Suspicion and Paranoia

by Agena

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Desc: Drama Story: My paranoia caught her cheating.

I want to thank crisscross2037 for her assistance in writing this story. Her inputs were invaluable.

I'll admit it, I'm just as addicted to cheating wife stories as the rest of you so it comes as no surprise that I sometimes apply my demented paranoia to my own wife and her activities. I'll bet you do the same even if you've been married awhile as I have. We all know there are times in both the husband and wife's married life that they entertain thoughts about trying someone else for sex. I mean its just natural. The thing is that more and more of us are trying it and its making the PIs and Radio Shack rich and I guess I'm no exception as far as electronic gadgets are concerned. I've got a box of stuff in the basement that I keep on hand and use it once in awhile just to keep an eye on what my wife is doing when I'm not around. After 22 years I hadn't picked up on anything suspicious but I still did random checks just to verify her fidelity. It was two weeks ago I picked up something on our hard-line phone that told me our marriage was in trouble. She was talking to her best friend, Joyce:

"Hi, what's going on today?" I heard Joyce ask.

"Just the usual, laundry, vacuuming and then I have a showing this afternoon."

I should explain my wife works part time in a realtor's office and Joyce is a friend from the real estate office where she works. Joyce is about ten years younger than Linda.

"How did it go last night?"

"Great!" I heard my wife respond enthusiastically.

She'd gone to a Tupperware party the night before. Anyway, that's what she'd told me.

"Was he good?"

HE? Were there guys selling Tupperware now? Was the economy that bad?

"Hmmm!! It was everything I was hoping for."

"I told you how great a little loving on the side will spice up you life.Are you going to do it again?"

What the hell??!!

"I think so. Actually, I'm pretty sure we will. He asked me to call when we could get together again."

"When is that going to be?"

This was becoming bad, real bad...

"Jim is out of town on business next week. I think I'll set something up with him for then."

Now I wasn't just concerned, I was getting mad. I'm Jim.

"What if Jim finds out?"

"I don't want to think about that, but I just hope he doesn't."

"Well, watch yourself girl. If my Bill ever finds out about my little affair I'd be out the door pretty quick."

"Jim knows I love him and he loves me so I would hope he'd be a little compassionate and forgive me for a little indiscretion. After all, we've been married over 22 years and I'm sure he won't want to lose me now. He hasn't been able to get hard for three months and I just needed a good romp with a hard cock for a change. Jim's tongue is nice but its not filling if you know what I mean."

A little indiscretion, SHIT!! While they were talking my breathing was increasing and I could feel my blood pressure starting to soar. I could feel a rage building inside me as they continued to talk. She knew that I was working with a specialist to overcome my impotency. I'll admit her body didn't excite me anymore then mine probably did to her, and that didn't help. The sagging belly, the stretch marks and the sagging boobs didn't do it for me now. Two kids and age will do that for a woman. I could recall that when we first got married she had a real hot body and I couldn't get enough of her, but now it didn't turn me on. It was no excuse though dammit. She's supposed to be faithful and wait until I was back ready for action again or at least talk to me about it. I tried not to think about it but the thought came anyway that her body is the result of giving me two wonderful kids and I should feel grateful to her, but her infidelity drove the thought away. Besides, didn't the stories tell me that I should dump her ass.

I listened some more to the recorder as they continued their conversation.

"I know what you mean. The secret to keep your husband from finding out though is to keep everything normal between you and make sure you cover your tracks." Joyce told her. "If you think he's beginning to suspect stop any further activity outside your marriage and be his sweet, loving wife for awhile. Its worked for me for the last five years and I plan to continue till I'm too old for that kind of loving."

So Joyce was the one to get Linda, my wife, started on this. I'm sure her husband, Bill, will be interested in hearing this recording. Bill traveled a lot for his job and that gave Joyce a lot of time to play around I guess. I wondered if Bill read any of those cheating wife stories.

