Pirates Cove

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2009 by Thesandman

Sex Story: Jack and his wife Penny discover secrets about their friends, as well as the adventure they all share together on a houseboat trip.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

My wife Penny and I had been looking forward to this trip for several months now. Our best friends Mac and Diane were coming with us, along with some other dear friends we hadn't seen in well over two years now. Jim and Stacy had moved away out of state in order to take a better paying job. When we first mentioned the idea of renting a houseboat for a week, cruising Lake Powel, they were more than excited to join us as soon as we could get things set up.

Jim and Stacy were the perfect odd couple, a bit older than the rest of us by ten years, though the age difference had never been a factor in our relationship. In their mid forty's, the two of them looked to be in far better shape than the rest of us, though seeing my wife or Diane for that matter in a bikini, they had nothing to prove or worry about. The fact their marriage had survived for so long, straight out of high school was a testament to their relationship. Both Penny and I had been married before, each of us enduring failed marriages that had us both wondering how Jim and Stacy had survived staying together when so many other marriages had failed. Especially when Jim was white and Stacy was black. But aside from the obvious differences and difficulties there, especially straight out of high school, Stacy was tall, well over six feet, her ebony skin color giving her a very exotic look. Whereas Jim on the other hand, was just barely over five and a half feet tall, light complexion with blonde hair blue eyes. Needless to say, seeing the two of them together made for an interesting combination.

My wife was a fiery little redhead, though more like a brunette with dark deep red highlights showing through her somewhat short hair, which she preferred keeping that way, as it was easier to take care of. Something she'd appreciate even more while out on the houseboat for a week. Mac was even taller than Stacy was, kept his head shaved which had contributed to the name the guys had jokingly called him by, "Lurch" was we affectionately called him and most often kidded him with. Diane was best described as being voluptuous, a curvy woman with fairly large breasts, and wide hips with a true hourglass figure. As for myself, I didn't consider myself a slouch either. I stayed in pretty good shape, had a full head of dark hair though a touch of premature graying had already appeared around my temples. Penny thought it made me look distinguished and even more mature looking, especially at my age. A hereditary trait that ran in my family, with most of the men's hair turning bright white usually by the time they had reached fifty. She'd always told me I'd look sexy as hell when it did, provided I didn't let myself go in the meantime.

Mac, Diane, Penny and I all drove down to the lake together where we picked up the houseboat and began loading our supplies and luggage for the weeklong stay. Jim and Stacy had flown in to the small nearby airport where Penny and Diane drove out to meet them, pick them up and bring them back. It was good seeing them again, and we were all anxious and excited to get out on the lake and head for the first secluded little cove we had mapped out and spend our first full evening together.

We had headed out just after noon, Mac taking the controls of the houseboat as we sat catching up, drinking a few beers and talking about the fishing we'd all enjoy doing together later after we'd docked for the night. The girls had quite naturally run off to change, appearing a bit later in their somewhat revealing swimwear, and then headed up to lay out on top of the houseboat as we traveled along. I couldn't help but wonder how many others out on the lake would be scoping out our three wives with their binoculars as we passed by. Knowing Penny and Stacy at least, the two of them would no doubt be topless. Neither Penny nor I had ever been very shy, and I had in fact seen Stacy naked once or twice before when we'd gone over to their place to hot tub when they'd lived next door to us years ago. But it had been a while now since I had, so I was already looking forward to seeing her again during the trip, which I was pretty sure I would when the six of us went for a midnight swim together later on.

Late in the afternoon we found the first cove we'd decided to dock the boat in, a nice secluded little area out of the wind with plenty of white sandy beach, perfect for our barbeque later, as well as for playing around on, throwing Frisbees and such, not to mention our little swim later on that evening. What surprised me a little, was when both Penny and Stacy came down from the roof in order to help us secure the boat, haul out the lounge chairs to the beach, doing so topless rather than covering themselves up once again. Just seeing their magnificent breasts so beautifully revealed promised a great start to the trip. And though I was a little disappointed in the fact that Diane hadn't joined them in doing that, her more than ample bosom was still alluring to look at, her top barely concealing the vast majority of her breasts anyway.

