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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Kim, a cheating wife, plans a night out with two of her neighbor's husbands. She gets more than she bargains for when four men in military garb show up.

This is my first attempt to write something erotic. If you don't like reading about sex, Please skip this one.

There were three of us couples who lived on the same street. I thought we were friends until I heard my wife making plans to rendezvous with my two buddies. I often was out of town traveling for my company. I took a taxi home early one day not feeling well, not even well enough to drive. Kim came in an hour later and started preparing dinner. I had spent my time lying down or in the bathroom. Before I could tell Kim that I was home, the phone rang. I guess I picked it up at the same time as she did in the kitchen.

"Hey Babe, are we still on for Monday evening? We will never have a chance like this again."

"I don't know. I don't think I'd better do this."

"Sure you do and it will be fun. Martha and Rachel will be down to the coast for the week with the kids and I know Sam is going to be out of town."

"I know he is, but God, if he ever finds out he will kill us all."

"Naw, he is too much of a wimp. All he does is push paper every day in some office for his company. You know it was you that bragged you could take me and Pete on and fuck us into the ground. Here's your chance."

Kim giggled, "I can and it's no brag. I can't be at the cabin before Sam calls from Denver at nine though, but by sun-up you guys will be begging me to leave you alone so you can recharge your nuts. You will be so fuckin' drained and bowlegged you'll think you are a fifty-year-old cowboy. If you guys promise to wear a condom, I'm up for it. Sam and I are planning a baby and I'll be getting near my fertile period. You guys be cool at the party Saturday night. I don't worry about Martha and Rachel, but Sam is no dummy."

"Are you saying our wives are dumb?"

"You said it, I didn't. Remember, bowlegged by dawn. That's a promise."

I eased out of the bedroom, went quietly down the hall to the laundry room, down and out the back door. I went behind the neighbor's house and out the far side to the street. I waited until a car went by and then walked to my front door. When I went into the house I startled Kim, for she could see the garage and I hadn't driven in. "Sick, taxi," I mumbled and headed for the bedroom, flopping down on the bed so she wouldn't realize I had been here earlier.

Kim came and stood in the doorway. "What's the matter?"

"Twenty-four hour grippe, I guess. It hit me a couple hours ago. Made me woozy, so I took a taxi home. You can drive me to work in the morning." I looked hopefully at her.

"Okay, if you're feeling better. You want dinner?"

"God no, just the thought of food makes me sick. Let me sleep." I didn't sleep. Kim was a hot little number and that was what made me notice her. We had been married a little over a year. Pete and George, my so-called buddies were my age. We were all five years older than Kim. They had two kids apiece and their wives--same age as they, had started to be comfortable in any old thing, whereas Kim dressed to be noticed. She had everything in place to be noticed too.

From the conversation it sounded as if this was the first time Pete and George were going to have a crack at my wife. This situation made it more possible by us all being out of town and better than sneaking a quickie at some other time. I wonder what their wives would say if they had heard what I had heard a little while ago. Martha might put up with it for her kids' sake, but Rachel wouldn't. She'd cut Pete's pecker off. Well she might have the chance to do that too.

Kim didn't want to get in bed with me to catch what I had, so she slept in the spare room. Before she went to bed she came in and said she hoped I was better because we had a party Saturday evening and it was only three days away. I assured her I would be. I wasn't up to my usual standard in the morning, but I wanted to be where I could do some planning and it couldn't be done at home.

Kim drove me to work so I could have my car when the day was done. I got on the phone. "Hey guys, Sam here. Are you up for a little nighttime recon and maybe a little maneuver thrown in?"

"Sam, old boy. Randy and I were talking about you the other day and how we should go out for a beer sometime. What's on your mind?"

"You know I was married about a year ago. Well I found out yesterday that the honeymoon is over. My woman is planning putting horns on me Monday night. Two of my neighbors have talked her into taking them on while I'm out of town. Their wives are out of town too. One of them, Pete Cowling, has a cabin up in the hills and Kim is spending the night with him and another neighbor, George. Probably longer if she can arrange it. I'd like to make it uncomfortable for all three of them."

