It's Good to Be the King

by Pariahsolo

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Coercion, Mind Control, Slavery, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Incest, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Thanks to his parents Jimmy catches a break and finds employment with an accounting firm but while dreaming over a co-worker his steps into a Twilight Zone.

Jimmy couldn't help but stare intensely. Kara was sitting across from his office, the one without a door and closet sized, in a chair with her legs crossed just inside the doorway to Lizzie, the Accounts Payable Clerk's office talking with Lizzie and Ann, both of whom Jimmy could not see, about the latest goings on in their lives.

'Spread your legs', Jimmy thought repeatedly. Kara looked very much like a matronly mother of three who had children ranging from age two to age sixteen at home with her loving husband, 'loving' as she constantly professed he did. Jimmy couldn't help himself. There was something about her that made him want her. Want her fiercely. Her visits to Lizzie's office were the highlights of his day.

Jimmy was eighteen and looked very much like the slacker he was. His clothes was unkempt, his hair long, scraggily, constantly in his eyes and he hated working for BT&W, the accounting firm where his mother had snagged a job for him as an Accounts Clerk. His job was ultra-boring, working in his small office closet in an old, musty building downtown; he transferred all the data from the accounting firm's software to separate computer software that was used by the auditors when making sure the accounting firm was keeping their accounts properly. To Jimmy it was asinine.

When he graduated high school six months past, he thought he was going to live his dream life. Slacking, toking the maryjane, skate boarding, playing consol games and maybe tapping a young hottie or two. His parents had other plans. They were holding out, hoping against hope that Jimmy would come to his senses and go to college and medical school afterwards to become a doctor like the both of them were. When Jimmy balked, they cut him off. Angry with his parents who had it all, Jimmy moved out. He bounced around from one buddy to the next; those who still stayed with their parents he would only spend one night or two before moving on. Eventually he hooked up with Jaime (pronounced Hy-mae) and Abdul; Jimmy thought he was in heaven. All the ganja, girls and playstation games one could ask for and not a job between three of them.

That slice of heaven only lasted for a month before the police stormed the house with teargas and Jimmy found himself in jail facing drug trafficking charges. Of course the first thing he did was call his parents, who hung up on him after hearing him say his name and that he was in jail. The court appointed attorney was a moron and Jimmy found himself quietly sobbing in his jail cot at night because it was readily apparent to him that he was going up the river for a long time. Abdul, the prick had turned states evidence against Jimmy and Jaime for a lighter sentence and Jimmy wanted to kill him because Abdul was the one who had anything to do with drug running. Not Jimmy and not Jaime. When the state appointed attorney came back with what he said was the best he could manage; twelve years with possible parole in seven and half, Jimmy knew he had made some fucked up decisions in his young life.

But something startling happened when a very remorseful Jimmy went before the Honorable Judge Borine for sentencing. Mr. Tendry, that fat prick who was his parent's personal lawyer showed up and asked to talk to the Judge in his Private Chambers. Tendry must have had a lot of sway because not only did the Judge agree, but when Jimmy was brought in, his parents were there sipping tea with the Judge like it was a social gathering.

Jimmy was very hurt and angry with his parents when they hung up on him his first day in jail, but after close to four months, Jimmy was ecstatic to see them. The deal Tendry had to offer was stringent on Jimmy's agreement. Jimmy would go back to live with his parents, submit to a urine test once a week and he would work for a suitable employer to pay off the two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine that the Judge would levy on him in lieu of a sentence of jail time. If Jimmy broke one point of this agreement, the twelve year sentence would be invoked. Jimmy would be on probation until he paid that two hundred and fifty thousand off.

Jimmy immediately hated what he heard. One gilded cage for a not so gilded cage. Jimmy would have a curfew, not allowed to attend parties where drugs, which included alcohol because he was under age, would be served, but he would be free. He would have use of the family car, which was a Lexus, but if he caused trouble at home, then he would be forced to ride the public bus.

