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Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Black Couple, White Male, Safe Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: A Story where Leroy had to make a decision that just broke his heart!

This story is dedicated to D G Hear and Just Plain Bob, two of my favorite authors of all time (yes, I am including Agatha Christie in the list as well). My English is poor, however, I beg you to look beyond it for a moment and tell me if the story was engaging.

My name is Leroy Washington and I am a 28 year old computer engineer employed with a fortune 500 company. I am also part-owner of a small chain of used car dealership which my elder and younger brother look after. I live in California with my girlfriend of three years, Desiree Dixon. We met when I first moved to California and she helped me find an apartment (she was working for a real estate agency back then). She works for a legal house now and is enrolled to become a lawyer.

I am not the most outgoing person and have no friends in Woodland Hills. My only friend Ray stays in Sacramento and it is not very often that we get together. He has a two year old daughter who thinks that Ray is her personal property and demands every waking moment from him. I wish at times that I had a daughter that would do the same to me. With Dee in my life, I was looking forward to a happy life ahead of me. She is a very open person and takes care to include me in all that she does. She insisted since the time we started dating that I drive her for the "girl's night out" and on more occasions than one I have ended up spending the evening with them. Most of her friends are either her childhood friends or have stayed together for the last 20 odd years.

So you get the general picture. I was leading the life that people only dream of. In between the job and the money that I got from the car dealership chain, I was making a cool 100,000 dollars a year. I drove a BMW and my Dee drove a Porsche. Her number plate read "Washington Queen". It was a way of saying that she was the queen of my hearts. This was the number plate that I recognized in front of me when I was driving home one night from work. I was out late that because Dee had told me that she wanted to spend some time with one of her colleague who was feeling down. The idea of going back to an empty home on Friday night did not appeal to me too much. I went up to Ray's and spent some time playing with Lyra and talking with Ray and Melinda, his wife.

I stopped at a jewelry shop on my way back and bought the biggest stone that I could afford. It was time that I made Dee mine to hold and cherish for the rest of my life. When I saw her car driving in front of me I thought it was nice that the two of us would reach home together. I intended to start pampering her as soon as we got in the house and would make sure that when we came out of the house in the morning on Monday we would be engaged to be married, not that I had any doubts that she would say yes. She, however, seemed to have other plans and made a left about a mile before our exit. I do not know why, but I followed. It could just have been a reflex on my part.

Her car stopped at the sidewalk and a tall well dressed man got down from the car. After taking a step away from the door he leaned and took a handkerchief from his pocket and handed her from the window. I could see her putting the handkerchief in the dashboard as she blew him a kiss and drove off. As she stopped in front of a video rental I drove past her and saw her taking a video from the dashboard and walking into the shop. It was late in the night and I do not think she noticed me. I thought nothing of the man in the car with her, as it could be anyone who she agreed to drop on her way home. For all I know he could be the husband of her friend who was feeling down.

I reached home and in about half an hour I heard her coming in. We had a light dinner and then we retired to the bedroom. She went into the bathroom as I settled in for the night. She came back several minutes later wearing only a black lacy top and black thong. She tossed the cover so that I was exposed. She clicked on the CD player and as Michael Bolton sang "Can I touch you there", she began a bump and grind. She toyed with her top, teasingly raising the hem, then playing with some ribbons that held the top closed. One by one, the ribbons became untied. She flashed her ample chest at me several times, displaying two dime-sized nipples. Then the top came off as she draped it around my neck. Her black sin glowed in the dim light of the night lamp. With her hands on my shoulders she wiggled her hips, looking into my eyes and smiling at what she saw. Then she turned to show me her perfectly firm, round bottom. She pushed the waistband down below her butt, then wiggled it a couple of times before she turned to face me again. Placing her thumbs in her waistband, she slid it down to show me a bare pubic mound. Wiggling, she turned her right side to me, and then slid her thong off in one calculated sexy movement. Stepping out of the thong, she lifted it, and then dropped it on the floor as she turned to show me her now completely naked body.

Placing her hands on my shoulders, she leaned in placing her nipples in front of my face. I knew exactly what to do, but wanted to prolong the foreplay today. Even a direct attack on her nipples would kill the foreplay that I had in my mind. I pulled her down and instead of kissing her nipples I kissed her with such force that I sucked the air right out of her lungs. I am a well endowed man and though I do not believe in the cliché that black men are well endowed, but I had the proverbial black cock. She was sitting on top of me and was rubbing her pussy all over my cock.

I took the backs of her knees in my hands and got up, lowering her body onto the bed. I leaned forward, pressing my hot, long rod against her mound and took her breasts in my hands, kneading them softly and brushing the nipples with my palms. "Yes" she whispered as her nipples hardened under my palms. I could feel her getting wetter and wanted nothing more than taste her sweet pussy. The aroma and the feeling of her hot, wet pussy pressed to mine was making me delirious. I dropped to my knees and stuck my tongue deep inside her, making her moan and thrash about the bed a bit. I ate her to an orgasm and then followed it up with another orgasm on my penetrating fingers and clit rubbing thumb.

Then I gently entered her. I kept my hands wrapped tightly around her hips to keep her from bucking me off in a moment of passion. The love making was most satisfying. She kept on encouraging me and made me feel absolutely on top of the world. She sounds of satisfaction made me even hornier and we ended up fucking twice more during the night.

We slept late next morning and it was close to noon when we woke up. I was the first to get up. As I got up I saw her sleeping beside me. Her face was partially covered with hair and she had a calm angel like feel on her face. I walked up to my laptop and opened up my diary. I wrote in there how happy I felt today and I also wrote about my plans for the evening. That reminded me. My plans needed the right ambiance and I had no candles in the house. I also wanted to buy some flowers and maybe something special for her.

I rushed out so that I could buy the stuff I needed and got back home before she woke up. I found that my car had a flat tire and I need to borrow her car. I hated this. Her car was too girly for me to be comfortable. I got in and drove to the supermarket. After shopping hastily (I wanted to get back before she woke up), I got back in the car and drove back. I opened the dashboard looking for a napkin to wipe my hands before I touched her fur covered driving wheel. I saw a piece of cloth and remembering the handkerchief from last night took it out to wipe my hands with it. It was not a handkerchief; it was a soft satin thong. I recognized the thong immediately. It was one that we bought for our tip to Vermont. So if this was what the man handed to her ... I could not think of anything. My mind was going numb; I felt my whole world crashing around me. I just sat there, thoughtless. I was not angry, not hurt and not thinking. There might be an explanation for his, was the first thought that came to my mind but then I dismissed it. I have not handled any thongs ever that did not mean sex.

As I drove home, I knew that all plans for my proposals had to be kept on hold. I could not walk into a marriage with doubts in my mind. Doubt is a horrible thing, it basically destroy relationships even when it is unfounded. As I drove into the garage I could feel a surge of emotions. I was hurting. I was hurting bad. I needed this to be resolved fast.

As I entered the apartment I heard her speak over the phone, "I cannot meet you tonight. I have just found out that Leroy has plans for us this evening that are more important than me meeting you." After a brief silence I heard her speak "Of course I love you more than I love Leroy, but let us admit, you are not going to divorce that wife of yours and I am not going to spend my life being a white man's whore. I wish that I could be with you always instead of this wimp of a man. He does not even recognize the fact that I might need some rough loving. Last night he was all mushy and ate me to a climax and then fingered me to another and then fucked me. I did not climax when he fucked me, I pretended. I am not a cold woman who does not come; I just do not come when he is making love to me. Yet, I will say yes to marry him when he asks me tonight. This is unless you can find it in you to leave your wife and take me to be yours, the way I want it."

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