Disco Nights
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Some days it doesn't pay to answer the phone.

It was a Monday afternoon in early December that I got the call that changed my life. When I answered the phone a man said, "Is this Alan Baxter?"

"It is. Can I help you?"

He said, "The husband of Lisa Baxter?"

Becoming a little concerned, I replied, "Yes, is something wrong?"

He said, "Unfortunately I am calling to tell you about the inappropriate relationship your wife is having with a man down at the 'The Extra Point'."

At first I was stunned, then annoyed about receiving an obvious prank call. "Who the hell are you and why are you telling me this crap!"

He said, "This is no bullshit, your wife is meeting another guy on Friday nights at the disco."

I knew this wasn't true, not my wife! But an uneasy feeling came over me. Something was going on, something I did not understand, I had to think. But I needed time, "I 'm not alone. Can you call me back in twenty minutes?"

He said, "Okay," and hung up.

I stood there with the phone in my hand, my arms and legs starting to shake. I felt a cold sweat breaking out. My heart was racing but my thoughts felt like molasses. I sat down and put my head in my hands. There couldn't be anything to this, could there?

I had been married to Lisa for six and a half years. We have a beautiful six-year old daughter named Maddy who is the center of our world. And yes, Maddy came a little early. Lisa was pregnant when we got married.

We met during fall term at the local community college. I was twenty and she was eighteen. Lisa was a first year nursing student.

I had completed two years of Business and Accounting but lost my student draft deferment for being five credits behind where the selective service guidelines said I should be. Even though I lived at home I had worked full-time every other term to help pay my tuition. Vietnam was in full swing and needless to say the draft board was not sympathetic.

I was just hanging around the college taking a couple of classes, but mostly playing cards with my buddies in the commons, expecting my draft notice to show up any day. Truth is I was an indifferent student and more than a little bored with school. I had some money in the bank and was young, naïve, and thought that getting away from home and out in the world wouldn't be all bad.

One of guys I was playing cards with, nudged me and said, "look at that" and pointed at the cafeteria line. There was a girl standing there, long brown hair, in a short skirt with great legs. He said "that's Lisa Hartwell; she was two years behind us in high school."

As I studied her I thought to myself "damn, she's cute." As soon as she sat down we walked over and he introduced me. The three of us sat for a while and talked. The two of them had grown up in the same neighborhood and mostly talked about their old gang while I listened and admired the view.

Eventually she said she had to get to class, smiled at both of us and left. I was instantly attracted to her. She was about 5'7", 115 pounds with a dancer's body. Long and lean. Turned out, dancing was her hobby and she had performed in a couple of high school musicals.

She wasn't pretty in a classic sense, but attractive and sexy. She had a big smile, an easy personality and obvious sex appeal. She would talk to anybody and could instantly make you feel she was interested in you.

In high school you could say I was part of the nerd crowd. Not very outgoing and didn't make new friends easily. I read a lot but only got mediocre grades. I was not lazy so I always had a job and took pride in having my own money and my own transportation.

Other than one girlfriend for a few months in my junior year, I only dated a few times. I was tall, 6' 3", 195 pounds, wore glasses and was kind of ordinary looking. I enjoyed sports but was not very good at them. I had never learned to dance, didn't have an expensive car and was never really comfortable talking to girls. So I never attracted much attention.

During my freshman year at college I dated a girl I had met in my summer job. She was good looking, smart and was a sophomore at a nearby University on a scholarship. She was also very religious. Dancing, drinking or sex was not part of her belief system. Strangely enough she loved to make out. About once a week after going to dinner, a concert or the movies we would go parking somewhere and make out like monkeys in the backseat.

She also made sure I kept my hands away from her good parts. Every night I would go home with a case of blue balls. Toward the end of the school year she was offered a summer job in Maine. We both knew this wasn't going to go any further so we decided not to get back together when she came back to school.

After that, other than school and work, my social activities revolved around hanging out with the guys, beach party weekends at the lake weather permitting, occasional poker nights and college keggers. I kind of took to partying more than was probably good for me. I know I gave my parents fits some weekends when I stumbled home in the wee hours of the morning.

I finally lost my virginity to a girl I met at the lake during one of those beach parties. Thanks to more than a few beers on both our parts. She lived about eighty miles away so we only got together about a half dozen times. I had been her first also so we never really got into exploring the wilder aspects of sex. It was fun but when she went downstate to college at the end of the summer our relationship just sort of faded away.

A few days after meeting Lisa, I saw her sitting alone in the commons so I walked over to her table and sat down. We talked for awhile and I really felt the attraction. She told me about deciding to go into nursing since she had been working in hospitals since she was old enough to be a candy striper.

She lived at home to save money as her Dad was on disability. We talked about our families and just really hit it off. Finally I asked her if she would like to go out with me for a movie and pizza this coming week end. She said she was free on Saturday. I said great and would pick her up at seven.

So that started it. After our second date we ended up parking off of one of the county back roads and making out. She was so hot! After being in a clinch for awhile my hands were starting to wander. She finally pushed me away and sat back against the door and said, "Let's talk."

"About what?" I mumbled. "First thing that comes up," and she laughed. Well, I had to laugh too. That cooled things down for the evening.

A couple of weeks later I was visiting at her house and we started to get into it. Her parents had gone to bed but it was a small house and you knew whatever happened in one part of the house could be heard in every part of the house. I suggested we go for a ride. So we drove over to a secluded wood a few miles away.