Jimmy looked at his parents, wondering how they could do such a thing to their son and all he could see was their disappointment in him. That was enough for Jimmy, he could do this and that would ensure he never saw Carlos again. The County slammer that Jimmy had resided in for the last four months was abysmal but order was kept and no butt raping was allowed. Not so at the State Pen where Jimmy would be sent if he faltered in his probation. Carlos was one of three different cons who had cornered Jimmy to tell him they couldn't wait to get a taste of his tall skinny ass when he moved up to the State Pen. Now Jimmy wasn't going to the State Pen and that was definitely one more positive to being caged at 'home'.

Jimmy wasn't sure how life would be when he got back at home, but he wasn't surprised when his parents were stand-offish; they were never the most loving of parents, work and their interests took a priority while he was raised by nanny's and the maid service. Jimmy had decided that was probably why he hated work. Work at BT&W or as Jimmy thought of the place of his employ, Boring, Tedious and Wanking, was actually very easy. It was almost slacking since his job only really kept him busy about two hours in a day. And it had numerous perks such as the fact that of the sixteen employees who worked in the downtown branch of BT&W, only two were male; Jimmy and Dick the Operations Manager. BT&W was owned by three nameless old fogies who visited the building so infrequently that Jimmy wouldn't know what they looked like if their painted portraits showing all of their drooping wrinkles hadn't been hanging in the entrance hallway. The one time Jimmy mentioned never seeing the owners when they did visit, he was informed that they arrived via their private elevator from the underground parking garage.

Another perk was that they were very lax about the time Jimmy showed up for work and how long he took for lunch. Jimmy had a feeling that if he exploited those perks too much it would get him in trouble so he was careful to only show up for work no more than fifteen minutes late and most lunches he ate at his desk while he goofed off playing Spider Solitaire. His salary was another perk, for the amount of work he wasn't doing; he was earning just over 30G's a year, though he never saw any of it because 100% of his salary was garnished to the State to pay for his legally accrued fees.

Being the token male was another perk since Dick was very much a 'light in his loafers' kind of guy. That brought numerous attentions to Jimmy everyday, only some of which he did not care for. Jimmy was unlike the other male skater slackers that he knew because he was an avowed tit-man. He simply loved big ole' fat titties and not the titless wonders that his fellow skaters preferred. Jimmy had received a lot of grief from his fellow slackers about his body type preference, but Jimmy countered by pointing out that teats, mammary glands where nothing more than bags of fat that stored a mother's milk and snogging the boob-less lean bodies they all applauded wouldn't be much different than lying with a guy. At BT&W, there were plenty of 'big ole' fat titties' for Jimmy to ogle at, they came in all shapes and sizes, from Bonita the receptionist with her mountainous H-cups to Lizzie and her perky, or should he say, 'nipply' A cups that was never constrained by a brassiere.

And then there was Kara; five six, probably thirty pounds over weight (which resided in her hips, belly and of course her momma titties), medium length blonde hair that alternated from being feathered to teased. Jimmy did not know how or why, he just knew he was under her spell and he daydreamed more about her then any one else at BT&W. Even more than Polly, the twenty four year old with her cute face, ultra tight body and her massive tits couldn't compare to Kara. Each day, some times two or more times a day, Jimmy would quit whatever he was doing and just stare at Kara as she gabbed with Lizzie.

The lack of sex due to his parents controlling his time in the family car must have been playing tricks on Jimmy because he found himself one day concentrating sternly with his eyes squinting. 'Spread your legs' was the mantra he repeated in his mind. This was the third time Kara had visited Lizzie that day and the third time Jimmy found himself focusing on Kara spreading her legs so Jimmy could see what was hidden by that moderately short but definitely tight skirt. As Jimmy was saying over and over again his mantra of 'spread your legs', he started imagining what he would see. From her panty outline he knew she wasn't wearing granny panties, nor French cut or thongs; sensible full panties was what Jimmy could determine she wore, but what color? Blue? Pink? Maybe a cream color?

While Jimmy was searching in the further recess of his mind what color panties his co-worker wore, he found something else and he suddenly groaned loudly because his head felt like he had just woofed down an extra large Icee as an extreme feeling of the dreaded 'brain-freeze' overtook him. He felt his eyes roll into the back of his skull and he 'thought' he saw a golden light. In the light he saw Kara, look at him and smile before spreading her legs as wide as she could before going back to her conversation with Lizzie. That image was enough for Jimmy to want to open his eye; the 'brain-freeze' sensation was mounting unbearably as he did so. To his shock, Kara was looking at him, a concerned look on her face that was suddenly replaced by a smile as she spread her legs as wide as her tight skirt would allow and Jimmy could see that they were lavender in color and silk in texture. That was enough for Jimmy who smiled weakly at his long sought after desire before Jimmy felt his eyes roll to the back of his head again as he passed out.

