What Happened on St. Pat's Day

by Tabooteller

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Husband comes home after being overseas for months no wife but a female leprechaun appears suddenly. She is too skinny to be his wife

Writer's Note: This story is a bit late for St. Patrick's day but I thought it still would be good. It is one of my ÒMarriage In Trouble StoriesÓ. For this story I have a new editor, celest81 any credit for editing goes to her excep for the last two paragraphs I made significant changes in both paragraphs after she sent it back to me. Hopefully they are still Ok. This story is in one piece for it is under 9,100 words long. Not sure which catogory this fits in so I placed it in a close one.

Tommy unlocked the front door to the dark house. His wife, Mary, hadn't been expecting him but where was she? Maybe this explained why she hadn't sent that last scheduled E-mail and her terse replies to his E-mail. He pushed the door all the way open and shoved his three suitcases in. Fumbling with one hand he tried to find the light switches to the porch light and the entrance light both located just inside the door.

Once he found and flipped on both lights, he stepped inside and closed the door. He sniffed the air. It was obvious that the heater was still operating but it was also obvious that no one had been here for a while. The air was stale and had an enclosed feeling as he breathed it in.

Part of him wanted to throw one of his suitcases while another part was just sad. He had been gone six months, not the eight it was supposed to have been. With coming home early he hadn't made as much money as he promised Mary he would, but he still had a few hundred in his pocket. That made him nervous because he never had even close to that amount before. He also had more money in his checking account so even with paying for part of the flight back he still had significantly more money than if he had stayed home.

Maybe he should have stayed home instead of going overseas; other couples have survived with very little money. He shook his head, they had tried to work on their problems, as each had promised, via E-mail, text messaging and a few phone calls but toward the end he wondered if they had made any headway.

He had asked his boss if he could leave early and even though his boss had argued with him, he okayed it. His boss, and finally the company he worked for had agreed. His boss understood when he explained it was a family emergency, something to do with his wife he had stated. It seemed to pacify his boss.

So here he was in an empty house. Good thing he had eaten during one of the stops along the way. He would be surprised if there was anything in the kitchen. He grabbed two of the suitcases and carried them to the bedroom. After he went to get the third one he looked on her side of the closet. Sure enough some of her clothes were missing, but not as many as he thought would be. Maybe she was on a weekend tryst, or on a more cheerful note, she could be on a weekend jaunt with her girlfriends. But the house felt like it had been empty longer than that.

Before he had left, they hadn't been able to afford cell phones and he thought they might be able to now with the money he had sent her but if she had one, he didn't know the number. That thought made him sad.

Since some of his clothes were clean, he decided to hang those up, there wasn't much else to do besides wait and watch TV, and she was always was after him to hang up his clean stuff.

He flipped the largest suitcase on the bed. As he unzipped the bag, he thought, ÔI know I'm not the best husband but I've been trying to change. I hope she is at a friend's or her parents. Obviously she isn't just out for the evening.'

Tommy turned to hang up a pair of pants when a sixth sense told him to turn around. He spun around almost fast enough to give himself whiplash.

There standing in the doorway was a woman. His mouth dropped open; he hadn't heard anyone come in, and his mind for a second super imposed a picture of his wife over the woman.

He shook his head thinking that he could see why his mind had done that. His wife and this woman were the same height, short and both had red hair, but that was where the resemblance ended. This woman's hair was short, very short, almost like a guy's. Mary always wore hers long enough to be used to cover her face. She had a birth mark on her face she was ashamed of. Tommy didn't mind it, as he repeatedly told her but he thought she didn't believe him. Maybe he said it too often.

His wife wore glasses everywhere, even sometimes when they made love but this woman didn't wear them. This woman was also at least fifty pounds lighter than his wife and was more muscular. This stranger was a little pudgy here and there but she looked strong. Tommy wondered for a moment that with those arms and legs and her hair like that if she was a dyke.

