Seeing Double

by Alex de Kok

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Beth invites Pete to the cottage for the weekend - and Sal's there first! They're twins, and they want Pete's help.

"Come up to the cottage for the long weekend?" she'd said. "Wednesday to Monday?"

"What cottage?"

"Ours. Dad bought it for holidays, but there's no one there at the moment. One of us usually goes up every other week or so, when we're not using it, to make sure it's okay. I said I'd go, but my Mini failed its MOT and Dad said he couldn't arrange to have it fixed until next week. I thought I'd bribe you with a few days free holiday, in exchange for a lift there and back."

"I'd love to," he said. "Anyone else going?" Please say no!

"Just Sal." Beth grinned. "Come on, you've met her, you told me you like her!"

"Of course I like her, she reminds me of you. Okay, just the three of us?"

"The cottage only has two bedrooms, so yes, just the three of us."

That had been Wednesday. On the Friday afternoon he'd collected Beth, as arranged, and she navigated him up, through the border towns, to the little cottage. There was a battered Fiesta parked nearby.

"Sal's here already," said Beth.

"I sort of guessed that," he said, laughing.

Beth grinned. "Yeah, right! Come on in." She led the way indoors and Pete followed her. He smiled when he saw her, for Sally Kelly was the double of her sister, a true twin, equally blonde and slender, dressed in faded jeans, snug to her hips and legs, and a loose sweatshirt.

"Hi, Sal!" said Beth. "Sal, remember Pete?"

"Of course. Hello, again, Peter. Beth has told me a lot about you."

"All lies of course," said Beth cheerfully.

"Hello, Sally," he said, holding out his hand.

She shook it courteously, then gestured to the kitchen area where pots were bubbling. "D'you like chili, Pete?"

"Love it!"

"Ah, a true student!"

"Yep, that's me."

"Ready in five, so show him around quick, Beth. Okay?"

"Yep. Come on, Pete."

The tour didn't even take the five minutes, for to be truthful the cottage was small. A living area ran across the front, facing south-west to catch the sun. Two couches at one end, facing each other before an open fireplace, dresser against the wall. A kitchen area, with a dining annex, and cupboard space. Three doors on the back wall.

"You're in here, Pete," said Beth, opening one door. Twin, narrow single beds, hanging and drawer space. "You can stick your bag in here later. Okay?"


"Bathroom and toilet," said Beth, opening the middle door. "No lock, so if you need to go in the night, put the light on. Switch is here. If the light's on, no-one will barge in. Daytime, we knock. Okay?"


"Sal and I are in here," said Beth, opening the third door. The bigger of the two bedrooms, with a king-size double bed, which didn't leave a lot of space for hanging and drawer space, but someone had shoe-horned some built-in furniture in to maximise the space.

"Neat," said Pete.

"Thank you," said Beth, and he looked at her. She grinned. "I designed it and Dad got someone in to build it."

"I'm impressed by your talents. And here was me thinking you were just a computer geek, like me."

"Ah, yes, but I'm a woman computer geek, and we multi-task."

There was a call from outside, 'Dinner's ready', and they went out to the dining annex. Sal was setting out plates and cutlery. A big pot of chili and another of rice were ready, and in a few moments the three of them were tucking in to a delicious dinner.

There was little conversation as they ate. Typical nineteen-year-olds. first year students, food was fuel, important, far too important to be trivialised by talk. It wasn't long before they'd finished, and the fruit cake for afters, thick slabs which went well with the coffee Sal had brewed.

"We all pitch in with the washing-up," said Sal as they cleared the dirty dishes away. "One washing, two wiping. Any preference?" Pete shrugged and Sal smiled.

"Okay, you wash and we'll wipe."

The rest of the evening passed in pleasant relaxation. By common consent, everyone was in bed by ten-thirty. Pete lay for a while, listening to bathroom noises as the twins got ready. A soft 'goodnight' from one of them. Stillness. Night noises. Finally, Pete allowed himself to think about the twins. Man, they were hot. Love to see them naked, but diddly-squat chance of that. Pete grinned in the darkness. I've got a good imagination. His hand went down and he began to lightly stroke his prick...

Breakfast was quiet, but they chatted amiably about nothing and everything.

"Did you bring boots? Or walking shoes?" said Beth.

Pete nodded. "You said we might get some walking in so I brought them."