When Jimmy woke, there were five of them packed tightly in his office, with Kara the closest as she was gingerly lifting his head off of his desk his head had slammed into.

"Oh, you poor boy. Are you alright?" This was Ann, the Upstairs Supervisor, Jimmy's immediate boss. She was a very nice woman of 49 who doted daily on her only grandchild and for Jimmy's pleasure, Ann had the shapeliest ass he had ever seen on a woman. Jimmy used to have a friend who after every nice ass he saw would say, "mmm-muh-muhh, I feel a hankerin' for a spankerin'". Jimmy hated that saying, but had to admit, Ann's ass screamed to be spanked.

Jimmy was lost in Kara's eyes, as she coolly looked him over when he heard Dick's voice. "How are you feeling Jimmy? Do you need to go to the hospital?"

That question confused Jimmy. Why would he need to go to the hospital? Yes, he had a killer headache, but that wasn't enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. Looking away from Kara's pretty blues, Jimmy saw Ann squeezed in behind Kara, with Candy and Vickie squeezed on each side of Dick. "No sir. I am fine. It is just a headache." Dick had tried to insist that Jimmy call him Dick and not sir, but Jimmy just couldn't call him Dick without snickering or feeling like he was calling him a bad name.

"Well, Jimmy, you have an abrasion on your forehead from where is slammed down on your stapler. Let's get you a cold compress on it. Stay here and I will go get one from the first aid kit."

An evil thought prevailed in Jimmy's mind; so much for the pain in his head being debilitating Jimmy thought. "Wait, I will come with you. Get some fresh air out away from my stuffy office." Jimmy's closet sized office ranked second in his list of complaints with having to actually work being the foremost complaint.

"That is a good idea." Dick echoed. "Alright girls, fun time is over, back to the grind stone." Candy and Vicky didn't say anything to Phillip, they never did, but Phillip could see the concern on their face as they walked back to their office. Ann filed out after Dick and Jimmy couldn't help grin when she saw her sweet ass sashay away. He really did want to catch up to her and spank that ass. Something soft took Jimmy's mind off of Ann's rear and when Jimmy realized what it was he couldn't help but let out a gasp. That was one of Kara's full scale boobies pushing into his shoulder as he felt her arm wrap around his back.

"Come one big boy; let's get you to the first aid kit." And she guided him out of his office space, never letting her breast detach from him.

The first aid kit was kept in one of the two spare offices in the hallway that ran parallel on the side of the female lavatory. Jimmy spent more time than he cared in those rooms because while they were mainly set aside the auditors to use, the rooms doubled as file closets for the more sensitive documents; documents that Jimmy was responsible for filing. In the past Jimmy had taken a couple of power naps in the back rooms but felt guilty about doing so and didn't plan to do it again. Once in the room with the first aid kit, Kara sat Jimmy down in the desk chair before closing the inward opening door to reach the first aid kit that was stored on the shelf behind the doorway.

Jimmy couldn't help himself and looked lustily after his guardian angel. As she bent over to look again at his bruised forehead Jimmy was disappointed that he couldn't see any of her cleavage. Something Kara normally did not display. Jimmy could smell her fragrance and feel the heat of her body she was so close and he still wanted more. Closing his eyes he imagined Kara unbuttoning the top three buttons of her white blouse so he could see her voluptuous treats hidden within. Searching and searching inside his mind, Jimmy soon found the image he sought and then his eyes rolled backwards again the golden light appeared in front of him. Yes, he thought as the image showed Kara smile at him while unbuttoning her blouse, displaying her cleavage just for him.

Jimmy opened his eyes as he heard Kara moan, "Whoa. Is it hot in here or is just me?" Jimmy looked in awe as she did indeed unbutton her top three buttons. When she moved her hands away from her chest Jimmy could see the outline of the white bra hidden underneath, straining to contain her mommy glands and the cleavage that is associated with D cup breasts. Jimmy's eyes rolled backwards again as the 'brainfreeze' pain spiked and Jimmy felt himself falling.

