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Desc: Romantic Story: Barbara cheated for twenty-seven years and couldn't understand why Mark wouldn't forgive her. I don't think she ever understood. This is about Mark though, and his happiness.

Her demeanor gave me my first clue. You see, our daughter Patti was here at home crying on Barb's and my shoulders. It seems that Patti had been slightly unfaithful (her words) to her husband, Bill. She was here wanting me, her father, to intercede on her behalf and talk Bill into taking her back. After all, nearly ninety percent of men were unfaithful to their wives. Bill probably had been, as he was always flirting and having women touching and fawning all over him (her words again).

"Have you ever caught him doing anything other than being faithful? He is handsome and most women want to be near him. What in the world possessed you to cheat on him, anyway?"

"Well I didn't mean to. We were at that party and Bill had to leave to fix something at the factory. I had a little more to drink than I should have and he did say he wouldn't be coming back. He told me to catch a ride with one of my friends."


"The friend that took me home was Rob Dunklee and he kept telling me how much he adored me. He started kissing me and when we got to our driveway he started feeling me up. It felt good so I let him and I guess I was a little drunk. I didn't know Bill was home already. The next thing I knew Bill had flung the car door open and saw me with my top unbuttoned and my bra off with Rob's hands on my breasts. I was sitting on Rob's lap and he was--" She stopped there. Patti was crying and sobbing as she was telling us this.

"Patti, if you think I'm going to side with you or interfere, I'm not. I thought your mother and I taught you better than to cheat on your husband. Your mother and I have been married for thirty years and if she did that to me, I'd toss her butt out. It would rip me apart, but I would feel I had to, just to keep my self-respect."

"Come on Daddy, you must have been tempted in the last thirty years, haven't you?"

"Sure. Several times tempted, that is. But there has to be mutual respect between loved ones. Do you think your mother has ever gone out and got laid and been unfaithful to me?"

There was total silence. I hadn't looked at Barb while I was berating Patti. The silence brought me around so I was staring at my wife. She was pale and looking at the floor. "Barb, look at me." She couldn't. I got up and left the room.

I went out into the kitchen. Patti was still crying when she came to get her coat. "Patti, did you know your mother has been unfaithful to me?" Now Patti wouldn't look at me. So, I could conclude she probably did know. "Like mother, like daughter. Get the hell out of here. I know just how Bill, that poor bastard, feels. I hope he kicks your ass out for good."

I went back into the living room and this time Barb looked at me. "I'm sorry Mark. Can you forgive me?"

"I think you are sorry I found out. Evidently Patti knows what you've done. Can you imagine how I feel about that. Every time she came over, she probably looked at me with pity. Well I know about it now, so all we have to figure out is what is going to happen next."

"Can't we go on just like we have been? I still love you."

"I can't. There are too many that know about it. You, Patti, probably Bill, your lover and all of those he most likely bragged to about getting into your pants. No, no, no!"

"I have never denied you anything. I've given you all the sex and love you wanted. I've raised your children, kept your house, attended your functions and been by your side whenever you needed me."

"How about trust, honor and commitment? Did I have those too? I thought I did, but apparently I haven't. I guess the only thing for me to do is leave. You had better get an attorney to represent you. I will try to be as amicable as possible through all of this. If you could read my mind right at this minute, it would make you afraid of me."

I walked upstairs and started packing a suitcase. I had traveled quite a lot, so it only took me a few minutes to decide what to take. When I came back down, Barb was still sitting where I left her.

"Don't you want me to tell you about it and how it happened?"

"No, I don't. You must have been willing, because I know you don't drink, so you can't even use the same excuse that Patti has. I'll have my lawyer call you so you can tell him who you have retained. God Barb, I admit I have been happy with you, but I don't see where I could ever be again. You better tell Pete. Patti most likely will, but he better hear it from you. Boy is he going to be hit hard when he finds out both his sister and his mother have been screwing around." I left before Barb could say anything more.

