Cheating My Hubby With His Best Friend

by Isabelle Vagaba

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: Isabelle has a big cock fetish. She has been dreaming about having sex with a well endowed man since she was a young teen girl. Unfortunately her husband has a tiny member that can't satisfy her needs. One day she hears from Michelle, the wife of Dave (Belle's hubby best friend) about her husband's large cock. Will Belle be able to resist the lure of Dave's big cock? I don't think so...

My name is Isabelle Vagaba and I'm a married woman. I'm considered beautiful, with my cute features and tiny 5'2" tall body. I'm blonde and blessed with unblemished fair skin. Even being so short I'm curvaceous, with large 32 DD cup tits, tiny waist and a generous ass that ends in a nice pair of legs.

My husband, George, is a gentle middle aged man, 26 years my senior, I'm 25. I met him in my last year at the University and we fell in love almost immediately. Now, two years of marriage later, our sex life is becoming a complete bore to me. I've never been a wild girl, I've lost my cherry rather late, when I was twenty, and I've only had sex with eight different men before George.

I have a hard time getting excited with his little four inches cock. He is not very good in bed either. George usually spurts his surprisingly large amount of sperm in me after a few minutes of fucking. But he has a talented tongue, which saved our sex life. Even so I barely feel his too small pecker and only rarely I orgasm, and then, it is always from him eating my pussy.

I know that part of my frustration with him is the fact that I have a big cock fetish. I have fantasies with large members since I was twelve and found my dad's porn cache among my best friend at the time. We browsed at hardcore magazines and saw old porn flicks, all of them featured guys who had huge dicks and it fascinated me. I've always been quite bashful and shy. But I masturbated a lot, picturing well hung men fucking my tiny twat.

In my college days I had my small share of guys, but only one was really above average, he had an eight inches cock — yes, I measured it! It was just fantastic, but I still wanted to feel a larger pole inside me. Of course, when I met George and realized I loved him, I also realized I'd never get the chance to live my fantasy.

It has been haunting me for some time. I was still masturbating thinking of large cocks ... I even browsed the internet looking for photos of large members and well endowed studs. But I have never cheated on my hubby. I thought I'd be able to control my dark fantasy. I was sure that my big dick fetish would be just that, a fetish. I was sure that I'd be able to keep well hidden and I was certain that I'd never — EVER - cheat on George. At least I thought so until the night I had a most disturbing chat with Michelle.

Michelle is my best friend. She is a saucy Latina, with a beautiful athletic body and the most perfect bubble butt I've ever seen. It makes up for her very perky but small boobs. Her skin is of a tanned golden hue and her long black hair is the envy of all our friends. She is also the wife of my husbands' business associate and best friend, Dave.

We get very lonely inside our comfortable - but too large - houses from time to time, so it is quite common for us to visit each other. We do enjoy our pools and our husbands' liqueur. We do get tipsy every time we start to chat and share our secrets.

A month ago Michelle was telling me how cool and hot Dave was in bed, making sure to use her hands to show me the size of his cock. She was beaming with pride. I blushed when I saw her hands ten inches apart. When Michelle gets drunk she just doesn't have a clue!

"No way!" I said, but she assured me her husband was really hung. The little bitch! She knows I have a big cock fetish.

When she asked me to tell her about my sex life I almost gagged. Only the many glasses of wine made me stupid enough to confess my hubby has a tiny 4" cock and is not really good in bed. The rest of the night I complained about my sexual frustration and fantasies with hung men.

At least I managed to hide from her the many times in the past I caught her husband looking at you, checking me out. Especially my chest. Just as I have a big cock fetish, it looks like he has a thing for big tits that his hot wife just can't satisfy.

I have been nurturing fantasies about Dave all through the month, since Michelle told me about his cock size. Last week we had a pool party. It was a relaxed small thing, with everyone in swimsuits and lots of booze. I couldn't help but steal glances at Dave's crotch whenever I thought no one was seeing it. The worst part is that I managed to see the outline of his member through the trunks ... it was HUGE!