"Shhh ... it's okay. It is okay, just relax." Jimmy heard while feeling soft hands stroke the back on his neck and hair. Opening his eyes, was confused where he was briefly before it dawned on him that his head was resting on Kara's recently displayed boobies. Not believing his smothered ocular senses, Jimmy rolled his head two inches to the right and he felt his nose being swallowed by the crack of her two breast meeting. Jimmy couldn't help but moan and Kara responded with another set of, "shhh, its okay" while caressing his hair.

Jimmy let himself bask in the soft mounds against his face for only few seconds before he lifted his head up to mumble a weak, 'sorry.'

Kara leaned forward to peer deeply into his eyes. Satisfied with what she saw, Kara inquired if Jimmy felt he needed to go to the hospital again. When Jimmy reiterated he did not, she insisted on taking Jimmy home for the day. His position at BT&W gave him two weeks of sick leave. Kara told Dick that Jimmy's headache flared up again and she was going to take him home. When they were walking downstairs, Jimmy was surprised that every single co-worker down there wished him well; including Polly, the young 24 year old Administrative Assistant who had given Jimmy the cold shoulder ever since he had arrived at BT&W.

Jimmy was sure that the cold shoulder came from his first day on the job when Nagretta the Human Resources Director was showing him around, Polly and Jimmy bumped into each other as they were both trying to use the same door; Jimmy had his hand up to grab the door while he was talking to Nagretta; instead of the door, Jimmy's hand collided with Polly's on rushing left breast. Polly's very large and very firm left breast. Jimmy's hand reflex responded on its own, squeezing the more than a handful mound before the rest of Jimmy's brain synapses fired and he jerked himself back into Nagretta. Nagretta laughed off the incident explaining that Polly was a bit of a klutz around the office after Polly rushed away.

When they got to the parking lot, Jimmy asked what was going to happen to his car. "Don't worry about it. I will call in the morning to make sure that you are feeling fine and ready to go to work and I will pick you up and you can drive it home tomorrow."

Jimmy could just nod. Once he was situated in her family van, he felt himself drift off and was woken by Kara as they pulled into his parent's half moon drive way. Curiously because it was still early in the afternoon, his mother's Porsche and a H3 Hummer he didn't recognize was in the drive way. Thanking Kara repeatedly, he groggily went inside his parent's house. From the foyer, Jimmy heard his mother entertaining her guests in the TV room on the left and not the sitting room on the right. The TV room was on the other side of the dining room and Phillip could only see a small portion and thought he saw a naked woman walk past the door way followed by cheers. A naked woman did not make sense to Jimmy, who was still in a walking sleep induced daze from the ride home. The thought of a naked female was not enough to rouse Jimmy from his zombie like mindset and he shambled up to his bedroom and the deep sleep that followed as soon as his head hit the pillow.

"Jimmy, phone call." Jimmy opened his eyes and looked at his alarm clock. It was 6:34 something wasn't right because it was dark out. Kara had to have dropped him off before 3pm. Looking at his mother walk into his room, he saw her in her robe with a bath towel wrapper around her head. His mother only washed her hair in the morning, if she felt grimy in the evening she would just soak in the hot tub off of the master bedroom.

"Is it morning time already?" Jimmy croaked.

"Sure is sleepy head. You slept all night. Kara here told me what happened and how you had to use some sick hours. Try not to make a habit of that." After handing Jimmy the phone she turned and walked away ignoring any rebuttal Jimmy was too slow in possibly making.

"Jimmy?" Kara's weak voice reminded Jimmy he had something in his hand.


"How are you doing kiddo?" Kara was sounding entirely too cheerful this early in the morning. Jimmy's normal wake up time was at 8:05am, which gave him enough time to rush through his morning ritual and be at work by 9:00am pending on traffic.

"Uhmmm..." Jimmy paused to take an account of his well being. The headache was gone, but something about him just didn't feel 'right'. But overall, he felt, "fine."

"So then you will be able to come to work this morning?" There was that cheerfulness again.

