Isle of Capri

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Cheating, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Wife and her ex-boyfriend have nasty plans for a holiday trip to a romantic island. Husband doesn't like it at all.

I'm Peter Anderson, an in many ways average 33 years old Scandinavian guy, one of four partners in a successful plumbing business. When this story begins I'm married to Sandra (32) almost regarded as a trophy wife and working as secretary for the owner of the local Volvo dealership. Our daughter Ella is eight years old. We own a house in a nice area of our town and a summerhouse at a popular island at the Baltic Sea.

Sandra and I met for the first time when I was installing the town's new central heating system at her parent's house. She was still living at home and was in a very bad mood because she had recently broken her engagement with a brat by the nickname Souvenir of the simple reason that an angry husband had shot him with a salt-load from a shotgun at his bare bottoms while the Souvenir was having sex with the shooter's wife.

This Souvenir was a funny guy. His mother had been au-pair girl in California and was four months pregnant when she came back, why her child used to be called "California-Souvenir" and later shortened to "Souvenir". She gave him the name Jefferson because the girl thought her handsome lover had called himself for that, probably as his first name.

Souvenir's mom somehow met Anders Lindh, her old classmate, a poor shy guy in school, where she never cared a shit about him but now when she needed a father to her souvenir, she married him after living together with him for a short time. Anders didn't care about her bringing a souvenir with her because he regarded it as a cheap price for marrying a pretty girl that he otherwise only could dream about. Anders adopted her baby and to everybody's surprise they went well together, got two daughters and built up Anders' small computer shop to a chain of twelve big stores, which they sold to a huge multinational company for fair price and bought a big mansion at the countryside where Anders, his wife and daughters began raising horses.

Anders spoiled his stepson to a real brat who got everything he never was able to get himself in his own younger days. As Souvenir was a handsome rich guy he became very successful with girls, at least until he met Sandra and fell in real love with her. But to his disappointment she had no intentions about sex before her wedding night. Of course, that was a slight problem for Souvenir because he had simple solutions for that matter.

Sandra was really in very sad mood after Souvenir's cheating, why I wanted to cheer her up and asked for a date that she accepted. We had a wonderful evening, which ended up in my apartment where she told me that she had decided to change her lifestyle and from now on do everything as her friends did. To my great surprise and pride she, after an intensive tender necking, allowed me to enter her virgin pussy. Probably as a revenge for Souvenir for his cheating because I, though several serious attempts didn't get any further date with her. Instead there began to be rumors about Sandra as a rather wild party girl with many short relations, even with some of Souvenir's friends.

Souvenir had no interest of living quite country life at his parent's mansion why he left town for studies at a university where he continued to work on his reputation as a very successful womanizer. Though his many successful seductions he could never accept and forget that Sandra during her wild days had fucked with several of his friends but had denied him to have sex with her while they were engaged with rings and talking about great plans for the future.

About a year after my successful date with Sandra I met her at a party and we began dating again. She promised me that her wild life was history why we had good times together. Rather soon we were regarded as a couple and married after three years when she got pregnant with Ella. A few months after the wedding I did a plumber job for one of Souvenir's old friends, who teased me by telling that Souvenir had swore to fuck Sandra in all her openings and show evidence about that to the whole town. The friend said that as far as he knew, Souvenir had never failed in his attempts to seduce a married woman when he really had wanted her and did his very best to get her.

Not very happy news for a newlywed, which I told Sandra who promised that never give him any chance to be alone with her and be able to perform his nasty intentions.

Of course, I was extra careful about any clues for a while but just as expected, nothing at all happened and after some years I heard that Souvenir had married some wealthy English girl and was living in England. Sandra and I had a rather average marriage with its ups and downs. Therefore Souvenir's threatening was forgotten during many years until it hit me as an unexpected lightening from a clear blue sky.

I can still remember that awful Wednesday evening just as it had been yesterday. Sandra and I were sitting in our living room watching the weather girl in the TV telling us good news for the coming weekend when she got a serious look in her face and told me, "My dear Peter, please listen to me because I have something very important to tell you."

"Yes, go on. Something that happened you today?"

"No, not at all. In fact it's an old story, which began before you and I met. Do you remember that I was engaged to a handsome guy by name Jeff Lindh?"

"Oh yes, I remember that creepy "Souvenir" because he was shot in his ass with a salt-load from a shotgun when he fucked somebody's wife. There are still some rumors about this guy. He says to still be a real asshole, indeed. What about him? Is he shot again?"

