Reaper Script

by David Caspian

Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Horror, Extra Sensory Perception, Vampires, Violent,

Desc: Thriller Story: A sneak preview of the Reaper Script I've been working on.

Scene 1:

(Gregory forces a young couple into dark alley with a gun. He is wearing a gray hoodie and jeans. The couple are wearing a fancy clothes for a night out on the town, as well as warm coats for the cold.)

Gregory: Give me your purse and don't say a word.

Woman: Please just take it.

(The woman hands over her purse, before the mugger shoots the man first. He turns the gun on the woman.)

Woman: Please ... don't...

(The mugger pulls the trigger again, and rushes off)

Scene 2:

(The mugger arrives at his apartment building and takes the stairs up to his room on the third floor. He feels something brush up against him, and looks around to find no one before continuing on. Arriving at his room he opens the door to his apartment and closes it behind him. Once inside he dumps the contents of his haul that night, and starts to sift through them.)

Reaper: Hello Gregory. My, my, that's much more than earlier this morning. Your earnings are improving.

(Pulling the gun out and pointing it at Reaper: who is in the form of a young white male dressed in average street clothes.)

Mugger: Who are you?

Reaper: I am someone you will make famous. Dodging the police will only add to the challenge of the kill, and I am so need of a challenge these days.

Mugger: Get the hell out of here or I'll kill you!

(Reaper laughs coldly.)

Reaper: Oh, I won't be the one dying tonight my friend. You have been a naughty boy Gregory. I can only imagine how sweet you'll taste.

(Mugger fires only to find no one in front of him, instead Reaper is now behind and whispers in his ear.)

Reaper: Did you get him?

Mugger: Aaaah!

(Reaper's hand bursts out of the mugger's stomach, spraying blood all over the carpet. Mugger collapses onto the floor. He tries to crawl away and makes it to the door before he turns around.)

Reaper: (Licks and sucks the blood off of his fingers) Ummm. I was right. You're just as sweet as I imagined.

(The mugger sees Reaper's fangs for the first time.)

Mugger: Oh God!

Reaper: I would think in your position, you might want to not end things on his bad side before you die, just a helpful suggestion.

Mugger: Please don't.

Reaper: Now that sounds familiar. Isn't that what your last victim said before she died?

(Reaper has an amused smirk on his face. His fingernails extend into claws inches from the mugger's face. Reaper uses them to slice open the mugger's throat in one quick movement. The mugger chokes on his own blood before Reaper's eyes. Dipping his fingers in the mugger's blood he writes "Reaper" on the wall. Reaper turns to the mugger's corpse)

Reaper: Thus shall the world come to know me by name, and from my works evildoers everywhere will learn to fear and remember that from me there is no safety.

(Sirens can be heard in the distance and Reaper withdraws.)

Scene 3:

(Detective Ortez enters the crime scene and begins looking around. Police and crime scene photographers are milling around taking pictures and collecting evidence around the room. Ortez moves to the window to look down on the street, and sees the Chief's car pull up, and the Chief and someone else step out.)

Scene 4:

(The Chief pulls in and parks, and he and Graves step out of the vehicle. Heading up the stairs past the news reporters outside, they both walk over to Ortez on the other side of the police tape in the room. )

Ortez: Detective Fernando Ortez. Welcome to our crime scene Mr...

Graves: Graves, just call me your local necromancer.

(Graves turns to the Chief.)

Graves: If the rest of your people have gathered all they need, then I'll need them to leave. Ortez here can remain. I can use him.

Chief: Alright the scene is yours. Tell me if you need anything, and thanks again for getting here so quickly.

(Graves and Chief shake hands.)

Graves: No problem Chief. I'll probably hold you to that.

(He smiles at the Chief, and the Chief smiles back. Chief exits the scene. A quizzical look appears on Ortez's face. He turns to Graves.)

Ortez: I'm sorry, but did you say necromancer?

Graves: This is a supernatural crime detective. You be surprised how normal my abilities are in such a setting.

Ortez: You're serious?

Graves: I'm very serious about what I do Detective Ortez.

Ortez: What am I supposed to call you? Mr. Necromancer, lord of the dead, or something else?

Graves: I have a pretty good sense of humor Fernando, but I don't like someone mocking my profession, especially when you haven't earned the right.