"Yeah. I am good. I think I slept straight through."

"Straight through."

"Yeah, I think I have been asleep since you dropped me off yesterday."

"Excellent, sleep does a body good. I will be picking you up at 7:30. Okay?"

"Why so early?"

"Because someone has to pickup the donuts silly."

BT&W provided pastries for it's employees everyday and since so many of the females were on the heavier side, Jimmie had wondered if that wasn't such a good idea, but only until he tried the Apricot Yam Danish with Almonds. It sounded ugly and only Kara's insistence that he try it did he grudgingly taste it. And he had been hooked on them ever since.

"Okay. I will be ready. And Kara, thanks for everything."

Jimmy laid his head back down thinking it was too early for him to be in the land of the living, but after lying on his back for a minute, Jimmy realized that he very much was awake. "There has to be a crime being up this early" he mumbled as he rolled out of bed. When the blood left his head, he felt a tingling sensation go down his spine. As he stood up to get a shower, he wondered if maybe soaking in the parent's hot tub wouldn't be better for his body not feeling like it normally did.

Stripping out of the clothes he was still wearing from the day before, Jimmy in his boxer-briefs grabbed his robe and a towel from the hall closet before walking to the other side of the house and his parent's master bedroom. When he got there the door was wide open and he saw his mother moving about, getting ready for work as he began to knock on the door jam. "Holy shit!" Leaped from his mouth as he saw his mother finishing attaching her nylons to her garter belt. Jimmy's mother looked up due to the noise that had interrupted her humming and saw her son staring back at her nakedness.

Jimmy's mother was 48 years of age, and her healthy, active lifestyle help keep her lean and fit, though she would be the first to admit that her family's genetics probably did most of the work. In just one glance every minute detail was burned into Jimmy's memory. Standing there with only nylons and a garter belt on Jimmy saw the thin light brown runway below that matched the short coif above, the belly button piercing with the attached chain encircling her waist was new, at least not worn the last time Jimmy had seen her out by the pool, which was over a year ago. But what shocked Jimmy the most was the nipple piercing on her right breast. It was a shield piercing, very similar to the one Janet Jackson had flashed the world during a Super Bowl halftime show a few years back. The fact that her breasts were still firm and shapely B cups did not get past Jimmy absorbing eyes as well.

"Oh, shit I am sorry mom." Jimmy frantically said as he backed away from the open doorway.

"Jimmy, stop" His mother commanded. Jimmy did so outside the doorway, making sure to keep his eyes glued to his big toes.

Entering the hallway, Jimmy's mother mulled over the situation briefly before speaking. "I am sorry I startled you like that. You have never been a morning person so for years now I have been leaving my door open after my shower to dissipate the steam. You were never up at this time so I didn't worry about you walking in on me. I am sorry."

"It's okay, mom." Was Jimmy's muttered reply.

"Look at me, Jimmy."

Jimmy squeezed his eyes shut before lifting his head. Slowly he peeked open one eye to see that she was still naked, standing before him.

"Am I that ugly that you have to make such an exaggerated display?"

"No, mum, just you have always been very clear about your personal areas and how I had to stay away from those areas."

"That is because you were a kid, Jimmy. You are an adult now and I don't have to be so protective of you. Like what you saw yesterday."

"Uhm, what did I see yesterday?"

"You didn't see me entertaining a couple of friends in the TV room, yesterday?"

"Well, yeah, I saw someone but I didn't linger or anything. I was dead tired and I went straight to bed."

"And was that someone naked?" That question yanked Jimmy's mind. Naked?

"Uhmm, possibly?" Jimmy answered weakly. "I don't really remember much. I know something didn't look right but like I said, I was too tired."

"Okay, I can understand that. Just so you know. There were three of us naked in there Jimmy."

Having no clue where his mother was going with this, "uhmm, okay" was all Jimmy could respond with.

"Your father and I are swingers, Jimmy. You might as well hear it now. We had been swingers for a long, long time. Even before you were born, but after you were born it was more of an infrequent thing. When you left us, we decided to make some changes around here, Embracing the swinging lifestyle is one of those changes. Are you okay with this?"

