A Mother's Dream

by dirty oedipus

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Mother, Son, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: After years of searching i find my mother and more than that, I find a lover.


She looked like a dream as she weaved her way through the tables towards me, I stood up and kissed her on the cheek and she beamed with pleasure.

"Hello darling" she said with a smile, "You look very handsome tonight"

"And you're stunning mum" I returned, "Absolutely stunning"

"Where does your husband think you are?"

"With you" and then she saw my jaw drop and giggled, "I told him you've got the flue so I've come to look after you for the night"

She wore a simple white dress of average length, but cut low enough to display the swellings of her luscious boobs.

"Well I've certainly got a fever, but it comes from being close to you"

She leaned into me and I felt the pressure of a breast against my arm,

"You say such lovely things to me darling"

"I say them because they're true mum, you're the only woman in the world for me, "I've been like a cat on a hot tin roof all day"

"I daren't say what I've been like"

"Try me"

"A bitch on heat" she said softly, "Everyone at work looked like you, everything they said had hidden meanings, if I saw people whispering I imagined they knew about us, about what we'd done, you've been driving me mad without actually doing anything"

"Just wait 'til I do something" I laughed and she shuddered,

"Christ mum, you've really got it bad haven't you?"

She nodded, "It's your fault, you've turned me into a sex maniac"

"No" I smiled, "You've been repressed mum, all I did was to bring it out of you, you've always been a sexy woman"

"You brought it out of me all right" she laughed softly, "I did things with you that I've never thought of doing before"

"Such as?" I laid a hand on her thigh,

"Such as the language I used when you were --, you know"

"Fucking you?"


"Say it mum"

She put her lips close to my ear and whispered it, "When you were fucking me"

"Leave him mum and I'll be fucking you every day from now on"

"I can't just leave him like that!" she said, "What about my job?"

"You can come and work for me, just think, you could sit on the boss's knee to take dictation"

"And anything else that came up" she laughed,

"But we can talk about that later can't we?"

"Anything you like mum" I agreed not wanting to rush her into anything she wasn't sure about.

"Have you got any champagne at home?"

"Of course"

"Can we go then?"

"Thirsty mum?" I teased and she blushed prettily but nodded.

It was a warm night so I drove with the top down and she giggled as the wind took her hair,

"This is brilliant" she laughed, "I'd love a car like this"

As we pulled up outside my house, I tossed her the keys,

"It's yours mum, enjoy it" but she just sat there looking confused,

"Danny it's a thirty thousand pound car, you can't just give it away like that"

"Ok then, I'll lend it to you for as long as you like"

"You're incredible do you know that?"

I went round and opened her door for her hoping for a glimpse up her dress but she giggled and kept her knees together,

"I could be your chauffeur"

"Yeah, wow great idea mum" and I took her arm, "You'll have to wear a uniform though, a smart black suit, mini skirt of course to show off those fabulous legs"

"Of course" she laughed, "But not too short that it would show my stocking tops"


"Of course, it's far too hot for tights"

"Does that mean that you're wearing them now?"

"Yup" but she dodged my groping hands and ran laughing in to the kitchen get the champagne.

By the time she returned I'd stripped to my shorts and was doing a lazy crawl in the pool, I looked across at her as she walked over the lawn towards me and then I looked again in a comical double take, she'd obviously been wearing an underskirt in the pub, but she'd taken it off and I could clearly see the dark circles of her nipples through the bodice and her legs were encased in sheer tan stockings, she squatted at the side of the pool and handed me the champagne allowing her knees to part as she did so,

"See anything you like?" she smiled and I could only stare at her freshly shaven little slit,

"I see a very beautiful, a very sexy and a very wanton woman mum" I said softly, she sat back leaving her legs wide open to my gaze.

"You missed out horny" she said softly and reached out to pull me in between her legs,

Her pussy wasn't just wet, it was an absolute swamp, but the tastiest swamp in the world, she moaned with pleasure as I eased my tongue between her lips and she squealed as I nibbled her clitoris, my legs were aching from treading water so I pulled myself out and fell on top of her,

"Oh yes" she sighed as I got rid of my shorts, "Come to mommy"

My prick felt like iron as I slid home and I felt her mouth at my ear,

"Yes Danny, oh yes baby, do it to me, shag me darling, show me what I've been missing, do it to me hard, oh fuck yes"

I felt her ankles locking round my back and her long finger nails digging into my buttocks as she thrust herself back up at me, I burrowed both hands beneath her and she squealed again as I found her anus, I pushed and for a second her natural response was to resist, but she quickly overcame it and it slid into her little hole knuckle deep.

I was thrusting harder and harder, deeper and deeper, she was going wild with passion and I knew her nails were drawing blood, our pubic boned mashed together and I felt the semen beginning to boil up in my balls.

"Danny" she almost shouted, "Danny I'm coming, oh fuck you're making me come darling"

I could only grunt in reply as my own climax approached and then suddenly it was on us both, we rutted, we swore, we kissed and we bit, I tasted my own blood on her lips and with one last mighty heave I was done, spent and fell on her gasping for breath.

She too was breathing heavily, but she recovered enough to moan as my finger left her nether hole.

"I was enjoying that"

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