Naughty Secrets

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Zach and Sue's fantasy night turns out be just that, and then some.

Note: Authors Warning! This story was written upon request by one of my fans/friends/readers. As such, it contains several scenes of a bisexual nature, which is explicit in detail as requested. So if this is not your preferred cup of tea, please don't read any further, this story is not for you.

If any of our everyday friends, or family knew about this, they'd be shocked to say the least.

My wife Sue and I led a normal everyday life just like most everyone else did. We were the typical average everyday sort of people. Or so you would think upon seeing us, or getting to know us. We certainly weren't prudes, not by a long shot. We didn't attend church every Sunday, nor did Sue dress provocatively when we went out either. Nor did either one of us openly flirt with our friends, or give anyone hint at the very wild, very erotic side of our mutually expressed fantasies and desires. Those things we managed to keep a secret, between ourselves.

No, there was nothing kinky or extra ordinary about Mr. and Mrs. Zachery (Zach) Jones that anyone would ever have a clue or be suspicious about. But once a week without fail, Sue and I were indeed that wild, crazy uninhibited couple that no one else ever knew about.

A long time before we were ever married, with both of us having gone through a divorce, two failed marriages previously, we had sat down and had a long, long talk about it. Back then, we had both come to the same conclusion and understanding. That being ... unless we kept our sex life fresh, fun, and wantonly erotic, we both might find ourselves one day facing the same mistakes each of us had made previously. The concern of repeating history for each of us, wasn't something either one of us wanted to face again. And the answer to that was, being honest with one another about our desires, sharing fantasies, and being open enough with one another to actually explore them.

Something, that neither one of our families and friends would have ever understood.

And it wasn't like we led a double life. Just a private, secret one. Behind closed doors, Sue and I explored those types of things with one another, and unlike some perhaps, never divulged, revealed, or talked about them with our friends and neighbors. At least not the friends we invited over for the neighborly barbeque, or hung around and played cards, or went bowling with. We had other friends for that, friends that lived quite a ways a way, who we generally got together with perhaps once every couple of months.

Outside of that, Sue and I simply adventured on our own, having what we called "fantasy night" once every couple of weeks at least, where according to the "rules" as we'd long ago decided, anything and everything was possible.

And tonight was in fact fantasy night. I'd been looking forward to it all day, even having trouble concentrating at work, waiting for the clock to tell me it was time to run home, pick up my wife and head out for the evening. That was in fact a second thrill in looking forward to, as last time had been my plans, my ideas. Tonight, it was Sue's turn. And I had no idea what it was she had come up with or it was she wanted to do. That was part of the fun and excitement ... not knowing.

She was in fact already dressed and ready to go by the time I got home. To look at her, you'd have thought we were going out someplace for a simple evening together. Even the dress she had chosen to wear was less than sexy or revealing, but what I knew, and no one else would if they were to run into us on the street, was that she didn't have anything on underneath it. A bra perhaps yes, albeit a damn sexy one. But with as large of breasts as Sue had, it would have appeared totally out of character for her to be found on the street not wearing one. Panties was something else entirely.

"Hurry up and shower," she grinned wickedly showing me in fact that she had nothing on underneath her dress. A hint, well partially anyway, of whatever it was that she had planned. For all I knew, it could have been a drive up to the mountains, or a quick finger-fuck in the parking lot of a nearby grocery store. Though even that I quickly discounted. We did stuff like that all the time, and didn't consider such simple, though erotic adventures as being worthy of fantasy night. No ... there had to be more to this than just that, and I felt my cock already stiffening at the thought of whatever it was she had planned for us this night.

"Where to?" I asked a short time later as we headed outside to the car.

"Grantsville," she said simply smiling. "I'll tell you the rest of it once we get there."

We lived in a fairly small, tight knit community. Another reason we were always careful about doing anything really wild or extremely naughty too close to home. Grantsville was a slightly larger town than where we lived, about forty-five minutes away. It was a bit more progressive than where we lived, a lot bigger shopping centers for one, hell ... we didn't even have a Wal Mart yet, nor were there any plans to build one as far as we knew. I wondered if Sue had called Bill and Linda, they lived thirty miles away on the other side of Grantsville. It wasn't uncommon for the four of us to meet up at one of the nicer, local hotels for an evening together. But I quickly discounted that too, I happened to know they were out of town at the time. Curious, made me horny. But Sue wasn't about to reveal to me, not yet anyway, what it was that she had in mind.

It didn't help matters, watching her playing with herself as we drove down the highway. That never failed to get a rise out of me whenever it was that she did that. By the time we got to wherever the hell it was we were going, she knew I'd be damn good and horny by then.

Sue directed me off the second exit onto what was the main road leading through town. I was familiar with it as that's where most of the more well-known, luxurious hotels were. But as we passed those, I knew then that whatever Sue's plans were, didn't include checking in to a hotel.

"Where to?" I asked curiously now, wondering what it was she had planned for the evening.

"Next left," she grinned at me sexily.

I pulled up to the light, signaled, and seconds later turned. There were a number of bars in this particular area of town, but as neither one of us was big on bar hopping, I couldn't imagine for the life of me where it was we were really going. Until Sue told me to pull into the lot of one of only two adult novelty stores that I even knew existed in Grantsville.

We had actually been here once before a few months back when we'd come in to browse, shop around for something interestingly naughty. I'd almost forgotten about the place, but remembered how we'd looked around, discovering what were a half dozen rooms near the back that you could for a few bucks, rent and watch movies for a while. You could basically do whatever you felt like doing inside those rooms, no questions asked. Sue and I had peeked into one of them that happened to be available. We had noticed then that each room contained a small couch, each adjacent wall having what was obviously a "glory hole", but they also had what we later learned as being two-way mirrors. One that could be slid open for being looked at, the other for viewing only, provided the people using the room on the adjacent side had opened the slide in their room permitting you to peek in on them.

"Go on back, I'll meet you," Sue told me smiling mischievously. It was obvious this wasn't a sudden spur of the moment thing here. Sue had obviously made previous arrangements, which I confirmed upon seeing a reserved sign on one of the rooms. Two others were in use on either side, the red lights being on over the doors. I had watched Sue head up to the counter, handing the clerk a DVD she had brought along with her. You could either rent one of their available movies, or bring your own. We had a few, and it was evident she had selected one handing it to the clerk to insert into the player for our room. Moments later she joined me as we entered inside. Almost wordlessly, we both removed our clothes, hanging them up on the wall. Seconds later the screen lit up in front of us, and a movie began playing. Only it wasn't one I was expecting to see as there right in front of us, big as life was Sue and I, as well as Linda and Bill. It was a movie we'd taken turns filming of one another several month's back. A particularly wild little evening that I was damn glad we had captured on film.

"Don't worry ... I switched DVD's," she said smiling. She had handed the clerk a box that appeared to be a normal every day X-rated video, but she had switched out the DVD's before hand, inserting our own.

"Nice!" I said sitting back, enjoying my wife's little strip tease as she finished undressing. Just seeing us as the four of us fooled around together on the screen was actually quite arousing as Sue soon after joined me on our little couch where we sat side-by-side, touching and fondling one another all the while watching ourselves.

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