The full impact of what Jimmy's mother was telling him would not be felt by Jimmy for days to come, but in his shocked daze, he knew that he needed to reply. "That is fine. I mean I have double tagged a girl or two before."

"Good. From the robe and the towel it looks like you wanted to use the hot tub, yes?"

"Yeah, that is why I came here. Hoping I could use the hot tub to clear away some of these cob webs." He said while lightly patting his side of his head.

"Well, that is another change, Jimmy. To use the pool or the hot tub, you can't be wearing anything."

"WHA?!? Even me?"

"That is the rule we came up with for both bodies of water. To enter them, you have to enter them naturally."

"But, I am not a ... why?" Jimmy's muddled mind couldn't wrap around why his parents swinging rules would apply to him.

"Because Jimmy, I use both of them frequently. So does your father and so do our guests. If you want to use them you will have to be naked like us."

"But can't I just come back when you are done?"

"And what if we aren't done and want to get back in? Are we to wait until you are done? If you are already naked, then there will be no issue."

Looking down, Jimmy noticed the outline of his penis in his boxer-briefs and felt thankful that he didn't have an erection but then thought while this was exciting for him, it wasn't 'wood' exciting. And that told him he could handle the new rules.

"Okay mom. I am game." And he stripped down his boxer-briefs, letting his flaccid penis hang for his mother to see. He got embarrassed when his mother did size him up with a 'very nice' being said. "So, mom, is it okay if I soak in the tub?"

Smiling, his mother leaned forward and kissed Jimmy lightly on his cheek. "So long as you are naked, you don't have to ask." As Jimmy walked passed his mother, she called out one more warning. "Jimmy, since you are an adult, sex may happen right in front of you. The mature thing to do is to not say a thing, no 'sorry's or 'excuse me', just continue doing what you were doing so it won't be a disturbance."

"So does that mean I may run into the two of you doing the horizontal shuffle?"

Jean could only smile as she replied, "it is our house Jimmy, and we will do it in whatever room we want to."

"Even my room?"

Turning back to finish dressing, Jimmy's mother answered coyly, "oh, we have done it in that room plenty enough, so if you want your privacy, that is fine, just keep your door closed."

When Jimmy was done soaking in the hot tub his mother had already left for her work and soon Kara announced her presence in the drive with a car horn honking to the tune of 'Dixie'. Instead of the minivan that Jimmy road in yesterday, Kara was driving a 4x4 truck; he assumed her husbands. Climbing into the king cab, Jimmy noticed that Kara's cheerfulness had not faded as she manipulated the over long gear-shifter.

"Hey there big guy! Ready for another great day at BT&W?"

Jimmy couldn't believe her enthusiasm about working in an accounting office, so he decided to change the subject. "Is there any reason you seem to be exceptionally cheerful this morning?"

"That is because I got some last night."

And just that fast Jimmy thought he was in the Twilight Zone, Kara, none of the females at BT&W were ever that frank with him, especially about their sex life. Sweet and matronly, most definitely not raunchy. "And he gave it to me good too. I don't get it that good from him that often." Jimmy knew his mouth was open but he couldn't close it as he stared at the woman that had been driving him nuts for the last couple of months. As he imaged Kara doing the horizontal bop with her husband, her naked breast came into focus which reminded him of his actions from yesterday in the auditor's office.

"Uhmm, I wanted to apologize for my actions yesterday, especially in the auditor's office."

Kara flashed him an electric smile before turning back to the traffic, "what for? That is what made me hot as a firecracker. I couldn't wait for the old man to get home. Heh, he never knew what hit him."

"But doing something like that could get me fired and if I get fired I will go to jail for breaking my probation." When Jimmy was introduced by to his co-workers, Nagretta made sure to point out to each person that Jimmy would be working there as a favor to the courts and if he broke his probation he would be going to jail for a long time. Because of Nagretta's actions Jimmy held a lot of animosity towards his co-workers. He was both embarrassed by Nagretta's actions and fearful that it could lead to someone trying to take advantage of him and his situation. Not once did he think that someone taking advantage of him sexually.

"Well, you do have to watch what you are doing, but I have to tell you, your rubbing your face into my cleavage is what set me off. I may have to let you do that again someday soon." Jimmy was quiet the rest of the trip to work while Kara sang along with music from a local country station. By the time they arrived at BT&W, Jimmy was sure that Kara still enticed him, but her music did not.

