Heidi and Miles: Heidi

by happyhugo

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Romantic Story: This is the last of the Heidi and Miles story from Heidi's point of view. Heidi, not really deserving of being Miles's wife again, but it happened.

Chapter 1

Miles told you how he found out his wife was cheating on him and how it destroyed his life. I am that stupid, cheating wife and I not only almost destroyed him, but myself as well. That was then, but he was a man with a big heart and he loved me. He was big enough to put us back together. Miles, I'll love you forever.

Heidi Ringwald. That is me. I had everything and ever since I was a child I expected that everything would come to me as my due. My parents were fairly well-to-do and if I mentioned something that I wanted, it was soon in my possession. Not only that I had more than my share of good looks. Boys started being attracted to me in my earliest teens. I will say my folks gave me plenty of warnings about the opposite sex and kept strict watch over me. I guess I ended up being a flirt and I was quite the little tease.

It wasn't until I was seventeen that I was able to lose my virginity. I was in love with a boy named John Harris. He was a year older than I and we didn't get together, or should I say, progress to having sex until my junior year. He was a senior and took me to a Valentines dance. I was his Valentine! Every chance from then until he graduated we were a couple. Through the summer we practically lived together. That is until my mother caught us.

A week later John went out of my life when he went off to college. It was a lonely senior year for me. My folks rode herd on me like you wouldn't believe and wouldn't allow me any contact with my love. I didn't know it then but I wouldn't see John again for many years. One thing I learned from all of this--it was smart to be discreet in all things sexual. I did refine my flirting and was very careful to whom I gave my favors until I was totally on my own. There were ways around my parents' tight control, mostly by making friends with other girls my mother and father approved of. We used each other as excuses and covered each other's butt when necessary.

I went on to school after graduating high school and became the ultimate party girl. That is until my last year, when I met Miles Compton. For some reason I was attracted to him and we started dating. I was so fearful of him finding out about the reputation I had collected, I always suggested we go to these little out of the way places. I swore that I was happy just being with him in these quiet places, when all along I was afraid I would run into someone that knew about my previous wild ways.

Strange--I did fall in love with Miles. He was a serious man in many ways, but he was in love with me and showed it in everything he did. My father steered me to a job as a buyer in an upscale clothing store when my schooling was completed. Miles had a little more trouble finding work, but eventually after three months he landed a job in a factory. Something to do with systems or something. A month later he proposed and three months later we were married.

A year later, our baby girl Glenna was born and three years after that we were able to purchase our own home in a nice neighborhood with some friendly neighbors. Miles made friends easily and it didn't matter if it was a man or woman. Myself--well I had always been able to attract men and I pretty much had a captive audience in those that lived near us. The women of the neighborhood didn't seem to mind if I flirted with their husbands and Miles had never shown any jealousy, so I always had a great time at these get-togethers.

Miles and I had been married ten years. I was in Boston on the buying trip I took every two weeks, when someone shouted my name. "Heidi Ringwald! Heidi, is that you?"

I turned and I recognized John Harris immediately. He walked toward me and we hugged and then he kissed me. All of the love that I had for John when I was a teenager came rushing back. Before the evening was done and even late as it was, I called Miles and said that I had to meet another salesman the next day so I would be staying over.

I never hesitated at all when John suggested we spend the night together catching up on what our lives had been in the last several years. Yes we had sex. Maybe we both felt guilty afterward and we made a pact that we wouldn't mention our families when we were together. It was inevitable we would do this again. John was on the same schedule working for another clothing chain as I was. The die was cast and it worked well for the next twelve years.

At times I was almost overwhelmed with guilt. Miles was home trusting that his cheating wife was ever faithful. He was solid, dependable and loving, but I lived for these trips out of town. The cheating on my husband had been going on for several years now and I saw no reason to discontinue it. Sex with John was wild and uninhibited and we did let ourselves go. We were both married and had children. John never mentioned his wife and I was careful not to mention Miles when we were together. And then the accident!