I also caught him again. He was openly looking at me in my bikini. I could see him swelling as he stared at my boobs, the impressive bulge throbbing so thick. I was afraid people would notice, but everyone was too drunk to even see it. In fact Michelle was in a daze, babbling nonsense in a drunken state. When I got her to my guest room to help her recover from her alcoholic torpor, she started to confess the most embarrassing thing to me.

"You know Bell, I am really sorry!" She started to laugh. "I just couldn't resist it!"

"It is ok Michelle, everyone gets a little drunk occasionally." I started to sooth her, thinking she was talking about her sorry state.

"No you silly, it is not that!" She laughed lauder.

"Then what are you sorry about?" I asked curiously removing her sandals and helping her to my guest rooms' bed.

"Well..." She starts with a mischievous smile. "Last weekend, when Dave was fucking my brains out, I told him more than I should..."

"What do you mean?" I frown, starting to fear my big mouthed friend did something REALLY stupid. I was desperate! "Come on Michelle, what have you told him?!"

"What else?" She laughed. "I drank a little bit more than I should and I told him I loved his big fat cock ... and I told him you would love it too!"

"You what?!' I almost pass out from sheer embarrassment. "He must think I'm a slut!"

"No! I told him you had a thing for big cocks and that George could not measure up to my Dave!" She licks her lips as she closes her eyes. "He told me every girl loves a big cock, but I told him you have this fantasy since you were twelve and I told him you looked at porn pictures of well hung guys and stuff ... but that you never have cheated on George!"

"Michelle, fuck you shouldn't..." I start to speak aloud but she cuts me, before she drifts into sleep.

"Fuck Belle, my husband has a cock larger than most porn stars ... he is bigger than those guys in the pics and flicks you see." She brags. "I just told him little goody-goody Isabelle has a desire for large members and that your sex life sucks."

The next moment she was snoring loudly. I was mortified, but there was nothing I could do any more. My mistake was to talk too much to a girl well known for being a big mouth when she drinks. I left her sleeping on the bed and went back to the pool, pretending that nothing unusual had happened. Thankfully, on the next day Michelle had forgotten everything we talked in the guest room, she suffers from alcoholic amnesia.

But still I couldn't forget about Dave's massive dick inside his trunks. My beautiful house with its nice pool and garden suddenly looked too solitary ... too boring. When my hubby fucked me last night I closed my eyes and pictured Dave in his place. Of course, his tiny 4" dick couldn't pass for the monster I've seen a glimpse of during the pool party day. I was almost relieved that he has gone on a week long business trip this morning.

I wake up from my daydreams with the phone ringing. I answer it and, to my surprise it is Dave on the other side of the line.

"Hi Belle." He says. "I'm sorry to bother you but, well, George had to travel today and he didn't send me the last documents of our latest project. He told me he left it home. Have you seen it?"

"Oh, Hi Dave." I giggle remembering him standing by the pool with the semi hard cock nearly ripping his trunks apart. I blush, even being home alone. "You know I never mess with his stuff, but I'm sure he left it in his studio, why don't you come here to look for it?" I offer licking my lips.

"Sure, Belle. I guess I'll have to." I feel some excitement on his voice and I wonder if it is ok to let him inside my house ... we'll be alone. But then, he is George's old friend and I doubt he'd jeopardize his friendship by hitting on me. "I'll be right over."

"Cool. I'll be waiting for you Dave." I giggle feeling my pussy throb. I must control myself!

I quickly dress up in my tiniest red bikini, pretending I was tanning by the pool. A few minutes later I see Dave's car pull up and soon he is enthusiastically walking to my doorstep to knock on the door. I just put a short skirt over the bikini when I answer it.

"Oh, hi Belle." His eyes look me all over. "I'm really sorry to interrupt your sun bath, but I really need that paper work." He says with a sly smile, his pants hardly hiding the outline of the huge tool in it.

"Hi Dave, I was on the pool and I didn't have the chance to change into something decent..." I say with an innocent looking smile. "You don't mind, do you?"

"NO! Not at all!" His eyes go up and down, staring at me as his massive pole starts to swell up and get full. "So, do you know where it is? By the way, you look REALLY good." He praises me.

