Jane's Out of Town Trip

by jakewho69

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jane goes to school out of town

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My name is Joe Klien and my wife is Jane. I'm a bricklayer, while Jane works in an insurance office. We have two kids under the age of eight. Our mother's do the baby-sitting while we work. The grand parents work it out who has the free time to baby sit between themselves. They would drive over and sit at our house mostly but have had the kids at their place also. Whenever Jane and I went on a three day get-away, the parents kept the kids.

This coming week, her mother is going to watch the kids at her house all week, and keep them at night too. Jane has to go to school for training to learn a new computer program and system for work. She will leave Sunday and come home the following Saturday. With the new system and program, she will be able to work from home on a trial basic. If it works out all right, she will be able to do it permanently. That would be a big pay raise for us.

We thought that while she is gone, it would give me some time to paint and put up some shelves in the room she is going to use as an office. That is why her mom is keeping the kids at her place for the week. My mom and dad are on vacation so my mom cannot baby sit. I hope it all works out well because we will collect money for the room the computer is in, and we will save on buying her a vehicle for her to drive back and forth to work. This will save gas money, parking fees, and insurance and car payments.

Lots of people have a computer, but we don't yet. She works on one all day and doesn't see the need to have one at home. She told me I would just be searching for porn sites, which the kids might see. She uses the one at work for email for herself.

I surely don't need a computer because I work with my hands and back. Some of guys at work tell me about all the porn on the computer, but I have never seen any of it. I don't see what the trill is looking at nude pictures that you cannot lay your hands on. I have used a computer at the library a few times. The women there gave me a crash course to find and locate books. Computer seem to be neat, you can do a lot with them.

Sunday morning we took the kids along with their suitcases to her mother's house. After we dropped them off, we went to pick up her friends that were going to fly with her to the training seminar. First, we picked up Carol, who is about thirty-two. She is a lot of fun to party with. Next we picked up Bob, a twenty-nine- year old guy who just started in her department a year ago right out of a monastery and some church.

He went to the monastery right after high school. He went there for four years and then got a church with some older fellow who was in charge. It took him two years to decide he just didn't fit in, so he went out to the real world and got a job.

The girls think he is a cute guy and they pick on him all the time, from what Jane tells me. Bob is tall, about 6ft 2 and weighs about 180. He used to wear thick glass but he had lasik surgery and now he doesn't need the glasses, so the girls tell me.

I just can't figure how Bobby puts up with all the girls in the office every day. My wife said that whenever any of the girls has a party or shower, they invite Bob. He will blush when he gets the invitation, but he has never gone to any of the parties. He has had a drink with them after work for an hour or so, but that's all.

Bobby hadn't dated at all because of his thick glasses. It made him look ugly, and his hair was a mess the way he kept it. The girls took him to their beauty shop where they fixed his hair and now he looks good they tell me. He should have no trouble getting a girl now they say. I was surprised how he looked when we picked him up because I didn't recognize him.

Jane has told me the girls have all kinds of fun with Bob or Bobby as the girls call him now. He is so young and the girls can get him to blush whenever they want. I then took them to the airport and waited for the plane to leave.

From there I went over to my dad's house to take care of his dog, which was my assignment for the week. I would take him to the park and exercise him. The dog is a lab, so I took my tennis racket and balls so I could get him to chase the ball as I hit them. When I got back, I filled his food bowl so he had something to eat. The damn dog wanted his bowl filled all the time. He wouldn't eat it till the morning but had to have it filled just so he knew it was there for him.

Dad had cable satellite with all the sport channels along with all the porn channels. Normally I would stay there and watch a game or even a porn channel, but today I wanted to get home to start on the room to get it done as soon as I could.

When I got back to the house, I saw Ralph and Peter sitting on the porch drinking beer. I pulled in and they said they came to help me paint the room. When we went inside, I put the beer they brought in the cooler with ice. We took it to the room and started the job

By ten that evening, it was all finished which was a big load off my shoulders. I was worried about the guys drinking too much, screwing it up, but they only had a few drinks, and we got right after it. They left a few minutes after we finished.

I was making a sandwich before I went to bed, when the phone rang. It was Jane on her cell. She told me the plane ride was nice and they are having a good time picking on Bobby. She told me how much fun he was and how funny he was, and how cute he was. She told me she could see how he has a hard time getting girls because he is so shy. "He spends all his time on the computer at porn sites like my dad does. That is why I won't get you a computer," she said. She also said she and Carol had a room together and Bob had his own room.

She said they went to get Bob for dinner after unpacking and cleaning up. Bob had told them that his room would be open because he was taking a shower and for them to come in and sit till he finished. When they went inside Bob's laptop had porn on it and the two girls laughed so hard.

At dinner, the girls picked on him unmercifully and had him blushing all through dinner. Jane said she was laughing so hard she almost pissed her pants. Then she put Carol on and Carol repeated all the things Jane just told me.

I could tell both of them did more drinking than eating. Jane said she only had four glasses of wine but it went right to her head. She said they where going to a movie or theater during the week if they could find something good.

She asked when she could call me tomorrow and I told her I might stop for a drink with the guys before I came home. She said that she would call like six or seven before the three of them go out. She also asked how her computer room was coming and I told her I was planning it out. I wanted to let her think it was a big project so I might just get a little.

On Monday, I was going to stop for a beer but I wanted to finish cleaning up the room for Jane. I had the masking tape to take off yet. Jane called me at six-thirty and said she had a good day and was picking up on the program really well. She didn't think she would have any trouble with it. She told me she had roast chicken for supper, and that it felt good not having to do the dishes or pick anything up.

She said they where going to Bob's room because he had gotten a newspaper for them to see what is playing where and the time of the show. Of course, she said they would pick on Bobby and I laughed with her.

I hung up and went to my dad's house to feed the dog and take him to the park. The dog has a doggie door in the back of the house where he can go outside in the fenced in back yard anytime that he wants to. I took him to the park and ran his ass off. The park closed at eight so I got back to the house in twenty minutes.


Back at the house, I put on the game and sat drinking a beer and watching the game with the dog. On the second beer, I dropped the cap and it fell behind the cushion. As I pull it out, I found one of my dad's porn magazines. I looked at it and then lifted the cushion and put it back under it. My dad was into porn pretty good. Mom knew it and said good for him, just as long as he doesn't go after her too much.

I finished my beer and shut the TV off, as I was ready to go on home. Then as I was getting ready to go, the lab went out back and started to bark at something. I checked but didn't see anything. As I was waiting for the dog to come back inside, I turned dad's computer on and was surprised at all the porn sites he had on it.

I checked a few sites out to see what they where all about. After about a half-hour, I found a web cam site that had cams of girls and couples plus a thousand gay guys. I was in a lobby of one and saw them telling the girls to show their tits. It was from the 'Real People On Line' chat room. It showed real people with a web cam doing whatever they wanted. I went to that room and guess what? It was Bobby, the guy Jane is in school with.

They had said girls, so I figure it was some Bobby picked up in the bar, or was it Jane and Carol? I doubted it. You could see Bob, but you could only see an arm of a girl.

The chat was saying 'Let the girls show their bra or tits again. Put the girls on. Fuck both of them. Three way, man. Go for it'. They wanted him to pull his cock out for the girls to play with. Wow, this was quite the web site.

I had to see who the girls were. It didn't matter to me if Jane showed anything on the cam site. It was not like she was a virgin when we got married. She had a good body on her and she was proud of it. At nude beaches, she was always the first to strip.

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