by ShannonQ

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Body Modification, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is the first of a new series of erotica. It will be known under the Adonis & Aphrodite Chronicles. This first is Adonis seducing a lonely spinster and giving her physical love for the first time in her life.

Joan Padowski was a forty-four year old spinster. Her hair was blonde thanks to her monthly trip to the salon. She was about 5'4", 110 lbs, and starting to show that her body was aging due the wrinkles forming on her neck and under her blue eyes. She dressed conservatively. Blouses, skirts, pants suits, and dresses. Nothing sexy but attractive. She used to be pretty and could have easily married many times over but she felt it was her duty to live with and take care of her mother's slowly failing health. Her mother demanded that Joan look after her which cut down on her social life. As a result she was still a virgin. It was nearing the fifth year of her mother's passing and no male had approached her any longer. Joan was still a bit on the comely side but her age was a large hurdle for her to overcome when it came attracting a male.

She sat in her office double checking all the figures on her computer which was the main function in her job description. This being a Friday, she was not in any hurry. The weekends were a dread for her. She usually went shopping looking for nothing in particular or take in a movie. On Sunday she went to church then went home to read the newspaper to get ready for work. Joan was a very lonely woman.

There was a at knock on her door. She looked up to see her boss walk in with a the most handsome man she ever saw. He was tall, about six foot-six, very muscular under a black suit, white shirt, and red tie. Not a hair on his head was out of place, clean shaven, a strong masculine jaw, and a smile that would melt any woman's heart. He was Joan's fantasy man.

"Hi Joan, we need you," J.D. Bradley, her boss, almost pleaded.

Joan forced to take her eyes off the young man to turn her attention to J.D. "What can I do for you, sir?" she asked.

"This is Mr. Drew Berry," J.D. introduced him to her. Drew stepped forward to shake her hand. Joan felt a wonderful chill run down her back as it was firm and gentle at the same time. They both smiled at each other until Joan eyes dropped from his stare. "Look Joan, Drew here needs a job done and I think you are just the person to do it. It may take you all day. maybe even longer. These are the papers that need to be printed and put in order. He's from headquarters and has to have it ready for the meeting they are having by Monday."

"I see," she looked at the top page. "I can put what I'm doing aside and get right on this." She felt a dread that she might not be able to do the job in the allotted time.

"Good! Good!" Bradley grinned happily. "We'll be here at about five and we expect you will have this done."

Joan only nodded.

Skipping lunch and working the packet continually, minus a few pit stops, she managed to put things together. She found the job easy but very time consuming. They returned at five to find Joan putting the finishing touches on the work given to her. "It'll take about another half hour, sir," she told Bradley.

J.D. sighed, looking at his watch. "I've got to be on the golf course for a twilight nine holes in about fifteen minutes, oh well," he shrugged.

Drew spoke up, "I can wait until Joan is finished. Why don't you run along and catch your group. Joan and me will have a little chat until she's done," he sat in a chair across the desk as Joan neatly put paper clip's to each pile. She felt the same chill on the back of her neck as the two men to agreed to meet for dinner the next time Drew was back in town.

"I really appreciate this," Drew told Joan as she started putting the packets into a large leather briefcase.

"You're welcome," she gave him a nervous smile. She wanted to stretch this task out a little more. Just looking at this hunk of a man made her heart flutter. When she put the last one in and snapped the lock shut, she handed the heavy leather item over to him.

"You busy tonight?" he asked, picking up his satchel like it weighed nothing at all.

"I intended to go home and watch some television," Joan replied, not realizing that he might be planning something else for them.

"How about me taking you out to dinner for all you did for me?" Drew asked.

Shocked, she stood there stunned. It had been at least ten years since she was asked out on a date. She turned that guy down back then and had not been asked again by anyone else.

"I don't know... ," she sputtered. Her brain was frozen. She could not make up her mind. Thankfully Drew made it up for her.

"I'm in town for the weekend and I hate to sit in my hotel room with no one to talk to. I heard about this Italian place called Bruno's. They're supposed to have delicious food."

"Oh my, I hear it is awfully expensive."

Drew grabbed his briefcase, handed her her purse and held the door open for Joan to exit, "Don't worry about the cost. I'm not married so I don't have to watch my pennies, so lets get something to eat."

Bruno's was everything Joan had heard about. The ambiance was dark when one walked in but became lighter as the eyes adjusted to the dark. The smell from the kitchen was overpoweringly delicious. They were greeted by a pretty hostess who lost her breath when she laid her eyes upon the big handsome man escorting the older woman. 'Must be mother and son, ' she guessed, leading them back to a vacant booth.

Once settled, they sat facing each other as the waiter poured some ice water into the glasses. He returned in seconds with a bottle of dark red wine and poured it into two vessels made of crystal. "I'll let you look at the menus and return shortly." he said, as another man put a basket of hot bread covered with a red and white checkered cloth that matched the one covering the table.

