Big Head, Little Head

by woodmanone

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Romantic Story: When the little head takes control, trouble follows.

First there is no sex in this story. If that is what you want, I suggest you look elsewhere. I don't know if the story belongs in a loving wives or romance category. No matter what category it goes into it's either a good read or it isn't. I haven't got an editor, it is very hard for me to ask someone to do all the work that there is in editing. Hope you enjoy the story.

I have a theory that I will bring forward in this story. As usual with my stories, it is based on true life. The happenings described took place several years ago (I don't like to think how many) while I was in college. The story got longer than I intended, but the characters took on a life of their own and wouldn't let me stop. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks and enjoy.

My name is Rich, actually it's Richard, and at the time of my tale I had just turned 22. At 6 feet 1 inch and about 200 pounds, I was about average in size and looks. I was and am a decent looking guy; I wasn't turn your head and stare handsome, but you wouldn't turn away in fright. I was a senior in college; studying business administration with a minor in psychology. It goes without saying that a back ground in psychology would be of great help in my chosen career in sales. I wasn't sure what to sell at that point, but selling is what I wanted to do. I felt it was the quickest way to make enough money to get a "take this job and shove it" fund. The name I gave my fund is courtesy of Johnny Paycheck, a country music star at the time of the story. A 'take this job and shove it" fund is pretty much what the title says. If I had this fund in reserve, I could tell my boss to "take this job and shove it" and not worry about money. I know, maybe a stupid idea; but I was young and I knew everything.

I decided while I was in college that a fraternity would help maximize the party experience that I wanted to sample. The networking possible with the frat alumni could also be a big help after graduation. I pledged and joined a local frat and became an upstanding member of the party scene. My frat brothers were just that, frat brothers. We were all friends and a very few were close friends. Most of the guys were friends because of the frat. The only time we hung out was at fraternity activities; our private lives were pretty much private.

I had been out of town on a hunting trip which ended early due to a snow storm. None of the animals I was hunting were stupid enough to come out of their cozy dens. I was the smart one as I was sitting out in near zero temps waiting for them. (And they say man is the smartest mammal). Anyway, I came back to town on Saturday, just in time for a sorority dance being held that night. I should have stayed gone.

Our "sister" sorority, Delta Zeta, was holding a king and queen type dance with voting to determine who would be the king and queen of the dance. The frat was obligated to go as one of the Deltas was running for queen and one of our brothers for king. If we didn't show up in numbers, the Delta and our brother would not be elected. According to the Deltas this was the worst thing that could happen, except maybe the total destruction of the world.

I had planned to be hunting and had not gotten a date for this dance. The president of my frat heard I was back in town and called me. I don't know how he knew I was back. Chuck, the pres, told me I needed to come to the dance to vote for the Delta and our guy that were running for king and queen.

"Don't have a date, Chuck," I told him. "Didn't get one because I wasn't going to be here. It's too late to find a date; the dance starts in 6 hours. Guess I will have to pass. Have a good time Chuck"

"We have a date for you Rich. Emily from the Deltas didn't plan on being here either, but her plans fell thru also. You guys can go together." Chuck was being very helpful.

"I don't know her except to nod at in school. She has never spoken 10 words to me, even at the mixers we have with Delta. Why would she want to go with me? Why would I want to take her?"

"It's not a real date. You each pay for your own ticket and once you get there and vote you don't have to stay together. She wants to go to support her sorority sister for queen. You should go to support your brother."

"Alright Chuck, enough with the guilt trip already. I'll go." It was obvious I wasn't going to get out of this. I could see all kinds of problems with this date. These types of dates are never as simple as planned. I thought it was a disaster waiting to happen.

"Good pick her up at 7:00 and you can be at the dance by 7:45. Walk in cast your ballots and then you don't have to see or talk to each other until time to leave. Here is her address, and remember 7:00."

"Yes sir, Mr. President, sir."