Sandra had turned pale of some reason when she replied, "No, of course not. He is living in England but was here at some old friend's wedding where Gabriella Ericsson, you know her, met him and they got acquainted. When he found out that she knew me, he was very curious and asked a lot about me why she gave him my cell-phone number."

I could still remember what this Jeff Lindh, better known under his nickname "Souvenir" had promised to do with Sandra why I understood that there was some crap to come. The warning bells rang in my ears when I asked, "Did he call you?"

"Yes he did and we have talked a few times about good old times."

"Good old times? It is almost ten years ago you two were together for a few months. He cheated and you dumped him. Not much for any good old times."

"You don't understand. We had so many dreams about the future we want to talk about."

"Isn't that future with the Souvenir behind you? Or what's the problem?"

"He would like to see me."

"Of course he wants to see you. You know very well that he has promised to cum in all your three openings and show evidence to his friends. It would be a bit difficult to do that by phone."

Sandra was ashen gray when she replied, "Don't see ghosts in daylight when I'm trying to have a serious talk with you. He wants to see me as a friend and nothing else."

Now I was sure about problems to come and said, "See you as a friend? No problem, you can invite him and his family to come and see us during a weekend? Okay for me as long as the English wife is with him."

"No, he's not coming here because he have won a bonus week at a five star hotel at Capri and invited me to go there with him because his wife neither have time to go nor dare to fly. She thrust him and doesn't have any objections if he wants to see and talk about old times with an old friend."

I shouted, "But I have objections, very serious objections, indeed. Have you lost your commons sense and got insane? You ought see a therapist as soon as possible. That's for sure."

"Please calm down and listen to me. I have already accepted to go and I intend to go because it is a 'once in a lifetime' offer. You and I can never afford to spend a week at such hotel at Capri, at least not for the time being when we have so much expenses at the summerhouse."

She was right about that because the romantic island of Capri is the most expensive of all Italian holiday resorts and therefore popular among rich and famous people.

I continued shouting, "Do you still love that damn fucking creep?"

Sandra had turned pale when she replied, "No, of course not. I love you and you ought to know that you are my only love."

"Isn't it a strange way to show your so called love for me by going to Capri for having sex orgies with that damn horny Souvenir creep?"

"No, no, no, of course not. Have I said a word about sex with him? He has not demanded anything from me and I have not promised him anything. The truth is that that I have no intentions of cheating you."

I couldn't take much more of her bullshit and yelled, "No sex and not cheating me? Why in the hell do you think he will take the expenses and bring a slut with him to that expensive exotic place? Doesn't matter if he has conned some sucker to pay the bill. If you don't think that he is going to fuck you hard, fuck you often and fill all your openings with his cum just as he has bragged to do, you must be incredible naïve. That's the simple and disgusting truth and I can bet a lot that his evidences will be visible on the web."

She was obviously surprised about my objections and sobbed, "Do you really regard me as a whore because Jeff have earned a bonus week at Capri and offered me to go with him because his wife can't do that. I've had been crazy if I hadn't accepted Jeff's kind offer for having such a great holiday for free."

"Did his wife said that to you? Yes I regard you as a whore. No doubt about that and please remember 'once a whore - always whore' in the peoples opinion. You can never wash away that reputation when you are back home."

Obviously she hadn't expected such comments because she continued sobbing and said; "You'll see that everything will be fine when I'm back because nothing nasty will happen there at Capri and nobody but you will know I'm going there with Jeff."

"I know and don't see any reason to keep your madness as a secret, especially not when the whole town will soon be able to see your whoring and my terrible humiliation on the web."

Now she began to fear that the price for her free trip would be much higher that expected and told me, "Please don't do that to me and to us. I promise to keep you well rewarded when coming back home."

"There's only one thing you can do if you want matters remain fine between you and me; Take your phone, call the damn Souvenir and cancel the trip. DO IT NOW!"

"I'm sorry but I can't do that."

Those words from Sandra were the last straw on my back that broke my marriage why any further arguing for saving it felt meaningless.

"In that case I can only say 'have a nice trip' though I hate what you are doing."

To my great surprise I could feel some kind of relief when I went to the living room and poured up a large glass of my best single malt whisky. Neither Sandra nor I had any further comments about her trip. If our problems had been limited to her trip, I'm sure there been ways to get her cancel it but the main reason for my relief was that now I would get rid off our expensive summerhouse, which had been a real pain in my ass.

Several of Sandra's friends had summerhouses at a popular island at Baltic Sea, why she had forced me to have us to buy a house there for a sky-high price. I had refused as much as I could but gave in when Sandra began talking about separation. She didn't understand that some of her friends had inherited their houses, other shared houses with their parents or had bought them long time ago at a quite different price level. We bough ours at a top of boom, which almost got us ruined. Though we had sold most of our shares we even had taken a big loan with huge payments for interest.

