An Adventure

by CeeeEsss

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Desc: Sex Story: It was her first attempt to seduce a stranger. Would all of her preparations be for naught when a man she knew sat down beside her? Or could she take the chance she had always dreamed of having, one night with a man she desired?

Cassandra had never done this before. She had heard a few friends describe their adventures when they were able to leave their small town and visit a large city. However, Cassandra was always a little reluctant for fear her father or one of her brothers would hear of her activities and decide she really wasn't old enough to live on her own. In less than ten days she was moving from her parental home into her first apartment.

The move to be independent still might not help. She feared the men in her family would increase their level of attention to her activities. The few eligible men in town rarely called back for the second or third date. There weren't that many places to go on a date anyway, one movie theatre, one diner and a family style restaurant.

The small home town did not provide the same anonymity a large city would. As for finding a bar, club, or a lounge—-that really was a joke. About the only places to sit in a bar and have a drink were the country club and a beer joint on the edge of town.

The original idea had been to invite a friend to join her on a weekend trip to a large city for some fun and shopping. However, before she could execute her plan, her father had asked her to deliver some paperwork he needed signed and returned immediately. This trip gave her the best opportunity she might ever have. It was a risk, but a risk she was willing to take, just this one time. She only hoped she had planned well enough that she didn't place herself in any real danger, but she did want an adventure.

The hotel was magnificent, not one she would normally select, but so elegant it made Cassandra feel more than comfortable as she started to unpack her bag. Before calling home to let them know she was safely in her hotel room, she read the instructions on the telephone. Tempted to pump her fist in the air, she muttered a breathless, "Yes-s-s."

The convenience of having a telephone number directly to her room removed another obstacle she had been concerned about.

"Hello, Mother."

"Oh, I'm so glad you called Sandy. Your father just asked me if you had reported in."

Cassandra winced at her step-mother's use of the childish name, but kept her tone of voice from changing. She was trying so hard to stop people from calling her Sandy. She wanted to be known by her proper name, Cassandra. It sounded more professional and mature.

"Yes ma'am. Look at the caller ID and tell me if you see the telephone number to my room."

The woman Cassandra called Mother replied, "It says "Unknown" but there is a number displayed."

"Read it to me so I can make sure it's correct."

Her mother read off the numbers for Cassandra to check against the information on her telephone.

"That's correct.

"Oh, before I forget, tell Daddy that when I delivered the documents I was told I should check back about mid-morning tomorrow to see if they are ready for me to pick up the signed copies."

Cassandra looked at the double-size, folded business card in her hand, the one the receptionist had given her. She opened it looking at the list of names, and almost said something to her step-mother, but withheld her comment for fear it would start a discussion she could not handle.

"You didn't have any trouble on the way up there did you?"

"No, ma'am. I found their office right away. Golly, this is a big city."

Her mother chuckled, "Yes, honey, it sure is. It gives you a good idea why we stay in this small town. What are you doing for supper?"

Cassandra paused for a moment, "Oh, I don't know yet, but I looked out the window and saw the signs of a couple of restaurants and some fast-food places. I'll get something quick and come back to my room. I brought a book with me. I'll probably read until I get sleepy. Driving this far made me feel tired."

"Okay, call me before you leave there tomorrow. Or, call me if you need to stay a second night."

"Yes, ma'am. Bye-bye."

Cassandra truly didn't dislike her step-mother and only remembered about half the time that she wasn't her real mother. The woman was only a few years older than men her father's generation might call a trophy wife. She had taken the place of her father's first wife who had not survived the birth of their sixth child. Nor did the woman provide a substitute for the fifth son her father had also lost.

Cassandra had looked forward to being replaced as the baby of the family. Her father finally admitted that four sons and one daughter was enough assurance there would be a continuation of the family business.

Cassandra took a couple of deep breaths and finished pulling her clothes from her bag. She put the skirt, blouse, and blazer she would wear tomorrow on a hanger in the closet along with the low heel shoes. She left her daytime underwear and casual clothes in the bag.

The next item she pulled from the bag was THE DRESS. It had taken her almost a month to find the dress she wanted. Because she came from a small town, there were only a few stores that sold cocktail dresses. Although most were rather conservative, a few had held possibilities. The one she selected would shock her mother, but it was exactly what Cassandra wanted, revealing in a subtle way, but sexy, too.

She had already put her makeup bag and bath items in the bathroom. The only thing left was the secret bag in the front zipper compartment. She had worried that her mother would find the bag so she'd put it in her suitcase as soon as it arrived. It was a thong. Cassandra had never owned a thong and was almost frightened at how revealing the delicate item of lingerie would be when she put it on. The small bag also contained the thigh high stockings she still couldn't believe would stay up for the few hours she would wear them.

Cassandra removed the clothing she was wearing and hung everything, checked the clock then pulled on her favorite long sleep shirt. Although she wasn't really hungry, she needed to eat something. The few snacks and a bottle of water she'd purchased when she stopped to fill her car were still in her oversized handbag, the same bag she had used to carry her father's paperwork.

With nothing left on her list of pre-preparations, Cassandra crawled to the middle of the bed. As an afterthought, she set the small clock on the bedside table to allow for a three-hour nap. She passed on the temptation to look at the business card again. She had finally gotten over the surprise he lived here. She thought he had moved much farther away after he left his job with her father's company. The city was so large it was virtually impossible she would see him.

Even though she was awake before the alarm, Cassandra remained in bed, thinking about what she was going to do that evening. Giggling, she finally walked into the bathroom. She had three hours to make herself into the person she wanted to be for the evening. She had practiced, she had planned, and now it was time to execute the first steps of her adventure.

"Bubble bath," Cassandra muttered, finally accepting the planned Brazilian wax treatment part of her original plan needed to be abandoned. She didn't really want to be hairless "down there" but she did place her rounded point scissors on the edge of the bathtub.

Two and one-half hours later, Cassandra stood in front of the wide mirror at the foot of her bed, looking at her reflection and at the bed.

Cassandra steeled her resolve. She was not going to allow a moment of caution cause her to abandon her plans. She went through her mental checklist:

Room — Check. Everything was put away and neat.

Bathroom — Check. All of the items she had used to make herself into a mature Cassandra were gone, too.

Hair — Check. Her normally straight hair showed her efforts with the curling iron to add body and some gentle waves. Plus the combs at the sides revealed the dangling earrings she'd received as her most recent birthday present from her parents. Diamonds on her twenty-first birthday were some kind of family tradition, or so her mother had told her.

Makeup — Check. All of the practice she had done in the last few weeks, and immediately washed off before anyone saw it, was worth the effort. The result made her eyes look larger and a much deeper blue. The subtle shading on her cheeks gave definition to her bone structure and the slightly darker shade under her jaw lengthened her neck.

Perfume — Check and double-check. She inhaled while holding her wrist near her face. Ah, Joy and nothing but Joy. Finding unscented soaps and shampoos was a challenge, but Sandy had been particular since she was sixteen and received a small emerald-cut bottle, one-half ounce, of the expensive perfume from her Grandmother. Few people recognized the scent, but many complimented Sandy on her "new" perfume, allowing her a secret little smile that she was wearing a fragrance almost 100 years old, once touted as "The most costly perfume in the world." She wasn't sure about the twenty-eight dozen roses per ounce, but she had never lost her feeling it was exactly right for her.

Ass — Check. She grinned when she turned around and lifted her dress to look at the faint line of the thong as it went up to join the one around her waist.

Front — Check. She almost groaned when she turned around to check the trimming she had done "down there." The faintly pink, flesh-colored front of the thong was so sheer she could see much more than she expected.

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