A Figment of My Own Imagination

by Thesandman

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Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Camping alone in the wilderness will never again be the same

Frankly, I'm not surprised that none of my friends believed me after I'd returned from my weeklong stay in the mountains. Hell, I'm not sure I believed it myself, but it happened.

At least ... I think it did.

Every year I made what was for me a personal pilgrimage to a particular hard to get to place high up in the Uinta Mountains nearby where I live. It's a time for me to get away from it all, alone. Time to gather myself, think, and simply enjoy the peace and quiet of nature as well as the beauty of the surrounding forest and wildlife that is so very much in abundance around the place where I camp. It is a time for reflection and memory of better days, better times.

I had a small easy to put up tent that would provide more than adequate shelter against any unforeseen inclement weather, though the reports had assured me I was to expect warm sunny days without any rain whatsoever. Certainly warm during the day, the nights would still be on the cool side, perfect for sleeping. I'd been looking forward to this one man excursion for weeks, the stress of work and a recently failed relationship weighing heavily on my mind.

The sun had just set on my first nights stay here. I'd gotten a nice warm little fire going and broke out the cooking gear for my light easy to make dinner. The smell of fresh coffee brewing, blending in with the freshness of the mountain air always tended to relax me, and I was looking forward to just sitting there sipping a cup and staring at the stars in the sky.

Aside from the crackling fire, there was little else that could be heard in the stillness of the night, so the sound of twigs being stepped on somewhere beyond my range of vision in the darkness, alerted me to the fact that I wasn't alone. There was an abundance of wildlife about of course, and I had seen herds of Elk, several pairs of deer and even a bear or two in the past. But usually the fire kept most animals at bay during the evening, so it was a little strange to assume that something was lurking about nearby, even though I couldn't as yet see it or determine what it might be I was hearing.

I did have a powerful handgun with me in the event I might run into something, though the intent would be to preferably scare away anything that might get too curious, particularly a bear. I continued to hear the noises of something wandering about just outside of camp, still hidden and cloaked within the darkness, but there was no doubt that whatever it was, was drawing closer and closer towards me. I put my hand on the pommel of my gun, prepared to draw it out of the holster strapped to my side if I needed to, my heart suddenly beating a thousand miles an hour. It was then that I saw a shape suddenly appear, and knew instantly it wasn't a bear, or anything even remotely like that. It was a woman!

"What the fuck?" I said aloud, though actually speaking to myself.

"You in the camp ... can I come in?" The soft sounding female voice asked as she drew closer towards the edge of the fire, finally revealing herself along with her features as she did so. She had long blonde hair, pale skinned with bright sparkling eyes though I couldn't as yet determine their color. Her lips were full, almost too red in appearance as she approached, smiling at me as she did, totally unafraid.

"Come ahead," I called out watching her step closer, and then adding. "What the hell are you doing out here all alone?" I now asked. "Are you lost? Hurt?"

"Sorry ... I didn't mean to scare you, if I did," she told me stepping in even further into the light. She was beautiful as I stood there staring at her, my mouth agape, still in a state of shock upon seeing her. She was tall, certainly well built and wore what appeared to be a simple white shift, barely covering her body, form fitting as hell, and damn near see through as flimsy as the garment was. I could easily see the prominent outline of her breasts, dark areola showing clearly through, and even more oddly, she was barefoot.

"You didn't exactly scare me," I explained though to be honest, in a way she had, though she still hadn't answered my question as to how the hell she had found me, or what she was doing here dressed like that in the first place. "Are you lost? Hurt?" I asked once again.

She smiled softly, telling me in an instant that she wasn't hurt at least. "No ... not lost, I'm with some friends, we're just a short ways away from here," she told me. "Went out for an evening walk, saw your fire and became curious."

"You went for a walk? Alone? Dressed like that?" I asked incredulously. "And without any light to get back to your camp with in order to see by? That's pretty fool hardy you know, especially up here. Not to mention there are bears up here that I've seen wandering about."


"Yeah Bears, you know ... big brown or black furry things that have big teeth and claws that can eat you?"

She laughed. I wondered briefly if she was simple minded and had wandered away from camp. Her friends, parents or whatever were no doubt worried sick about her and wandering about even now looking for her.

"Maybe I'd better help you find your way back." She ignored my statement however wandering closer towards the fire, her nose sniffing the air as she caught the aroma of the beans and franks I was cooking, along with the coffee.

"What's that?" She asked.

"Dinner ... you hungry? Thirsty? Do you need something to drink? Water?" I was blabbering and I knew it, but this vision of loveliness, though now worrying me she wasn't playing with a full deck here, especially wandering about in the middle of the night dressed the way she was, nevertheless had caused me to become aroused. I even chastised myself for thinking those sort of thoughts. She was obviously helpless, and I could just see the headlines now...

She reached out her hand to touch the hot coffee pot and I immediately jumped into action, slapping her hand away before she burned herself.

"No! Don't touch that! It's hot!" For the first time I saw fear and worry in her eyes as she stepped back. "I'm sorry," I apologized. "I didn't mean to hurt you, to frighten you, it's just that the coffee's hot, and I didn't want you to burn your hand."

She stepped forward again, her hand coming up to rest against the side of my face. I flinched not expecting the movement. "Don't be afraid," she said smiling at me. "I won't hurt you either."

I actually laughed, though her touch had felt like a thousand pinpricks of delight, goose bumps suddenly covering my entire body. "Yes ... I am thirsty," she now stated once again looking at the coffee pot. I decided to pour her a cup and freshen mine, still wondering what it was I was going to do about her, but deciding that some hot coffee was just the thing to help warm her up some until I had a chance to think things through. Though to be honest, she certainly didn't appear cold. And then punctuated that thought a second later as she sat down on the log I'd dragged over by the fire, though not before taking the simple shift she'd been wearing up over her head.

Now she was naked. I was more confused than ever. "Ah, I'm not sure that was a very good idea," I told her. "Maybe we'd better..."

"Don't you ... like me?" she asked, once again lifting her hand to rest it softly against the side of my face. And like before, I felt the same refreshed wave of goose bumps tattooing my flesh.

"It's not that ... but, I'm a stranger to you, and well ... your friends, family, they'll no doubt be out looking for you, and I'm not sure it will be a very good idea for them to find you sitting here with me, looking like that."

She leaned over kissing me, taking me by surprise. Normally I'd have jumped up ... well maybe, at the very least I'd have done something. But I didn't. Not because I didn't want to ... I simply couldn't. It was as though my entire body had suddenly gone numb from head to toe. I just sat there unable to move, yet kissing her back.

"What the hell?" I thought, unable to speak, even my lips felt tingly numb as she broke the kiss, speaking again.

Once again she smiled. "I won't hurt you," she announced, and then began running her hands all over my body, fingers nimbly undoing the buttons on my shirt, moments later unbuckling my belt, unzipping my pants, and all I could do was sit there and stare at her, unable to respond, speak let alone do anything else but mentally ask myself.

"What the fuck is going on?"

I don't know how she managed it, but she'd eventually removed my shoes, socks, and finally my pants, lifting me up off the log just enough to accomplish all that until I was sitting there just as naked now as she was. She stepped back as though admiring her handy work, and then grinned as she looked down at my crotch. At least my eyes could move, even if my head couldn't. I could just see that my cock was about as hard as it had ever been in my entire life, though I hadn't even felt it when it had done that!

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