All of his coworkers he passed going up to his office commented that it was good he was back and hoped he felt better. Going about his work, he was pleased that Kara would stop by his desk to say 'hi' before she would plop her full butt down in her chair to have her chats with Lizzie. He was even more pleased that she had unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse and when she would say her greetings to him, she would lean over the front of his desk to do so; obviously giving Jimmy as much of a view of her chestly treasures as Jimmy wanted.

Jimmy's office shared the same entrance way to Lizzie and Sherry's offices. The two co-workers were similar in shape, in other words, thin, no boobies to speak of and both were not the happiest of employees to be around. Lizzie was constantly upset and would vent some of her anger Jimmy's way. Why Lizzie was upset, Jimmy did not know. Sherry, the Payroll Clerk was always upset, but Jimmy knew why since she told everyone. Being the Payroll Clerk, Sherry processed the bi-weekly paychecks and while she did not give amounts or names, complained readily about how much certain employees made at BT&W.

Today was no different and Jimmy had heard each of them venting through out the day. When Big Ed, one of the two maintenance men for the three buildings BT&W owned left Lizzie's office for his almost daily visits to Lizzie, Jimmy always knew when Big Ed was around because that was the only time Lizzie's door was closed, Lizzie came out of her office and started to complain to Jimmy about something he did not complete. The fact that he didn't complete it yesterday because he went home sick did not seem to register with Lizzie and that was enough for Jimmy to act.

Closing his eyes while she berated him, Jimmy envisioned her being nice to him and telling him what was upsetting her. Almost immediately he saw the golden light as his eyes rolled into the back of his head with an image of Lizzie smiling at him. Opening his eyes, Jimmy felt a massive tingle run up his spine and he felt extremely light headed. Planting his hands on his desk, he blinked away the dizziness and looked back at Lizzie. The same Lizzie who scant seconds ago was yelling at him was now smiling at him. Moving closer to his desk, Lizzie leaned forward and whispered like she was sharing a conspiracy spoke. "Big Ed and I have this arrangement; when he shows up, I have five minutes to get him off, orally. If he lasts longer than five minutes he has to fuck me doggy style over my desk."

Jimmy had to shake his head to make sure he wasn't delusional. When Lizzie saw Jimmy's dumbfounded look, she continued. "I get real pissed because lately he hasn't been getting me off."


"If I am feeling generous, I will make him come with my mouth, but my pussy likes her fair share of attention, so I like to drive him nuts with my mouth so he can really pound it to me from behind."

Jimmy still couldn't believe what he was hearing. Lizzie was 51 year old, with thin medium length blonde hair that he was sure maintained that color with the help of a bottle. Which was the other thing about Lizzie, everything he heard her talk about was going a bar, so Jimmy had pegged her as a bar-fly. A bar-fly with really toned tan legs that she constantly displayed with her short dresses; Jimmy's favorite view of Lizzie was when she filed, he would always see her on her knees and he would think, 'man, just the right height'.

After everything that happened with Kara in the last two days, Jimmy needed some relief and if Lizzie was willing, he was willing. "Uhmm, Lizzie, if your still hor ... hornie ... would you ... would you like to make the same arrangement with me?" The thought of Lizzie on her knees sucking him off was enough to give him wood.

Lizzie's eyes lit up at his question. Her answer was to reach over his desk and grab his shirt. Pulling on Jimmy's shirt at the left shoulder, she practically dragged him into her office and slammed the door shut. Jimmy was wondering what to say next but stopped when he saw her drop to her knees and started unbuckling his pants. Before Jimmy could say a word edgewise, his penis was out and she had engulfed it in one swoop. YES Jimmy thought. She was good, better than any of the teenaged girls he had been with and Jimmy felt like he was Goldilocks and her mouth was porridge as she experimented to what Jimmy liked; not to hard, not to soft, just right. Her enthusiasm was too much for Jimmy who started spewing in her mouth before he had a chance to warn her. Lizzie said nothing outside of her moans as she swallowed it all down.

