The Vacation

by J Harold Brown

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sandy goes on vacation to visit a old girl friend in San Diego.

Sandy was looking forward to seeing her old friend Jill. They had been planning this vacation for mouths. Jill lived in the Mission Beach area of San Diego and Sandy was looking forward to spending her days on the beach and nights lounging around the beach house catching up with a friend.

Jill met her at the airport that morning and they drove the short distance to the house. While Sandy unpacked, they chatted about this and that. Jill told Sandy about her boy friend Ron. She and Ron had made tentative plans for a boat trip to the southern part of the Catalina Islands with a good friend of Ron's. His name was Jeff, and he has a sail boat at one of the marinas in Mission Bay.

Sandy told Jill that she just wanted to enjoy the beach and the sun. If Bob hadn't gotten tied up at work he would have come with her. This was the first time since they were married five years ago that they weren't going on vacation together. She just wanted to spend time with her and their other friends, lie in the sand at the beach and get a tan.

Jill replied that Jeff had told Ron about a small beach on one of the small southern islands in the Catalina chain, and that her visit was a perfect excuse to go. Jeff had volunteered to take them since he had not been able to take out his boat for a while. Jill mixed some drinks and rolled a joint while she continued to convince Sandy to agree to the boat trip. Finally after a few drinks and two joints Sandy agreed to the trip. Jill went to call Ron to tell him to set up the trip. Sandy went to change in to a bathing suit. She wanted to lay in one of the lounge chairs on the front patio facing the ocean and relax. When she emerged from her room Jill told her that she was definitely in need of a new suit. Sandy agreed, but she hadn't had the time before she left to get one. Jill announced that they were going shopping tomorrow. Jill knew exactly where.

The next few days went by quickly. Jill and Sandy were having a great time. Sandy, at Jill's insistence got four new bikinis. They showed of her solid body. At 5'9", 105lbs, and a 37E-23-35 frame, she had a lot to show. One of the suits was a thong, and one was a string, the others were regular bikinis. Jill also got some new bikinis, that's when Sandy noticed the change in Jill. Her tits were much larger that she remembered. When Sandy asked Jill told her that Ron had convinced her to have breast enlargement, she went from a 36C to a 38D. The change also got her more tips from the customers at the bar where she worked. Ron loved showing her 38D-24-26 frame off.

Saturday, the day of the trip arrived. Jill had Ron bring Jeff over the night before for dinner and so Sandy could meet him. They got along great; they all had a nice time. As they were getting ready, Sandy was reluctant to wear her string bikini. Jill was wearing hers and convinced her to wear it. Both bikinis came with a see-thru over-shirt, that didn't conceal much. Of course, the joint they were smoking helped her convince Sandy to wear the bikini.

They met Ron and Jeff at the marina. The boat trip was fun for all. It was a beautiful day, nice and warm with a light wind. In about an hour they were dropping anchor of the shore of the small inlet that had a nice white sandy beach, sheltered on both sides and back by high cliffs. The only problem that Sandy had was that the rocking and jarring of the boat as it made it way thru the swells showed a flaw in the design of her bikini. The chest string on the top was not attached to the material; it just ran thru loop sewn across the bottom of the material. The bouncing of her breasts would cause the material to slide along the string. In no time both sides of the top had moved to the outside of her breasts, exposing her tits and her firm nipples. Jill was having the same problem, and to resolve the issue she removed her top. Ron and Jeff were having a time trying not to stare at Jill's tits, which caused Jill's nipples to harden. Sandy noticed that Jeff had a very large bulge in his shorts.

Jill and Ron dove in the water and swam the fifty yards to the beach. While Jeff was securing the boat, Sandy went below to try to fix her suit. Finding nothing on board that she could to affix the strap to the material, she got out the sheer over-shirt. Jeff came down the latter to get some drinks and snacks to take to the beach. As he was passing her a large swell rocked the boat causing Sandy to lose her balance. Jeff grabbed her as she fell into him. Jeff had to lean back against the wall to keep from falling. With Sandy firmly pressed against his chest and the radical rocking of the boat, her firm tits were easily released from the bikini top. Her hard nipples were rubbing against his hard chest as the boat rocked. She put her hands on his shoulders for support. His hands were on her waist. The boat rocked again, causing Sandy to press herself tighter against Jeff's hard body. As their hips met she could feel Jeff's thick cock rubbing against her mound. She could feel her clit harden and her pussy getting wet. She tipped her head up and slid up Jeff's body until their lips met. She moved her arms around his neck as they kissed. She felt his tongue brush his lips and she parted them to allow it to enter her mouth. Jeff's hands slid down and cupped her firm ass, pulling her hips tightly against his.

Soon the need for each other was overpowering. He untied her suit and slid it from her trembling body. Picking her up by the waist, he sat her on the table, as he stepped back; she grabbed hold of the hand rail that ran the length of the cabin's roof. He untied his trunks and pushed them down. Sandy got her first look of Jeff's twelve inch long, and very thick cock. "Oh, it's huge", "It's so lone and thick, it won't fit in me", she sighed. "Oh, I think it will", Jeff said as her moved forward and worked the large bolus head between her cunt lips. He put his hands on the inside of her thighs and spread them wide apart. Sandy's hips started moving, pushing her pussy against the thick cock head. Sandy pulled her knees up and apart and put her feet on Jeff's hips. He slid his hands down her thighs until his thumbs were at her pussy, then spread her pussy open wider, and pushed down with his hips.

Sandy had never felt as stretched as she did now. She watched in awe as Jeff's thick cock started to disappear into her dripping cunt. As Jeff pumped his cock deeper and deeper into Sandy's tight wet pussy; his cock rubbed against her clit sending shock waves thru her body. Before half of his cock was in her she had her first climax. Then two more before his full twelve inches was in. He waited until her pussy started relaxing and she started humping herself on his cock. Slowly, he started pumping in and out of her, taking longer strokes each time. Her pussy was gripping his cock; he could feel her muscles tightening and relaxing as he fucked her. Sandy was going from one climax to the next, each one stronger than the last. She loved the feel of Jeff's long thick cock as it slid in and out of her. After about ten minutes of fucking Sandy's tight pussy, Jeff couldn't hold off any longer and with one last shove, he buried his full length into Sandy's dripping cunt and dumped stream after stream of cum into her.

The feeling of Jeff's hot thick cream filling her pussy drove Sandy over the edge and was swept away by the tidal wave of the strongest climax she had ever had. Her body shook with the force of it. She could feel her pussy grip and release Jeff's pulsing cock, milking each and every drop of his cream from him.

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