We climbed into the backseat and we were all over each other. Pretty soon I had her shirt unbuttoned and her bra off and was licking and sucking for all I was worth. She had small breasts but nipples that got as hard as rocks. She was gasping, moaning and making appreciative noises that turned me on even more. We were both rubbing each other's crotches and I was harder than hell. I got her pants unzipped and dipped my hand down her panties and found a swamp. I got one finger in her then a second and started to go to town. About that time she got me unzipped and had a hold of my cock like she would never let go. I thought to myself, yes! This is going to happen! I started pulling her jeans and panties off and she lifted her butt to help. I shucked out of my pants, shorts and shoes in nothing flat and we went back to playing with each other.

After a bit I pulled back and looked around for my wallet. Lisa was almost panting, "What are you doing"?

"I'm looking for a condom," I said.

"Don't worry, I 'm two days away from my period, I'm safe." I thought to myself, she's a nursing student so she should know. I sat back down against the seat and she swung her leg over me, grabbed my cock and lined it up with her pussy and slowly lowered herself onto me.

I could just feel myself tickling her cervix as she bottomed out. She grabbed my face and stuck her tongue half way down my throat. Man, I never felt anything so good! It was my first time without a condom and there was just no comparison!

It only took a half a dozen strokes and I couldn't hold it. I thought it would have been running out her ears as hard as I came. At the same time she ground herself onto my cock one last time, shuddered and slowly went limp against my chest. We just lay there, holding each other. Both of us feeling something special had occurred.

After that I was whipped. I admit it. We were talking on the phone almost every day, going out once or twice every week, and almost always ended the night making love. And it wasn't just sex. I didn't know if it was love but it was close.

A friend of mine with his own apartment would let me use it on weekends when he went up north to visit his parents. We would make love three, four times a night before I had to get her home. Lisa was totally uninhibited, energetic, vocal and multi-orgasmic. We found we both enjoyed oral sex, taking showers together and making love in just about every position we had heard about. I was not her first but she said there had been only one other guy she had dated in Florida during spring break.

A few weeks later, the end of the college term and my draft notice arrived at about the same time. I had to report to the processing center in thirty days. Lisa got all weepy when I told her and she said she loved me. Up to that point I had avoided saying the 'L' word but I had to admit I thought I loved her too.

About a week before I was to leave we were out and Lisa had this nervous look on her face. "Alan, I need to tell you something. I'm late for my period." I thought, 'Oh shit'! Somehow I never thought about birth control or condoms after that first night. Neither one of us brought it up so I assumed she was safe and on the pill or something.

I just sat there, trying to think of something to say. Lisa just looked at the ground and tears started running down her face. I felt so bad I reached out and wrapped her in my arms and hugged and kissed her. After a while she settled down and we started talking about our different options.

For some reason neither one of us mentioned marriage. We decided if she were pregnant she would either have an abortion or have the baby and put it up for adoption. In either event, one of Lisa's brothers and his wife lived down in Alabama so she thought she could go live with them for awhile. Maybe she could keep the pregnancy from her friends and the rest of the family.

I said I thought that might be best. I had some money put away and as soon as my Army pay kicked in I could send her some more. Neither of us was happy that night and I took her home without our usual passionate ending.

Lisa went to the doctor a couple of days later and confirmed it. We made tentative plans for her to go down south after I went in the Army. I gave her most of everything I had in the bank, which with what money she had should take care of her needs.

We went out the night before I left and made love, over and over in a quiet kind of desperation. When I dropped her off at home, Lisa clung to me and whispered, "I am so scared, Alan, I love you more than anything". As I drove away I felt about as low as I ever had in my life.

About six hours later, myself and a couple of hundred other nervous, sleep deprived and in many cases, hung over, guys reported in to the Induction Center. After processing we were sworn into the Army, handed a box lunch, put on busses and made the ten hour drive to Ft. Knox, Kentucky. We stumbled off the bus around midnight, being screamed at by a half dozen no-nonsense Drill Instructors. We were hustled through a line to pick up bedding and then shoved into an old WWII barracks to sleep on bunks nearly as old.

Now during Vietnam, Army Basic Combat Training consisted of about one week in-processing and orientation, then six weeks of military training. Advanced Individual Training (AIT) would follow after that for what ever specialty you chose, or the Army had chosen for you. Basic included all the usual things everyone has heard of, physical fitness training, rifle instruction and qualification, obstacle course, drill & ceremony, land navigation, map reading, hygiene and dozens of other necessary military topics.

I found the trick to surviving basic training was to keep your mouth shut, do what you are told, and sleep when you got the chance. We were always exhausted from the high speed, high stress environment. I was a couple of years older than the average recruit with two years of college. So I was made a squad leader after the first one crashed and burned in week two. He had a sudden epiphany that he was a Conscientious Objector and was against the war. I think he was just a little late with that call.

Meanwhile Lisa was writing me daily. The highlight of our day was mail call. One thing about the Army, they never stood between a soldier and his mail. She told me over and over how much she loved me and kept me up to date on her progress to move to Alabama. Or I should say lack of progress. She said her sister-in-law wore the pants in that family and was not being cooperative. She was reluctant to get involved in our problems and was trying to convince Lisa to tell her parents.

Now Lisa's folks always treated me okay, but they were chain smoking, beer drinking factory rat hillbillies from way back. Her father, brother and brother-in-law were bona fide alcoholics who cheated on their spouses, fought anyone at the drop of a hat, and if not actually abused their kids, at least neglected them.

Her mother and sister spent most of their time trying to keep up with their men folk. Lisa was the baby in the family and seemed to have escaped the worst of the family influence. She never developed a taste for beer and quit smoking as soon as she found out I didn't like girls who did. Somehow I just did not get a warm and fuzzy feeling about them finding out I knocked up their baby daughter.

As the weeks rolled by I was totally involved in getting through training. But every night I was bombarded with letters from Lisa getting more and more desperate over the pregnancy. Between basic training and her letters my gut was always in a knot. I frequently wrote back and called her whenever we were given phone privileges. She kept trying to work things out with her sister-in-law but was getting nowhere.