This particular night had been especially intense and we overslept. I wanted it to last and wanted one more session in bed before leaving. I didn't have time to clean up and had just slipped my panties on as we said good-bye to each other. On the road with John oozing out of me, I was uncomfortable and stopped at a filling station to remove my underwear, replacing them after cleaning up the best I could. I put the dirty pair in my overnight bag and tossed the bag onto the back seat.

Coming into town, I was unexpectedly hit by another car and although I don't think I was knocked unconscious, a rescue squad transported me to the hospital. Oh my God, I suddenly remembered my filthy panties in my bag. I couldn't call Miles. He might open it and see them. I called my daughter instead. "Glenna, I've had an accident and am in the hospital. There is nothing seriously wrong with me, but I'm being kept overnight for observation. Would you find out where my car is and get my briefcase and overnight bag from it? I don't want to bother your father."

Glenna said she would and then come to the hospital. I was sedated and when I roused just a little, Glenna was there beside me. I questioned her about my things. "I called Daddy and he is picking up your briefcase and your overnight bag. He is upset because you didn't call him first. Anyway he is coming in to see you this evening. You are going to be fine, the doctor said so."

I was worried, but not overly so. I didn't think Miles was one to snoop in my things, but it was a worry. I'm sure I could tell when he came in if he had found me out. Glenna talked to him on the phone and from what I could tell I was still safe. When Miles came in he kissed me and seemed only worried about my health and informed me I was due for a new car. He acted just as I expected him to. He held my hand all the while he was with me and occasionally leaned down and kissed me. God, I do love him! He is stable and loving and I can trust him to do everything for me.

I compared him sitting beside me to last night with John. Miles is not very exciting, not like John is anyway. Can a woman love two men in a totally different way? Am I risking anything? Maybe, but if Miles finds out, I'm sure I can convince him to forgive me. He totally loves me. As he was leaving, he asked what he could do for me. "Do you want me to unpack your bag or anything?"

An explosive "no" came out involuntarily. "Miles Compton, I'll take care of that tomorrow." I think I covered myself well. At least I hope I did.

There were several neighbors welcoming me when I reached home in the morning. Tonight was a planned neighborhood party and all wanted to know if I was going to be able to attend. Of course I was. These parties were fun. It gave me a chance to flirt with my neighbors and their wives didn't mind. Some of them always kept Miles talking to them. He wasn't into flirting like I was and friendly to everyone. He sat and listened to what was happening in their lives and told a few jokes. Some of them even seem to like him more than they did me. Didn't matter.

Miles was just a little quieter and at first sat by himself. Right now he is talking to Audrey Turner. She is the widow who lives down the street. I wonder what they are talking about. My God look, he is holding her hand. That's strange. She better not be trying to get him away from me. He's mine! I'll ask her. I know people and can read if there is any feelings for Miles.

Her answer was strange. She said she wasn't trying to steal him, but to make sure I wasn't doing anything to let him get away. When she left, I asked Miles, "What was all that about?"

"Audrey is lonely. I could see you flirting with our horny neighbors the same as usual, so I just stopped to cheer her up a little. She loved her husband very much."

"Are you jealous of me flirting?"

"Not ever. You find someone that is better to you than I am, he can have you."

"You're my husband. You're supposed to fight for me."

"It depends on when it came time to fight for you if I thought you were worth it."

Miles was into one of his serious streaks. "Miles, lighten up. This is a party. I'm getting my batteries charged and then we will go home and I'm going to screw your brains out." I left and went back to my horny neighbors. I held court in and out of the pool the same as usual. That is until I noticed all the womenfolk were gathered at the table where Miles was. That damned divorcée, Mitzy, was there too. She was younger than me, lived across the street and dated a lot. Could she be after Miles? A pang of jealousy went through my chest. That feeling that hit me was something that had never happened to me before.

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