Smelling Amy

by little miss blair

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Lesbian, FemaleDom, Humiliation, First, Masturbation, Water Sports, Scatology, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Caution: This story not for the squeamish. It is a tale about a rare sexual fetish, a fantasy for a relative low number of people, actually practiced by even less. If the story sexually stimulates you, don't allow it to scare you shitless, just keep it to yourself...

Bystanders identified the man they observed having sex with the warm female corpse lying in the alley. He didn't kill her but he was eventually indicted, found guilty and sentenced to twenty five to life for her death. It seemed like an apt sentences, for what he did to the unidentified body seemed equally as gross as killing her.

Sarah threw the novel down on the night stand in dissgust. She was sick and tired of reading shtty best sellers, books with no redeeming value whatsoever ... novels written to shock the senses, the new art form for the masses.

Sarah knew she couldn't continue sitting at home night after night alone. It was stifling her creative juices ... She needed conversation ... someone to talk to outside of work ... someone who would listen to her, communicate with her without being needy and demanding.

The following morning she drove out of her way to drop off the hand written advertisement at the local newspaper.

"Wanted, roommate... 3 bedroom Condo ... all the amenities ... pool, sauna, private parking. Female only. No smoking or pets. 555-1214."

Sarah, a young executive of a Fortune Five Hundred company, thought long and hard before placing the ad. After a long, bitter divorce with her husband of three years, living alone in her luxury condo was taking a toll on her.

She didn't like living alone, but taking on a roommate was risky and she knew it. She finally convinced herself, however, that if she used her executive skills, she could, through thorough interviews, select someone who could fill her needs for companionship. Her priority would be someone who enjoyed the finer things in life, and to be available for thoughtful, like minded conversation.

After placing the ad, she hurried to her next appointment, a quick physical at Dr Carlson's clinic, a requirement for a life insurance policy she was purchasing.

Arriving at the clinic, the front desk clerk escorted her right in, moving her past a dozen people sitting quietly and patiently in the waiting room. She received special VIP treatment because of her employer's contractual agreement with the clinic for health care for their executives.

Dr Carlson came in immediately with Sarah's medical record in hand.

"So, Miss Ross, what can we do for you today?"

"I need a physical signed off by you for a life insurance purchase," Sarah responded. "This isn't going to take long is it? I have a busy schedule today."

"Well, according to your chart you're healthy as a horse," Dr Carlson said. "I assume what they need is a cursory examination. If you'll remove your blouse and bra I'll have you out of here as quickly as possible."

As Sarah removed her blouse, her braless, large firm breast fell into view. Their magnificence wasn't lost on Dr Carlson, a closeted lesbian of sorts, at least with her patients.

Closeted or not, she couldn't help but rudely blurt out: "My god," she gasped breathlessly, "those are the healthiest ... uh ... lungs I've seen in awhile."

Sarah's faced flushed red, embarrassed by the comment. She knew she had a terrific body but she preferred to be recognized for her intelligence. She brushed the Doctor's comments aside ... considering it an off handed, a blunt assessment to the youthful, healthful appearance of her body.

The two women chatted as the doctor took Sarah's blood pressure. "I just came from the newspaper," Sarah said, making small talk. "I'm advertising for a roommate. I'm so damn tired of living alone, but after three years of living with a poor specimen of a man, I'm afraid dating is not on my agenda for awhile."

"You have plenty of time to find the right man," the doctor responded. "What are you, twenty nine? You're still young. Look at me, I'm thirty nine and still looking."

The doctor, still aware of her breast comment slip, was attempting a feeble attempt at crawlinng back into her closet where she had dwelled for so long.

"You know what," Dr Carlson suddenly blurted out. "I know a nurse here at the clinic whose looking for a roommate also. I think she lives at home with her mother. I heard her mention something about her mother re-marrying and living at home was becoming uncomfortable for her."

"Oh yeah," Sarah said with guarded interest. "The thing is, I live in a pretty upscale condo, so the rent for a roommate wouldn't be exactly cheap. That might be a problem for a nurse, wouldn't it?"

"Uh ... I don't know," Dr Carlson said. "She's young, like twenty four or twenty five, but she has already worked herself up to our head nurse. I would guess she's making around three thousand a month. Is that not enough to live with you?"