As Jim and I tended to the cooking while everyone else finished setting up, I finally asked him. "So ... what's the secret of a happy marriage anyway?" Not that I didn't have one with Penny, we certainly did, but the frivolity, constant flirting and affection between the two of them far surpassed the little that Penny and I openly shared, along with Mac and Diane for that matter. Jim gave me a look, a serious look which I'd seen before. So I knew then he was contemplating a serious response before speaking.

"You really want to know? The answer might surprise you ... even shock you," he told me.

I nervously laughed at that, but now he had my curiosity up, I wanted to know. "Yeah, I do ... what's your secret?" I pressed.

Jim looked over towards where the girls were still setting things up on the beach, Mac the avid fisherman had already set up on the back of the houseboat, enjoying himself there until it was time to call him for dinner. Getting assurance that we wouldn't be overheard, he turned towards me.

"Well, the biggest thing is not harboring any petty jealousy's for one, having complete and total trust in one another secondly, which includes always being honest with one another, no matter what."

So far he hadn't said anything that was earth shattering. I agreed with him one hundred percent on all accounts. But then he did say something that caused me to raise my eyebrows a little.

"But the biggest thing for us at least ... which might not be acceptable, or condoned by most others, perhaps including yourself, Penny as well as Mac and Diane, is the fact that we enjoy, how should I say this? We enjoy the intimate company of others on occasion."

I could only stand there with my mouth open looking at him. In all the time we had known them, never once had they approached us in that way, hinted at the possibility of sharing intimate relations with one another. Oh, there had indeed been some good-natured flirting, and as I said, we'd certainly been in their hot tub together in the nude, but they had not once approached us in taking things beyond that. I wondered then if this was something a bit more recent.

"So, if you don't mind my asking Jim, how long have the two of you been doing this then?"

He smiled, "Since the day we were married," he responded, immediately answering that question.

"Seriously ... you and Stacy have, enjoyed the company of others," I stated trying to soften the question somewhat. He laughed at that.

"You might could say that ... yes."

"If that's true, then how come the two of you never tried anything with us? Or weren't we attractive enough?" I asked still trying to joke around with this, though being serious about it at the same time. This time, Jim really did let out a laugh, causing the girls to stop what they were doing momentarily and look off in our direction. We smiled and waved at them, waiting until they'd gone back to work.

"It had nothing to do with that Jack," Jim told me. "In fact, we were attracted to the two of you, very much so. But if you remember right, you and Penny had only been married a little over a year when you moved in next door to us. And though we quickly became very good friends, which I hope after all this we still are, had we approached you with anything even remotely hinting at something like that, would the two of you been receptive?"

I had to think about that for a moment, and realized he was probably right. Neither one of us would have been. And even after we'd gotten to know them, and called them friends, even after the somewhat flirtatious discussions and joking around after that, I'm not sure either Penny or myself would have felt comfortable, or been quite as open minded towards that back then. Not saying either one of us were now, but I knew that Penny and I would have an interesting conversation later on about this when I mentioned it to her. Jim hadn't told me not to, so I didn't think it was something he was expecting me to keep from my wife either. And besides, he was the one who brought up the point about being open and honest, not harboring any secrets.

"So ... if ah, something were to happen on this trip." Jim looked at me turning the steaks on the grill.

"If it does, or should ... then that's one thing. But let's not try and force the issue either," he told me. "We're here to have fun, enjoy one another's company. If anything else should happen outside of that, then it will simply be icing on the cake," He paused looking at me. "Talk it over with Penny, tell her what I told you, and then ask her to speak to Stacy, see what she has to say about it. After that, we'll all know if that's even a remote possibility, and if not ... we'll know that too. Either way, won't make any difference to us one way or the other, we're here to have fun, enjoy everyone's company for a week. If we end up having even more fun," he said grinning. "Then so be it."

