Mayhem III or Double Trouble, Triple Teamed
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Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Science Fiction, Humor, Harem, Military,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Cast List - Mayhem #3: Two of Mayhem's men have women problems. This isn't amazing; most men have women problems of one type or another but it is amazing how many different types of problems there are.

Captain Daniel Mayhem: AKA: LaMuerte (The Death) usually called so by the people he had been fighting against; Captain, Capt'n or Cap by his team members, "Boss" by Mike.

Muchacos Perdidos (Lost Boys): The unofficial designation of Mayhem's SpecFor team during the war. They began using the names of several of Peter Pan's Lost Boys as their net handles during the war and the name stuck. Even after almost a decade since the end of the war the mere mention of the words Muchacos Perdidos in certain areas of SA (South America) still conjures up various divergent reactions: gratitude, fear, love, loathing, worship, wet panties and pissed pants. Depends mostly on which side of the war you were on. The one thing that has never changed has been their steadfast loyalty to the man they believed was the only reason they survived the war, Captain Daniel Mayhem.

Master Sergeant William Marker: "Top" or "Slightly". Team's senior NCO and intelligence officer.

Sergeant Michel Darlington: "Mike" or "Nibs." Sniper extraordinary and master at close in fighting. Mike's mental stability has been precarious and deteriorated after the war resulting in chronic alcoholism and bouts of extreme violence. Since Dan's brush with a terrorist bomb on the cruise ship Xanadu she unilaterally appointed herself as Dan's bodyguard.

Sergeant Nathan Willis: "Weird" or "Tootles." Slightly demented genius noted for his affinity with electronics and intelligent machines. Second only to Mike in hand to hand combat.

Sergeant Brian McNaught: "Bri" or "Cubby." General all around fighter; served as the team's medic.

Sergeant Samuel Koble: "Sam" or "Marmaduke." One of the Kolbe twins; likes heavy weapons and making things go crunch. Also known for having a crush on the USO singer Natalie Bernstead for almost two decades who is now his wife.

Sergeant Stanley Koble: "Stan" or "Binky." The other half of the Kolbe twins; a real man's man (that means he's gay); likes to play with explosives and make things go boom.

Other characters and organizations:

Antigua Delmar: "Tinker Bell" or "Tink," A superstar of popular music, nicknamed Tinker Bell by Mayhem due to her remarkable resemblance to Peter Pan's fairy friend.

Katherine "Kathy" Mayhem: Mayhem's wife murdered by terrorists years earlier.

Natalie Bernstead: A wartime USO singer well known and liked by veterans of the war mostly for her willingness to entertain front line troops with live shows. Is now the wife of Sam Koble.

Cynthia Delmar: Antigua's mother and manager, music producer, beautiful woman and a bitch. Dumped Daniel without warning or reason.

Dan Mayhem's wives:

Sumalee (Alee) Nakpradith: Twenty-four years old, originally from Thailand; has a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Bangkok. Short in stature and petite in frame she has a dominating and aggressive personality with a fiery temper. She enjoys sexually dominating her partners but is completely submissive to Dan. She was working as a bartender on the cruise ship Xanadu when he met her.

Lidia Chojnacki: Polish, aged twenty-eight, very tall, very blonde and stacked like a Vegas card deck. Is more the outdoors type: she's a certified ski instructor, enjoys all sorts of sporting activities and holds reasonably advanced honors in several martial arts. In temperament she is as sweet and restrained as Sumalee is aggressive. She was also working on the Xanadu when Dan saved her life during a terrorist bombing.

The Veterans' Benevolent Society (VBS): Born out of a rash boast by Dan Mayhem to a South American Cartel leader that he had organized war veterans for mutual protection. The society's stated goals are to assist war veterans and the multitude of resulting widow, widowers and orphans left precariously on their own by declining government assistance in the years following the war. The VBS has been evolving into two distinct parts; one being political and the other direct assistance. As inferred the political aspect attempts to influence the government towards increased assistance for war survivors while the other, referred to as "Field Activities," provides direct assistance to war veterans or their surviving dependents.

The VBS Central Directing Committee:

Carla Medford: Lt. General US Strategic Air Corp (ret), Committee chairwoman and face for the political aspects.

Bill Maker: Col. 82nd Airborne, US Army (ret), political strategy and advice.

Daniel Mayhem: De facto head of the field activities.

Shara Billing: Lt. UN Special Operation (ret), area organizer and head of their "intelligence" section.

Jim Preston: Master Sergeant, US Marine Corp (ret), area organizer and head of the VBS's "Security" section, i.e. the guns and grunts used to protect those who need it when local or national law enforcement is unwilling or unable to do so. In this capacity he reports to Dan Mayhem.

Other characters:

Bradley Miller: VBS Field Representative. Twenty-eight years old, combat veteran. It is his job to ensure the health, comfort and wellbeing of the families assigned to him.

Brad's families:

Patricia Henderson: Widow, thirty-four with three children; Charlene (14); Melissa (11) and Patty (8)

Grace Duev: Widow, Forty with one child, Donald (15).

Samantha (Sam) Roebling: Widow, thirty-two, one child, Phyllis (7).

Matt Dowing: Widower, two children. He is engaged and now has a job due to VBS assistance.

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