Linda was saying, "I was a little nervous when I got home after doing it but Jim didn't seem to notice. Your right though, I have to act normal at all times. I don't want to do anything to make him suspect something is going on. Anyway, I've got to go now and get some work done before the showing. My ever loving husband is taking me out to dinner tonight to celebrate a promotion he just got so I need to get moving."

"OK, keep me posted on your new love life and remember what I told you."

"I will, bye."

The call had been made a couple of days ago. I remember going out for our celebration dinner then. I just didn't know what all we'd been celebrating. She'd obviously been celebrating making me a cuckold.

Our kids are gone and we live in our "empty nest" supposedly enjoying our freedom without the responsibilities of parenthood. I'd been in love with Linda for close to twenty five years and we'd suffered through childbirth, raising kids, financial difficulties and the stresses associated with those issues. I'd never been unfaithful to her and I didn't think she'd been unfaithful to me before this.

I knew I wasn't any great Lothario. Hell, I was way overweight at 240 pounds for my 5' 8" frame, balding, out of shape and at 46 not the same guy I was when I got married at 24 by a long shot. I was taking pills for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Hell, let's face it; I was a fat, ugly slob and no woman in her right mind would find me attractive.

The specialist that was treating my impotency told me that losing weight and toning up my body would go a long way toward solving my problem and restoring some virility. Unbeknown to Linda, I'd started to go to a gym an hour a day and had started on a mild exercise program. I worked as a property assessor so I had time in my day to get in the exercise as I worked on a commission basis. I'd also started to reduce my food portion size and initiated a better selection of foods. I had wanted to surprise Linda with a new me but maybe the new me wouldn't be for Linda. I was certain I would continue the program no matter what happened in my marriage. My next wife might benefit from my efforts.

The specialist had also suggested that rather than trying to lose a lot of weight in crash diet that I should just try to lose just a couple of pounds or so a week. Doing that, he told me, would allow me to establish new eating habits that I could follow the rest of my life and there would be less chance to 'fall of the wagon' later. He told me that too many people went into a crash diet and lost a lot of weight in a hurry but they soon returned to their old eating habits and put the weight back on again. So I was going at it slowly, but had lost about five pounds so far in the last two weeks that wasn't noticeable yet. My initial goal was to lose fifty pounds and it would take about six months to do it. I figured it would probably be another month before my efforts started to be noticeable, but now I had my doubts that Linda would realize the benefits of my efforts. Maybe she didn't care anymore.

The specialist and I had discussed my taking Viagra or a similar medication to overcome my impotency but he wanted to try to assess the results of weight lose and exercise first before resorting to medication. With my weight, age and lack of condition he thought it might put too much strain on my heart.

What to do now? She has obviously cuckolded me and plans to do it again so a confrontation is in order. How? Where? When? I must decide. Should I read a few stories with a similar situation and see how they handled it? Some of my favorite authors usually took a middle road approach depending how flagrant the cheating was. Maybe I should look at a similar approach. Of course there are those that go for a 'kick to the curb' approach for the smallest infraction of the marriage vows. I'd better consider what the best approach for me would be.

When I confront her I expect her response will be "It was just sex and I still love you." However, she has disrespected me and our marriage by breaking our wedding vows. A marriage is a contract and she has broken it. Do I consider myself still married? These are issues that are brought up in all the stories I've read and I guess they apply in my case. I have lots of precedence for action based on those stories but what is the best for me? I'd have to play it by ear.

I had the recording that documented her infidelity but I didn't think it would be enough in a divorce case if I wanted to pursue adultery as the cause. Next week I was supposed to go on a trip to a seminar for a couple of days and I knew from her telephone call with Joyce that she was going to get back together with her lover while I was gone. There was no doubt that it might be the perfect time to get the proof I needed but it would be better if she did it in our home where I had access. I would have to trust to luck that she did it there. I thought the chances were good because the cost of motels in our area were pretty high and the back seat of a car wasn't too comfortable.

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