The house itself wasn't enough for her, she even demanded me to work with the maintenance all summer weekends and my whole summer holidays, which created serious quarrels and got me feel as a slave when working with that in most cases complete unnecessary maintenance. Of course, Sandra had promised to assist me but she never did because her friends and she had always something going on. Hiring people for doing all the jobs was out of question for economic reasons. I saw no end of Sandra's demands and suggestions for maintenance. Sandra always found new ideas in her magazines and I had seriously begun to regret that I didn't choose the separation.

Sandra's latest craziness was planning and demanding me making Japanese garden on a nice lawn during the next summer. I suspected that nowadays she regarded me as a wimp after her victory in our first summerhouse quarrel and thought that 'once a wimp - always wimp' would mean me even accept her Capri trip after some nagging. But the last straw on the poor camel's back was one straw too much.

Not much was said during the evening and the next morning she was in good mood again, gave me a bright smile and jokingly asked, "Do you still think you are married to a whore?"

"Have you cancelled your fucking trip?"

"No and I can't do that because I don't have any intentions going for such trip."

"You asked about my opinion and it still remains as, 'yes I'm married to a whore'."

Her bright smile faded away when she shouted, "Who cares about your opinion?"

Nothing further was aid during the breakfast.

My first thing at the job was to call Anne Broland at her job. She sounded surprised but accepted my invitation for lunch. Anne is a lovely woman living four houses from us and she is mother to my daughter's best friend Wilma. Anne dumped her cheating creep to husband about five months ago. She is quite different from Sandra and I must confess that I've admired her very much during a long time. Though she is not such a trophy wife as Sandra, Anne must be regarded as rather handsome.

After some small talk at our lunch I told Anne that I would tell her a secret if she promised to keep it and even offer her a fair gift.

Anne got surprised but promised to keep my secret and I told her that Sandra would be going to Capri with her old boyfriend the Souvenir and I would file for divorce. The gift was that I offered Anne and her daughter come with my daughter Ella and me to Euro Disney in Paris with all their expenses paid.

She suspected some hidden crap and asked, "What are the conditions for that trip?"

"There are no conditions. Not before the trip, not during the trip and not after the trip. The only matter is if that it would be easier for me and funnier for Ella to be there with a friend."

"Can you tell me a few more details about your plans for that trip? Please remember that I neither can nor want to replace Sandra in any ways."

"No need for that. I don't have any plan because if you'll say yes, we'll plan everything together. Think about it and give me a call when you can say yes or no."

Thereafter Anne asked me several questions about my divorce and I told her the truth about Sandra's trip to Capri with her ex boyfriend.

Only one hour after the lunch she called me and after a few questions she said "Yes".

Already the same evening Anne had fixed baby sitter for her daughter and we met at my job for talking about our trip. We had no problems to agree about all details. I had expected her to want two separate rooms in Paris but she suggested that a family room would be more fun for our daughters. I had no objections.

Thereafter Anne and I had almost daily phone calls at our jobs, and everything went fine for our trip. We booked flights to Paris, rented a car and booked room at a hotel near the Euro Disney.

Sandra and I didn't have any further quarrel about her trip. The only difference was that I had lost my interest for sex with her but obviously she didn't care much about that, at least not during the first week after our quarrel.

I used the time for taking small steps against my divorce but had to be very careful for keeping Sandra out of my plans. One day when I was away to a gas station for washing her car, I found that she had forgotten some papers in the glove compartment, obviously printed out from a computer at her job. It was color prints from the Capri Hotel's homepage and a mail from Souvenir about the their flight time and about the boat to Capri. It indeed was a great gift for me, almost as she was teasing me by purpose.

Sandra had probably cancelled her trip if I had given her the ultimatum; stay at home or divorce. But I didn't see any reason to give her that last chance to save her marriage and the damn summerhouse because in my opinion she had already cheated me when she said yes to Souvenir's invitation to her fucking Capri trip and she must had understood that a infamous womanizer as Souvenir didn't invited her to an expensive holiday for only talking about old times. Sandra knew what he expected from her and she had accepted to give it to him.

Of course, I was in almost similar situation because my trip with Anne and the promise to her not having any conditions for our trip. But our trip was a quite different matter because Anne was single and I had signed my divorce papers when we left for our trip.

What could happen between Anne and me after the trip would be a different question.

Sandra had no objections when I told her that Ella and I would going to Euro Disney in Paris while she was at Capri and didn't question about any details.

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