Helen 6: Security Forces

by Serena Jones

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Learn Helen's method of keeping the office safe and secure. Another in the ongoing Helen stories...

Helen yawned and stretched. Late nights were common just before end-of-month but she wasn't in the mood this week. This week she had hoped to get finish up early enough to catch a certain marketing professional who was in town again but here it was Wednesday night and she wasn't going to meet with him again.

"Knock, Knock." A smooth woman's voice said from the doorway. "Education finally finished their data." The strawberry blond lightly tossed the stack of papers onto Helen's already messy desk.

"Oh good. More paper." Helen sighed. "I don't suppose you have a match?"

The woman laughed and Helen took a good look at her. Olivia James was worth looking at.

She was in that 'just right' range. In her late twenty's so she was old enough without being too old, but young enough without being too young. At 5'3" or so, she was tall enough and she was round enough above and below the waist. Her complexion was faintly rosy match for the faintly rosy undertones of her shoulder-length curls. All in all, Helen would have no complaints about waking up next to Olivia any day of the week.

Olivia smiled at Helen. Helen smiled at Olivia. Olivia was one of the newer staff members that Helen hadn't gotten to know personally but they had been very friendly so far. Helen wondered just how much friendlier they could get.

"You're here a bit later than usual, aren't you?"

Olivia looked a bit embarrassed. "A bit. I was late this morning so I had to get a ride from my roommate. Now I've missed my commuter bus so I have to wait for the next one in an hour or so. Or for my roommate to get off work — which ever happens first."

"Ah. So you get to catch up on your filing."

"Did that yesterday." She shrugged. "I have most of an hour and nothing to do."

"Poor baby." Helen said, not at all sympathetic. "You can sit at my desk, if you like."

"And crunch numbers? No way." She grinned. "I usually keep my game boy in my purse but I plugged it in to recharge yesterday and forgot to grab it this morning."

"That's why I keep my DS in my car." Helen advised sagely. "Actually, it's there now — if you promise to return it."

Olivia crossed her heart. "Promise."

"Come on. I could use a walk." Helen stood up and rounded her desk. "My goodness, that's quite a dress." The fabric was sheer and the slit on the side went up to the curve of Olivia's ass. "I'll bet your boss loves it when you wear this one."

"He's never commented." Olivia said trying to look demure. "And you're one to talk, Miss I-have-enough-cleavage-for-the-whole-department."

Her neckline was a bit low but Helen gave her full bust line a squeeze. "Got to use them for something." The two women laughed as they walked to the elevators. At the lobby level a pair of security guards boarded.

"Good evening, ladies." Said the shorter of them in that sensuous voice that Helen loved so much.

"Good evening Officer Roland." She purred. "Officer Pratt. I didn't know you were on shift tonight."

"We're always looking out for you." Roland said with a brotherly smile.

They were Helen's two favorite members of the building's security detail. Roland was huge, built like the entire center line of the Minnesota Vikings. Pratt looked like a male model. Helen had hopes of getting them in bed as a set but Roland was a hopeless gentleman.

"Going home together for the night?" Pratt asked. His tone was conversational but Helen knew what visions lay behind those smoldering eyes.

"Not yet." She teased him. "Maybe later."

"Well, if you're working later tonight, keep your door locked. There have been some break-ins in the area and, you know, we want to keep you safe." Roland pulled out a note pad. "You're on six, right?"

"Yes." Helen answered quickly. "We'll both be in my office." She looked Olivia. "I can give you a ride home if we miss your roommate. I don't mind."

They got to the game and returned to Helen's office.

Helen sat at her desk again and Olivia sat in one of the guest chairs. After a few minutes, Olivia made a frustrated growl.

"How is this supposed to work?"

"Let's see." Helen came around the desk and leaned over her coworker's shoulder. "You have to clear the screen of all these..." It was too irresistible. Olivia's soft lips were right there and Helen gave in to the urge to kiss them, hoping that she'd read all the signs right.

She must have because Olivia's response - after her initial surprise - was to part her lips slightly and let the tip of her tongue trace Helen's lips.

They kissed for a while and then Helen noticed that a hand was unbuttoning her shirt. She reached out and felt around until she found Olivia's hand - the one still holding the electronic game. She pulled the game from the younger woman and laid it on the edge of the desk. She thought. They both giggled as it fell to the floor with a dull thud but they did not break the kiss. Helen placed Olivia's now free hand on her shirt with its mate and the last few buttons were quickly open.

Olivia presented a bit more of a challenge. It took Helen a few minutes of groping to find the zipper on the back of Olivia's dress. She pulled it and the garment slipped down. It was a bit of a fight to get Olivia to stop fondling Helen's breasts long enough to get the dress off but soon it was pooled around her waist and they were both down to just bras.

Helen broke the kiss long enough to stand Olivia up and the dress slipped to the floor revealing a thong that hid nothing. Helen smiled her approval.

Olivia pursed her lips and tugged the waistband of Helen's skirt. Helen smiled. There were two snaps and when the fabric fell away, there was nothing but bare skin.

"Slut." Olivia teased with a leer.

"Oh absolutely." Helen replied. She stepped closer to Olivia and stroked the woman's sides. When her fingers reached the thong, she hooked it and pulled it down, kneeling to get it past her knees and help her step out of them.

Olivia's shaved pussy was right at eye level. Helen looked up. Olivia was biting her lips in anticipation. Still watching her friend, Helen leaned forward and kissed the lower lips in front of her. Then she stuck out her tongue and licked them. Olivia was quivering but put her hands gently on Helen's shoulders. Helen closed her eyes and began enjoying the sweet pussy in front of her.

Or at least she did until her office door banged shut. "See? I though we told you to lock your door; you never whose going to simply wander in."

Helen nearly jumped through her skin as she turned around. Officer Pratt was standing there, a predatory smile lingering around his lips. He reached back and locked the door. "See? Now it's secure."

"I do see." Helen said, looking at the growing bulge in his uniform. "I don't suppose you want to take a look around? See if there are any other unsecure openings that could use your attention?"

"Yes ma'am." He walked forward, unbuttoning his shirt as he did. "Roland sent me up here to make sure you got everything you needed."

"Did he? Why that dear boy." Helen smiled. "I really will have to thank him for that."

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