Suze's Basement Apartment (Redux)

by AntaeusQ

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Couple, Black Female, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A man with two women gets what he deserves!

[Graciously edited by Cristal Ball]

On a spring day, just after six in the afternoon, I drove home horny. It was a long drive, so I went fast, 60 in a 40 mph zone. I thought about nothing else but getting home. Chills ran down my legs, just thinking about what I had coming. My women waited for me. Two women, two cunts. I shook my head. I pulled out my cock, and jacked it hard. How'd I get so lucky.

I pulled into my property and parked under a huge maple tree.

When I got inside the house, I heard jazz echoing off the high walls. Miles Davis' Kind of Blue. The music came from the kitchen. I found my wife, Karen, in there, surrounded by grocery bags, and stirring a pot. The place was a wreak.

"Karen?" I said.

"Oh. Hi, Steve," she said.

She had on a blue dress with white, lacy trim. It complemented her chocolaty dark skin. She looked like a black Betty Crocker, or maybe it was a young, hot Aunt Jemima.

"What's the occasion?" I asked, and moved behind her, pulling out her hips and holding them firm. I shoved my crotch into her and bent over to kiss her neck. She laid down the knife.

"Can't a wife cook for her man?" she said. Her smile broadened, and she turned her cheek to me. I gave her a big one under her ear, and kept my lips there.

Her body smelled of cinnamon and apples. I squeezed her large tits, one after the other. She moaned softly, and turned around to kiss me, over and over gain. Her lips were colored a shimmery shade of ochre. When I licked them, she responded by opening her mouth and flicking out her tongue all over my face.

"Turn off the stove. Let's go upstairs," I said.

She raised her hands between us, and pushed on my chest.

"No," she said. "Unless you plan on helping me in the kitchen, and you know you don't, I need you to get out. I'm making this for all of us. Come on, baby, I'll fuck you after dinner."

I gripped her behind the ass, and she pulled away. She put on a good struggle, but not too good. She rubbed my cock and I hiked her skirt. I noticed she wasn't wearing her underwear. I ran my fingers through her curly cunt. I rubbed and squeezed her fine legs.

"Steve," she said, with her eyes closed. "I gotta cook." She lightly bumped my head with hers. "You're going to make me burn dinner. We don't want that." She touched my face.

"Just a little," I said.

"Fine." She turned around and held her skirt up with her hands. She shook her delicious black ass and opened her legs. I goosed her and got her cunt hole between my thumb and finger. I pushed my fingers in and held her like a bowling ball, while I rubbed a nipple.

"I love you, Karen," I said, and thrust my fingers deep into her. She let out a panting breath and hiked her leg on a trashcan.

"Steve, Steve," she said. "I have to cook. Please, honey-bear, let me finish." She grabbed my crotch and squeezed me a few times. She hooked my pants and led me out. "Go say hi to Suze. She's waited all day to see you." She smiled. "Scat!" she said.


I darted out of there with Karen's cunt juice on my hand, and a hard-on in my pocket. Let me tell you, it's not all it's cracked up to be, being a well-hung black man. Not that I'm complaining, and neither was Karen, nor, for that matter, Suze.

I opened the door to the basement, located just outside the kitchen, between the living room and utility closet. It was dark. I grabbed the wooden rail, and wiped my hand, going down.

I heard my wife's voice from upstairs, "Don't take too long. Dinner's almost ready. And bring her with you."

Halfway down the steps, I saw her. She had her back to me. Mama mia. She wore a shiny opalescent blouse that I'd given her. She wore it Daisy Duke style, high above her midsection. A pair of low-riding stretched out jeans hung below her soft, wide hips. I followed the curve of her naked spine as it led to her ass. I wanted to cum all over that back.

Her ass filled out nice and big, bigger than most white girls, and firm, too. Her brown hair fell half way down her back, soft and full bodied. She combed herself in front of a tall mirror. She paused, tilted her hip and felt the shape of her stomach. She pushed it out and passed her hand round its swelling curve.

I breathed out.

What a beautiful woman, a white women, I thought, and right under my house. I coughed to get her attention.

She turned around.

"Suze, how you doing?" I said. "Karen said you wanted to see me?" I pulled on my cock.

She put down her brush, and hiked her pants. "Hi, Steve. Oh, baby, I missed you so much. I thought you'd forgotten about me." She walked toward me. She took my hand in hers and passed her fingers across my palm. She sniffed it, smiled and licked the inside.

