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Desc: Sex Story: A wife gets some glamour photos done for hubby. Probably not what she expected.

Diana wanted to surprise her husband. Jason and her worked long hours and were always too tired to do much after hours and at times even on the weekend. Not to mention the toll the kids took on them as well. Diana still craved the passion that they once shared in the bedroom at night, but these days their sex life was non-existent. So, yes back to the surprise. Diana was talking to a friend at work and about her "glamour" photos that she took for her boyfriend. Bikini and lingerie pics, no big deal, but she said that the thought of her posing like a playmate excited her boyfriend into a heated lovemaking session. Diana was intrigued and sold when the friend told her that the place was very professional, there was a female assistant on hand the entire time and the pohotographer was a charming man by the name of Sean. She mentioned that Sean did weddings and other events as well, so he wasn't a slimeball by any means. Diana called Sean's studio and booked a date for a Friday after work and told Jason that she'd be at happy hour with some girlfriends. Diana had asked Sean's assistant if she was supposed to bring her own outfits, but was told that she could choose from an array of clothing at their place and it was dry cleaned after every use. Diana didn't feel like spending any more money so she opted to use the studio's wardrobe.

The Friday of her photoshoot couldn't go any slower. Diana was nervous and fretted the entire day over cancelling. She wasn't sure what to expect. Her friend encouraged her and told her not to worry, that the sex she would get from Jason would be worth it. Diana got horny thinking about that ... she hadn't had any loving for 2 months and she was moist thinking about Jason's reactions to her pictures. She kept in good shape. She played tennis twice a week with her friends. She looked good for her late 30's ... blonde, nice tan and great legs from the tennis, curves in the right places, 36-28-34.

Diana entered the studio and immediately noticed that it looked classy. The wall displayed many framed pics of family portraits and couples, she almost thought she was in the wrong place until Nancy greeted her. She asked if she wanted coffee, tea, water, or wine to drink. That last option was unusual she thought. Then she realized what she was there for and quickly accepted the glass of wine.

Sean soon came out to greet Diana. A nice handshake and a reassuring voice comforted Diana. Sean brought her to the back and she was mesmerized by the setup. The lighting, the white background, the camera on a tripod ... she became excited and nervous all at the same time ... it was as if they were expecting a supermodel. Sean led her to a table and showed her the album that depicted the type of "presents" she could give her husband. She was impressed by all the photos she saw. They were samples of poses and outfits of pro models. She noticed a tennis theme and it clicked with her. She pointed to the set of photos and said she wanted that session. She mentioned how Jason always commented on how sexy she looked in her tennis outfit. Sean was happy she was so decisive and he quickly instructed his assistant to get Diana through hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Even the lingo made Diana feel like a real model.

In the dressing room Diana was given a second glass of wine even though she didn't ask for it. She chalked it up to great customer service and proceeded to drink the generous pour. Diana changed into the outfit and was at ease becuase it wasn't any different than an outing to the tennis courts. She had on a skirt, sports tshirt and underneath a sports bra and panties ... nothing revealing at all. She got a prop tennis racket and off she went to Sean.

Sean asked if she was ok and had her pose in a pretty mundane way ... nothing special ... getting her acclaimated with the camera and her surroundings. The wine was kicking in and Diana had no trouble smiling and being playful. She even noticed how good looking Sean was. In small talk she learned that Sean was a former pro baseball player and that turned her on. Sean pointed out that Diana had a great smile and she blushed. All the casual conversation and subtle poses were putting Diana at ease and caused her to comment, "Uh, I thought we were going to do some sexy poses for my husband?" That was Sean's cue. "Sounds like you're ready to move on, let's take a break," he chuckled.

Nancy guided Diana back to the dressing room and was told to put on different underwear but to keep the tennis outfit on.

Diana emerged a bit more reserved. She kept touching her skirt. Sean knew why ... Diana had on only a v-string thong underneath her tennis skirt and no bra. Her nipples were bare and as they rubbed against her tshirt they kept growing. Sean said she looked amazing and Diana made her way confidently to the main area amidst the bright lights. She noticed a more aggressive tone in his orders of how to pose and what to do. "Take a forehand swing!" She obliged and her skirt flew up as his camera clicked away at high speeds. "You have an incredible rear, honey." She was getting a bit flustered by his compliments. Diana did have a great ass. She knew it too. It was heart shaped and her cheeks were round and tight. The thong on her would give any man an instant boner.

"Bend over, like you're picking up the tennis ball." Diana hesitated. "Show me that ass, baby! Your husband will appreciate this money shot." Diana loved the way Sean talked to her. She leaned over and you could see her pubes sticking out from the sides of the thong. Her pussy lips barely covered. Her asshole peeked from the sides of the string. "That's beautiful." She bent over even more and the string struggled to hide her vagina.

Suddenly a man entered the room. Well built, chiseled face, basically a male model. "Whoa, sorry, Sean I didn't know you were shooting. I just wanted to let you know I was here for your 8 o'clock." Diana jolted back up and put her hands on her skirt to hide herself ... Sean waved the guy off and the male model was gone. "Who was that?" Diana asked.

"That was Tom, he's a model," Sean answered.

"I could see that. Very cute. You do men's glamour too?" Diana giggled.

"No, actually he's here for a shoot with another wife," he replied.


"Yeah, uh, some husbands really get a kick out of seeing their wives with other men and it's a ... you know ... a fetish thing I guess."

"What do you mean? She poses with him?"

"That's right."

"What do they do?"

"They're both nude. Like artistic nudes. They're in certain positions but most of the time nothing happens."

"Most of the time?"

"Listen, let's get back to your pics, remember we only have an hour."

Diana got the hint and stopped asking questions. Sean had her run through more sexy but tasteful pictures when he asked, "To what extent do you want your sexy photos to be for hubby?" Diana shrugged and looked confused.

"How far do you want to go?" he explained, "Topless? Nude?"

"Oh, I hadn't thought about it."

"They're only for your husband, no one else will see them, all that paperwork you signed covers strict privacy/confidentiality agreements."

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