Pirates Cove

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Reluctant, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jack and his wife Penny discover secrets about their friends, as well as the adventure they all share together on a houseboat trip.

My wife Penny and I had been looking forward to this trip for several months now. Our best friends Mac and Diane were coming with us, along with some other dear friends we hadn't seen in well over two years now. Jim and Stacy had moved away out of state in order to take a better paying job. When we first mentioned the idea of renting a houseboat for a week, cruising Lake Powel, they were more than excited to join us as soon as we could get things set up.

Jim and Stacy were the perfect odd couple, a bit older than the rest of us by ten years, though the age difference had never been a factor in our relationship. In their mid forty's, the two of them looked to be in far better shape than the rest of us, though seeing my wife or Diane for that matter in a bikini, they had nothing to prove or worry about. The fact their marriage had survived for so long, straight out of high school was a testament to their relationship. Both Penny and I had been married before, each of us enduring failed marriages that had us both wondering how Jim and Stacy had survived staying together when so many other marriages had failed. Especially when Jim was white and Stacy was black. But aside from the obvious differences and difficulties there, especially straight out of high school, Stacy was tall, well over six feet, her ebony skin color giving her a very exotic look. Whereas Jim on the other hand, was just barely over five and a half feet tall, light complexion with blonde hair blue eyes. Needless to say, seeing the two of them together made for an interesting combination.

My wife was a fiery little redhead, though more like a brunette with dark deep red highlights showing through her somewhat short hair, which she preferred keeping that way, as it was easier to take care of. Something she'd appreciate even more while out on the houseboat for a week. Mac was even taller than Stacy was, kept his head shaved which had contributed to the name the guys had jokingly called him by, "Lurch" was we affectionately called him and most often kidded him with. Diane was best described as being voluptuous, a curvy woman with fairly large breasts, and wide hips with a true hourglass figure. As for myself, I didn't consider myself a slouch either. I stayed in pretty good shape, had a full head of dark hair though a touch of premature graying had already appeared around my temples. Penny thought it made me look distinguished and even more mature looking, especially at my age. A hereditary trait that ran in my family, with most of the men's hair turning bright white usually by the time they had reached fifty. She'd always told me I'd look sexy as hell when it did, provided I didn't let myself go in the meantime.

Mac, Diane, Penny and I all drove down to the lake together where we picked up the houseboat and began loading our supplies and luggage for the weeklong stay. Jim and Stacy had flown in to the small nearby airport where Penny and Diane drove out to meet them, pick them up and bring them back. It was good seeing them again, and we were all anxious and excited to get out on the lake and head for the first secluded little cove we had mapped out and spend our first full evening together.

We had headed out just after noon, Mac taking the controls of the houseboat as we sat catching up, drinking a few beers and talking about the fishing we'd all enjoy doing together later after we'd docked for the night. The girls had quite naturally run off to change, appearing a bit later in their somewhat revealing swimwear, and then headed up to lay out on top of the houseboat as we traveled along. I couldn't help but wonder how many others out on the lake would be scoping out our three wives with their binoculars as we passed by. Knowing Penny and Stacy at least, the two of them would no doubt be topless. Neither Penny nor I had ever been very shy, and I had in fact seen Stacy naked once or twice before when we'd gone over to their place to hot tub when they'd lived next door to us years ago. But it had been a while now since I had, so I was already looking forward to seeing her again during the trip, which I was pretty sure I would when the six of us went for a midnight swim together later on.

Late in the afternoon we found the first cove we'd decided to dock the boat in, a nice secluded little area out of the wind with plenty of white sandy beach, perfect for our barbeque later, as well as for playing around on, throwing Frisbees and such, not to mention our little swim later on that evening. What surprised me a little, was when both Penny and Stacy came down from the roof in order to help us secure the boat, haul out the lounge chairs to the beach, doing so topless rather than covering themselves up once again. Just seeing their magnificent breasts so beautifully revealed promised a great start to the trip. And though I was a little disappointed in the fact that Diane hadn't joined them in doing that, her more than ample bosom was still alluring to look at, her top barely concealing the vast majority of her breasts anyway.

As Jim and I tended to the cooking while everyone else finished setting up, I finally asked him. "So ... what's the secret of a happy marriage anyway?" Not that I didn't have one with Penny, we certainly did, but the frivolity, constant flirting and affection between the two of them far surpassed the little that Penny and I openly shared, along with Mac and Diane for that matter. Jim gave me a look, a serious look which I'd seen before. So I knew then he was contemplating a serious response before speaking.

"You really want to know? The answer might surprise you ... even shock you," he told me.

I nervously laughed at that, but now he had my curiosity up, I wanted to know. "Yeah, I do ... what's your secret?" I pressed.

Jim looked over towards where the girls were still setting things up on the beach, Mac the avid fisherman had already set up on the back of the houseboat, enjoying himself there until it was time to call him for dinner. Getting assurance that we wouldn't be overheard, he turned towards me.

"Well, the biggest thing is not harboring any petty jealousy's for one, having complete and total trust in one another secondly, which includes always being honest with one another, no matter what."

So far he hadn't said anything that was earth shattering. I agreed with him one hundred percent on all accounts. But then he did say something that caused me to raise my eyebrows a little.

"But the biggest thing for us at least ... which might not be acceptable, or condoned by most others, perhaps including yourself, Penny as well as Mac and Diane, is the fact that we enjoy, how should I say this? We enjoy the intimate company of others on occasion."

I could only stand there with my mouth open looking at him. In all the time we had known them, never once had they approached us in that way, hinted at the possibility of sharing intimate relations with one another. Oh, there had indeed been some good-natured flirting, and as I said, we'd certainly been in their hot tub together in the nude, but they had not once approached us in taking things beyond that. I wondered then if this was something a bit more recent.

"So, if you don't mind my asking Jim, how long have the two of you been doing this then?"

He smiled, "Since the day we were married," he responded, immediately answering that question.

"Seriously ... you and Stacy have, enjoyed the company of others," I stated trying to soften the question somewhat. He laughed at that.

"You might could say that ... yes."

"If that's true, then how come the two of you never tried anything with us? Or weren't we attractive enough?" I asked still trying to joke around with this, though being serious about it at the same time. This time, Jim really did let out a laugh, causing the girls to stop what they were doing momentarily and look off in our direction. We smiled and waved at them, waiting until they'd gone back to work.

"It had nothing to do with that Jack," Jim told me. "In fact, we were attracted to the two of you, very much so. But if you remember right, you and Penny had only been married a little over a year when you moved in next door to us. And though we quickly became very good friends, which I hope after all this we still are, had we approached you with anything even remotely hinting at something like that, would the two of you been receptive?"

I had to think about that for a moment, and realized he was probably right. Neither one of us would have been. And even after we'd gotten to know them, and called them friends, even after the somewhat flirtatious discussions and joking around after that, I'm not sure either Penny or myself would have felt comfortable, or been quite as open minded towards that back then. Not saying either one of us were now, but I knew that Penny and I would have an interesting conversation later on about this when I mentioned it to her. Jim hadn't told me not to, so I didn't think it was something he was expecting me to keep from my wife either. And besides, he was the one who brought up the point about being open and honest, not harboring any secrets.

"So ... if ah, something were to happen on this trip." Jim looked at me turning the steaks on the grill.

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