Sarah realized she must have sounded like an elitist with her remarks. She was also surprised a nurse made that kind of money. The nine hundred a month rental fee she intended to charge wasn't out of reach for someone with the nurse's income. She became more interested, especially with someone like Dr Carlson recommending her.

"I can tell you what you'd be getting with her," Dr Carlson continued. "She's a gourmet cook. The girl loves to cook. If she ever tires of nursing, I could easily see her in the kitchen of a fine upscale restaurant somewhere. I've ate her cooking ... she's amazing. But then that's just my opinion ... and coming from a woman who can barely fry an egg." She laughed.

"Can you do me a favor?" Sarah asked. "Can you have the her call me. I'll set up an appointment for some evening ... she can come to my place and we can discuss it. Who knows ... I was looking for someone nearer my age but what the hell, we're only talking about four or five year difference. As long as she isn't into that damn Rap music, we may have enough in common.

"I'll ask her if she likes Rap," Dr Carlson said laughingly. "If she doesn't, I'll give her your number."

Sarah laughed as she buttoned up her blouse. "It's a deal," she said. "Are we done here ... Am I free to go?"

A few days later, as Sarah exited an elevator at work, her cell phone rang. It was the nurse from the clinic.

"Miss Ross, my name is

Amy ... head nurse at the Mason clinic. Dr Carlson gave me your number. She said you were looking for a roommate?"

"Yes, I told Dr Carlson to give you my number," Sarah said. "Actually, what I'm doing is interviewing for a roommate. If you would like to set up an appointment, I'd love to interview you."

"Oh," Amy muttered. "I thought that..."

"I know I wasn't very specific with Dr Carlson," Sarah quickly interrupted. "But I do need to interview. Actually, it's in my best interest as well as yours. It's always possible we're incompatible, wouldn't you agree?"

"I understand," Amy said. "Sure, I can come by for an interview. When would you like me there ... I can come almost anytime in the evening."

"How about tonight, around seven," Sarah suggested.

"Sure ... is this at your condo or your office?"

Sarah gave the nurse her condo address. She didn't mention that Amy would be her first interview. No one had responded to her ad.

Sarah's doorbell rang precisely at seven. Amy was prompt, a good sign. Sarah was mildly surprised. For some reason she had developed a mental image of what the nurse would look like. She looked nothing like Sarah imagined.

Amy was a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty. She was still in her form fitting uniform, showing off her perfectly proportioned body. She appeared bubbly, but with a serious aura about her ... a Head Nurse maturity beyond her young years.

"So," Sarah began, "Dr Carlson told me why you were looking for a roommate ... your mother recently re-married?"

"Yes, and it has become increasingly uncomfortable living there," Amy sighed. "Her new husband has become a little to familiar with me, if you know what I mean. I haven't told my mother about it ... it seems simpler to just move out."

"I understand," Sarah said. "What the hell is it with men? You say hello to them and right away they think you want to fuck them. Unfortunately, in most cases their egos are way bigger than their cocks."

Amy giggled. Sarah liked her giggle.

"I also understand you're quite a cook too," Sarah said with an inquiring voice.

"Yeah, it's more than a hobby with me," Amy said excitedly. "Actually, I'm quite good at it. And I love doing it because it relieves the stress of my job. I take my employment responsibilities quite seriously."

"What do you think we have in common?" Sarah asked.

"Well, let's see," Amy's face took on a thoughtful look. "I understand you're an Assistant Vice President at your firm, responsible for millions of dollars I presume. I'm a head nurse presiding over five other nurses and responsible for hundreds of lives. We both have huge responsibilities and leadership abilities."

"Sarah was surprised by the young lady's insightful answer. It was uncharacteristic for her to make snap decisions but she knew she would love to have Amy as her roommate and told her so.

And within minutes it was settled between them. Sarah even reduced the rental amount by two hundred dollars as an inducement.

They agreed Amy would move in the following day. With key in hand, Amy and Sarah shook on the deal, their first personal gesture. Sarah had a roommate. She was excited and relieved.

Amy didn't bring much personal property with her ... a limited amount of expensive clothes, a set of high quality cookware and a thirty two inch high definition television that she hung on her bedroom wall.

She was settled in by mid afternoon, just in time to surprise Sarah by cooking up an exquisite, gourmet meal.

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