The Homecoming

by werewolf

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: My mother welcomes me home

Hers was the only car in the garage as the taxi pulled up outside the house and there was no one to greet me, but my cell phone rang as I got out of the car.

"Was that you I heard pulling up?"

"It was mum" I grinned, "Are you still as beautiful as ever?"

"That's for you to decide darling, I'm in the garden"

"How do I get there?"

"You don't" said a voice behind me and I turned to see her standing there smiling at me, a garden fork in one hand and her phone in the other.

A second later she was in my arms, crying, laughing, hugging and kissing me, she wore an old baggy tee shirt over a ripped denim mini skirt, her face was smudged with dirt and her long blonde hair was tousled. On her feet she wore a pair of rubber gardening boots and I thought she looked absolutely bloody gorgeous!

"You shouldn't have dressed up for me mum" I laughed, she looked up at me though tears stained eyes and promptly burst out crying.

"I'd got it all worked out" she sobbed, "I was going to dress up in a long evening gown, there was going to be champagne in an ice bucket on the table and we were going to drink a toast to my son the hero"

"Mum, mum, mum, stop it darling, please stop crying"

But if anything, her grip got stronger and I felt her tears trickling down my neck,

"I thought I'd lost you"

"So did I for a week or two. But look mum I'm fine now honest"


"Absolutely, the army hospitals are great, I'm as good as new"

"Show me"

Right there in the garden, I took my shirt off and she gasped as she saw the wound where the bullet had exited my chest, the one on my back was slightly smaller where it had gone in, but together they'd got me a medical discharge, (not through choice I can tell you, I loved the army and I loved what I did, but I was going to tell her later, much later"

Gently she touched the wounds with her finger tips,

"Does it still hurt?" she asked and I smiled at her concern,

"Only when I laugh mum, but they tell me a mother's kisses are good for bullet wounds"

"In that case my big, brave hero you'll be ok in a week"

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear" I said and lowered my head to kiss her, her lips were as soft as I remembered them, her tongue just as sweet as it snaked between my teeth and she made the low whimpering noises I remembered as I held her tightly,

"Take me to bed Mark" she whispered urgently, her lips barely touching mine,

"I'll never let you out of it" I whispered in response and lifted her bodily into my arms, not once on the short journey upstairs did her lips leave mine, not until I lay her on the bed and feverishly ripped my stained uniform off, she wore only panties beneath her skirt and they were no bar at all to my lust.

She liked to be kissed all over, to savor the delicious intimacy of incest, but not this time, as I lay aside my briefs, she moaned and reached for me, her legs parted of their own accord and with one quick thrust I was inside her warmth where I belonged, their was no finesse, no loving kisses and no words of endearment, but it was how we both wanted it to be.

Every forward thrust of mine was met with one of hers, her lips were drawn back exposing her perfect teeth, she used her long finger nails on my back, ripping and scratching and all the time our eyes were locked on each others.

"I've waited six long months for this" she gasped, "I want it rough"

Pulling out, I looked into her eyes, then without any warning, I thrust myself forward savagely, she screamed and bit my neck so I did it again, this time I felt her ankles locking behind my back as she strove to get me in deeper,

"I'm cumming Mark" she hissed, "Harder darling, shag me fucking harder"

Again and again I thrust myself into her body, gradually the feeling started in my toes, I cupped her bottom as she started to shake and I knew we would come together,

"Mark, yes, yes darling yes" she gasped, "It's happening, yes, Mark, I'M CUMMING, AAAAH YEEEESSS, I'M THERE, OH GOD YESSSSSSSS!"

My prick erupted and I sent what seemed like gallons of sperm into her body, until with a final, last jerk, I was spent and I collapsed in her arms.

I awoke to the hot sun streaming in through the open bedroom window, at first I was confused by it but then I looked at the clock and realized that I'd slept through the evening and night, it was half past seven in the morning!

Pausing only to don a robe, I went downstairs and found her singing to herself at the kitchen sink,

"How's the most beautiful woman in the world?" I said softly as I slipped both arms around her waist,

"She's perfect thank you kind sir" she laughed and tilted her head back as I kissed her neck, "Are you hungry?"

"Starving" I told her truthfully, "But can I have a long, hot bath first?"

"Yes of course, but can we get something straight first?, you live here with me, it's your home, you don't need to ask for anything, got it?"

Instead of answering, I moved both hands up and cupped her breasts,

"Sorry mum" I laughed, "Did you say something?" her nipples were hard, like two nubs of rubber, "I used to dream about these in the desert"

"Only my breasts?"

"I didn't dare think of anything else" I said truthfully, "Some of those bloody camels were beginning to look very attractive"

She giggled and turned to kiss me,

"Go and get in the bath, I'll bring you a coffee up and you can have breakfast afterwards"

I drew the bath and sank down gratefully in the warm water as she came in with two coffees,

"I've put your uniform in the wash is that ok?"

"Fine mum, but I'll not be needing it again"

She stopped and stared at me for a second, then her bottom lip began to tremble and her eyes filled with tears,

"You mean --?"

"I'm out mum" I said softly, "Not through choice but it's definite, I'm out"

She set the two cups down on the side of the bath and reached out to stroke my face,

"You're not joking are you Mark?"

"A medical discharge mum, wounds received in battle, but there's just one small thing first"

"I'm being awarded a medal tomorrow and I'd like you to come with me"

"I'd be honored darling" she said softly, "I'll be proud too"

"And we'll have the champagne bit afterwards, is that ok?"

"Perfect, I'll make myself look good for you"

"Mum you remember when I got here last night, do you remember what you looked like?"

"Of course" she giggled, "I looked dead rough"

"No you didn't, you looked like a dream, in fact you looked like all my dreams"

She blushed and looked even prettier,

"Can I share that water with you?"

"You can share anything with me mum, you know that"

My prick stood to attention whilst I watched her stripping, she had the firm breasts of a twenty year old and her slit was mouth wateringly beautiful, kneeling between my thighs, she washed every bit of me while I did my best to put her off by biting her nipples and playing with the treasure between her legs, then finally she gave in and sat down on my erection to wash my hair.

"It's easier this way" she laughed, "It was getting in the way and anyway I can do all the work"

"Didn't I read somewhere that Arabs like anal sex?"

"I'm not an Arab mum"

"No but you look like one"

She got off me and we kissed as I repositioned my prick against her tiny puckered hole, then she slowly lowered herself down,

"Oooh yes Mark" she sighed, "This feels like heaven" she began moving her hips like a belly dancer, my prick felt like it was being gripped by a tight velvet glove as I lay back and looked into her eyes.

"It is heaven mum, it's so beautiful" I found her rhythm and began moving with her in time to her own movements and reached up to caress both nipples, she moaned and covered both my hands with hers, I pushed myself upwards forming an arch with my back, the water slopped over the sides of the bath soaking the deep pile carpet but neither of us cared.

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