"Thanks!" I giggle and perform a little turn. "As you know, George is not home, he will only be back next week, but feel free to enter and grab anything you want!" I say making way for the hunky man.

"I might do just that..." He thinks aloud as his eyes grow wide when he sees my nipples harden. "I can't believe he would leave with you here ... all alone looking so good."

"Well ... we have been married for three years now and he is not jealous." I smile. "He knows I've never cheated on him." I wave Dave to follow me as I lead him to my hubby's study. "And you are his best friend ... Michelle is my best friend and confident too!" I giggle. "We do exchange secrets!"

"Oh really?" He chuckles. "Secrets huh?" I feel his eyes on my bubble shaped ass the whole time I walk in front of him.

I give my steps a little saucy extra sway to make it more interesting for my best friend's husband. My butt cheeks are firm for their size, but even so they jiggle enticingly, in an almost obscene way. Not to mention that the skirt is so short it doesn't cover the bottom of my ass, and the bikini is engulfed by my generous butt. I know I should not do it, but I just can't resist it!

"Well, here is his study ... feel free to take a look at anything you want!" I joke.

"Thanks..." He browses around for a minute, openly stealing glances at me. "Oh, here it is. "He picks up some papers, looking at me. "It looks like I found just what I want." He is 'talking to my tits' now. I'm used to it, all busty girls get used to it after some time dealing with guys.

"Good!" I turn to Dave. "It is good when we find what we are looking f..." My eyes steal a glance at his crotch and I stop, stunned. Dave is fully erect! "Oh GOD! Michelle was REALLY telling the truth!"

"Isn't it good to find what we really want?" He can't hide the outline in his pants, it's so swollen and full ... so huge from looking at me. "What did she tell you?" He grins.

"Don't be mad at us Dave, w-we were chatting a month ago a-and she told me yo-you ... she told me you are BIG." I use my hands to show him the cock size she indicated. "I didn't believe it." My nipples harden, making tents on the bikini top.

"Did she?" Dave leans back a little, making the massive shaft so tight against his pants it looks like it1'll rip his clothes. "Well, what about George? Isn't he large enough to satisfy you?"

"M-my husband is..." I move my hands closer, to indicate his tiny size. "We should not be having this conversation." I say blushing, but my eyes are glued to his cock.

"Oh, come on now Belle, I'm sure I can't be that much different then him. He can't be this pathetic! It must just be your imagination running wild." He says demising the idea that George is that small. "I mean, a hot women like you must have a good one to keep you satisfied."

"Well ... George and I ... we do have our problems in bed." I confess blushing. "We are not like Michelle and you. Michelle is very lucky!" My eyes grow wide when his pole twitches with my words. "Wow!" I don't even realize I said it until I see him smile.

"I can't even believe any man would have problems with you." He laughs. "Hum ... with that body any man would give it to you so good..." He looks at my tits again and his pole moves lightly another time, making me gasp in amazement. "George can't be pencil dicked and incompetent in bed, is he?"

I nod blushing. I don't even try to tear my eyes from Dave's cock now. It is the most amazing sight I've ever seen. It is so large I wonder how can he fit it in his underwear. Michelle is a lucky bitch! I'm so envious of her luck ... I wish I could feel a pole that big in me everyday.

"Isabelle, I'm sure Michelle must have told you all sorts of stories about my cock and our sex life..." He says in a soothing voice. "You must be very curious. She must have filled your head with our sexual adventures. I'm sure you'd realize it is no big deal if you satisfied your curiosity. Do you ... do you wanna see it? Do you want to satisfy ... your curiosity?"

"See it?!' I ask wide eyed. "Dave, you are my husband's best friend, I am your wife's best friend!" I say alarmed. "I-I am not sure it'd be proper ... i-it'd be like cheating." I lick my lips at the prospect, unconsciously eager for it.

"Nooo! Cheating? No, of course not!" He says, hurt by my words. "Belle, it's just to stop this crazy idea of yours ... Michelle is to blame, she told you too much, made it look like a big deal. You'll see it's not really much different then George, and we won't tell them I showed it to you, okay?"