Ortez: It's detective sir.

(Graves looks him right in the eye.)

Graves: And it's Graves to you detective. Now let me make this abundantly clear for you detective: I'm offering you the opportunity to learn things you would normally not have access to. With this new knowledge you can be a credit to your department, and perhaps use it to make yourself invaluable, and rise up through the ranks. If you feel I have nothing to teach you, or you don't want to be involved, then turn around and get the hell out of my crime scene!

(Ortez takes a deep breath calming his anger.)

Ortez: Sorry Mr. Graves. Where would like to start?

(Graves crouches down next to the body, and looks it over.)

Graves: Just call me Graves, and come over here.

(Ortez comes over. Graves passes his hand over the body, but doesn't touch it. A focused look appears on his face.)

Ortez: Could I ask what exactly you are doing? Me being new at all this.

(Graves pauses over the puncture wounds on the body's neck. He offers Ortez his free hand.)

Ortez: What?

Graves: Take my hand and you'll find out.

(Ortez reluctantly takes his hand. After touching Graves' hand, he immediately let's go and jumps back, looking at the body.)

Ortez: What the hell was that?

Graves: What did you see?

(Ortez just stares at the body.)

Graves: Detective Ortez. I want you to take a deep breath and then answer my question: What did you see once you touched my hand?

(Ortez takes a deep breath and looks at Graves.)

Ortez: I saw a person with a large black aura around him, like a shadow. His eyes were the color of pitch black that seemed to go on forever. I saw him kill this man and draw something from him, some kind of red aura that he seemed to draw into himself with the blood.

Graves: What you saw was a Revenant: a vampire that possesses the bodies of the evil dead. I say evil, because that is what they hunt: criminals and those of evil intent. Judging by this man's file, this one was a mugger. Pick pocketing, escalating into armed robbery. Seems the mugger killed two other people before he himself was murdered. I imagine the vampire was watching him and that final act clinched it.

Ortez: Why criminals? They could hunt anyone else.

Graves: Actually they can't. They exist under different rules than most vamps. What will hurt other species, might not hurt them and vice versa. The innocent have a natural protection against them. Have you heard about wards?

Ortez: You mean like a cross?

Graves: Yeah, that'll do. Picture any innocent person with a big freaking cross on them. While crosses don't mean anything by themselves to Revenants, innocence does. If you are a good person, they can't hurt you.

Ortez: Why don't crosses work?

Graves: Revenant inhabit bodies, technically this changes the nature of what can hurt them. Holy water, and crosses don't mean shit. If you do something evil and they've made you, consider yourself screwed, so my advice to you would be to keep your nose clean and stay that way. Morally questionable is one thing, evil is something else. If you have to question it, don't do it.

Ortez: Sounds fair enough. Same concept as heaven and hell, or karma. What else should I know?

Graves: As you can see from the body, they are quite vicious by nature. This one has a particularly sadistic side. Most of them feed and don't take their time at it. This one drew things out before he even laid a finger on the guy. He wanted to feed on the victim's fear first. Not that the mugger didn't have this coming.

Ortez: You mentioned that he watched this guy before he killed him. Is there any significance of that? Can't he tell if you are evil or not?

Graves: He can sense it. The evil in such a person calls to him. Any Revenant could find this mugger blind folded.

Ortez: Then why would he watch him? I'm not doubting your leap of intuition, but in my experience you should question the why. What made you think that this particular Revenant would take the extra time to track him visually?

Graves: It's the impression I get. Most Revenant are opportunists, kinda like sharks. They smell blood in the water and come. This one picks his prey. I can feel that about him.

(Getting up Graves heads towards the police tape at the edge of the crime scene)

Graves: Follow me Detective. We'll come back after I check out this hunch.

(Graves ducks underneath the police tape)

Ortez: What's the rush? The bodies have been moved already.

(Follows him out)

Scene 5:

Graves: Because that means their auras are dissipating. The stronger the presence, the clearer the images and feelings will be. Much of necromancy, at least when it comes to investigation is following hunches because time is of the essence.

(Graves is walking away from the scene in a hurry heads down the stairs to the street, Ortez tries to keep up. Cameras flash and reporters try to talk to them as they pass.)

Scene 6:

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