"So how do you want this to go down?"

I hadn't slept much last night. Kim wouldn't have slept much either if she had known what I was planning for her. I may be only pushing paper right now, but I was more than that a few years ago. I had been part of an attack group that was dropped behind enemy lines when the war in Bosnia was on. I guess each one of us had saved the others lives a time or two, so when we got back to the states, we kept in touch and knew loosely where we all were located. Three of the guys were near enough for me to call them in.

Saturday night went the way it usually did. The party at George and Martha's was what could be called a barbecue or pool party--take your pick. Kim was in rare form. All twenty or so of the adults admired Kim, not only her body, but when she went off the diving board, she was a classic--sliding into the pool and hardly making a splash. Twice I saw Pete say something to her and then smirk. She looked pissed at him and after that he stayed away from her. George was occupied with being host, but I did see Kim smile at him and swear to god, he blushed.

The party wound down fairly early for the neighbors all knew that Martha and Rachel and the kids were to board a plane for San Francisco at eleven the next day. Kim was interested in a little bedtime tango, but I said I wasn't really up to snuff. "I've got a two-hour drive early Monday and I want to be all well by then. Driving into Denver at that time in the morning isn't any picnic." She let it slide, but claimed she was terribly disappointed. Oh well, she wouldn't be disappointed Monday night.

I called Kim as I agreed. The only difference was I called on a throw-away cell phone. She answered and said she was headed for bed. We talked about having kids and she said she had taken her temperature and was ovulating. I told her not to get knocked up before I could get to her. That pissed her off and she hung up not a happy wife. I hoped she was feeling a little guilty. At ten we four men were in place at the cabin. George and Kim drove up and Pete soon followed.

Kim was letting it all hang out. The cabin was secluded enough so she had removed her top and her breasts were swinging when she bounced out of George's pickup. She had a bottle in one hand and with the other she reached over and grabbed George between the legs. He told her to wait until he at least got undressed. When Pete came in they all started stripping. Pete was ready to mount Kim, but she did make him hesitate long enough to put on a rubber.

Each had a turn with her and then she demanded to have her pussy eaten. As far as could be determined she hadn't had an orgasm yet. It didn't take long after George started between her legs before she was screaming. Pete and George switched places and she went after George orally. When he was ready again she wouldn't let him near her until he had a condom on. At least if my wife was going to get knocked up, she wanted it to be mine.

Things slowed down after this. They all lay down on the bed and dozed for awhile. We all had seen through the window the activities that were going on. Randy, who was the captain back in another time, motioned and we all slipped inside and relaxed with our backs against the only door. Kim was the first to realize the three of them weren't alone anymore. She screamed!

I suppose we may have startled them a little. We all had shades on and were in cameo including night paint. Bob spoke, "We've been watching you all through the window. It looked like the little lady was wearing you guys out long before she was satisfied, so we thought she might like to have us join you. So little lady, what do you say?"

Kim was whimpering. Randy asked, "You married?"

Kim wouldn't answer. Kent sidled up to Pete and zapped him with a stun gun. "Hey little lady, do you want a little of that? You better answer me when I ask a question. Talk to me."

"I'm married."

"You married to either one of these assholes?"


"Why are you fucking them then?"

Kim hesitated. "I don't know. I guess they talked me into it."

"I bet you came up here kicking and screaming. Is that right?"

Kim hung her head and shook it with a negative. "Who is your husband and where is he?"

"Sam Connors. He's in Denver for three days."

"So if we wanted to play with you for three days, you wouldn't be missed. What about these two? They married and if they are where are their wives?"

"Both are married. Wives in California on vacation." Kim was really whimpering with fear now.

Randy was going to give Kim a little hope. "Now little lady, I'd bet you would like this little party to be over wouldn't you?"

Kim looked up with the most pleading look on her face. "Speak up. You would like it over wouldn't you?"


"Would you be willing to buy your way out of here?"

"I don't have any money and can't get any without Sam knowing about it."

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