We let the subject drop there, but I decided to mention it to Penny later on when we were alone, and at Jim's suggestion, recommend that she perhaps speak to Stacy and get her view on it. Stacy and Penny always had been very close friends, perhaps more so than even Jim and I had been when we lived next door to them. I knew that once Penny was aware of what had been going on all these years with our friends, she'd be curious to find out more about it too, if nothing more than to simply satisfy that curiosity once she had learned about it.

We had enjoyed a delightful barbeque on the beach, sat in lawn chairs drinking margaritas, watching the sun go down. Shortly after it had, the girls suggested we all go out for a swim. As one, Stacy and Penny quickly stripped off their bikini bottoms, and though there was a partial moon up, it was still really too dark to see much of anything. The one interesting note on all of this, Diane had slipped out of her suit as well, now as naked as we all were as we ran into the water all holding hands together and began splashing around. As we did that, I got my first really good look at Diane's tits as we all stood there in the water laughing and joking around.

The water certainly wasn't cold, but it was just cool enough to have caused all three women's nipples to harden, in particular ... Diane's. She certainly had the largest breasts of the three, though both Stacy and my wife's ran a very close second to hers. But what she did have that I found interesting as hell to look at, was the largest, darkest, most prominent areola I'd ever seen, not to mention the largest, thickest biggest nipples I'd ever seen either.

Standing waist deep in the water, Penny leaned over whispering in my ear. "I know what you're looking at," she giggled. "But quit staring at them, you'll make her self conscious!" With that, I felt my wife's hand reach down, sure enough, I was rock hard as her hand wrapped around my prick. "Come on honey ... I know where we can put this," she teased, and then still holding it, began leading me back towards the beach. It was just dark enough that no one could have actually seen me, but it was clearly evident what Penny was holding onto as we made our way back, laughter following us along with a few well placed jabs at who had who by the balls. Grabbing one of the large blankets we'd brought down to the beach just for this very purpose, Penny and I walked off a little ways, well away from the others and made ourselves a nice little spot to lay down on and have some fun. Following our lead, our friends soon left the water, heading off into the night in order to do the same thing that we were.

"Remind me to tell you about an interesting conversation I had with Jim earlier," I told her as Penny began licking and sucking my very aroused cock.

"Did it have anything to do with your sudden burst of laughter?" She asked. "We figured the two of you were discussing something sexual in nature, especially the way you two stood there with those shit-eating grins on your faces. Stacy in fact said you no doubt were, and had a pretty good idea what the two of you were talking about."

"Did she say anything else?" I asked curiously, hoping that she might have, though I was finding it harder and harder to concentrate as my wife continued nibbling on my prick between answering my questions.

"She started too ... but then looked over at Diane and let me know that it was perhaps something to be discussed later. Not sure why she did that, or why she felt Diane might not appreciate whatever it was she had to tell me, but then the opportunity never rose again, so she didn't. Why?"

"Oh, just something that Jim told me, that surprised me a little is all," I told her. "So I'm not surprised if Stacy decided not to mention anything to you about it either, especially with Diane hovering around. They don't know them as well as we do, so I'm sure they're being a bit more cautious around Mac and Diane, until they get to know them a little better."

"Ok ... so now you've got my attention, and since I already have yours ... how about you tell me what he said while I lay here and suck you off?"

"Maybe you'd better do that first before I tell you."

"Maybe you'd better tell me now before I do, because after I do, your mouth will be busy doing something else," she said smiling at me.

I laughed. "Maybe you're right. I'm sure it will be," I agreed. "Ok ... here it is, Jim and Stacy are swingers!"

You could have heard a pin drop, even the waves lapping against the shore seemed to calm upon hearing that, as though listening as well, waiting for me to continue.

"No way. Jim? Stacy? Swingers? I think you've had one too many Margareta's," Penny told me, though the look in my face told her I was being dead serious. "Seriously? He told you that?"

