It's Good to Be the King

by Pariahsolo

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Coercion, Mind Control, Slavery, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Incest, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Thanks to his parents Jimmy catches a break and finds employment with an accounting firm but while dreaming over a co-worker his steps into a Twilight Zone.

Jimmy couldn't help but stare intensely. Kara was sitting across from his office, the one without a door and closet sized, in a chair with her legs crossed just inside the doorway to Lizzie, the Accounts Payable Clerk's office talking with Lizzie and Ann, both of whom Jimmy could not see, about the latest goings on in their lives.

'Spread your legs', Jimmy thought repeatedly. Kara looked very much like a matronly mother of three who had children ranging from age two to age sixteen at home with her loving husband, 'loving' as she constantly professed he did. Jimmy couldn't help himself. There was something about her that made him want her. Want her fiercely. Her visits to Lizzie's office were the highlights of his day.

Jimmy was eighteen and looked very much like the slacker he was. His clothes was unkempt, his hair long, scraggily, constantly in his eyes and he hated working for BT&W, the accounting firm where his mother had snagged a job for him as an Accounts Clerk. His job was ultra-boring, working in his small office closet in an old, musty building downtown; he transferred all the data from the accounting firm's software to separate computer software that was used by the auditors when making sure the accounting firm was keeping their accounts properly. To Jimmy it was asinine.

When he graduated high school six months past, he thought he was going to live his dream life. Slacking, toking the maryjane, skate boarding, playing consol games and maybe tapping a young hottie or two. His parents had other plans. They were holding out, hoping against hope that Jimmy would come to his senses and go to college and medical school afterwards to become a doctor like the both of them were. When Jimmy balked, they cut him off. Angry with his parents who had it all, Jimmy moved out. He bounced around from one buddy to the next; those who still stayed with their parents he would only spend one night or two before moving on. Eventually he hooked up with Jaime (pronounced Hy-mae) and Abdul; Jimmy thought he was in heaven. All the ganja, girls and playstation games one could ask for and not a job between three of them.

That slice of heaven only lasted for a month before the police stormed the house with teargas and Jimmy found himself in jail facing drug trafficking charges. Of course the first thing he did was call his parents, who hung up on him after hearing him say his name and that he was in jail. The court appointed attorney was a moron and Jimmy found himself quietly sobbing in his jail cot at night because it was readily apparent to him that he was going up the river for a long time. Abdul, the prick had turned states evidence against Jimmy and Jaime for a lighter sentence and Jimmy wanted to kill him because Abdul was the one who had anything to do with drug running. Not Jimmy and not Jaime. When the state appointed attorney came back with what he said was the best he could manage; twelve years with possible parole in seven and half, Jimmy knew he had made some fucked up decisions in his young life.

But something startling happened when a very remorseful Jimmy went before the Honorable Judge Borine for sentencing. Mr. Tendry, that fat prick who was his parent's personal lawyer showed up and asked to talk to the Judge in his Private Chambers. Tendry must have had a lot of sway because not only did the Judge agree, but when Jimmy was brought in, his parents were there sipping tea with the Judge like it was a social gathering.

Jimmy was very hurt and angry with his parents when they hung up on him his first day in jail, but after close to four months, Jimmy was ecstatic to see them. The deal Tendry had to offer was stringent on Jimmy's agreement. Jimmy would go back to live with his parents, submit to a urine test once a week and he would work for a suitable employer to pay off the two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine that the Judge would levy on him in lieu of a sentence of jail time. If Jimmy broke one point of this agreement, the twelve year sentence would be invoked. Jimmy would be on probation until he paid that two hundred and fifty thousand off.

Jimmy immediately hated what he heard. One gilded cage for a not so gilded cage. Jimmy would have a curfew, not allowed to attend parties where drugs, which included alcohol because he was under age, would be served, but he would be free. He would have use of the family car, which was a Lexus, but if he caused trouble at home, then he would be forced to ride the public bus.