"Ok, I won't tell if you won't." I nod still unsure. "Ok..."

My heart bats fast. I never thought I'd see the cock of another man since I married. But my hubby's tiny 4" and Michelle's tall tales are driving me crazy ... I wasn't able to take Dave's monster dick from my mind all month! I hope I'll satisfy my curiosity and be able to lay this crazy fetish off.

"Okay Belle." He sits back on the couch and starts to undo his belt. Come closer you won't be able to see it properly from so far away!"

"Ok." I nod submissively, taking a few steps to stand just in front of him, my boobs in level with his face. My nipples are painfully hard now and my bikini bottom is all wet between my legs.

"It looks like you are really curious." He chuckles looking at my erect nipples as he unzip his trousers.

"I-I am not sure I should..." I start to say, but when Dave puts his huge pole out of the pants I shut. My eyes grow wide and my mouth drops. I see the largest cock of my life in front of me. "Oh god! My hubby is NOTHING like this!" I use my fingers to show his size near yours. "He is less than half your length ... and is much thinner."

"Really? Is George that tiny?" Dave grips his shaft, pulling the skin back. It is so huge! The tip so thick and full ... the shaft so thick and hot ... I am lost in a daze, almost hypnotized by the wondrous sight. "Hum, what a wimp!" Dave laughs. "I'm sorry Belle, show me again. Show me where he would be up to on mine."

"I-it is like this..." I start to use my fingers to show him the difference again when he cuts me.

"Come have a seat..." Dave pats the floor between his legs. " ... so you can show me properly, close to my cock so we can see the real difference and so that you get a good look too, a closer look."

I look at the man for a moment. I'm stunned, images of our years of friendship run in front of my eyes, all my chats with Michelle ... then I hear her talking about his cock size again and I smile. I kneel down between his wide open legs. I am on my knees, in my husbands study, with his best friend sitting on his chair and with Dave's HUGE cock erect, pointing at me. My eyes are wide open and my mouth drops at the sight.

"I-I ... I can't believe it ... I've never seen a cock this big!" I babble amazed. It is only inches from my face.

"It's okay Belle." Dave smiles, very proud. "You can take a closer look, just to see it since I'm so much larger then him ... go ahead, touch it if you want. We want to compare my cock to his don't we? See how much bigger it is by trying to get your fingers around it."

"I-I am not sure I should do it!' I say in an embarrassed tone, but my hands rise to his pole, grabbing it. I get five inches in my grip. "This is his length ... of course, he is not as thick as you." I say.

"Wow! I'm sorry to hear that Belle." He says with a face that shows he pities me. "That's so tiny ... and you're such a good women. That's a shame. He'll never be able to satisfy you!" He adds in a sad tone as I look at six thick inches above my fist. "I must confess I always kinda knew he was a wimp, sorry."

"H-he is a good husband!" I defend him, but my hand starts to move up and down, jerking Dave off. "H-he just, you know, is not ... err, he is not able to satisfy me, b-but..." I stutter nervously.

"Yeah ... he is not able to satisfy you." Dave starts to moan. He smiles down at me and strokes my pretty golden hair. "He doesn't have the 'equipment'. A real man needs a man sized member to satisfy his wife ... and he doesn't. I'm so, so sorry to say it, but you are not to blame for being unsatisfied, he is the one who failed you!"

"Yes ... YES! I-I ... I am so angry! I mean, it's been months since last I had an orgasm ... and the last one was from his tongue!" I confess speeding up the masturbation. I grab Dave's manhood with both hands now. "He is just too much of a wimp to make me cum. His cock is too thin!"

"Really?" Dave asks suddenly interested. "How much thicker am I? Like, open your mouth, to his girth, just so I can see." I make a small 'O' shape with my mouth. "Oh my!" Dave laughs "Can he really fit in that small opening?" I nod blushing. "You poor, poor woman. My wife can hardly take mine in."

Dave pushes my slightly open mouth toward the huge thick tip. It is massive and swollen, the ring around the head so thick I'd have to open much wider to fit him in.

