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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, White Male, Oriental Female, First, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Rosa grows up in a strict family but when she is finally on her own she wants something different than what she had before. She is lucky enough to find a place where she can get what she wants. This is the story of her first sexual experience with a guy.

Rosa was a young Filipina girl only 18 years old and still a virgin. This wasn't because she wasn't interested in sex; instead it was because all of the boys her age seemed to be just too timid and unsure of themselves. Rosa wanted her virginity to be taken by an older, more experienced man, one with the confidence to just take what he wanted from her.

Rosa's parents had arrived from the Philippines right before she was born and they were very conservative. They attempted to push this onto their daughter but only outwardly did they succeed. Inside herself Rosa was not the conservative little girl her parents wanted her to be.

When she started high school Rosa soon met Charlotte and from then on the two were inseparable. Charlotte was blonde with very fair skin but very similar in size and height to Rosa. The similarity in size and shape of the two, their different coloration, and the fact they were together almost every possible moment caused them to soon be called the "salt and pepper twins" by their schoolmates. While the two girls each had several other female friends none of the others were as close as they were to each other.

A month into the school year Charlotte invited Rosa to sleep over at her home and this was the first time Rosa had ever done this. She worried a little about asking her parent's for permission but she really liked the idea of spending the night with her friend so she gathered her courage and asked her parents. Rosa's parent's deferred their decision until they called Charlotte's parent's but whatever was said during that conversation must have agreed with her parent's because Rosa was allowed to go spend the night with her friend. Rosa was overjoyed.

The visit to Charlotte's home was a big hit with Rosa right from the very first. Charlotte immediately pulled Rosa up to her room and locked the door. For Rosa a lock on the bedroom door wasn't something she was permitted but Charlotte had access to more privacy. When the lock clicked on the door to Charlotte's room Rosa's face broke into a wide smile. The Filipina girl immediately realized that when she was with her friend she could release her true self without having to fear suppression by her conservative parent's.

As soon as the door to her friend's room locked Rosa took immediate advantage of her new found freedom and started removing her clothes. Charlotte looked at Rosa for a moment, then smiled and began to remove her own clothes. From then on whenever the two girls were alone together they always took off their clothes and went naked. Rosa hated wearing clothes and she reveled in the feeling of freedom nudity gave her.

When both girls were nude together the nickname "salt and pepper twins" was even more apt. The two were the same height and had a similar body build, but the color of their skin, hair and eyes were almost exact opposites. Somehow this made looking at the two of them together an even more pleasant thing to do that looking at each one individually.

For the four years they were in high school together Rosa and Charlotte were virtually inseparable when they were at school and the two girls spent every possible moment together when school was not in session. Everyone soon grew used to seeing the two girls together and Rosa's parents were put at ease by the seeming disinterest both girls seemed to have toward the opposite sex. Whenever she visited Rosa's home Charlotte was always on her best behavior and exhibited none of the relaxed uninhibited behavior she normally carried on with in her own home. Rosa found the quiet seeds of rebellion growing in her heart as she continued to experience the contrasts between her own and her friend's lifestyles. Rosa vowed she would escape from her parent's strict lifestyle as soon as she was eighteen and legally independent.

Highly intelligent and exhibiting an unusual wisdom for a girl her age Rosa realized that in order to become independent she would also have to be financially independent, able to afford her own place to live, no matter how humble it might be. When she was sixteen Rosa found herself a part time job in a clothing store. Rosa was careful to keep her grades in school steady after she started working which allayed any concerns her parents might have had about her job. Telling her parent's she was saving her money for college, a half truth, Rosa quietly salted away the funds she would need when the time came to declare her independence.

Rosa's mother ensured the clothes her daughter wore concealed most of the young girl's burgeoning beauty. In addition Rosa's mother regaled her daughter with exaggerated tales of how exposing her body would incite men to attack and rape her. Unknown to the mother however, the tales of rapacious male lust she told her daughter were actually having the opposite effect to what she was intending. In reality Rosa found the tales of rape and sexual assault upon exposed beauty very exciting, though she wisely completely hid this from her mother. Without realizing it Rosa's mother had found the subject best suited to exciting her daughter's budding sexuality.

Rosa's mother admonished her about keeping her body covered very frequently and every time there was an accompanying tale of how failure to do so would draw violently lustful attention from males. Except, of course, it was exactly the type of sexual attention that excited Rosa the most, though she had so far avoided actually experiencing it in reality. But her mother's frequent tales were beginning to influence what Rosa wanted for her life after she gained her independence from her parents. Soon Rosa's sexual fantasies were filled with images of her appearing nude in front of an attractive male, who then proceeded to have his way with her in any way he wanted. While keeping these thoughts carefully concealed from her mother Rosa soon decided it was something she actually wanted to experience as soon as possible after she became independent.

Rosa did however tell her friend Charlotte about her fantasies which excited her friend almost as much as it did herself. Soon during the many sleepovers Rosa had at Charlotte's house the two girls would role-play Rosa's fantasies, with Rosa always playing the role of the helpless victim. During these sessions Rosa allowed her friend to do anything she wanted to do to her, except break her hymen. This Rosa wanted to save for her future real male partner once she was free from her parents. The idea of being forced to helplessly accept a male penis into her virgin pussy excited the young Filipina girl no end. This horny excitement was only partially satisfied by the sexual relationship she now participated in fully with her friend Charlotte.

During the latter part of her senior year in high school Rosa began to make pans in earnest for her escape from her parent's repressive control. Upon graduating from high school Rosa planned to begin working full time at the clothing store while going to school part time at a local university. Assuming she would be able to find some sort of inexpensive housing this plan would allow Rosa to live completely independent of her strict parents, able to ride out any disapproval they might have of her choices in life.

After graduating from high school Rosa began working full time at the clothing store and preparing for her rapidly approaching eighteenth birthday. As the day of her independence approached Rosa began searching for a place where she could afford to live as well as something offering potential to satisfy her pent up sexual needs. After looking at the options available Rosa settled upon finding herself a room in a house with a male roommate. This seemed to be an environment which would allow Rosa to incite the sexual attacks she craved, especially if she would find an attractive and interesting roommate.

Rosa was careful to only work on her search for a new home during those times she was visiting Charlotte, leaving her parents none the wiser about her plans. Charlotte soon expressed an interest in joining her friend in her new home once she found it and Rosa immediately accepted this idea. Rosa promised Charlotte that as soon as she moved to her new place and received her initial experience Charlotte could move in with her. As her birthday approached Rosa increased her efforts to find the right place to live.

I bought the house as soon as the sale of my business to a larger competitor closed. I made enough from the sale to live comfortably for the rest of my life just from the interest and I wanted a house appropriate to my new circumstances. The place set me back three and a half million and had seven bedrooms on two floors. It was only after I moved in that I realized that perhaps the house was bigger than I really needed since I was the only one living in it.

Cleaning and gardening were soon solved by hiring people to come in weekly to clean the house and do all of the yard work. But living in that big house all by myself quickly became a lonely experience and I soon decided to take on a room mate to help liven things up at home. With several community colleges and a university in town it shouldn't be hard to find a pretty student girl who needed a place to live. I didn't need the money but it was too quiet in the house and if the first tenant worked out perhaps I would eventually bring in several more.

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