I sat in the motel room thinking back over my life. I suppose I had an easy time of living up until now. My folks were upper middle-class, so I had been able to have a good education. Everyone always said I was too serious, but people knew where they stood with me. Not that I am overly righteous, and I didn't feel that way about this situation with Barb. You had to have some rules to live by, though. Marriage to me was a solemn and serious affair and when I took the vows, I knew I would keep them and everyone else should too.

What made Barb think she didn't have to? She was a grade school teacher. Christ, she taught the kids to adhere to rules everyday. If they didn't they were punished. This guy that she didn't deny having an affair with must be something. Did I want to know about him? That was a definite no. I might find out he had a bigger dick, gave her better orgasms, or treated her better than I did. I don't see how he could, though. All the time we have been together, I have thought of Barb first in everything, including sex.

My thoughts turned directly to Barb. She was an attractive woman forty-nine years old, keeping herself toned and groomed. But then I kept myself that way too. Neither one of us would have any trouble finding another companion. Wait, she had already found hers. It was only me that would be looking. As I sat there still thinking about her, I decided that I didn't feel the same about her as I did just two hours ago. It was a big loss and it left a hole in my heart, but I hoped that would close after awhile. The love I had for her would last for a long time, it just wasn't as strong as it used to be.

Pete and Patti, our kids, I'm sure would pressure me to stay married to their mother. Maybe not though, Patti at least knew of her mother's affair. Maybe she thought Barb was traveling down a better road away from me, instead of with me. Well, I would deal with this the same way I did everything, wait and see what developed and then choose the best alternative.

I called Jim, my attorney, Monday morning and said I wanted a divorce from Barbara. He questioned me extensively as he was not only my lawyer but a friend of both of us as well. I told him I didn't have any proof. He said whoever Barb chose for a lawyer would advise her to fight the divorce. I said there was no way that Barb could get my love back no matter how hard she fought for it. I said I would be fair in any settlement and would split everything down the middle, so besides the paperwork that was the main goal for him.

My secretary took calls from Jim, Pete, Patti and Barbara in the afternoon. I had directed her to tell them to call my motel in the evening if they wanted to talk to me. Pete, Patti and Barb were waiting for me when I reached my motel. "Dad, can we talk in your room? Mom knows she has wronged you, but she is hoping you can get beyond this."

"We can talk, but she is going to be disappointed." We went up to my room on the second level. "Did Bill take you back Patti?"

"I begged him to and he said I could come back, but I would have to stay in the guest room until he makes up his mind. He won't sleep with me either." Tears were in her eyes.

"Well good luck. If you beg hard enough and really intend to remain faithful, he might." Barb was given some hope over what I said to our daughter. I soon dashed her hopes. "You made a mistake. Maybe Bill can live with that. I can't though. I'm just not made that way."

"Mark, if you come home and I sleep in the spare room, can't we resolve this?"

"I haven't made up my mind yet. First, who did you have an affair with?"

"You don't know him, so you don't need to know his name."

"Where did you meet him?"

"At the teachers' convention."


"Twenty-seven years ago."

"How many times have you been in his bed?"

"I'm not going to answer that. Haven't I told you enough? I admit I had sex with him. What more can I say?"

I sat there looking at my wife. Then the thought struck me. There is a teachers' convention every year and Barb went to them all. Was that why she wouldn't answer? I had to know. "So you have had sex every year for the last twenty-seven years with him at the convention. Is that right?"

Her head came up with that. "Not every year. If you must know I missed two. It looks like I am going to miss this year too. I'm so ashamed of all of this. I didn't realize what it looks like until it has been brought out into the open. Mark, come on, you were never hurt by this. Remember the great sex we have when I get home from the convention? Both Pete and Patti were conceived in those sessions."

I wanted to hurt, suspecting that great sex with me was her remembering the time with her lover only a day before. "Or they were conceived a few days before you got home. It looks like that could be a distinct possibility."

That got to her. "We took precautions. It did not happen. Pete and Patti are yours."

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