At the time, if your training went well each company was promised a 48 hour weekend pass after week four. Lo and behold on that Thursday we were told we would be released Friday night and would not be due back until Sunday night. However the terms of the pass stated you were not to go further than fifty miles from post or you would be considered AWOL.

There were six of us in my platoon who all lived in the same county who wanted to get home and see our wives or girlfriends. So we all chipped in and rented a car and hit the road. It was more like five hundred miles to home than fifty. After eight hours of driving I was dropped off at my parent's house about two in the morning. I got about six hours sleep and then headed over to see Lisa.

Her parents had gone up to the lake where they kept a trailer so we were able to be alone. She started crying when she saw me at the door and held on to me like she thought she would never see me again. We went back to her bed and threw our clothes off. We made love and talked and made love again and talked some more.

It had come down to her sister-in-law wouldn't let her come to Alabama and she thought she was almost ten weeks along. Almost too far along for an abortion. As we made love that last time that morning she started crying and said, "I don't want to kill our baby!" That stopped me in mid-stroke. I realized that I had only one option left. I knew I couldn't abandon her.

Finally I said, "Lisa, do you want to get married?" Not the most romantic of proposals for sure.

She wiped her eyes and whispered, "I don't want you to feel you have to marry me." I assured her I didn't and I thought this would be the best solution.

As much as I dreaded it I would tell my parents before I left the next day to return to Ft. Knox. She would have to tell her parents and start making plans for the wedding. I told her whatever arrangements she wanted to make would be fine with me. But she couldn't set a date until I knew where I was going after basic training.

With the decision made we were able to relax a little and think about what this meant. Was it love? I thought so. I knew I wanted to be with her and that's all there was to it.

The next morning I caught Mom and Dad before they left for church and got the hard part over. What made it easier was that my older brother had gotten married two years before when he got his girlfriend pregnant. Things were tense for quite a while but they finally came around and things worked out. And when their baby came everything was forgiven.

I have to say a few things about my family. Dad was a mid-level supervisor for a manufacturing company and Mom was a full-time homemaker and part-time teacher's aide. They did pretty well financially, always had a nice home and were able to provide the necessities for us four boys. They were active in church and PTA.

While I was growing up, we were expected to attend church every Sunday. As soon as I was old enough to get a job I figured out if I had to work on Sunday I could get out of it. I always tried to work on Sunday. They didn't smoke, rarely swore or drank. They were very family oriented. And we never doubted they loved us.

So when I told them that Lisa and I were going to get married they had been over this ground before. Mom simply asked, "Do you have to?"

"Don't have to Mom, but Lisa is pregnant."

Dad just got this grim look on his face and Mom just shook her head. "Have Lisa call me this week and we can talk about your plans while you are off playing soldier." And then they left for church. I ran over to Lisa's to spend a couple of hours with her then met up with the guys for the drive back down south.

As graduation approached I received orders to Ft. Polk, Louisiana for my Advanced Individual Training. The Army in its infinite wisdom decided I was to receive eight weeks on-the-job training to be an administrative assistant in the post Adjutant Generals office. I always figured it was because I had a couple years of college and knew how to type. The best thing was I could have up to seven days leave before reporting. I called Lisa and asked her if that was enough time to have the wedding. Lisa, her mother and my mother had things well in hand and managed to pull it together.

We had a nice church wedding, not too large with a reception following. Lisa was a beautiful bride. And the dress she bought was loose enough to hide her beginning baby bump. Her dad supplied a keg and most of her family was drunk by the end of the night.

Lisa and I had a three-day quickie honeymoon and then I got on a plane for Ft. Polk. We decided that Lisa would continue to live at home until I finished training and received a permanent assignment. She also decided not to return to college and went back to working full-time as a ward clerk at the hospital.

Ft. Polk was a hellhole. It had recently been reactivated as an infantry training post because of Vietnam. Hot, muggy with cockroaches as big as your thumb. But I was working inside in an air-conditioned office, mostly as a glorified clerk-typist and go-fer. My time there went by quickly.

After about six weeks I got orders to report to Germany at the end of my training. I couldn't believe my luck! Most of the guys coming out of AIT were being ordered to 'Nam.

I had a delay in reporting to my new assignment so I was able to spend ten days at home. Lisa was about six months along but still sexy as hell and horny all the time. My plan was to request leave for the birth of the baby as soon as I got to my new unit. Lisa was going to stay with her parents until the last month of her pregnancy and then move to my folk's house. They had a couple of extra bedrooms that could better accommodate her and the baby.

I flew over and was assigned as a maintenance clerk in an armored unit. It was another OJT assignment but looked like it would be easy to learn. We were located on a small base near the East German border. It was the height of the cold war and our unit's primary assignment was to patrol the border which we did about one week out of six.

I spent the next few months mostly trying to stay straight enough not to get into trouble. The hashish available in Germany at that time was the best in the world and cheap. It helped us forget our horniness. If you didn't stay stoned the temptation to visit the legal whorehouses in Wurzburg or Nuremberg was overwhelming.

I flew home a couple of days before Lisa's due date. She was big as a house! She went into labor four days later. The delivery went well and we soon had a beautiful baby girl we named Madelyn. When I first looked at her I could tell my life would never be the same. I hung around for about a week after the birth and enjoyed every minute of it. We made plans for her and the baby to come to Germany as soon as Maddy was old enough to travel.

Everything came together finally and about three months later I was meeting my family at the Frankfurt Airport. Living in Germany as a junior enlisted man with dependents was a struggle. Too junior to be eligible for military housing, we rented an apartment in a little village about ten kilometers from the base. I had bought an old convertible VW beetle whose body was about three different shades of blue and was probably on its fifth or sixth engine.