Jimmy looked at his parents, wondering how they could do such a thing to their son and all he could see was their disappointment in him. That was enough for Jimmy, he could do this and that would ensure he never saw Carlos again. The County slammer that Jimmy had resided in for the last four months was abysmal but order was kept and no butt raping was allowed. Not so at the State Pen where Jimmy would be sent if he faltered in his probation. Carlos was one of three different cons who had cornered Jimmy to tell him they couldn't wait to get a taste of his tall skinny ass when he moved up to the State Pen. Now Jimmy wasn't going to the State Pen and that was definitely one more positive to being caged at 'home'.

Jimmy wasn't sure how life would be when he got back at home, but he wasn't surprised when his parents were stand-offish; they were never the most loving of parents, work and their interests took a priority while he was raised by nanny's and the maid service. Jimmy had decided that was probably why he hated work. Work at BT&W or as Jimmy thought of the place of his employ, Boring, Tedious and Wanking, was actually very easy. It was almost slacking since his job only really kept him busy about two hours in a day. And it had numerous perks such as the fact that of the sixteen employees who worked in the downtown branch of BT&W, only two were male; Jimmy and Dick the Operations Manager. BT&W was owned by three nameless old fogies who visited the building so infrequently that Jimmy wouldn't know what they looked like if their painted portraits showing all of their drooping wrinkles hadn't been hanging in the entrance hallway. The one time Jimmy mentioned never seeing the owners when they did visit, he was informed that they arrived via their private elevator from the underground parking garage.

Another perk was that they were very lax about the time Jimmy showed up for work and how long he took for lunch. Jimmy had a feeling that if he exploited those perks too much it would get him in trouble so he was careful to only show up for work no more than fifteen minutes late and most lunches he ate at his desk while he goofed off playing Spider Solitaire. His salary was another perk, for the amount of work he wasn't doing; he was earning just over 30G's a year, though he never saw any of it because 100% of his salary was garnished to the State to pay for his legally accrued fees.

Being the token male was another perk since Dick was very much a 'light in his loafers' kind of guy. That brought numerous attentions to Jimmy everyday, only some of which he did not care for. Jimmy was unlike the other male skater slackers that he knew because he was an avowed tit-man. He simply loved big ole' fat titties and not the titless wonders that his fellow skaters preferred. Jimmy had received a lot of grief from his fellow slackers about his body type preference, but Jimmy countered by pointing out that teats, mammary glands where nothing more than bags of fat that stored a mother's milk and snogging the boob-less lean bodies they all applauded wouldn't be much different than lying with a guy. At BT&W, there were plenty of 'big ole' fat titties' for Jimmy to ogle at, they came in all shapes and sizes, from Bonita the receptionist with her mountainous H-cups to Lizzie and her perky, or should he say, 'nipply' A cups that was never constrained by a brassiere.

And then there was Kara; five six, probably thirty pounds over weight (which resided in her hips, belly and of course her momma titties), medium length blonde hair that alternated from being feathered to teased. Jimmy did not know how or why, he just knew he was under her spell and he daydreamed more about her then any one else at BT&W. Even more than Polly, the twenty four year old with her cute face, ultra tight body and her massive tits couldn't compare to Kara. Each day, some times two or more times a day, Jimmy would quit whatever he was doing and just stare at Kara as she gabbed with Lizzie.

The lack of sex due to his parents controlling his time in the family car must have been playing tricks on Jimmy because he found himself one day concentrating sternly with his eyes squinting. 'Spread your legs' was the mantra he repeated in his mind. This was the third time Kara had visited Lizzie that day and the third time Jimmy found himself focusing on Kara spreading her legs so Jimmy could see what was hidden by that moderately short but definitely tight skirt. As Jimmy was saying over and over again his mantra of 'spread your legs', he started imagining what he would see. From her panty outline he knew she wasn't wearing granny panties, nor French cut or thongs; sensible full panties was what Jimmy could determine she wore, but what color? Blue? Pink? Maybe a cream color?

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