Drew lifted his glass and held it toward her for a toast, "Here's to a great meal," he flashed his pearly white teeth.

"Here's to a great meal," Joan repeated softly. touching her glass to his giving out a slight tinkling sound. Both took a sip and with a smile from each went back to looking at the menus. The prices were sky high as she gasped. Even a plate of spaghetti was over ten dollars.

"Order anything you wish," Drew said. "Don't look at the prices."

"Everything seems so good," she closed her menu. "Why don't you order for the both of us. I can't make up my mind."

"J.D. told me the veal is excellent, why don't we try that?"

"That's fine with me." Skipping lunch, Joan was famished. "I have to use the ladies room," she slid from her seat to get rid of the little pressure in her bladder and to check her makeup. She didn't use hardly any cosmetics but what little she did, she wanted to freshen up.

The meal was sumptuous. She was so glad that he suggested the veal. It was the very best she ever had. She ate more that night than any other meal in ages. Usually she had a half sandwich, some soup or salad with tea. This was a special occasion.

Drew had a marvelous sense of humor. He kept making her laughing with his jokes and comments. He even reached over to wipe a little red sauce from the corner of her mouth. She was embarrassed by it then broke out laughing when he licked the finger. This also thrilled her. She did not laugh to be polite, it was real and spontaneous.

They kept telling life stories. Joan about her mother's prolonged illness and having to take care of her. Drew about his football days at South Dakota State and turning down a career in the NFL because of two knee injuries. He went late in the draft even though the Rams, the team that had chosen him, were informed that he wasn't interested in a pro career. They said they picked him just in case he changed his mind.

"I'm not married because the right one hasn't come into my life yet," he told her why he was still single. The truth was Drew could have just about any female he wished. He had a regular beauty pageant winner as an off and on lover. If either were feeling the need, each was a phone call away. They lived in the same condo building so it was only a matter of minutes before they were naked in bed. He did not tell Joan that but he did tell her about Ashleigh and her two first place finishes in the pageants she entered.

"That certainly was lovely," Joan said, looking about for a taxi. She had a small car but the bus was only a block from her house and let her off right at the entrance where she worked. He hailed a passing taxi.

"I'll make sure you get home safely," Drew said, climbing into the back seat with her. Besides, the driver looked like he couldn't be trusted. He had that Mideast glare in his dark eyes.

"You don't have to," she protested, mildly.

"A gentleman must see the lady to her door," he said. They were seated so close his big muscular leg was touching hers.

"I see," Joan could not think of a reason for him not to. The warmth of his limb touching hers made her panties dampen quickly. She flushed hoping that the odor she was emitting would not be smelled by him.

Drew continued with his sense of humor making her giggle frequently. She knew this would be an evening to remember. She wished time would stop racing by. She had taken cabs from work before but they always seemed slow. This time it seemed with Drew by her side they were in a car from the NASCAR circuit.

"Would you like to come up for a cup of coffee?" Joan asked as the cabbie pulled to the curb by her house. She expected him to decline but was surprised that he excepted. He paid the driver and got out onto the sidewalk a half block from her home.

It was a beautiful evening. Warm with a pleasant cool breeze. He held her elbow since the walk needed some repairs. Joan was beside herself feeling his light sensuous touch. Her panties were soaked as she walked up the stairs in front of him. She had made sure he had his briefcase with him, he did.

Once inside the house Drew saw that everything was clean and in order. She got him settled on the old but comfortable sofa then went into the kitchen to make the coffee. She intended to change her panties but decided not to. She took off her suit jacket and hung it up. She felt a presence in back of her. She turned to see Drew standing not three feet from her. She had mixed emotions. Shock, surprise, her body practically paralyzed, and her heart pounding rapidly.

Neither spoke. He leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips. She stood frozen in place. His eyes pierced hers. Then by some instinct Joan tilted her head and inched forward. Drew met her mouth again. This time she returned the kiss. She thought that she was in bed sleeping, dreaming all this up.

He removed the broach about her throat that held the top of her cotton blouse closed. He put it on a nearby table then proceeded to slowly unbutton the garment. He could feel her trembling but not a bit of resistance. Once the blouse was off, he came upon a silky camisole in a light blue and pink pastel design. He held her by her arms and kissed her again.

Joan felt a trickle of wetness roll down one of her inner thighs as he dropped his hands to unzip her skirt. Underneath she had on a half slip. Once he had undressed her down to her camisole and wet panties he smelled Joan's tangy scent which caused himself to become hard. He took off his suit coat and tie. The shirt was next with rings of dampness at his armpits. When he pulled down his briefs Joan saw the most beautiful hardened penis. The head shined in the light causing her stomach to turn even though it was full of the delicious meal she consumed shortly before.

