Secrets Held In

by Sir Semega

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Desc: : Invitational challenge! He stopped her first affair, years later he sees the warning signs again. She never knew, he knew.

A challenge to your readers and writers out there!

Doris was adorable. She was cute, sexy, looked younger than her 38 years of age and most of all she was my wife of almost ten years. Tonight we finished seeing our guests out and as I shuffled around locking up the house and checking all the windows, Doris steeled herself back to our bedroom. Once I entered the bedchamber I was greeted to my sexy blonde wife naked, save for her black lace bra, matching thong panties and stockings.

"God, I'm so glad they're all gone, Frank! I've been horny for you all evening!"

We kissed and her warmth felt good in my arms. She rubbed up against me and I quickly undressed and fell on top of her in bed.

After, she fell asleep, curled up next to me. Her heavy breathing could be mistaken for a snore, yet she refused to acknowledge that. I felt it best to humor her. We had done it all that night. Oral, vaginal, anal. There was a time when she wasn't so free with her love. A time when I tried to open her up to new experiences. That time, years ago had been on my mind recently.

We had been married for two years. I had been patient, but frustrated and every time I tried to become more intimate with my wife, it seemed that she would pull back She worked later hours, was unreachable for times during the day, and generally her intimacy with me had disappeared. I snooped and found out she was having an affair.

Heartbroken, I discovered that she gave to him, Gerald Sanders, co-worker, what she had refused to give to me. The adventure in bed. It was a short lived affair, as I broke them up.

I met Gerald Sanders at his doorstep one evening after work. I don't know if he had fucked Doris that day or not. He was surprised to see me. He was shaken when his wife opened the door and invited me in. His three year old boy found me fascinating. I sat him on my lap and bounced him, while the three of us had coffee. Gerald watched me the entire time, afraid of what I might say, wondering how much I knew.

He showed me the backyard, away from his wife and child, and that's where I told him he was to have nothing to do with my wife ever again. More so that she was not to know that I knew.

"Gerald, don't make me come back here again. For your sake, for your wife's sake ... for your son's sake." The threat was open ended, but Gerald didn't need any clarity.

"I've been offered a transfer to another town. I think I might just take it." He told me. I let him know that he was making a wise decision.

I never told my wife that I knew. I loved her and deep down I still felt I needed her. It was just a slip. But from that point on I was very observant.

Two days later, I could tell that Gerald had dumped her. She was sad and quiet. Drawn into her own little world, I waited patiently for her to come back to me. She did. She had a renewed vigor in her commitment to me. Slowly, she introduced things that I knew she and Gerald had tried and enjoyed in bed. It hurt me each time she brought up something new, but a part of me was happy that she reached out to me to include me in the things she now knew she liked and needed. At least she wasn't trying to replace Gerald with anyone, she just was replacing Gerald with me. I was the booby-prize to her.

Eight years went by and our closeness grew. I learned to forget what happened and it was on rare occasions, when I would reflect back on her affair. Small things set me off. Watching television or seeing a movie where one spouse cheated on the other, I just couldn't watch those. Doris rented "Unfaithful" one evening with Diane Lane. I've always had a crush on her. Doris knew that and she had heard there were some spicy sex scenes in the movie. She never wanted to watch porn, but sexy movies always turned her on and after a movie like that, we would have fun in bed.

Ten minutes into the movie I got up and refused to watch the movie. She couldn't understand why I was so adamant. I gave her a reason of the movie being so stupid and convoluted. She bought it, I guess, and she turned the movie off and we went to bed in silence. I was happy that she didn't continue watching it by herself.

Doris worked in Marketing and her job demanded weird hours. At first, after the affair, I was suffering anxiety attacks worrying about every late lunch or dinner she attended. Projects where she worked long hours soon finished and she returned back to normal hours. She had never pulled away from me again sexually, but I had monitoring equipment in place to make sure that I was not missing other signs.

During this time I lost twenty pounds weight. Doris thought I was sick, and concerned that something was wrong with me. All my tests showed I was fine. What she didn't know about were all the times I thought about her and would run to a bathroom and vomit up. Most those times were when she was away from home, working late hours.

Quietly I was prescribed medication for my anxiety and over the next year I worked my way back to being normal.

Lately, Doris mentioned a new project with a new client, Kevin Fricks. He was tall and handsome and charming, and Doris took delight in teasing me about him. She never knew how much that hurt me as she just thought it was harmless teasing. It was in a way. She just said he was dreamy looking or that all the girls in the office had a crush on him. She mentioned that she was going to have to work with him on the project and my face tightened.

She laughed and told me I had nothing to worry about. Did I? She hugged me and told me she loved me. "You dumb lug! I've only got eyes for you!"

She started working late. She missed my calls, lunches were also spent working. I saw the work they were doing. She brought it home with her and spread it out on the dining room table. Up until this dinner party, we had been eating separately most of the time in the living room or kitchen. I swallowed my pride once again and tried to be patient with her. It was hard, but I sacrificed eight years ago, I could do it again.

The evening of the dinner party was the last evening of intimacy for us for two weeks. She was always coming home late and she had withdrawn from me sexually. My rational side of my brain said that she was damn tired from working on this project. My emotional side told me she was at it again. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Finally, the following week I sat her down and expressed my concerns over her long hours.

"I've always done this, Frank. You know that. A project comes along and I burn the midnight oil until it gets done."

"I know Doris, but I'm concerned here. We've hardly seen each other, and there seems to be no end in sight. I know your work is important to you, but I'm feeling shut out."

Doris sighed. "Frank, I'm sorry, but right now work has to come first. I'm almost done and then I can make it up to you."

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