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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Blackmail, Humor, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Wife's ambition causes some marital problems. Can a pocket full of money straighten this out? Cheating, four letter words, blackmail and cliches and maybe a little humor.

So there it was. I knew now that my wife was cheating. How did I know? It was easy, because I was standing outside our bedroom and I heard her building to a climax and then I could hear her with the those little screams and little mews I knew so well when she went over the top.

I went back down the stairs and sat in the kitchen waiting for the guy who was screwing my wife to come down. I was never a violent man, but I sure wanted to kick the shit out of this guy that was fucking her.

Ordinarily I wouldn't be home for another three hours so those upstairs fucking could have time for a few more go-rounds. It might be a long afternoon for me. I wasn't known for my patience so after fifteen minutes I said to hell with it and went into the dining room and got my camera.

I boldly climbed the stairs and opened the door, walking right into the room with the camera clicking as fast as I could press the button. Millie had her eyes closed as old Mr. Saunders was rutting around between her legs trying for one more climax.

The sweat was pouring off of him and he was pretty damn red in the face. What a contrast with his white hair. The thought crossed my mind if he kept it up he might kill himself. Christ at his age, he should know better.

"Hi there Millie. I see we have a guest. Nice of you to entertain him." I got around to where I could get his face in the viewfinder. I guess maybe I startled him a little as I got his dick into the picture when he raised up from my wife's body.

Suddenly he stiffened, gave a groan and collapsed on top of my wife. He gave a few shudders and then lay still. Millie was screaming for me to get him off of her. I took two more pictures.

I looked at her saying, "I can't. If he is dead, I don't think he is supposed to be moved. I'll call 911 though, and they can tell you if he is dead. Why don't you try mouth to mouth? Maybe you can revive him and you can continue what you were doing."

I went downstairs and called the rescue squad and they pulled up nine minutes later. I pointed up the stairs and they rushed up. The cop that came in shortly after went up and then came down and asked me a lot of questions. He said that she was still impaled when the rescue crew got to the room. Mr. Saunders is a very big man and Millie is very petite. I looked at the cop and asked if Mr. Saunders was dead.

"No he isn't, but it looks like he has suffered a massive stroke and he is being administered to for that. This is what Rescue diagnosed anyway. Why don't you go up and calm your wife down? This has been quite an ordeal for her."

"You've got to be kidding? I come home and find someone fucking my wife and you tell me to calm her down. Screw that! She brought this on herself and she can calm herself down."

"You won't harm her will you? I mean this must make you pretty pissed."

"Naw, in fact I think it's kind of funny. I've suspected something like this was going on, but she has been a good wife up until the last three or four months. I guess I have been too lazy to find out what she was up to, but it's all out in the open now. No, she'll be all right and I won't harm her. She might be a little mad at me for leaving her there and for the rescue squad to get Mr. Saunders off her, though."

"She might at that. I imagine something like this doesn't happen very often to anyone." The rescue gurney came slowly and carefully down the stairs with Mr. Saunders firmly secured. They squeezed through the front door and out to the ambulance. The cop followed the rescue crew out as well.

"Bill, you son of a bitch! How could you do that to me? Why didn't you get him off me? God damn you, the whole town will know about it. Don't you care about that?"

"Really dear, the saying 'you made your bed' kinda comes to mind. I stopped caring while I sat downstairs for a half hour listening to you two fucking. As far as the town goes, well I don't much care about that either. I can always find a job someplace else. Teachers are always in demand.

"Now as for your own situation. Lawyers that fuck their bosses and are found out don't have much future. I'll wager that the decision to terminate you will be made before you reach the office in the morning. I almost feel sorry for you. An unemployed, divorced lawyer with a reputation as an adulteress is in serious trouble."

Tears started to flow when what I said sunk in. "Bill, you aren't going to divorce me are you? You know I love you, and I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what? Sorry I found out about you, sorry he keeled over on you or sorry I'm going to divorce your cheating ass? Oh yes, you've got a lot to be sorry for. And what about me? I thought I had a loving wife, and I come home unexpectedly and find you screwing in our marriage bed. I'm a little bit sorry, too. What in hell were you thinking anyway?"

Millie hung her head and said, "He promised me a partnership. Do you know how hard it is to get one of those in a law firm like his?"

"Is he the only one you've been fucking? I knew you were ambitious, but Jesus, didn't you know how dangerous it is? You had to know that you were going to have to keep on screwing him, even if you got the partnership. I ask you, was there anyone else?"

Millie looked ashamed and didn't answer.

"There is somebody else, isn't there? Who is it? Somebody else in your office? You might as well tell me because it isn't going to change the situation between us at all."

"If you have to know, it was Tommy, old man Saunders son-in-law. He said he was going to be boss when Mr. Saunders retired the first of the year. He pressured me into screwing him after a court case we were on together was lost. It looked like my fault, but it was really his."

"So how did you get involved with the old man?"

"Well the old man was really pissed over losing the case and he couldn't believe I screwed up so he was watching what was going on between Tommy and me. You won't believe the politics in the office. Tommy hates his father-in-law and Mr. Saunders is always looking to get rid of him. His daughter loves Tommy so Mr. Saunders has to be very careful because he doesn't want to lose the affection of his daughter."