"He did," I assured her. And then proceeded to tell her the entire conversation, including the fact that Jim had actually suggested that Penny bring the subject up with Stacy at the very first opportunity.

"I still can't believe it," she said now lying there holding onto my dick without doing anything to it as she thought about it. "But he's right about one thing ... I'm definitely going to bring it up and mention it to her. I'd like to hear what she has to say about it, maybe you misunderstood him, or took it wrong," she guessed wondering.

"I doubt it honey, he was pretty specific in telling me. I doubt I could have mistaken what he told me, or heard what I thought I had heard him say, when he'd meant it as something else. No ... he said they'd been intimate with other couples since day one, and the only reason they had never approached us back then, was because we hadn't been married all that long, and that they didn't want to frighten us away, or cause the loss of our friendship. The only reason he was telling me now was because we are friends, and also because they do happen to live pretty far away now, so it was less likely we'd be threatened or even shocked by knowing any of that."

"Well, I don't know about the shocked part, because I am ... a little anyway. But threatened? No. They are after all our friends, and always will be. Just surprised we never figured that out, or saw anything that might suggest that they were. But ... I certainly am going to mention it to Stacy, see what she has to say about it." Once again she turned smiling at me. "I don't mind telling you though Jack, just thinking about knowing that has sort of made me even hornier. How about you?"

I rolled Penny over, placed the head of my prick at the opening of her very, very wet pussy and slid in. "Does that answer your question?"

We weren't really gone all that long when we slowly made our way back to where Jim and Stacy had gotten a small fire burning on the beach. As yet, there was still no sign of Mac and Diane, though that didn't surprise us. According to the little we did know, Mac was quite the stud-muffin, and could fuck forever. It was even likely we wouldn't see the two of them again until morning.

"Enjoy yourselves?" Stacy teased us seeing us return.

"We did ... though probably not as much as Mac and Diane still obviously are," we snickered at their expense. Now with the fire going, I could see far easier Stacy's magnificent nude body, her tear-dropped shaped breasts looked sensual as hell. Each one capped with an equally alluring looking areola, far smaller than Diane's were perhaps, but just as dark and inviting, looking ... or rather begging to be sucked on. To be honest about it, my mouth was now watering with the thought that perhaps at some point ... maybe, just maybe ... I might. Like Penny was, she was shaved, the women stood talking in silent whispers for a moment just out of earshot, I could just image what it was they were actually discussing too, though for the moment at least, Jim and I were both being treated to the breathtaking view of the two of them. As though reading my mind, Jim spoke.

"Can't you just imagine the two of them going down on one another?" He quipped?

Frankly, up until now ... I hadn't honestly considered that. But I certainly was now. I was glad we were sitting again, feeling the all too familiar stirrings in my prick as I sat there, glad I could at least fold my leg up just enough to partially conceal my rapidly escalating condition. It was at that moment the girls strolled over towards us.

"We're going back to the boat to make up a fresh batch of Margareta's," they told us, though Penny winked at me upon saying that. I knew then they'd spoken ... at least a little bit, and would no doubt take the time to continue that particular conversation while making another pitcher for us to drink. Jim and I sat there watching our two lovely ladies stroll back to the boat, nice firm asses jiggling a little as they did. I heard Jim sigh contentedly while watching the two of them, which I found myself doing right along with him.

"Like I said ... I don't think there's anything more sensual, more beautiful than seeing two women pleasuring one another, and the thought of seeing Stacy with Penny has got me as excited as hell!"

Unlike myself, Jim sat, his legs firmly planted on the ground in front of him, but his prick was at full staff, sitting well up from between his legs. I tried not to look, but I simply couldn't help myself. I'd never seen him hard before for one thing, and the fact that he could sit there the way he was, so nonchalantly, without giving any thought to his condition whatsoever surprised me. But he surprised me even more when I saw his hand suddenly grasp his dick and he sat there fondling himself in spite of the fact I was sitting there next to him. I still hid the fact that I had a pretty good-sized erection myself.