And speaking of her body, this woman was showing a whole lot more of her body than Mary liked to, even in their bedroom. She was wearing a two tone green outfit that showed off her midriff, her arms, and her legs. Those shorts were so tight he wondered how she got them on. He could make out a mound where her pussy would be and as he looked closer he thought he could see the split that turned it into a camel toe. They were very arousing especially since he hadn't had sex for something like six months. That top was also tight and low cut. It easily showed that this woman's bust was slightly smaller than Mary's.

The stranger's face looked sort of like his wife's; neither would ever be beautiful, but narrower. And her eyes were normal looking while his wife's were pudgy. He couldn't understand how they could look both familiar and not familiar at the same time.

Tommy shook his head for he suddenly wanted to see the rest of her breasts very badly. Her top looked like a cute, short overcoat, with tiny brass buckles on top of a blouse of some type.

When a certain thought came to his mind he took a second look at the top and shorts. Yep it looked like a leprechaun outfit, only way sexier than the ones male leprechauns wore. And she had on a cute beret instead of a top hat.

That all took just a couple of seconds to go through his mind as he stared at the woman trying to see if he knew her from somewhere. He didn't think so but something was awfully familiar.

Thinking it sounded foolish he said, ÒWho are you and what are you doing in my house?Ó

She smiled, looking very familiar yet not familiar, and said, ÒAi'm your best dream.Ó

He looked puzzled and she continued, ÒAye, Ai don't have a big pot of gold like my brethren ... Ai just have a wee one that can give ye something special ... if ye want to come and get it.Ó

He looked puzzled again but a second later thought she couldn't be saying what I think she's saying can she?

She must have seen something in his face for she nodded and said ÒAye, Ai have liquid gold for your pleasure.Ó

He swallowed and said, ÒI'm married, you will have to take your Ôgold' elsewhere, but beyond that how did you get in here? I locked the door.Ó

ÒAs me brethren can Ai can go where Ai want and tonight Ai want to be here with ye.Ó

Even with that Irish accent the voice sounded like one he should know. But he was tired: he had to unpack, deal with his wife not being home and now this strange woman.

ÒWell, I don't want you. I don't even know you. You need to leave! I could-should- call the cops.Ó

She looked hurt for half a second when he said ÒI don't want youÓ before recovering and saying.

ÒIt wouldn't do ye any good to call your cops. Ai can get around them.Ó

ÒWhat do you want?Ó

ÒAi told ye. Ai have a pot of gold that needs filling and Ai want ye to fill it.Ó

Looking at the way she was dressed and thinking of her Òpot of goldÓ made his heart beat faster and his hormones go wild. It had been so long without sex.

Gritting his teeth against his sudden desire he ÒI have things to do, I have to unpack and I have to find, ur, I mean I need to--Ó

He stopped as she started walking his way. She had a smile on her face that promised something fun. She moved her body in a way that also suggested she was offering more than words.

As she neared he could smell a nice perfume. A different earthy and flower smell, nice and even more of a turn on.

She said, ÒAi know it's been months since ye had any Ôgold'. Ai can see ye want some of mine. Ai want ye to have some. Ai can give ye relief, Ai know many tricks to give ye relief. Mai brethren can do tricks but they are dirty tricks that bring pain, Ai knaw tricks to bring pleasure. Ó

He paused before answering, god he was starting to pant with desire. No, even if his wife was out with someone, he told himself. Then another thought struck him, How did she know it had been months?

ÒAre you a friend of my wife's? One of her sisters?Ó

If she was one of his wife's sisters, that would explain a lot.

ÒAi told ye who Ai am.Ó

By that time she was close to him. She took one more fast step and placed one open hand on the front of his pants and the other one on arm muscle.

ÒAi like your muscleÓ she squeezed his arm, Òand Ai want to feel your other muscle.Ó

He took both of her hands and pushed them away from his body.

ÒNow cut that out! I told ye, um, you that I am married.Ó

He made sure he stared at her face. He knew if he looked downward he would be able to see down her front, he thought he would be able to see all of her breasts including the nipples. It was battle not to though; for he badly wanted to see just how far down her could see.

ÒAi know ye are married and Ai know ye haven't been with yer wife for months.Ó

He stepped away and walked to the end table where the phone was. He wondered for a second if it still worked.

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