John and Dr. K. Meet Jamal J.

by rondori

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Sports, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Light Bond, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Squirting, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Size, Hairy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Dr. Jenny K. discovers that she has miraculous healing powers with big black dicks (story and illustrations at the request of John and Jenny K.)

John and Dr. Jenny K. went out to a college basketball game before dinner at a fancy restaurant. The game is exciting but the star player, Jamal J. is injured before halftime. Dr. K. is called upon to treat Jamal in the college infirmary because she is the only physician in attendance at the game. She does not want to treat Jamal because of the dinner reservations. John tells Jenny that the hospital where she works cannot afford another lawsuit ever sense it turned away a poor black woman due to lack of insurance.

It is a Saturday and the infirmary is otherwise deserted. John and Jenny have just helped Jamal onto the exam table.

John: "I'll change the dinner reservations, but I can't find my cell phone. Where is the nearest public phone?"

Jamal: "I think there's one back at the gymnasium lobby."

Jenny: "Ok, I will treat your ankle while John calls the restaurant."

Jenny can't help but notice the size of Jamal's genitals because he is not wearing underwear and his shorts have large leg holes. She finds herself staring while she is taping the ankle. Jamal notices her distraction and fascination.

Jamal: "So you like my Johnson, eh Doc? Here, take a good look." He pulls his shorts down and with the ease of stripping the ball from an opposing player with one gigantic hand, Jamal forces the doctor's head towards his crotch. "While we're at it, let's see what you've got." Jamal lifts her skirt and pulls her silk panties past her garters and silk stockings.

Jenny: "Stop this Mr. J., I'm a married woman and your doctor! My husband will be back any minute."

Jamal: "That's not my problem. If that little cracker does anything, I'll break him in half and sue him for assault. Then I'll sue your hospital for sexual abuse of a patient. They'll fire you just to make the lawsuit go away."

"Now get busy and lick my nuts and suck my dick. If I bust my nut before your little hubby gets back, there won't be any problem. It'll take forever to find a free public phone in that lobby during half-time."

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Jenny reluctantly begins to lick his huge testicles. Jamal produces John's cell phone and begins to snap pictures. While Jenny is sucking his monstrous black cock, she notices the cell phone.

Jamal laughs: "This is my insurance. You do everything right, I'll give it back to you so you can destroy the evidence. Now hurry up!"

Jenny furiously increases her sucking. In spite of the smell and taste of sweat and feelings of helplessness and humiliation from forced feleatio, She begins to feel arousal. The size of the monster growing in her mouth causes her salivary glands to go into overdrive and soon Jamal's growing cock is glistening and his tennis-ball testicles are dripping with her saliva. She begins to feel some pride in her ability to arouse the seven foot tall black man. Jamal inserts his finger into her pussy to find her wet. He also opens her shirt and pushes her bra down to maul her sensitive breasts and nipples.

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When Jamal is rock hard, he pulls Jenny's mouth from his twelve inch cock and gets off the table to force his lips and fingers into her increasingly wet, dense, delta of Venus.

Jamal: "Mmm ... I got to taste this fine white doctor pussy." While he is probing and licking her swelling labia and clitoris, Jamal uses his free hand to entwine her panties and heels so that Jenny is bound with crossed ankles. Dr. K. fails to notice because she is distracted by the black giant's skillful manipulations of her genitals. She begins to surrender to her arousal and she finds herself closing her eyes, moaning and twitching her hips back at her tormenter's tongue. Abruptly, Jamal stands, kicks off his shorts, turns Jenny around and forces her over the exam table. He lubricates himself with a nearby jar of petroleum jelly.

Jenny looks back in alarm: "No, don't! You're too big, it wont fit! Stop! NO! Please... ? NO? ... Help me somebody! Aaaa ... OH! Oh ... OH ... Oh my god! HELP!"

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Despite Jenny's screams and resistance, Jamal continues to slowly force his huge member into her tiny orifice. He pauses halfway to withdraw only shove his way back into her. Repeating, he gradually works almost two-thirds of himself into her small vagina. He pulls back until just the head is in and begins a rapid series of short thrusts.

Gradually, Jenny feels less pain and starts to feel growing excitement. Embarrassingly she recognizes her own arousal and finally surrenders with a soft groan to thrust back against his assault. Jamal responds by rapidly burying his shaft fully in her tender gradually widening passage until his big black balls are easily slapping wetly against her rosy thighs.

Jenny : "OH! NO! ... no ... oh ... Oh ... OH! Oh my God!" as she clutches the sheet on the exam table.

Jamal: That's it! Take my big black cock doctor bitch, take it all!

Jenny attempts to control her arousal, but Jamal's slamming, ass-pounding hips begin to drive any rational thoughts out of her head. All she can think of is the giant phallus she had in her mouth and that now feels as if it is entering her stomach. Dazed and confused, Jenny surrenders to the growing heat in her lagoon of mystery. She feels the walls of her channel start to clutch at their coal-black invader until she spasms in an uncontrollable orgasm which she attempts to conceal. She hopes that Jamal will not understand her cries of pleasure. To her great shame she feels her wetness trickling down her thighs.

Jamal leans over her, his sweating face bearing a smug grin: "You really like my big black dick, don't you doc?"

Jenny: "Just hurry up and finish, you black bastard! Just pull out before you come. I'm not on the pill, Ok?"

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