"D0Dave, what are you doing?" I ask, but don't fight him, son I have my lips touching the cockhead. I am still grabbing it two handed, but I stop jerking off and start to massage and tug it slowly and gently as I feel the salty taste.

"Wanna see if you can fit it in your little mouth? Just to see, it's okay." He says, trying to calm me down.

"I-I am not sure..." I stutter feeling the masculine odor fill my nostrils. The tip enters my lips as I speak and suddenly I can feel his manly taste on the tip of my tongue. I close my eyes and open a little wider, touching the cockhead again with my lips. My hot breath is on his pole, making it twitch. I have an inch of prime man meat in my lips, but I'm too scared to slide more in.

"Hum!" He moans in pleasure. I'm sure he is enjoying looking down at me. Another man's wife sucking him in. "Come on Belle, I know it feels too empty for you ... not to have a huge one to stuff that lovely mouth with." He keeps pushing his hips up. "It's okay darling, it's only natural to want to compare how mine feels to his tiny, little thing." I let another inch in. "Show me how low you would have to go to take him all inside."

"A-are you sure it is ok?" I ask worried looking cross eyed at the large member. "I'd not want Michelle to know about it ... or my husband!"

"We're not doing anything, I promise not to laugh in his face about his tiny little dicky next time we meet." Dave says. "And Michelle would not have told you about my cock size. It is her fault she got you so curious you just can't resist feeling it in your mouth." He pushes my head down a little and another inch enters my lips. My tongue is swirling slowly on the underside of his cock crown now. "Come on. Show me that you can take more then his tiny five incher."

"Yes ... she shouldn't have teased me like that!" I say with a sly smile and kiss the cock tip again. "It serves her right, doesn't it?"

"Sure it does Belle." He agrees, soothing my doubts. "It was naughty of my wife to tell you ... tease you!" He holds my hair. "Now you can get back on her by having fun with the cock of her husband, the same cock she kept bragging about. Isn't it poetic?" he forces me back to his throbbing manhood. "I know you can take much more then the tiny four inches of your husband. Show me you can."

"I'll try!" I say delighted and close my eyes, trying to swallow as much as I can. Since I'm used to my hubby's tiny dick I gag when I feel seven inches inside my lips. Even so it is amazing to me that I have this much in my mouth!

"Open your eyes Belle." He commands me and I do as I'm told. "Look up at me ... hum! Breath, open wide, relax that throat ... that's only my first seven inches, you know I have a few more to go." Dave pushes my face down. "I know you want to see what a real cock is like. It's okay darling, take it. Take it all."

I look cross eyed at the remaining inches. I'm so impressed! I admit I never thought I'd ever have a cock this big in my mouth. Michelle is so lucky! Fuck, she shouldn't boast about her hot well endowed hubby, it is like mocking me, humiliating me because of George's pathetic penis.

I'll show what happens to big mouth wives! I let Dave force my head lower and take yet another inch. Still I see the end of his cock too far to reach. Dave thrusts his hips up forcing a little more fat cock in my mouth. I should complain, but I love to feel him push his stiff manhood in my mouth like that.

"Come on Belle, you can do it." Dave jabs the cock into my throat. "Take that cock like you always wanted." He teases me as he bucks forward, pushing it deep.

"UGHH!" I gag furiously and close my eyes.

There are tears falling from my eyes as I put my hands on Dave's legs for support. But I don't fret! When I open my eyes again I see the base of the large member within my reach. I control my coughing and form an exaggerated pout with my lips before I do my final effort.

It works! The next thing I feel is your pubes tickling at my cute nose and your balls pressed to my chin. I suddenly gag and let it go. Lots of drool falls from my lips to coat his member and balls.

"Hum! That's it. See? You can do it!" Dave praises me holding my hair in his fist and shoving my mouth back down. He pushes me to reach the base. But it is so hard! He is so big and thick! "Hum! That was even better then Michelle on her first try." He says impressed, smearing that drool on my pretty face.

"Hum!" I moan as I take the cock again.