"You sound like you still respect the old man. Wasn't he blackmailing you too?"

My unfaithful wife hung her head. "No he wasn't blackmailing me, and yes I still respect him. I hope he is going to be all right. If you had restrained yourself and kept out of my business, he would have still been head of the firm instead of in the hospital and I'd be well on the way to getting everything I wanted. You've fucked the whole thing up."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "You're blaming me? Come on Millie, get real here. I come home and I find you screwing someone in our bed and I decide to get some evidence of you fucking around. I need the evidence so I can throw your cheating ass out. The poor old guy you're fucking has a stroke and this is all my fault? You got to be kidding. Well I've got the evidence and your cheating ass is gone."

"Bill, let me tell you the whole story, won't you? I was doing most of this for our sake. You say you're going to throw me out anyway, so you might as well hear me out. I admit what you caught me doing was something I was doing on my own, but it cost you and me a $100,000. How does that grab you?"

If my wife's pussy was worth that much, maybe I should hear her out. "Okay tell me, but your ass is still going down the road."

"God, you're awful mean. I thought you loved me."

"I did, until I saw who, doing what to whom. Can you understand that for some reason this has changed my mind about you? Along with the change in my mind, my love for you pretty much has disappeared too."

"Damn you, you always said be faithful to the concern you work for, and that is what I was doing. This all started when that case I was blamed for losing was critiqued in the office. Tommy pointed the finger directly at me.

"Later in the privacy of his office, Mr. Saunders asked me what really happened. I waltzed around the facts as I knew them until Mr. Saunders saw that I was avoiding mentioning Tommy's involvement. 'If you are feeling any loyalty towards my son-in-law--don't. I'm trying to bust his ass and get him away from my daughter and this may be the way I can do it.'

"I then told Mr. Saunders that Tommy was blackmailing me for sex or he would make sure I was fired. I may be ambitious, but there is no way I would get into bed with Tommy unless I was being blackmailed.

"Mr. Saunders realized this and asked if I would be willing to continue short-term to gather evidence on what he was doing. I agreed to help rid the firm of his son-in-law and show just what kind of a man Tommy was to his daughter.

"It would mean I would have to publicly bring a harassment suit against the firm. Mr. Saunders promised when he got the evidence, he would give me the $100,000 to drop the harassment charge and he would see that Tommy was no longer with the firm and ultimately no longer married to his daughter.

"And then you had to get cute with your God damned camera and give him a stroke. I would have been richer by thousands tomorrow night if you had kept out of this."

"It's funny, but I don't see things the same way as you do. Doesn't our marriage certificate mean anything to you? You just gave your ass away and got nothing and you lost a whole bunch in the process. The whole bunch meaning your husband, your marriage and your good name in the community. Don't you feel that way?"

Millie really started crying and left the room. I sat there thinking. I had screwed her up royally! Then I started thinking about Millie. Damn her ambition anyway. She wanted prestige and money, so what was a little adultery on the way to $100,000? Then I thought again, I wonder what happened to the evidence?--And why was she in bed with Mr. Saunders? I guess I better find out.

"Millie," I shouted, "where is all of this evidence now?"

Millie came back into the room and sat down. "It's stored on Mr. Saunders' computer. Why?"

"Is there anyway to get it?"

"I don't see how. I wouldn't dare go into the office now. I do know what file it is in though." She stared at me as the wheels started to turn in her mind. "Bill you can do it, I know you can. You can hack into his computer and get it. Please? The harassment case is against the firm. The evidence is still good, even if Mr. Saunders isn't there to offer to settle. I'll just have to sue for it, that's all. Please can't you get it for me?"

"Millie I know how and I could probably do it, but it is damned illegal."

"Can't you get it and erase the file afterwards. That way no one would ever know. Mr. Saunders was going to give it to me anyway, so in a way it's mine. Please do it. If you ever loved me, please? It would mean a lot to me."

Yeah, it sure would. About $100,000, and thanks a lot! From then on I didn't think about the legality or who I was doing it for--it was just a problem I could solve--maybe.

Two big problems. One, the computer had to be booted up and two, there had to be a password to open the file. The first was no big deal. Millie had often worked at night and was real friendly with the cleaning lady.

She called the janitorial area in the office. Millie asked if the cleaning lady would go into Mr. Saunders office and turn the computer on. Her excuse was there was a court case coming up and she had heard that Mr. Saunders was sick and she needed to send some information to his computer about a case she had been working on. One problem solved, one to go.

Password--big problem. I quizzed Millie for over fifteen minutes. The trigger for the password had to be in the information somewhere. His nickname for his granddaughter--Sweet Ellen--on the sixth try--three minutes in and I had the file on tap. I did the extracting to my computer and then I erased the file.

I opened the file and read it. It detailed all of the evidence that Millie had gathered against Tommy. My wife had put up with an awful lot from Tommy. Some of it was serious stuff and some even criminal. To refute all of this, Mr. Saunders had gone point to point and shown that Tommy had manufactured most of the evidence against my wife.

That wasn't the only thing in the file. Mr. Saunders had compiled several other wrong doings, some of them criminal, and the evidence was right there against Tommy. He had even scanned in some visuals. Bingo!

Millie was watching me to see how all of this information was affecting me towards her.

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