"You know Jack, I don't know that anything will in fact happen while we're here, but it's certainly fun thinking about it. So who knows? I will tell you this ... Stacy's got one hell of a slick, soft pussy. And she has the muscle control to literally jack you off inside of her. But not only that ... she's a squirter too. Ever seen a woman squirt before Jack? Seen a woman gush? Well ... Stacy sure does. Wickedly hot if you don't mind me telling you so. Nothing like it, feeling all that hot warm juice spraying around your cock when she cums, or pouring inside your mouth while you're eating her. Fuck ... drives me nuts just thinking about it!"

Just hearing him say that had me a little nuts too. Admittedly. Finally finding some confidence, I replaced my foot, my cock now sitting up just as proudly and as stiff as Jim's was. I was surprised at myself when I actually reached down, and began fondling it, just a little at first, as Jim sat next to me, no bones about it ... simply jerking himself off. Before I knew it ... I was too.

Several minutes later, sitting there listening to the slap of his fist going up and down, the squishy lubrication he was milking out of his prick in order to better stimulate himself with, he soon groaned, pointed his rigidly hard prick out in front of himself, and let fly! I sat there watching in amazement, streamer after streamer of his spunk spurting out the head of his cock, landing somewhere off in the sand in front of him. Suddenly, I felt my own delicious climax begin, and then I too was bending my prick forward, squirting out my own nicely hard felt squirts of spunk off into the sand.

"Ah yes ... nothing better than a nice hard wank beneath the stars, sitting on a beach thinking about those two gorgeous wives of ours now is there? Well ... three actually, he added with a snicker."

For once, I couldn't disagree with him.

It was only minutes after that that the girls came back carrying a fresh pitcher of margaritas. The fact I was still sitting there with a partial erection, having not quite calmed down from my very recent orgasm didn't go unnoticed. Handing me a fresh drink, Penny looked down, and then over at Jim. He too still had a bit of a stiff dick as he sat there.

"So, what have the two of you been thinking about?" Penny asked us both teasingly.

"Well the two of you of course," Jim answered for us both. "In fact ... we just enjoyed a nice little wank together while we were sitting here. In fact, watch your step if you're squeamish about such things, but I think our cum is sitting somewhere in the sand pretty close to where you're currently standing!"

Stacy giggled looking down, as did my wife momentarily, but she quickly looked up towards me. "You mean to tell me the two of you actually sat here and jerked off?"

I was somewhat glad for the surrounding darkness, I could actually feel my face turning beet red, and couldn't help but wonder what Penny might think of this unexpected revelation.

"We did!" Jim announced proudly without any reservation whatsoever. "It felt pretty good too ... especially out here beneath the stars. Though to be honest, I'm a little surprised that Jack did as well, though I'm glad to see he's a bit more open-minded than I would have thought."

"That ... makes two of us," Penny said, though her surprised look had turned into what I'd always called her sultry-horny one. It was obvious, the thought of me actually doing that while sitting there next to Jim as I did, had turned her on.

The girls soon settled their chairs opposite from where Jim and I were sitting on the other side of the small fire. We all sat looking at one another, sipping our drinks when Penny finally spoke having just finished her third one.

"One more of these, and I might do what the two of you did earlier," she said giggling. "I'm still horny just thinking about that!"

I was about to suggest that maybe we take it inside in order to take care of that when Stacy spoke up. After she did, I was damn glad I had kept my mouth closed.

"I'd be more than happy to lend you a hand if you'd prefer that," Stacy said easily looking over towards my wife. Stacy sat looking at me across the fire, and then smiled.

"I bet you'd love seeing that wouldn't you honey?" she said slurring her words a little.

The truth was, Penny could drink me under the table. And even though she'd had one more drink than I'd had, I was far from being tipsy, so I couldn't help but wonder if she was using the excuse in being a little intoxicated to bolster her courage ... or her nerves.

"He's even told me about his little fantasy of seeing two women together, haven't you darling?" she asked, still sounding more drunk than I'd ever heard her sound like before. She then looked over at Stacy, grinned ... and said, "Why not?"