Our furniture was old beat up rejects from base housing or cast-offs from other soldiers transferring out. We had no television, just a multi-band radio. My pay was just enough to cover basic necessities with a little left over to go to the movies once a month. Gas was cheap so many weekends we would go day tripping through the German countryside.

Our only other entertainment was ourselves. Maddy was a wonder. She was a happy baby almost all the time and she would sleep ten-twelve hours a night. Lisa was a great mom and of course she was with her all day long. But when I got home I would spend almost every minute she was awake playing with her. When she wasn't awake, Lisa and I played with each other.

Our evenings were like the honeymoon we never had. For ten months, interrupted only by the times I had to do a border patrol rotation, we made love nearly every night and in every way possible. I grew to know Lisa's body better than my own. And what a body she had! She had regained her figure quickly after Maddy was born. Her hips were a little fuller, her breasts a little rounder. (But she still complained about how small they were) But not a stretch mark or blemish on her! She could turn on a dead man!

Most times Lisa was as enthusiastic and eager for sex as I was. She loved to tease me until Maddy was asleep. Making love was fantastic. Lisa being multi-orgasmic made sex extraordinary. At least I thought so. Sometimes I would get her off during foreplay, then during oral sex and then a couple of times during vaginal sex. It was such a turn on and inspired me all the more. Some nights we would fall asleep spooning, with me still inside her and then wake up later in the night or in the morning going at it again.

It wasn't just the sex. It seemed like we came to know each other so well we could finish each other's sentences. When we looked at each other we almost always knew what the other was thinking. We never really had a fight, we would disagree at times but never did we get angry. We talked about anything and everything. What we wanted out of life. What we wanted for Maddy. What we wanted to do when we got back home.

We looked out for each other and did our best to make each other happy. The emotional bond we developed convinced me that this was forever. I couldn't imagine being without her. And I was convinced she felt the same way.

With my tour coming to an end I was offered a promotion if I would re-enlist. But we both wanted to go back to the 'world.' Be with family and friends, return to school, start a career, get on with our lives. It was a great experience and I was proud of my service but it was time to move on.

What a relief to be home after being gone for two years. We moved in with my parents for a couple of months until we could get back on our feet. I got a temporary second shift job at the local auto plant and enrolled back into college. Between the VA benefits and work we would do all right. We bought a used car and rented a townhouse and scrounged used furniture from family and friends.

Living with my parents had put a serious crimp in our sex lives. But after getting into our own place things picked back up again. It never really got back to the honeymoon fever we had experienced in Germany but it was still pretty great. Two-three times a week was our usual frequency. We continued to enjoy making love in a variety of ways.

We were always affectionate with each other. We held hands when walking together, touched and caressed each other frequently and often cuddled on the couch watching television. From time to time the subject of having another child would come up but neither one of us seemed to want to commit to it.

We had gotten into the habit of going out to the live rock and roll bars near campus with several other couples about twice a month. Now you have to know, in order for me to dance, it required liberal amounts of alcohol and lots of people dancing around me. So after a few drinks, Lisa would get me out on the dance floor and we would really boogie. Slow dancing didn't bother me. Being able to hold Lisa was my inspiration and made me better than I actually was. But fast dancing I was pretty much a typical white boy, few moves and rhythmically challenged. But Lisa could really shake it. Invariably she was dressed to kill and so hot she could make a grown man cry. After a night out I usually couldn't wait to get her home and in bed.

For the next few years I continued to go to college part-time and worked a variety of jobs. Within a couple of terms I finished my requirements for my associate degree and transferred to Michigan State to work toward a B.A.

I held several temporary second shift jobs in the winter months but during the warm season I mostly worked for several construction firms. Strangely enough I found out I liked the construction jobs the most. Working outside, operating heavy equipment and doing physical labor gave me a lot of satisfaction.

I had met a couple of other veterans at school who were doing about the same thing I was. John and Craig were best friends and had even been the best man in each other's weddings. We were all married and had small kids. We started socializing together along with five or six other couples from time to time. Barbecues, pool parties, chili cookouts, mostly family type get togethers.

Craig was working in a residential construction business owned by his wife's father. And John had worked for several heavy construction companies in the area before and after going in the service. So he knew his way around the construction business. One day he came to me with a proposal.

We both would kick in a couple of thousand dollars and incorporate a construction company. We would be combining his experience and mine, along with my college background in business and accounting. He suggested we do mostly landscaping and maybe some underground work to start. We could sub-contract out to several building contractors including Craig's company.

The thought of working for ourselves had a lot of appeal. And the possibility of making some serious money was attractive. Lisa and I talked it over and we decided to go for it. Lisa had done some childcare out of our home until Missy was about four and ready for pre-school. She then decided to return to hospital work.

But we were pretty much living paycheck to paycheck. We had moved a couple of times and were now living in a nice duplex. We owned our furniture, a three-year-old car and a 4WD pickup truck. That was pretty much it.

The work was interesting and we were busy about eight months of the year. We would hire four or five guys to work for us on projects as needed. Living in the snow-belt pretty much shut down most dirt type construction projects when the frost got in the ground. But we collected unemployment during the down months and did some 'cash under the table' casual work so we were never hurting too bad. And of course I was still collecting some VA education benefits.

Early on John and I had gotten into the habit of going to happy hour at various bars after work on Friday's to pound down a few. We were usual joined by a bunch of other construction types including Craig. Now John and Craig were pretty hard beer drinkers to the point of being alcoholic. I was usually satisfied with a mild buzz from a couple of mixed drinks.

