Teachers Reward

by Prince von Vlox

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Some people at Hubbard and Assoc. need teaching. That includes the CFO.


Anthony Brewer looked up from his desk, irritation touching his face. He had a mountain of work to get through, and he wasn't in the mood for fun and games.

"No, I'm not," he told Pepper. "I have things to do."

"Pooh." She crossed the few steps from the door, a young woman, half his age, really, her dark hair swinging in a ponytail behind her, her white top coming down to her waist, and the rest of her, like everyone else in the office, bare.

"I could say 'all work and no play', but I know you wouldn't listen to me." She put her hands on her hips. "You said you'd do this, and I agreed to teach you." She glanced at the watch on her wrist. "It's lesson time."

He gestured at the documents covering his desk. "But what about—" he started to say.

"Pooh. Again. Or don't you trust your staff?"

"Of course I do. I wouldn't have hired them if I didn't."

"Then trust their judgment. You'll have to review their work, that's what a boss does. And you'll want to brief yourself on the financial details of these contracts. That's what a CFO does. But for right now you're my pupil." She held out her slim hand. "Well?"

Reluctantly Anthony pushed away from his desk. He grumbled to himself as he followed her down the hall, but he kept it muted. He hated when she was right. He'd incautiously unburdened himself within her hearing one day, and she'd made him an offer that would have been out of place anywhere except Hubbard & Associates.

"Now where we?" Pepper asked as they entered the break room. She removed her blouse and bra and lay back on one of the beds, her legs open in invitation.

Her sex ... her pussy ... looked dark and mysterious in the light. She slipped her fingers down through the sparse patch of hair at the base of her tummy. He could feel his inevitable reaction. He might be well into his 50s, but he was a guy, and the sight of a woman's naked pussy still aroused him.

He shrugged off his shirt and knelt between her legs. He kissed her tummy, just brushing his lips across her skin. Slowly—she'd repeated that time after time—he worked closer to his goal, the folds of her pussy. He kissed her thighs, inhaling the fragrance of an aroused woman. Slowly, hesitantly, he nibbled at her lips.

She sucked in a breath, and for a moment he thought he'd done it wrong. And then she made a soft noise that he recognized. Emboldened, he traced her sex lips with his tongue, circling, approaching, but never quite touching her bud.

She moved her hips, trying to press up against him. She'd taught him that game, too, and he avoided her movements, dropping kisses on her inner thighs. She made a whimpering noise deep in her throat, and he just brushed her nub with his tongue.

She jerked, and he caressed the foreskin that held it. She jerked again, and then pressed up against him. He pursed his lips, bearing down on that sensitive bit of skin. He could feel her tossing her head, and when he glanced up she was holding her breasts, her fingers clamped on her nipples.

He wet his finger and slipped it into her up to the first knuckle. He moved it in and out slowly, just enough to tease. He bore down on her nub with his tongue, pressing it, flicking it from side to side. She quivered, shoving up at him. He could feel her wetness on his face, and her growing excitement.

He slipped a second finger in, and then sucked the skin over her nub. She caught her breath, and then he felt the walls of her pussy clamp down on his finger, spasm after spasm as she quaked. Her channel was flooded with her moisture, and she pushed her hips into his face. Finally she slumped on the bed, gasping for breath.

He kissed the base of her tummy—she'd taught him that a girl could be very sensitive down there in the moments after a climax—and then worked his way up her young body. He feasted on her small breasts, teasing the nipples until they stood straight up.

She shifted on the bed, making room for him. He got the hint and pulled off his polo shirt. She took his cock in hand and rubbed it up and down where his tongue had just been, coating its head with her wetness.

"Now give me the other thing I want," she murmured. She pressed his cock against the wet heat of her entrance.

He thrust, and again, and once more. He closed his eyes, willing himself to hold back. He wanted to sink himself in her hot young body and let go. But she'd been trying to teach him to restrain his urges, to hold back and let things happen.

When he felt he wasn't going to come right away, he thrust again, and this time he felt his balls nudge her bottom. He shifted his weight so he was entirely over her. He felt her legs wrap around his. She was so tight, much tighter than he could remember a woman getting, and her pussy gripped his cock as if it didn't want him to go.

She gave him an encouraging smile. "So far so good. Now give it to me."

He pulled back, and then slid in again, this time one smooth motion that sheathed him entirely within her. He repeated again and again. He'd done it the first time when he was 16, and it felt just as good now as it did then.

She began to breathe in time with his thrusts, and her hips pushed up at him. He wanted to close his eyes and let go, but he kept studying her face, watching the emotions cross it, watching as her eyes glazed. She was pressing harder up against him, trying to take him deeper. Three months of doing this with her told him she was getting close.

He couldn't hold back. He began to drive into her, shaking her as their bodies slammed together. She clutched his sides, her chin coming up, her mouth open as she got close. And then she was there, groaning, her pussy repeatedly clamping around him.

The thought that he'd made her come ricocheted through his head. That was too much. He was aware of his cock like never before, and then he was over the top, coming in one wave after another.

He finally slumped down on her body, nuzzling her neck, kissing her chin. He was breathing hard and couldn't think.

"That was good," she murmured. She ran her hand over his body. "That was very good."

He used to pull out, but she'd taught him to leave it in while they cuddled. His cock finally shrank and came out of its own accord. That was the hint to straighten up, to get up, to help her up, and to clean up. They had to make room for the other employees.

"Much better," Pepper said in the unisex bathroom. He'd showered briefly and now politely waited for her. She had followed him through the shower, and now twisted her bra around so she could put it on.

"It's hard. I want to plunge in and let go." He helped her with the clasp of her bra, another of those polite things she'd taught him.

"That might be good for you, but it's not good for the girl." She touched his cock, pushing it back and forth. "See what you get when you take your time?"

He smiled at her, and she gave him a brief hug. He watched the way her bottom moved as they left the break room. If she turned and asked, he knew he'd go back in, and probably spend the rest of the day sleeping.

The work looked a lot less daunting when he got back to his desk. Ms. Hubbard was right: there was nothing like a good climax to brighten up the day, even if he did feel guilty about it. He'd left his come inside a woman other than his wife.

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