A Watching Brief

by werewolf

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: My husband is a thief and not a very good one, I hire a solicitor to get him off, but we kind of get side tracked!

The prison was dull and miserable, it seemed to affect the inmates making them as grey as the walls, but at least Charlie was cheerful.

"You look gorgeous darling" he smiled and put both hands against the glass partition,

"Thank you" I smiled back and put my hands up to his, "How are you bearing up?"

"Fine" he told me, "I'll be out of here in no time"

I smiled although I felt like screaming.

"Peter says the appeal will go well"

"Let's hope so"

"Is he looking after you ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine really"

"We did well to get him you know, he's very expensive"

"Yes but they say he's good"

I nodded and thought about just how good he was, especially in bed.

I shifted in my seat at the thought of coming under his mouth again.

"Yes he is good, just make sure you do everything he tells you"

"I will darling"

"I think he wants me to work for him in the office"

"Good, see I told you, he's the best"

"Yes" I thought to myself, "No one's ever made me come like him"

"I think they're going to transfer me to the moor, (Dartmoor prison"

"Don't worry, I'll still come to see you every month"

"You're a good little wife baby, I'm lucky to have you".

"I don't want you staying at home every night worrying about me, I want you to go out, spend some money, enjoy yourself"

"I'll try darling".

We made more small talk for the rest of the visit and then thankfully the bell rang signaling the end of visiting time and I made my tearful good byes to him.

I knew he was a crook when I first met him, I was eighteen and he was forty two, we married less than a year later and then he was caught bang to rights holding up a post office with a sawn off shotgun, he was looking at a twenty five year stretch but he didn't think so, the poor deluded fool thought he might get five years!

And if he thought I would wait for him, he had another think coming., I'd be in my prime when he came out and he'd be an old man, Peter was the same age as him, but with a difference, he had money that he'd worked for, he had style and class and above all he made me laugh.

He was sitting in his car waiting for me when I left the prison and immediately he sprang out to open the door for me,

"Nice" he laughed as he caught a glimpse of my thighs,

"Where are we going?" I asked him as he swung the powerful car out onto the road,

"I thought a meal in a nice little country hotel I know" he smiled, "Followed by a walk down by the river, a few drinks in another pub and then an early night at the hotel, how's that sound?"

"Perfect, but can't we have the early night first?"

He laughed and reached over to lay a hand on my thigh, "We could rest for a while after dinner if you like".

I took his hand and moved it up beneath my skirt, I wasn't wearing panties and he swerved as he felt the soft skin of my wet pussy,

"I like, do you?"

"My God Kathy" he laughed, "You're incorrigible"

"I was dying to tell him in there"

"What, that you were naked under your skirt?"

"Yes and that I was going to show you afterwards"

"The poor man would go mad if he knew"

"He'll find out eventually"

"Yes but I'll be retired by then and living far away with my sexy young wife"

We stopped at an out of town retail estate where I bought a long, white evening gown for dinner and some sluttish underwear because I felt like it.

Peter loved what I bought, he was practically drooling as I showed him the minuscule g-strings and quarter cup bras, the stockings and thigh high leather boots had his tongue on the floor especially when I told him they were for bed!

The gown fitted me like a second skin, the built in bra lifted my boobs and displayed my generous cleavage to it's full advantage and the built in underskirt meant that I could wear stockings without any lines showing,

"Kathy you look sensational"

"And you look so distinguished" I told him as I breathed in his aftershave, "And extremely sexy too"

"Keep that thought Kathy"

"I've thought it since the first time I met you in your office"

"Shall we dine?" he smiled and I hooked an arm through his.

I looked good and I knew it, heads turned as we took our seats in the dining room and I caught the envious glances of the women as well as the naked lust on the faces of the men.

We had traditional roast lamb with mint sauce and gravy, but it was cooked and served to perfection and the accompanying red wine was superb, he was great company, regaling me with tales of his childhood and his years at university whilst training for his profession.

"I'm sorry" he laughed, "I must be boring you" but I shook my head and squeezed his hand,

"No, not at all, I'm fascinated, but I can't help wondering what you see in me"

"What I see dear Kathy is a very beautiful, yet very vulnerable young lady who had a bad start in life, I see a child in a woman's body, I see someone who has turned my life upside down, someone who I'm beginning to care for very much indeed!"

I felt myself blushing at his words and he smiled again,

"But professional ethics will force me to drop your husband's case"

"I know" I agreed, "But is there anything in your code of ethics that stops you from coming upstairs now and shagging my brains out?"

"I don't think so" he laughed and called for the check.

He undressed me slowly and kissed every inch of skin as he uncovered it, he took an age in removing my panties so that by the time he came to take his own clothes off, I was wet and panting for him,

For a man approaching middle age, he was in superb condition and I lay back on the bed stroking myself whilst admiring his firm, thick penis,

"Is that all for me?" I asked him coyly and then shrieked with pleasure as he dived on me and parted my legs like a caveman, there was very little foreplay or finesse about it, he was rock hard and I was like a swamp, his prick needed no help, no guidance to find where we both wanted it to be, it just slid straight into me and I welcomed it with open arms as well as open legs.

"Oh yes" I breathed into his mouth, "This is what I was born for, a real man inside me, fuck me Peter, fill me, make me fucking scream"

I felt his prick jerk inside me at my words and then his lips were on my ear.

"Say that again Kathy"

"I said make me fucking scream, shag me, fuck me, fucking hurt me, I'm yours darling, treat me like a fucking slut"

He was like a train powering into me, all nerve endings in my body felt like they were located in my cunt, his big hands gripped my buttocks and I squealed as a finger prodded against my anal hole,

"God yes, do that again" he did and I squealed again feeling myself beginning to cum, he was sweating, the veins in his neck were standing out, I bit his ears, his neck and I nibbled at his ear lobes,

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