It also turned out that they both were players when given the opportunity. I was kind of shocked to find out John was regularly banging one of the wives in our social circle. And Craig was having an affair with the sister of one of the guys in our same group. His biggest claim to fame was he had bagged his wife's younger sister the first year of their marriage or so he claimed. They both openly admitted they had hit on about every decent looking female they knew; and quite a few who were not so decent. Frequently after a couple of beers or six, they both would brag openly about their exploits.

I have to admit that those stories got me interested and I wondered what it would be like to get into something strange. Occasionally during those 'Happy Hours' I met, had a few drinks with, or sometimes even danced with other women. But when I compared them with Lisa they just didn't stack up. I just couldn't see taking the risk when I had something better at home. I always looked forward to going home to my wife.

About the time we started the business, disco had finally made its way into the Midwest. Our rock and roll clubs were slowly changing. Lisa embraced the new music whole- heartedly. It fit in with her dance background and she picked up all the new dances easily. By the second year we were in business many of the rock bars were gone and the discos were in. I had gone out with her a couple of times to some of them but I just couldn't get into it.

Not only did I not have the talent for it, I just didn't feel comfortable in that scene. I was a flannel shirt and blue jeans kind of guy, not silk shirts and John Travolta suits. I had been working construction for several years now and at 6'3" I weighed about 230 lbs. I was big but a lot of muscle. Big arms, shoulders and chest. During the off season, I belonged to the local YMCA and played racquetball and lifted weights to stay in shape. I had long hair and a full beard. Lisa said I resembled Paul Bunyan, but Maddy thought I was just one big cuddly bear.

Now Lisa was another story. Being a few years older and more mature had only improved her looks. She could eat anything she wanted and not gain a pound. She loved nice clothes and was a regular clothes horse. She could wear anything and look sexy in it. One of the few things we argued about was how much she spent on her wardrobe. With her appearance, dance talent and personality, she fit right into the disco scene.

Since I had no interest in disco, Lisa had gotten into the habit of going out one night a week with several other girls from the hospital. They would have a few drinks, enjoy the music and maybe dance a little. That finally developed into a routine that on Fridays I would get home from being at happy hour with the guys around seven or eight. She would then leave to meet the girls at one of the clubs for the rest of the evening and I would stay home with Maddy.

About the time Lisa got interested in the disco scene, she got the idea she wanted breast implants. One of our previous neighbors who was around her age had it done and Lisa was fascinated by how it changed her figure. I didn't think it was necessary and argued with her about it. She insisted she felt she was flat-chested and she would look better and feel better about herself if she had it done.

Our insurance would cover the hospitalization but not the surgeon's fee. And it was not an expense we really could afford. But she beat me down and she got it done. The change wasn't huge, probably a 34B to a 34C in cup size. But she did look good with it and she really filled out a bikini. Lisa was more than pleased with the results.

The construction season was over and it was the end of our second full year in the business. I was working from home closing out the books and preparing balance statements, tax forms and W-2's. We had kept busy for eight of the last twelve months, made a profit, paid all our bills and had some cash in the bank.

But when you figured out all the hours John and I put in during the year it seemed we only made about fifty cents an hour. Certainly not the big money I was hoping for.

Lisa and I had been talking about buying a house. We were tired of renting. Maddy was now six and in first grade. And the subject of giving her a brother or sister came up again. Lisa was doing well at the hospital. Changed jobs a couple of times, got promoted and each time getting an increase in pay. Truth be told her salary would probably exceed my combined wage, unemployment and veterans tuition benefits this year. I couldn't help but wonder where our construction business was going. I only needed a few classes to complete my Bachelors degree. Maybe it was time to consider doing something else?

And then, just after the Thanksgiving holidays, I answered that anonymous phone call that changed everything.

As I sat there trying not to be sick all this flashed through my mind. I just kept mumbling to myself, "what the fuck?"

I did not want to accept that there could be something to this. But something told me I had missed something. That something had changed this past year. I shook my head trying to get the fog out. I needed a plan and I needed to be prepared for when he called back. I grabbed a pad of paper and started making a list of questions I needed answers to.

After a bit I just sat there staring at the sheet of paper, hoping that it would just go away.

When the phone rang, it startled me. I grabbed it and said "hello?"

"Are you alone now?"


"Your wife Lisa goes to the 'Extra Point' most Friday nights doesn't she?" The caller asked.

"Yes, she does". I dreaded to hear the next words.

"She has been having an affair down there with a man named Dan Burris for several months now."

Shit, putting a name to him somehow made it more real. "How do you know?"

He laughed, "They don't exactly keep it a secret. Everyone in that crowd knows what's going on."

Damn! Damn! My thoughts kept bouncing between disbelief, anger, panic and denial.

"Why are you telling me this? Are you making this up because you are pissed at this guy? Or did you hit on Lisa and she shut you down?"

He got angry with that, "I'm not making anything up. And never mind why! I just thought you ought to know!"

"Oh sure you do," I thought for a moment. "So when and where is this happening?"

"Most nights they head out to his custom van between eleven and twelve. He's got it set up as a real bedroom on wheels. They don't usually come back to the club."

With a sick feeling I remembered waking up and hearing Lisa come in after two AM a couple of Friday nights and then I went right back to sleep. Later when I asked her about it she just shrugged and said she stayed for the last set the band played.

"How long has this been going on?"

"I heard it had started about mid-summer, maybe earlier."

"Is this Dan married?"

"Yep, but he says his old lady doesn't care."

"They get together any other times or places?"

"A couple of times they didn't stay in the parking lot after they left the club. I heard him say they went to his house one time and he said they met for lunch a few times," he paused for a second and said, "then there was the sailing weekend they had."

"Sailing weekend? What the hell are you talking about?"

"I guess one weekend last August, Dan, Lisa and two other couples went out on a big sailboat on Lake Michigan. I heard they had quite a time."