I couldn't believe my eyes, or my sudden good fortune. Without needing to be asked twice, Stacy reached over, her hand immediately going down into my wife's lap as she spread her legs even further apart than they already were. Jim and I now both watched as his wife, sat there fingering mine, as Penny looked on, her eyes suddenly wild and glassy, her breathing suddenly escalating as Stacy continued fingering her. But the best ... and even more unexpected was yet to come!

"Fuck this!" Stacy suddenly exclaimed, and then before anyone really knew what she was doing, she slid out of her chair, onto her knees and then buried her face between my wife's thighs.

"Nice one!" Jim laughed. I knew without needing to look, though I soon after did, that Jim was in fact, once again stroking himself. I was too blown away to do anything at the moment but sit there and stare at my wife as Stacy knelt there before her, actually going down on her. Something I would never have in a million years ever thought she would do. I think at first Penny was a bit surprised by it as well, but the sensation and suddenness of Stacy's act had taken her completely off guard. By the time she could have, or might have reacted to the sudden turn of events, she'd decided otherwise. Whatever Stacy was doing to her, felt too good to ignore or pretend she wasn't enjoying. Especially when I'd neglected to perform that particular little act on her myself earlier when we were alone.

Penny always came hard when I ate her. She'd once told me, as much as she enjoyed intercourse, and had always had nice very satisfying little orgasms whenever we did, it was when I ate her out, sucked her clit, and pulled on her nipples simultaneously with my fingers which got her off the hardest. I'd seen that look in her face before, I knew without any doubt whatsoever, she was already hovering on the edge of what I knew was going to be a very, very intense orgasm.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" she began crying out over and over. Seconds after that, she lurched up, humping her cunt hard against Stacy's face as she slipped her hands beneath my wife's ass, holding and keeping her there as she began sucking my wife's clit for all she was worth. Penny came in a rush of release, her cry of delight actually splitting the night air, suddenly reminding me as she did so, that our other friends were somewhere out there as well. At the moment however, I could have cared less, I was beating my meat just as hard as Jim was, watching my wife slowly spiral back down from the pleasured release she'd just been given by the mouth and tongue of her very dear friend.

I think she was a little embarrassed that she'd allowed that to happen, though she covered up her nervousness and uncertainty in having done it, by offering to now return the favor to Stacy.

"I'd love that," she told her, "very much so. But..."


"Yeah, but ... at the moment, you've maybe had a bit too much to drink, and perhaps you need to sober up just a little more, think about it before committing yourself in doing that. Like I said, as much as I'd love to feel your mouth and tongue on me, I'd rather you did it with an unclouded conscience," Stacy told her warmly. She stood up then walking behind my wife, leaning over from behind her and then kissing her, one hand coming down to tenderly, and all too briefly caress her hard nippled breast for a moment. She broke the kiss a moment later, my wife's eyes still closed as she did. "So ... think about it. Perhaps tomorrow you'll have a much better idea as to how you really feel about things," she said.

Ironically, we all then heard movement down the beach, moments later the silhouette of our two lost friends could be seen making their way back.

"Just as well," Stacy said retaking her seat. "Had you started, I wouldn't have let you up no matter what they might have thought," she said almost warningly. It was something to keep in mind hearing her say that.

I wasn't at all surprised when Penny spoke a few minutes later, sounding much like her true self, and the intoxicated slur of speech suddenly having disappeared for some unknown reason.