I had a few hours before my command performance so I decided to eat, clean myself up, and then take a short nap to recharge my batteries. I had driven for almost 12 hours to get back home. Maybe I should have stayed overnight somewhere and gotten home later; then the coming fiasco at the dance would not have occurred. As I lay down to nap, I looked at the clock and saw I had about 4 hours before I had to pick up Emily. As usual "Murphy's Law" reared its ugly head. I has set my alarm to wake me in 3 hours; this would give me plenty of time to get dressed and pick up my date. Of course the alarm didn't go off. When I finally woke up, I realized I only had 30 minutes to get dressed and get to Emily's. I didn't have her phone digits so there was no way to call her. Rushing to my car, I was carrying my sports coat, tie, and trying to button my shirt. If I had a little luck, I wouldn't be more than 15 to 20 minutes late.

AT 7:20, I stopped in front of Emily's place; jumped out of the car and sprinted to her front door. Emily was not a happy camper at the moment. She had been crying a little and was totally pissed off.

"Where have you been? You could have called, I been sitting here thinking that you decided not to come. Why aren't you dressed? You can't go looking like that. Now we are going to be very late." All of this in rapid fire with no room left for me to answer.

"Shut up. I'm here now so let's go. My alarm didn't go off, it wasn't intentional and I am sorry. If we hurry we will only be a few minutes late. They won't count the votes until about 9:00 so we have plenty of time." All of this to defend myself, with no room left for her to interrupt.

We looked at each other for just a second and then went out to the car. She really wanted to berate me some more, but could see I would not put up with anymore of her crap. We got to the dance at the lodge hall and as we walked from the parking lot, I finished putting myself together. Got my shirt buttoned, tucked in, tied my tie, and put on my jacket; all before getting to the entrance. I was proud of my accomplishment. Emily wasn't so proud; she kept muttering that I should have been dressed when I picked her up and other things. I ignored her mumbles.

I handed our tickets to the pretty little freshman at the door and we entered the main hall. We got our ballots, marked them, and put them in the ballot box. Not one minute after that Emily left me to go to one of her sorority's tables. Getting her to the dance was apparently all I was needed for and I had been dismissed. It didn't bother me a bit; it was just a little sudden. Oh well, life goes on. Where's the booze? That was my next thought and I headed for the bar. Thinking maybe I owed Emily a bit more of an apology, I got two drinks and walked over to her table.

Setting one of those fruity type drinks in front of Emily I said, "I really am sorry for being so late. Again it wasn't intentional and I didn't mean to insult you. Please forgive me." Pretty nice of me, I thought.

Emily nodded her head, gave me a small smile and picked up her drink. I was forgiven and felt better. Her sisters began to talk about me as I walked away. Asshole was probably the nicest thing I heard. Still don't understand why they were upset. The deal was Emily and I come to the dance and vote. We got to the dance and voted, mission accomplished. What was all the static for?

I later found out (about a month later) that Emily had a small crush on me. She was shy and that's why she didn't talk to me very much; sure didn't sound shy when she was chewing me a new one. Our date was to be her chance to get over her shyness and get me to notice her. Just a tip, leaving me at the door after about 5 seconds was not the way to make me notice her. The sisters felt I hadn't shown the proper respect by being late, showing up half dressed, and telling her to shut up. That was what the static was about.

Looking around and spotting my fraternity's table, I headed over and helped myself to the bottle of Jack Daniels sitting on the table. Then I said hello to the brothers and their dates. I was the only one alone, except for Emily. No problem, there were enough other "dates of convenience" at the dance that I would have plenty of dance partners if I chose. Really, I was thinking about having a good time and not too much about hooking up. Remember, I hadn't planned to be there so I didn't much care.

I need to introduce one of my frat bothers here. It's important to the story that you know more than just his name.

Please meet Steve, better known as "Bear". He was more a force of nature than a person. Bear stood 6 feet 6 and checked in at 255 pounds or there about. He wasn't small man. Never a shirking violet, he was usually involved in whatever uproar was going on. In fact, he was the cause of the uproar most of the time. Bear and I were frat brothers and only really good friends under the influence of alcohol. We were friends a lot during those days.

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