A Good Service

by hotwetnshaved

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Sex Story: A nice sexy massage leads to other things

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   First   Oral Sex   .

"Hello Mrs. Jordan, how are you today?"

The receptionist was as polite and friendly as ever.

"Is that Katie?"

"It is, thank you for recognizing my voice"

"You're very welcome Katie and I'm fine thank you"

"What can we do for you today?"

"I don't really know Katie, it's Friday night and I'm feeling in need of some pleasure, but I'm not sure what I want, have you any suggestions?"

"Well as you know, you're very popular with our girls, but unfortunately everyone is booked all night, I was just about to go home myself"

"Oh no"

"I'm sorry Mrs. Jordan, I really am"

"Don't be Katie, I'll have a few drinks and go to bed"

"Mrs. Jordan?"

My heart leapt, this was the voice of a woman I'd masturbated over many times, I'd imagined her in many situations and I'd dreamt of waking up next to her in my bed after a long night of lovemaking.


"I've never visited a client before"

"But?" I said softly,

There was silence for a few moments and then came the words I'd wanted to hear.

"I think I'd like to visit you"

"I think I'd like that too Katie, but I take it you know what's involved?"


"Are you sure?"

"Absolutely Mrs. Jordan, I'd really like to see you, you know, put a face to the voice"

"Me too Katie, I'm at the Dorchester hotel, room 1125"

"Yes, your usual"


"I'll be about half an hour"

"Perfect, I'll see you shortly"

"I jumped into the shower and luxuriated under the warm, gentle spray before slipping into a sheer white baby doll, a tiny white latex g-string and pouring myself out a drink.

When she arrived, I was astounded, she was utterly gorgeous, a small blonde girl of about eighteen or nineteen, she smiled at me and I was smitten,

"Hello" I smiled, "You must be Katie"

"Yes and you're Mrs. Jordan"

"I am indeed Katie, but I'm Sandy to my friends, would you like a drink?"

"Oh yes please, I'll have what you're having"

I felt her eyes on me as I walked over to the drinks cabinet, then I felt her warm breath on my neck,

"You're very beautiful Sandy" she said softly and her lips touched my skin lightly, it was like a kiss from a butterfly,

"Thank you" I turned and her face was almost touching mine, "Coming from someone as beautiful as you, that is indeed a compliment"

She blushed prettily and lowered her eyes,

"All the girls talk about you Sandy" she said, her voice almost a whisper, "And not because of the money you always pay them"

"I hope they're complimentary towards me"

"They say that you could turn a straight nun into a lesbian"

"I'm not entirely gay Katie" I breathed, "I just enjoy the sensuality of other women more than I should"

"You sound like you feel guilty about it" she smiled, our faces were still only millimeters apart and then her eyes looked into mine, "Would you mind very much if I kissed you?"

"Feel free" I smiled, "And no, I never feel guilty about enjoying a woman's touch"

Then I lost myself in her mouth, I tasted her tongue and savored her saliva, it was as close to nectar as anything I'd ever tasted.

"Shall we start now, I want to see the rest of you?"

"Yes please" I breathed, "I can't wait"

I slipped the baby doll off my shoulders and saw her looking at my bejeweled breasts,

"Your breasts are gorgeous Sandy" she said softly, "And I just love those little panties"

"Take them off Katie and put them in your bag"

"Ooh yes" she whispered, "But they're a bit too dry for me at the moment, when I take them off you I'm going to wear them"

I lay down on a towel on the long, low coffee table and watched her as she delved into her bag for the oil,

"Do you want me to undress as well?"

"Very much so" I smiled, "But leave your panties for me to take off if you will please"

"Mmm that sounds like a pleasant proposition"

She wore a lacy white bra and matching panties under her plain white dress and I was very much aware of my moistening pussy as she released her heavy breasts from their lacy captivity, she saw me looking and blushed prettily,

"I think my boobs are too big Sandy"

"They're perfect Katie" I replied, "Absolutely perfect"

I lay down again and submitted to her oily caresses, she massaged me gently rubbing the scented oil into my pores, I hoped I wouldn't orgasm until I could taste her but the nearness of her, the sweet aroma of her body was making it a very close thing!

In response to her request, I turned over onto my back and she began massaging my breasts, I couldn't stop a moan escaping from my lips and she smiled happily as her fingers gently caressed my nipples,

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