He lay down beside her. He made her laugh and giggle the entire evening but now he looked very serious. He pulled off her panties. He lifted them to his nose. Joan managed to get her camisole off. Her breasts were tiny. Just a little flesh and large nipples. Drew took one to his mouth and started sucking. Bolts of electrical current shot up and down her body. It was not an unpleasant feeling at all. Her arms circled his neck as she nibbled on his earlobe.

Drew put his finger at her slit gliding it up and down barely touching it but making Joan moan with delight. She reached over and turned off the light on the nightstand.

"I'm a virgin, please be careful," she whispered in his ear.

"I'll be as gentle as I possibly can," he promised her in a whisper. He left her and climbed down her thin frail body. He started by kissing her feet and sucking her toes. She wanted to touch him but he was out of reach. She flopped her arms then grabbed a pillow to hug. She felt his lips work their way up her inner thighs. When he reached close to her pussy, she was able to run her fingers through his hair. She bit her lower lip then bit harder when his tongue entered her. Joan let out a little shriek.

His hands flowed all around her body. His fingers gave her nipples a gentle twist. It was painful but also delightful. The touch on her skin caused chills in every pore in her body.

Joan had given herself orgasms with her fingers or a banana before but the tongue from this man overwhelmed her. She sat up with a grunt as she felt new impulses race through her. Joan no longer cared if tearing her hymen hurt or not, she just wanted him to fill her. Her wishes were granted as he lined his cock up with her slit then slowly entered. It did sting but nothing like the horror stories she had heard.

When the pain subsided, he sped up. He was curved like a large banana but this was no piece of fruit. On his second stroke, she climaxed stronger than ever before. Her hips worked into a rhythm with his hard thrusts. She was in a perpetual orgasmic bliss. Her legs were locked about his thighs as she pushed his ass with her hands to go faster.

Drew was setting his own pace. 'Forty four years.' she thought. 'I had to wait forty four years for this. Oh why did it take so long?'

She had no idea how many times she had cum or how long it took but Drew's cock became harder and hotter then she felt him shoot his seed into her womb. This caused another massive orgasm on her part. She must have screamed because his hand covered her mouth until she stopped.

She felt him soften but he was so large he stayed in at her entrance. She wanted him to stay this way forever or until he became hard again.

"Thank you," she said, kissing his cheek several times.

"I should be the one thanking you," he replied. "Joan, you did very good."

"For a beginner," she giggled.

"No, not a beginner. I'm not lying when I tell you that was the most wonderful seduction I ever had,"

"You seduced me," she debated.

"Why don't we get a few hours sleep then do it again? If you like, we can do this all day tomorrow then on Sunday until about three. My plane leaves at six on Sunday evening."

"Oh that sounds so wonderful to me," she kissed his face again.

Drew lifted himself off of her. He picked her up and put Joan on top of him. "You make an ideal blanket," he said, pulling up a sheet to cover them.

"When we get up in the morning or afternoon, I'd love to make you your breakfast. I've never cooked for a man before."

"I'll look forward to it."

In a matter of ten minutes, both had fallen into a wonderful slumber. She found that being his blanket she wanted to be his forever.

Drew awoke to the smell of cooking food. The ham's odor was overwhelming as he climbed out of the bed. Still naked, he walked down the stairs letting his nose lead him the kitchen. Joan was standing at the stove putting a slab of frozen hash browns onto a skillet. She felt his arms encircle her waist. Without looking back she leaned back allowing him to hold her. He kissed her neck. She let out a contented yearning sigh. She felt as if she were the happiest woman on earth.

"Sleep well?" he asked.

"Yes I did. Was I a good blanket?"

"The very best," he reached into the opening into her robe and played with the nipple he sucked the night before.

"I'll over cook your eggs," her head rested on his strong shoulder.

"You didn't have to do this," he kissed her neck over and over. Lost in her lust, she turned in his arms and kissed him back. She felt his hardness at the entrance to her quim. She had hopped into his embrace and felt the head of his penis ease into her. She placed her face at the crook of his neck and face.

"Turn off the gas and take me upstairs," she said quietly. Only yesterday she dreaded the thought that the weekend was upon her. Now she never wanted it to end. Her head swam to the point that she didn't know where she was until she was on her back with him pushing into her. The wonderful feeling of being filled by him gave her a quick orgasm.

"Let me take off my robe," she said.

"Don't please my sweet, sweet Joan. I love the feeling of silk on my body when I make love to a woman. Just let me do the leading and you follow me."

Joan relaxed back down and allowed him to do her. She had never had a man make love to her until the night before and now she loved him. He kissed her deeply sending his tongue into her mouth. She felt his deep breath making her swallow it down in gulping motions. She felt herself getting sleepy. Her legs fell from his body as he continued to penetrate her with powerful thrusts. It made her feel as if she were dying. Blackness enveloped her as her breath became less and less. She looked down from the ceiling of the room watching with fascination of the young man making love to a much older woman. She did not connect that the much older woman was her.

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