I never was one to sleep in, especially while on vacation. The houseboat we all shared was a nice one. Each one of us having our own separate bedrooms, and none of them cramped in size either. Penny was still dead asleep, snoring softly away as I got up, dressed, and then walked outside for a stretch, along with my early morning smoke. It was the only time that I did, that and one just before going to bed. I didn't, and wouldn't smoke inside the houseboat as I knew it would irritate Mac for sure, so I walked out all the way to the bow of the boat before lighting up. As I did, I saw Diane sitting there below me on one of the steps, dangling her feet in the water as she sat there. I almost spoke, it was obvious she hadn't heard me approach, which was about the time I heard her softly moan, saw the movement of her hand, and knew what it was she was doing. I nearly backed away, but knew that unless she actually turned around, she wouldn't know I was actually there. And this was simply too good a situation to pass up. I quickly doused my smoke shoving it into a nearby coke can putting it out, and then leaned over slightly looking again. She was still obviously fingering herself as she sat there on the steps. The fact that this was Diane, who was doing it, sent a wild shiver of goose bumps racing up and down my spine. She shuddered, let out a small silent cry of relief, and then came. As she did, I silently stepped back inside the houseboat, standing next to the counter after pouring myself a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I saw Diane climb back up onto the boat heading towards me. She smiled upon seeing me.

"Hmm, smells good. Pour me one too please?" she asked.

I did so, handing it to her. "Here ya go."

"Thank you." She took a sip looking directly over the rim of the cup towards me as she did. She swallowed, once again smiling. "You know Jack, it's really not polite to spy on people, unless they've been invited to do so," she then said.

I was glad I hadn't as yet taken another swallow, I'd have most likely burned myself. As it was, I damn near dropped the cup in my hand anyway. She answered my unspoken question.

"I saw your shadow in the water behind me," she said telling me how it was that she knew.

I felt like an ass and apologized. "God Diane, I'm sorry," I said honestly meaning it, feeling like a complete and total ass for spying on her the way that I had. She stepped forward placing her coffee cup down on the counter next to where I was standing.

"That's ok, I accept your apology," she told me sounding all nice and friendly again, bringing me a much needed sigh of relief. "Next time ... ask first if you really want to watch me." With that, she reached down, palmed my crotch briefly for a moment with her hand, and then walked away disappearing down the hall, stepping into the bathroom. I could only stand there with a look of total and complete disbelief etched in my face.

"Did she really just say and do that?" I asked myself. "Diane?"

I finished my coffee, poured another, and then stepped back outside on the deck lighting up another smoke. I needed this one to help calm my nerves. After everything that had happened the night before, the last thing I was expecting was for something like that to happen. It wasn't long before Mac was up, already anxious to cast his line into the water and get a little fishing in before we got underway again.

"Thought I'd get some fishing in before we leave," he announced setting up. "Oh, and Diane told me you caught her masturbating this morning, I wouldn't worry about it though, she does that every morning, like clockwork after she wakes up. Rather she do that than take up smoking again," he said looking at me disapprovingly. I'd managed to take one more puff, and then dumped the smoke into the same coke can as the other one. I turned without saying a word and headed back inside the boat still shaking my head.

We got underway again a couple of hours later. As it was my turn to pilot the boat, the girls cleared away the breakfast dishes before heading back up on the roof deck for some early morning sun. Not too surprisingly, Mac headed back to bed for a brief nap while we cruised the lake heading towards the next spot on our map we'd decided to take a look at. We'd all been up late the night before, and it was a hell of a lot cooler inside the boat than it was outside, even at 9:00 in the morning. Jim too had gone up on deck, carrying a pair of binoculars with him when he did.

"Go figure ... he has count em ... six tits to look at here, and he still wants to glare at someone else's anyway," Stacy teased her husband. Jim had taken the ribbing good-naturedly anyway, and still went topside with his glasses. The girls soon joined him moments later, again topless, and this time, I was surprised, though pleased to see Diane had joined them. Diane was the last one to climb up the ladder to the upper deck, she paused momentarily waiting as everyone else headed up, turning towards me as she stood there. It was hard not staring at her chest, especially as I now saw it in the full light of day.

"Contrary to popular belief," she began. "I do enjoy being looked at, particularly in being watched. So like I said, feel free ... just next time let me know that you are first," she said, and then turned heading up the ladder. Once again, she had left me speechless, though this entire trip was starting to do that anyway.