Shit! It was like a big puzzle. One piece would fall into place making a fit for several others.

My Mom and Dad had asked me to come up to their lake cottage last August and help build a deck. Lisa's department had to cover Sundays at the hospital so usually one Sunday out of the month she had to work. That weekend happened to fall on her Sunday.

I left Friday night and took Maddy with me. Mom and Dad never missed a chance to see one their grandkids. Lisa said she thought she would go to the beach at Grand Haven on Saturday with Connie, one of her friends from the hospital. In fact she said she just might decide to stay the night with her and leave from her house to go to work on Sunday morning.

"I can't believe that! Lisa is scared to be on the water. She can barely stand to set foot on a pontoon boat!"

"Maybe they never left the marina. But whatever they did, I heard it was a hell of a party."

The implications of this story started to sink in. If it was true then Lisa had actually lied to me! And if she had lied about this, what else had she lied about?

"Where does this Dan Burris live?"

"Oh no, I'm not going to be responsible for you doing something stupid! Besides he's listed in the phone book."

"What does he look like?"

"He's about 6'1" or 6'2." Probably about 180 lbs. He's 32, has blond hair, combed back. Good physical condition, good dancer, decent looking guy, quite a smooth operator and makes a lot of money."

"Anything else you know about them?"

"Well from what I heard I have the feeling he isn't the first that got his fingers into her pie! She's pretty popular down there but Dan monopolizes her time now. And she's not the first he has gotten into his van that's for sure. But she is the first that he has ever talked about like he was in love with her."

Shit, he is talking about my wife! I wanted to puke!

Angrily I said, "I can't believe this. Lisa isn't like that!"

"Hey man, I'm sorry about this but if it was me I would want to know!" And he actually said it with some sympathy, which just made me feel worse.

"Yeah, right" and I slammed the phone down.

I don't know how long I sat there but the next thing I knew Maddy was coming in the door from school. I pulled myself out of my funk long enough to give her a desperate hug and admire the schoolwork she had brought home. Eventually I got her settled down with a snack and some cartoons on television. As I watched her I felt my eyes tear up as I thought about what might happen to us. Is it possible that Lisa could be involved in something like this?

Lisa would be home in a couple of hours. As I started dinner I kept going over that conversation in my mind. The caller knew too many details to be discounted. I decided I did not want a confrontation yet. Part of it was fear of the unknown. Part of it was still hoping and praying this was all a misunderstanding. But whatever it was I needed to know the truth.

As I thought about the call I started thinking about what had changed in the last year or so. Lisa had always been something of a flirt. She would talk to anyone and she wasn't shy. She enjoyed dirty jokes as much as anybody we knew. I know she got a kick out of the attention she got from other men. We had talked and laughed about it several times. I never believed anything could come of it.

When I was out drinking with the guys, sometime during the evening the topic of sex would always come up. Lisa was probably one of the best looking women in our social circle. A couple of times when the guys were half bagged I heard hints and rumors about her flirtatious ways and thinly veiled references to her fooling around. I always attributed those comments to alcohol and envy. Could it be there was more to it?

Another thing that I had noticed was when Lisa first started going out with the girls to the clubs she would always be home before midnight. Sometimes I would still be awake and she would want to make love. Sometimes she would even wake me. If we didn't make love when she got home then we would first thing in the morning for sure.

But when she started coming home later and later that all stopped, we never made love on Saturdays anymore. Sunday became the norm. The fact is she rarely made it out of bed before eleven on Saturday unless I was working and she had to watch Maddy.

Another thing I had noticed this past year was Lisa seemed to exude more self-confidence than she had ever before. Maybe it was her improved figure, or the way she dressed more professionally to fit her latest job promotion. And she didn't seem to care about going up to Mom and Dad's cabin as much as she used to. I had the feeling she had less interest in what I was doing and what the construction business was doing.

One thing I did while waiting for Lisa to get home was go to the phone book and look up 'Dan Burris'. I found a Daniel and Patricia Burris listed in Grand Ledge, a nearby well-to-do suburb. Seeing it gave me another chill. I wrote down their number and address and collected all the notes from the phone call and put them in my briefcase. I put my game face on and tried to act as if nothing unusual had happened that day.

Somehow I got through the evening. Lisa was as affectionate as ever. Kissing me as she came in the door, slipping me a little tongue and grabbing my butt. I kept looking at her to see if I could see something different but there was nothing. She chattered on about her day at the hospital and the upcoming Christmas party our friends were having. She talked, laughed, and played with Maddy. Maddy wanted to put the Christmas tree up and we kept trying to convince her it was too early yet. Later that night I just lay awake in bed trying to forget. Lisa cuddled up to me like she usually does and went right to sleep.

The next morning after Maddy left for school and Lisa for work, I got my out my notes. I reviewed everything that was said and everything I had remembered. I decided I needed to do a search of the house for clues. I went through Lisa's closet and dresser drawers. I went through our storage boxes in the basement.

I looked at our old charge account bills, telephone bills and checking account statements. Nothing stood out. I looked through our correspondence drawer, loose note cards, miscellaneous bits and pieces of paper, again nothing.

I got out our address book that we kept and starting going through it. I didn't find anything until I got to the Z's. Like most people, we didn't know anyone whose last name started with a 'Z'. The second blank page after 'Z' I found a half dozen pencil entries in Lisa's writing that were just initials followed by one or two phone numbers.

One of the entries was D.B. and the first number matched Dan Burris's number listed in the phone book! I felt like I had just been punched in the gut. I just sat there staring at the page.

At first I got angry. Then I just got sad and depressed. As inconceivable as it seemed, I had to accept the fact that my wife had a secret life that I had no idea existed. A life that probably included behavior that was in direct conflict with our marriage vows. And she thought so little of me that she actually wrote the evidence in our address book!