My big dick fetish is now fulfilled ... yet I can't let it go! I NEED more. Instead of being satisfied I am even hungrier for his huge member. I am eager to lick it, kiss it and worship it. I NEED it.

The third time I take it deep is actually easier. I open my throat and let it all slide in. I am getting the hang of it! I slide the pole out and kiss it. I look at the shaft on my hands, panting with my effort to swallow it time after time.

"Do you really think I'm better than your wife?" I ask meekly. I really want to please him. I want Dave to need me as much as I need him now.

"I said you're better then her first try." He chuckles making me feel unsecure. "You're gonna have to do much better to beat how good she is now." I blush, feeling humiliated. Michelle must be a great cocksucker. She has a perfect dick to practice on! "Show me how good you can be. Show me how you love my huge big dick ... how much you need it Belle."

"Well ... I think I'll need practice if I am to beat Michelle!" I giggle and start masturbating Dave. I use two hands, yet I can't cover it all. "Will you let me practice often Dave?"

"Maybe." He runs his fingers through my hair, caressing me like a pet. "If you're nice to me, maybe I can stop by once in a while." He smiles and I feel his cock throbbing in my hands.

It hangs over my face. It looks s long ... bigger then my head. I swallow the pole again and start to bob my head then I take it off and put my head on his lap. The massive pole is really taller than my head!

"Wow!" I say with a BIG smile. "It is better than I dreamed it would be!" I giggle and take the cock in my lips again, giving head with gusto.

"Aaahh!" Dave moans. "You do have some skill Belle." He praises me as he bucks his hips, pushing up and down. The nasty man watches my pretty mouth take the huge length. He is amazed at how fast I, the formerly innocent house wife, have learned to take it. "It's all yours. You can touch it, examine it, lick it ... whatever you want darling. We won't tell my wife, that chatty bitch!"

"No ... we won't tell Michelle, right?" I slurp over the member like a little girl licking ice cream. "Neither my husband, ok?" I ask licking the base of his pole.

"No, I won't tell him that I know what a wimp he his." He smiles. "I will not tell my best friend that his tiny dick can't please you Belle."

"Hummm!" I moan sucking him off. I have been a bashful woman all my life, I never even considered cheating as a real possibility, even with all my desires and fantasies. Now my lust is unleashed and I just can't get enough. "I could spend the whole day on my knees sucking on your cock Dave ... I've been dreaming with a real big dick since I was a kid, can you believe it?"

"Hum ... yes, oh yes!" He groans. "YES! You look like you need a huge cock." The man feels my inexperienced mouth working miracles. "You look like a size queen my slut. You do suck it so good!" Dave fucks my face faster. "Is your mouth getting adjusted to the huge girth?" I can see that my cute and naïve face drives the nasty man crazy.

"U-hu!" I nod, never letting the wonderful pole leave my lips.

Drool drips from my mouth as Dave holds my golden mane, humping my face hard. I do not complain, in fact I moan aloud as I feel him banging my face.

'It is so HOT!' I think with my pussy all wet and quivering, 'now that I found out what a real man is like, I don't think I'll ever feel any desire for my hubby again ... I am hooked on Dave's big dick' I realize.

Dave's cock is throbbing. I'm sure he is close to spurting all his cum in my eager mouth. The experienced man sees the look in my eyes, knowing I'm becoming his cock slut. He feels the orgasm too close and takes his cock out of my lips, slapping it all over my face.

"Oh yes!" I purr like a total slut. "Gimme more cock! I need more!"

"Lay down on the couch, on your back." Dave orders me. "With your face hanging over the side, upside down ... and open that mouth." I obey, like a horny house wife, and get on my back on the study's couch, with my head on the edge as I was told to.

"Dave ... w-we shouldn't be doing it." I say with a submissive face, still a little ashamed of what I am doing, but to far gone to stop now. "B-but I can't stop now, I can't to back to my hubby's tiny dick and to my frustration ... I-I want more, I need more!"

"I know you need this Belle, it is only natural." Dave lays his huge cock across my face, the balls on my lips.

"Yes ... only natural." I repeat nodding meekly.

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