"We'll go up on the ridge later. For some reason, no one seems to go up there, but it's got good views and we like it." The twins exchanged a look and Pete wondered, but they said nothing and an hour after they'd finished breakfast they were on their way, all three of them in shorts and shirts in the summer warmth.

Half an hour later they topped out on the ridge above the cottage, pausing there to enjoy the view. Sal pointed. "We'll head out that way."

They walked for a while, pine, birch and scrub in plenty, the ground undulating, the hills building on their left, until they came to a little meadow. In a pocket, there was a stream playing and a pool where some boulders partly dammed the outflow to the valley below. Sal pointed. "We built those rocks up. Makes the pool deep enough to swim a few strokes. We come up here sometimes." She giggled. "No one ever comes, so we skinny-dip." She glanced across at her sister. "Lunch?"

Beth nodded. "Yeah, I'm hungry. What have we got?"

Plenty, was the answer. Chicken sandwiches, potato salad, fruit, a thermos of coffee, potato crisps. They made their way towards the pool, sat themselves down on a mossy bank and there was mostly silence for a while as they ate. Eventually, the debris went back into rucksacks and the three teenagers sat back, relaxed.

"Anyone feeling energetic?" Sal asked after they'd sat in silence for a while.

"Not particularly," said Beth lazily. "Something in mind?"

"A swim."

"Did you bring your suit?"


Beth clambered to her feet. "In that case, yes. Come on, Pete, treat time!" Beth held out her hand, hauling Pete up. Bewildered, he let her lead him towards the pool.

"What gives?" he asked, then his mouth fell open as Beth began to unbutton her shirt.

"We're swimming."

"But, um, I thought, um, didn't Sal say she hadn't brought her suit?"

"That's right," said Beth with a grin. "Skinny-dipping time!" Her shirt was unbuttoned now, a pink bra showing, and she began to take off her boots, then unzipped her shorts and let them fall, stepping neatly out of them, dropping her blouse. In bra and pants, and socks, she grinned at him. "Come on, Pete, get naked."

Pete flushed. "Um," he began, but Beth interrupted.

"It's okay, Pete, we'll turn our backs, won't we, Sal?"

"Sure," said Sal, still fully clothed.

"Don't you want me to turn my back?" said Pete.

"Hell, no," said Beth, "where's the fun in that." She looked at him and her smile faded. "Don't tell me you didn't hope to see more of me when I asked you here?"

He flushed, gave her a wry smile, nodding, and she smiled again. She put her hand on his shoulder to balance herself and took off her socks. Then, fixing him with her eye, Beth put her hands behind her and loosened her bra, catching it before it could slide off. She took the shoulder straps off her shoulders, then slowly lowered the bra until - Pete holding his breath, unable to look away - her breasts were fully revealed to his gaze.

Beth grinned and dropped her bra, then bent to slide her panties off. Naked, she struck a pose, then giggled and turned to run into the water, leaving Pete with a mental picture of neat, small breasts, each crowned with a deep pink areola and a stiff button of a nipple. Only when Beth threw herself forward into the water did Pete let out the breath he had been holding.

"Enjoy that?" said Sal, still beside him, still fully clothed. He glanced at her with a smile.

"How could I not enjoy it?"

Sal smiled. "Me now," she said. Unlike her sister, Sal took off her boots and socks first, then her shorts. The tails of her shirt hid anything else from Pete except the long slenderness of her legs. Like her sister, Sal fixed him with her eye but, unlike her sister, she reached into her shirt to loosen her bra, her hand going into the neck, wriggling, and it was only when her bra fell to the ground that Pete realised she'd managed to take it off without revealing anything of herself to him. Sal grinned at the expression on his face as she slid her hands up under the shirt and slid off her panties. Pastel-coloured, like her sister's, only this time a cool mint green.

Sal slowly began to unbutton her shirt, carefully holding it closed. The buttons undone, she fixed him with her gaze again. "Look," she whispered, slowly opening the shirt, letting it slide down her arms, revealing herself to him. She let him look his fill, making no effort to conceal herself. Small breasts, like Beth. Stiff nipples, like Beth.

"Now you," she said.

Pete flushed, suddenly aware of the stiffness in his boxers, but he didn't hesitate, something telling him there would be appreciation, not mockery. He took off his boots, loosened his shorts and pushed them off. He bent and pulled off his socks, then unbuttoned his shirt, sliding it back and off his arms. His boxers were tented in front and Sal looked appreciatively, then her eyes flickered up to his.

"Nice, Pete, very nice, but let us see."

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