I had to believe the story my unknown caller had told me was mostly true. And if it was true, could I put it behind me? Would I be able to forgive her? With a sinking feeling I didn't think we could put the genie back in the bottle. What about Maddy? Whatever happened she would be the most affected.

With what I now had, I figured I could find out the 'who, what and where.' But why, could only be discovered by direct confrontation with Lisa. I had three days left before she went out again on Friday. I needed to get as many answers as possible before then. I had to know my options. And I had to be prepared to make a decision and follow through with it. I couldn't let this drag on. It was eating me up inside.

I had a high school buddy who completed law school. He was clerking for a local judge waiting to take the Bar exam. I gave him a call and he gave me a referral to a divorce attorney who would give me a free consultation. I set up an appointment for Friday morning.

I started calling the numbers I found in our address book to try to figure out all the players. It was easy to pretend to be a wrong number or a sales solicitor. I was right about the second number under D.B. It was the number for a business machines service company. From what I got out of the receptionist Dan was a sales rep. The other names associated with the numbers were not familiar to me except for C.M. Turned out it was her friend Connie from the hospital.

That evening I told Lisa I had to visit a job site we were going to bid on and would be gone for a couple of hours. I drove to the Burris address and parked a few houses down. It was in an upscale residential neighborhood. There was one car in the driveway when I arrived, a recent model BMW. About twenty minutes later a maroon custom Chevy Van pulled in. A well dressed man got out who fit the description of Dan Harris and walked into the house. I could now put a face with the name. I drove slowly by and wrote down the license plate number.

Getting through the rest of the week was tough. I avoided going to bed when Lisa did. The thought of making love to her was depressing. Lisa sensed I was stressed over something and she kept asking me if something was wrong. I told her I was feeling some pressure to get all the end of year tax forms done early. And some of the accounts didn't balance. She accepted my story without comment. Fact was the IRS, and John, my partner, could care less as long as everything was filed by April 15th. I spent as much time with Maddy as I could. I was afraid of the changes the future was going to bring.

Thursday evening during dinner, Lisa casually said "Are you going out for happy hour on Friday as usual?"

On the spur of the moment, I said, "I don't know, for some reason I just don't feel like it this week. Why don't we skip this Friday and do something together? Maybe the three of us could go somewhere."

Without missing a beat she said, "Why honey, it is kind of late to change plans. I promised Connie I would meet her at the club. She is bringing a girlfriend she wants me to meet who is interested in a position we have open at the hospital."

I just sat there and felt so sad. She had fallen to this. Making up stories so as not to miss out of meeting her lover. My feelings must have shown on my face.

"Oh Alan, we can do something together on Saturday or Sunday. It's not the end of the world!" She said with a little laugh.

I smiled and said, "You're right. It's not the end of the world." Not the end of the world, but maybe the end of our marriage.

On Friday morning I met with the attorney and explained my situation as I saw it. I needed to know what my legal options were. His first question was is reconciliation possible? My answer was that it was possible but it would all depend on what came out of the coming confrontation. He explained that we lived in a no-fault state. This meant that the reasons for the divorce were immaterial in order to have a divorce granted.

The reasons could matter when it came to matters of property division, alimony and child custody. Given the fact that Lisa's income was equal to, or greater than mine, spousal support should not be an issue. Since our assets were minimal, division of property should not be an issue.

As far as custody, if the divorce went forward I wanted joint custody of Maddy. In case Lisa wanted to contest it, proof of adultery or her unfitness as a mother would probably discourage any such action on her part. I told the lawyer I thought I could come up with something.

As I sat at home that afternoon I found myself wishing I could confide in someone. Someone who could reassure me I was not over reacting. That this was as bad as I felt it was. I was too ashamed and embarrassed to tell anyone in my family. I thought about John and Craig. But with their history towards fidelity I wasn't likely to get any good advice from them. And besides I couldn't trust them to keep their mouths shut after a couple of beers.

I had set my plans in motion for the evening so after finishing up some more business paperwork I went out to the bar for happy hour. My head really wasn't in it and after one drink I switched to ginger ale and just sat back and watched everything going on around me. The view was depressing. Is this what I have to look forward to? Hanging out in bars looking for companionship? Marriage had been good to me, it had made me happy. At least I thought it had been good to me. Turns out I was clueless.

I finally gave up in disgust and left for home. I pulled in before seven and Maddy met me at the door by jumping into my arms and giving me a big kiss. "Daddy, daddy, you're home!"

Lisa came out of the bedroom dressed but still putting her makeup on. She looked at me closely like she was trying to judge my sobriety. "I fed Maddy supper. There are leftovers on the stove. I am meeting Connie for dinner before we go to the club." I just grunted at her and made my way into the kitchen. Maddy chattered away about school and showed me some artwork she had made while I warmed up something to eat.

As I sat there with Maddy, Lisa came in with her coat on looking wonderful as usual. She made my heart ache just looking at her, thinking about what she was doing to us. She gave us both a kiss and said, "You two have fun tonight, love you both." Maddy said, "I love you Mommy." I just said, "Bye." I wanted to ask her not to go again but it would have been pointless. Lisa stopped at the door for a second and looked at me strangely like she wanted to say something. Then she opened the door and stepped out.

I waited about fifteen minutes after listening to her car drive away and I got up and called the babysitter I had arranged earlier. I told her to come on over in about twenty minutes. Then I sat down with Missy and said "How would you like Carol to come and stay with you for awhile"? Maddy loved Carol and she was all for it. "You have to be a good girl for her and go to bed when she tells you, okay?" Maddy nodded enthusiastically.