"Yum, tasty." Lizzie was very happy until she realized that Jimmy came and she wouldn't be getting any dick from him. "Okay, kiddo, I got to get back to work. Thanks for the break."

Jimmy zipped back up and paused as he was exiting Lizzie's office; turning back he saw her humming to herself while licking her lips, her head bebopping back and forth to some tune in her head while she went back to processing travel claims.

That afternoon Sherry had some things for Jimmy to file and as he retrieved the second pile for filing, Sherry went off again about how she couldn't believe a certain person was paid so much for doing nothing. Jimmy didn't care who the culprit was, hell, it could have been him, but he was tired of her yelling; slackers don't like confrontations. Standing in her doorway, he visualized her thinking about something that made her happy, quick enough Jimmy felt the sensation down his spine as his eyes rolled in to the back of his head when the golden light showed up; there was the image of Sherry smiling with her teeth on display, including the top left incisor that was twisted and protruded forward a bit. Opening his eyes, the tingling sensation rode up his spine and his head went light headed but he felt like his mind was displaced from his body, floating in the air. Blinking his eyes, Sherry was smiling back him.

"You know what really makes me happy? The way I have been trying to quit smoking. I tried the patches, I tried the gum and nothing worked, but I think I found something that works."

"Great, that is really great. What is it Sherry?"

"Sucking dick."

There he was again in the Twilight Zone. "Come again?"

"Oh, he doesn't come, when I get the craving, I just pull out my boyfriend's dick and hum on it until the craving is gone. It really works great."

"But ... what do you do at work?"

"What else can I do, I smoke."

"Isn't that counter-productive?"

"I guess, but unless you let me suck on your cock, I don't have any other recourse. I asked Dick but he said no. I could fuck him with a strap-on he said, but he had no desire for me to suck his dick."

"Would you want to suck on my dick?" It was a question of intent and not a question of permission at least that is what Jimmy meant. Sherry thought otherwise.

"That would be awesome! I normally go on four smoke breaks a day, twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. My next break is in twenty minutes ... Oh, hell, I will take it now. Get your ass over here!"

Jimmy stood dumbfounded; both of the co-workers he shared office space with wanted to suck him off daily. He had to pinch his left bicep to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

"Jimmy, shut the door and get over here." Moving in a haze, Jimmy complied. As soon as Sherry fished his still flaccid penis out, Jimmy was receiving his second blow job that day. "Ouch." That incisor was jagged.

"Swarry" Sherry said with her mouth full. Jimmy had to admit that while Sherry's cocksucking skills weren't in the same class as Lizzie's, her mouth did feel damn good. Just as he was beginning to feel that sensation that told him he was getting close, she stopped.

"That was 10 minutes, break time is over. Thanks a bunch, this is going to help me a lot." Jimmy stood there waiting in disbelief. She wasn't going to finish the job? After Sherry finished making a change to someone's pay account, she turned to look at Jimmy. "Don't just stand there with you dick out Jimmy, put it away, my last break isn't for another two hours.

"Two hours?"

"Yes, two hours." Seeing Jimmy was still confused, Sherry reiterated their deal for him. "Yes, four times a day, you will need to come into my office so I can take my 'smoke' break, instead of smoking a nasty cigarette, I will be 'smoking'," she said with a laugh, "your beefstick. Ten minutes each day. If you cum, great. If you don't cum, still great because I will be doing it for ten minutes each time. Okay."

Definitely the Twilight Zone. "Uhmm, sure, got it. Let me know." And Jimmy walked out of her office after zipping up.

For the rest of the week, Lizzie and Sherry was as good as their word. Sherry would suck him four times a day for ten minutes. She wasn't trying to make him ejaculate; she was concentrating on quenching her desire to smoke a cigarette. By third day, Jimmy quit getting hard-ons while Sherry satisfied her cravings but Jimmy wasn't complaining because her mouth still felt wonderful, and very relaxing.

Lizzie on the other hand made sure that Jimmy got his rocks off each day. Their second day together, Jimmy again shot his load down Lizzie's swallowing throat but the third day, she maintained control to just take Jimmy to the edge. When his five minutes was up, she bent over her desk and pulled the back of her sundress up exposing her bare ass.

"Okay big boy, come to momma. I need that dick in me now."

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