouth. And from the way he returned my kisses he felt the same way. That turned me on even more. Soon I was out of my top. I don't remember how it happened but I do recall reaching behind me to unsnap my bra. He stared at my breasts with lust and admiration. I knew it wasn't just lust, he really liked me and I could tell he really thought my breasts were special. That's something else Harry used to do but doesn't anymore-tell me how special, how neat, how courageous by breasts were.

He started licking my breasts and sucking on my nipples. That felt so wonderful and he was able to keep it up while we danced. That is something Harry has never done. Of course it might take practice and a certain type of coordination.

I don't know how long we danced but he would switch from kissing me, licking my neck, sucking on my nipples and looking at me with love and lust; something like love anyway. I loved that attention and his licking felt so gooood. I wanted more of it.

He managed to lift the back of my skirt up and slip his hand inside. I could have said something--like stop- because I knew where his hands were going to end up as soon as I felt him lifting my skirt. But I didn't even think about him stopping or how wrong it was. So it was no surprise when his hand slipped under my panties and down my butt cheeks. I was wearing a pair of French cut panties and I'm glad it wasn't my thong. I bought one to show off to Harry but never got around to it since we haven't been romantic lately. I took it with me but made sure I never wore it.

Finally, Tony got both hands down there kneading my butt. That felt good too and that was all I was thinking about at that moment. He pulled me close to him and humped me twice. He groaned the second time and I smiled a dirty smile.

After a while I did something that filled me with shame today. We danced near a chair and I sat down and reached for his waist. After pulling him closer I unzipped his pants and brought out his cock. I looked it over, as I had already pressed my hand against his bulge and knew he was super hard. I even rubbed him until he moaned. After looking him over, as much of him as I could see I ... I licked him then took him into my mouth to suck on him. I smiled when he moaned out the pleasure I was giving him.

After a few moments he stood me up and we slowly danced arm in arm to where the bed was. He laid me down and stood back. He started slowly taking off his clothes. I levered myself up on my arms eagerly watching him, anticipating seeing his naked body for the first time.

God, why didn't I think about Harry? Why didn't my conscience act up??? I knew that was wrong. It didn't even enter my mind the whole time though WHY???

We ended up doing almost everything two people can do together. We had sex ... no we fucked three times. It was good, I think I would feel better if it hadn't been so good but it was. It was like he made love to me except love didn't have much to do with what we did. You might say like an infatuation did but not love. He knew how to pleasure a woman and he did. I haven't had sex like that in ages ... I don't know how long but it's been way too long.

It wasn't until we were almost done that suddenly my conscience woke up. Even while I was on my hands and knees with him thrusting sending both of us to a climax, his third all inside of me and my fifth or seventh, I started feeling bad. I don't know why it acted up at that point. Maybe because I was feeling satisfied, much of my horniness had been taken care of.

As I came hard, I screamed out this time not in pleasure but in frustration and guilt. I had wanted to stop the climax but I was too close and couldn't. He came about a minute later, screaming his pleasure. The first two times, I was filled with satisfaction that I had made him sound like that; this time I was filled with disgust.

We relaxed and settled down next to each other. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to react. I didn't want to cuddle and I don't think I would have even if I was still feeling good about what I had done. So I just laid there. After saying something along the lines of Ôthat was good that he needed it too and that he hadn't had sex for months and nothing like that for years, ' he went to sleep. I felt like crying. I couldn't understand why I let myself do that with him nor why all of a sudden it bothered me.

I finally feel asleep. The next morning I woke up and quickly got dressed before he could do anything. We went to breakfast where I said since we were at a spa hotel I wanted to try out the stuff they had. I was surprised but he agreed saying that we were there on vacation after all, even it was only for two nights. All day long I came up with things to do so I wouldn't be alone with him in the room. Some of it was good. The massage was wonderful and I almost forgot I wasn't there with Harry.

Just before dinner we went swimming. They have two pools, one was right next to the restaurant and was supposed look like a lagoon with rock waterfalls and sand. I don't think it looked that much like a real lagoon though.

After we were done, I decided to take a shower to wash off the chlorine. I should have realized he would join me. I was rinsing off my hair with my face in the water when I heard the door open and someone step in. I know I startled, and for a second I wondered who it was but he said, That's a nice sight. I always loved your backside through your skirts.

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