I went into the bathroom and got out my shaving gear. I started shaving off my beard and mustache. Where I was going tonight I didn't want to be recognized. Maddy came in and looked at me. "Daddy what are you doing to your face?"

"I'm making it all smooth like it was before you came along sweetheart. Don't you like it?" I grew the beard right after getting out of the Army and she didn't remember me without it.

"I think I do," but she sounded uncertain. My hair was still long but I combed it back and away from face.

I gathered up some things I needed and as soon as Carol came in I said I had to leave but would be home between eleven and one. I gave Maddy a kiss and a hug and left. I drove over to my brother's house to trade vehicles. He had asked a few weeks ago if he could borrow the pickup sometime to move some stuff. A couple of days before I told him he could have it this Friday night if he was willing to let me use his car. It worked out for both of us.

He is also something of an amateur photographer and I had asked him if I could borrow his camera and a zoom lens with film that would work in lowlight conditions. He questioned me about what I was going to shoot but I just told him I would tell him about it later if it worked out. He set it up and gave me some pointers and off I went.

Snow flurries were coming down as I pulled into the club parking lot about eight thirty. I cruised through it until I came across her car all the way in the back in a dark corner. I didn't see the maroon van so I thought maybe they were still at dinner. I hoped they hadn't decided to go somewhere else. I parked where I could get a good view out my side window and waited. About thirty minutes later the van pulled in with another car close behind. They both parked close to Lisa's car.

Lisa and Dan got out of the van and another couple got out of the car. I didn't know the other man but I recognized the woman as Connie. Lisa had introduced me to her a couple of times. She was a cute blond, divorced and a couple of years younger than us. Lisa and Dan walked hand in hand, laughing and talking and looking at each other with obvious affection. I got a couple of photos as they walked by me towards the entrance. Watching them reinforced the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I waited a few minutes and got out of the car. I had dressed differently than I usually did, khaki pants and a dress shirt. I put on a long dark rain coat with the collar pulled up and a Panama hat. I figured if I kept my head down the brim would hid my face. The disco crowd tended to dress pretty eclectic so I thought I would not stand out if I stayed in the shadows. I slung the camera around my neck and hid it under the coat.

I walked to the entrance and paid the cover. I went right to the bar glancing under the brim of my hat just enough to find my way. I bought a coke and starting looking around. I figured if they came for the dancing they would be near the dance floor and the deejay. I spotted them up front. They had put a couple of tables together and were sitting with six or eight others.

I made my way around the back of the crowded bar staying against the wall as much as possible. I found a table with a single bar stool against the wall about thirty feet behind them. It gave me a good view of their table and the floor. I needn't have worried about being recognized. The only light in the club was around the dance floor and the bar, which made it almost impossible for anyone else to be seen from a distance.

It was apparent that they all knew each other, the women were hugging and kissing each other's cheeks and the guys were laughing and joking around. Connie was the only person I recognized other than Lisa and Dan. I wondered if my whistle-blower was one of this crowd. The music was playing and most of the group paired up and moved out on the floor.

For the next three hours I watched Lisa with her lover. It was obvious within the first hour that 'lovers' described their relationship. They danced; they kissed, and held each other. They whispered in each other's ears. They danced together like they had been partners forever.

God knows how many hours they must have practiced the fast ones. The slow dances they melted into each others arms like they were one. I saw Lisa look into his eyes like she once looked into my eyes; at the end of the dance she would kiss him slowly and tenderly like she once kissed me. I just sat there all choked up, continually wiping the tears from my eyes.

When they sat at the table, he would have his hand on her leg and she would have her hand on the back of his head, slowing stroking his hair, her wedding rings glittering in the light, mocking me. When she stroked my hair like that I would get an instant erection which always amused her.

As the evening progressed they became more and more affectionate and I knew how it was going to end. He would occasionally caress her breast or ass when he thought no one was looking, and Lisa would tease him by rubbing his bulge or blowing into his ear. Then they would sit back and talk very earnestly almost touching nose to nose. They were in their own private world, sharing their own intimate thoughts.

After three hours I was emotionally exhausted. I had intended to follow them out to his van and witness the end of the evening but I couldn't stand anymore. I had my answer and it made me bitter. This wasn't just a physical relationship but a close emotional one as well.

What I thought we had, what I thought we shared only with each other, she had given freely to him. She had already left me. I knew there could be no satisfactory explanation, no satisfactory solution to this.

I had seen enough. And I had covertly taken enough pictures to prove to myself later, or anyone else for that matter, that it wasn't my imagination.

I took a sheet of paper out of my pocket and wrote in my bold printing that she would instantly recognize:

'Don't come home tonight. I don't want to see you. The doors will be locked.
Go to your Mom's, go to your sister's, or go home with Dan.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Don't call me tonight. I won't talk to you now.
Call tomorrow. If you have anything to say to me, you can say it then.'

I carefully folded it. I got up and walked to the bar. I stood there for a few minutes and stoically watched Lisa and Dan as they started to get their coats on. A waitress came by and I said, "Would you like to make a $20 tip?" She looked at me like I was crazy. Impatiently I went on, "See that woman near the dance floor in the green dress and black coat?"

"Oh sure, Lisa, I know her, and her boyfriend too."

Disgustedly I said, "Great, that's just great, here's the twenty. Just walk over and give her this paper." She took the paper and the twenty, looked at me, shrugged and went toward the dance floor.

I walked over to the entrance, turned and watched, my mind numb as the waitress approached Lisa and handed her the paper. Lisa said something to her, and the waitress said something back and pointed back to the bar.

Lisa unfolded the sheet of paper and one hand went to her lips and I could almost hear her cry out above the sound of the music. Then she slowly crumpled to the floor as her startled lover tried to hold her up.

Wearily I turned, and went out into the cold snowy night.

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