I'd been at the helm for the better part of an hour. We still had a long way to go however before docking again, and I found myself growing a bit sleepy. Even in the middle of the lake the way we were, that wasn't the best situation to find myself in. There were still obstacles that needed to be avoided, and I had to stay fairly aware of my surroundings. I'd already felt my head nod more than once, and was about ready to yell upstairs for some company when I heard someone coming down. I was pleased to see Stacy descending the stairs, even more so when she turned facing towards me, her boobs giving me a quick shot of adrenalin.

"Thought I'd come down and keep you company," she told me. "Can I get you something to drink? More coffee?"

"Yeah, that would be nice," I told her, the endorphins already diminishing, though I smiled as I stared at her cute tight butt as she walked away back into the kitchen area.

"Coffee? Or something a bit stiffer perhaps?" she called out at me.

"Whatever you're having," I answered back, actually feeling myself suddenly stiffening at that. She returned a few minutes later having fixed us a couple of Bloody Marys. "Perfect!" I said accepting my drink from her, pleased when she settled herself down into the captain's seat facing me. Personally, I preferred to stand when piloting the boat, I was able to see more when I did.

"So, you and Penny talk about last night?" she asked.

We had, but only a little, and I told her so. The only thing she had really said about it was that it had been fun ... which it had been, but we hadn't gotten into anything more than that.

"Yeah, that's what she told me this morning too," she informed me. I was glad to hear they'd at least spoken about it, I still wasn't sure where Penny's thoughts were on it, and though she'd certainly let her short hair down considerably, I didn't have any major expectations of something like that happening again.

"Thanks for coming down and keeping me company," I said after too long a pause of silence had gone between us. "I really was starting to get a bit sleepy there, but after seeing you..." I left off saying, though taking the opportunity to once again look at her tits. She smiled upon seeing me do that.

"What's up with you men anyway? Breasts, tits, boobs ... whatever you want to call them, why all the fascination with them anyway?"

"Oh? And you don't enjoy having them played with?" I asked liking the direction this conversation was suddenly going in.

"I didn't say that, I love having them played with and sucked on, I'm just surprised you all seem more interested in my tits, as opposed to looking at my ass ... or even my pussy perhaps."

"Well at the moment, I really can't see either of one of those, but I can see your tits," I grinned back licking my lips. Having said that, Stacy suddenly pulled down her bikini bottoms, dropping them down around her feet.

"That better?" she asked.

Even I had to admit, it was. Stacy truly did have one hell of a gorgeous body, though I was actually nervous now, besides being excited as she sat there in front of me only inches away. I glanced nervously over towards the ladder leading up to the sun deck, hearing her laugh when I did so. I turned back around to look at her just as she pulled on the waistband of my swim trunks yanking them down, exposing my already hardening penis.

"Don't be worried ... or nervous," she told me as she began fondling and stroking my cock. I couldn't help it, I was. Penny and I hadn't as yet discussed much of anything, and should she come down the ladder, find Stacy with my hard stiff prick in her hand...

"Stacy," I began trying to back away, which was a little difficult for me to do as I couldn't very well let go of the wheel on the boat or retreat to some other area away from her. "Penny and I haven't..."

"But she and I have," Stacy said interrupting me. "Up on the sun deck, a few minutes ago. It was her suggestion I come down here and keep you company, but even more than that, give you a little treat while I did."

"She ... she told you to come down here and do this?" I asked incredulously.

"Oh ... yes, but more than that," Stacy said smiling, and then drew me back closer towards her with her hand, her mouth suddenly surrounding my shaft as she began sucking it. My knees nearly buckled, the exquisite sensation of her tongue flicking away at the tip of my cock, her lips running up and down the length of my shaft as she drove me nearly insane with desire. "And besides, I told her to go ahead and suck Jim's prick up there while I was down here doing you," she then added.

The thought of my wife at that very moment bringing the same kind of pleasure to Jim's prick that Stacy was now giving mine was an erotically naughty thought indeed. And then I had another one. "Where's Diane?" I asked curiously.

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