"How's Karen?" she asked.

"Fine," I said. "Haven't you seen her already?"

"Only in the morning, after you left. We fooled around a little bit."

"Oh, like what?"

"You know girl things." She twisted and smiled with her thumb in her mouth.

"Baby, I am not in a teasing, mood."

I pulled her close and kissed her on her lips, and spanked her ass. That's all she needed. She moved her hands all over me. I'm a big guy, 215 pounds, and she's fairly small, smaller than my wife, five foot-two, maybe 130 pounds. But don't let that fool you. She's more than a match for me.

I grabbed her two big butt cheeks, like hard jelly, and picked her off the ground, eye-level to me. She wasted no time. She lashed her tongue through my lips, past my teeth and probed my mouth. Her tongue felt cold; she needed it.

"I missed you," she said. "Your girls can only eat so much pussy and ass in one day. We've been going crazy for your dick."

"Yeah?" I pressed my mouth against her smooth throat. She groaned.

"All day," she reassured me.

"Well, I've been itching to fuck that little twat of yours, all the liv long day."

She got her hands into my briefs. She squeezed and yanked my dick around. She smiled like the devil.

"Let's do it," I said. I took off my pants, and she started unbuttoning hers. It took some trying, but she got them past her thighs. Her white, meaty flesh bulged out of their confinement. She shoved and kicked her pants off with her feet.

"Let me look at you," I said, turning her in my hands.

She raised her hands behind her head and tilted her hips. She was gorgeous, shapely and soft all around. I looked behind her ass. She circled on her toes. Fantastic.

I chuckled.

She untied the knot on her shirt, and freed her D-cup tits. She smiled and swung them across her body, like two sacks. I grabbed a flying breast and rubbed it between my fingers. She moaned softly. One of her hands climbed my back.

"This too?" she asked and snapped her green sheer panties. She wore them below her hips. The wisp of a material covered nothing. Her tuft of pubic hair bulged at the crotch.

"You're a damn tease." I shook my head. "You know that?"

"I don't tease," she said. "I deliver."

She gave me a big shove. I went reeling into the unmade bed.

"Sorry," I said, and put my hands up. "Didn't mean it, baby. Take it easy."

I pulled my shirt and underwear off. I pumped my muscles and smiled at her. Her blue eyes glittered in spite of the dim light in the room. She spread her magnificent legs. Truly a black man's dream. A curvy white chick with a thin waist, tight pussy and ass, and a nasty mouth. She slid her index finger into her hole. My dick grew. She bent her knees and twisted her fingers inside her cunt.

I bent her ass every which way. I kissed her a hundred times on her hips and down her thighs. She looked down on me and I smiled back. I opened her legs wide and she tried to pull away. But she couldn't budge, not with my strong hands gripping her legs. I bit her ass.

"Ouch. Hungry, aren't you?" she said. "Well eat my pussy, hungry-man."

I shook her quivering ass.

She popped her finger out, and licked off her spunk. Damn.

I lay back on the bed and she slid her bottom over me. She sat her ass on my chest, pubes just inches from my face. She grabbed the wall and then steadied her cunt into my mouth. Her hairs pressed against my nose. I excavated her wiry surface with my tongue. I probed the mountain of pubes, and then I found them sticking out, thick and meaty. I slurped her flapping pussy lips between my lips and sucked. Swish!

She pushed. "God! Tongue fuck me, Steve. Fuck my cunt with your mouth," she said.

I stretched my tongue as deep as it would go and licked out her tangy insides. I built up some saliva and licked the bitterness away. This chick was the honey, peaches, and the cream. Especially the cream. I made her pay with my appetite and drank deep from her pussy.

"Giddy up, cowpoke," she said, and bopped up and down, swinging her hips. "Ooo-eee!"

I smacked my lips and munched her cunt. Her juices flowed down my throat. She had her fun and rode me for a few minutes. Gradually she took on a steady rhythm, and pressed down on my face. I knew this part. I'd been here before. She quickened her pace. She bucked and shoved her cunt.

"Oh, Steve, fuck, fuck," she said. "I'm cumming, you pussy sucking, bastard." She used my chin and rode me up to my nose. Finally, her big white ass squeezed tight over my mouth.

"Ah, shit. Ah, shit," she said. She tilted her body back, hands pressing on the bed.

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